Possessed by a Billionaire - Band 4

Milliardär und Herrscher

Author: Megan Harold

Publisher: Addictive Publishing


Category: Fiction

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Adam Ritcher ist jung, gut aussehend und Milliardär. Die Welt liegt ihm zu Füßen. Eléa Haydensen ist eine junge und hübsche Geigenvirtuosin. Da sie unter Figurkomplexen leidet und sich ihres Talents nicht bewusst ist, hätte sie nicht im Traum daran gedacht, dass zwischen Adam und ihr etwas laufen könnte … Doch ein nicht zu stillendes Verlangen entsteht zwischen den beiden jungen Leuten. Wird ihre Beziehung weiter bestehen trotz der Hindernisse, die ihnen jene Menschen in den Weg stellen, die es nicht ertragen können, den leidenschaftlichen Adam und die schöne Eléa zusammen zu sehen? Dieses E-Book umfasst die Bände 7 bis 8 der Reihe.

The Possessed

Adventures with Russian Books and the People Who Read Them

Author: Elif Batuman

Publisher: Granta Books

ISBN: 184708379X

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 304

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The true story of one woman’s intellectual and sentimental education and her strange encounters with others devoted – absurdly! melancholically! ecstatically! – to the Russian classics. Opening with a description of a conference about Isaac Babel in California at which various destinies intersect, Elif Batuman follows the footsteps of her favourite authors both literally and metaphorically, searching for the answers to the big questions. She investigates a possible murder at Tolstoy’s ancestral estate, travels to Samarkand and St Petersburg; retraces Pushkin’s wanderings in the Caucasus; learns why Old Uzbek has one hundred different words for crying; and sees an eighteenth-century ice palace reconstructed on the Neva. Combining fresh readings of the great Russians from Gogol to Goncharov with the sad and funny stories of the lives they continue to influence, The Possessed introduces a brilliant and distinctive new voice: comic, humane, charming, poignant and completely, and unpretentiously, full of an infectious love for literature.

Island Possessed

Author: Katherine Dunham

Publisher: Doubleday

ISBN: 0307819841

Category: History

Page: 288

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Just as surely as Haiti is "possessed" by the gods and spirits of vaudun (voodoo), the island "possessed" Katherine Dunham when she first went there in 1936 to study dance and ritual. In this book, Dunham reveals how her anthropological research, her work in dance, and her fascination for the people and cults of Haiti worked their spell, catapulting her into experiences that she was often lucky to survive. Here Dunham tells how the island came to be possessed by the demons of voodoo and other cults imported from various parts of Africa, as well as by the deep class divisions, particularly between blacks and mulattos, and the political hatred still very much in evidence today. Full of the flare and suspense of immersion in a strange and enchanting culture, Island Possessed is also a pioneering work in the anthropology of dance and a fascinating document on Haitian politics and voodoo.

Seneca Possessed

Indians, Witchcraft, and Power in the Early American Republic

Author: Matthew Dennis

Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press

ISBN: 0812207084

Category: History

Page: 328

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Seneca Possessed examines the ordeal of a Native people in the wake of the American Revolution. As part of the once-formidable Iroquois Six Nations in western New York, Senecas occupied a significant if ambivalent place within the newly established United States. They found themselves the object of missionaries' conversion efforts while also confronting land speculators, poachers, squatters, timber-cutters, and officials from state and federal governments. In response, Seneca communities sought to preserve their territories and culture amid a maelstrom of economic, social, religious, and political change. They succeeded through a remarkable course of cultural innovation and conservation, skillful calculation and luck, and the guidance of both a Native prophet and unusual Quakers. Through the prophecies of Handsome Lake and the message of Quaker missionaries, this process advanced fitfully, incorporating elements of Christianity and white society and economy, along with older Seneca ideas and practices. But cultural reinvention did not come easily. Episodes of Seneca witch-hunting reflected the wider crises the Senecas were experiencing. Ironically, as with so much of their experience in this period, such episodes also allowed for the preservation of Seneca sovereignty, as in the case of Tommy Jemmy, a Seneca chief tried by New York in 1821 for executing a Seneca "witch." Here Senecas improbably but successfully defended their right to self-government. Through the stories of Tommy Jemmy, Handsome Lake, and others, Seneca Possessed explores how the Seneca people and their homeland were "possessed"—culturally, spiritually, materially, and legally—in the era of early American independence.

The Self Possessed

Deity and Spirit Possession in South Asian Literature and Civilization

Author: Frederick M. Smith

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 0231510659

Category: Social Science

Page: 736

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The Self Possessed is a multifaceted, diachronic study reconsidering the very nature of religion in South Asia, the culmination of years of intensive research. Frederick M. Smith proposes that positive oracular or ecstatic possession is the most common form of spiritual expression in India, and that it has been linguistically distinguished from negative, disease-producing possession for thousands of years. In South Asia possession has always been broader and more diverse than in the West, where it has been almost entirely characterized as "demonic." At best, spirit possession has been regarded as a medically treatable psychological ailment and at worst, as a condition that requires exorcism or punishment. In South (and East) Asia, ecstatic or oracular possession has been widely practiced throughout history, occupying a position of respect in early and recent Hinduism and in certain forms of Buddhism. Smith analyzes Indic literature from all ages-the earliest Vedic texts; the Mahabharata; Buddhist, Jain, Yogic, Ayurvedic, and Tantric texts; Hindu devotional literature; Sanskrit drama and narrative literature; and more than a hundred ethnographies. He identifies several forms of possession, including festival, initiatory, oracular, and devotional, and demonstrates their multivocality within a wide range of sects and religious identities. Possession is common among both men and women and is practiced by members of all social and caste strata. Smith theorizes on notions of embodiment, disembodiment, selfhood, personal identity, and other key issues through the prism of possession, redefining the relationship between Sanskritic and vernacular culture and between elite and popular religion. Smith's study is also comparative, introducing considerable material from Tibet, classical China, modern America, and elsewhere. Brilliant and persuasive, The Self Possessed provides careful new translations of rare material and is the most comprehensive study in any language on this subject.


Author: Larry Richards

Publisher: Tate Publishing

ISBN: 1616630248

Category: Fiction

Page: 292

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Each month he watched in growing terror as the moon waxed, night by night expanding from a slim crescent in the sky to become the full circle whose features terrified him. As the moon grew rounder and rounder, he felt himself losing control; watched his actions become more and more erratic and bizarre... He never remembered doing what they described. Maggie, like any mother, would do anything for her little boy. But Colin's struggles ran far deeper than what a working single mother could manage. Instead, she spent her days giving him the most normal life she could, and she spent her nights terrified. When years of medication only make things worse, Maggie takes Colin off of his medication and plans to do something that the state will not tolerate—have her church perform an exorcism. Her only hope of saving her child lies in the hands of an able but completely narcissistic lawyer named Black. The state wants to override her parental rights, Black wants fame regardless of the outcome, and Maggie just wants to save her son. Even worse, strange events reveal a sinister darkness taking an intense interest in the case, confusing and influencing everyone involved. Can anything be done before Colin is lost? Join author Larry Richards in Possessed, the fast-paced courtroom drama that bridges the realms of the natural and the supernatural. Follow along as diverse viewpoints are presented, debated, and ultimately changed. What is the truth of paranormal activity? Do demons exist, and if so, how can they affect us? This gripping thriller will have you begging for the final verdict.


Author: Rod Larkins

Publisher: Destiny Image Publishers

ISBN: 0768490898

Category: Religion

Page: 252

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The Bible says, “The Spirit searches the deep things of the Spirit.” “There is a common tendency to shy away from the Spiritual side of our faith simply because of the world unbeknownst to us. We often think of the Spiritual life as being too weird or perhaps only for a select few. But truth is, our mandate from Heaven is to joyfully take ‘spookiness’ out of the supernatural so that the upcoming generation might see that the manifest presence of GOD is real, tangible and totally accessible.” Rod W. Larkins Get ready! Because a new generation is arising, a generation that is no longer settling for “Sunday Morning Christianity,” but a generation that is awakening to their Spiritual Birthright. This rising generation is carrying a holy mandate from heaven and that is to take the ‘Bride of Christ’ from “attending church” to “Being the Church.” POSSESSED gives us the ‘How To’ so that every believer may learn to walk in the spiritual abundance, spiritual authority and the gifts and callings of GOD. Through scripture and personal experience, Pastor Rod shows us how to explore the deep recesses of GOD’S Spirit, and how to engage the realms of God’s glory so that we might learn to live a supernatural life of faith and power that should be as routine in the life of the believer as prayer, worship, and reading Scripture. Get ready to take a Journey into GOD’S Treasure Room!


Author: Drac Von Stoller

Publisher: Drac Von Stoller

ISBN: 1301629049

Category: Fiction

Page: 3

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Molly`s parent`s had all they could take from their daughter screaming in the night and saying to them that they were coming to get her soul. When Molly`s parent`s came to check on her every night, she became more violent and would curse and spit on them and her voice was that of a demons. Molly`s father Jack decided it might be a good idea to call a priest to see if she was possessed. Jack got in touch with Father Ryan who`s church is about a mile from where they live. Jack`s voice was really shook up, he could barely get the words out because it was his daughter who he loved so dearly, and felt hopeless to save her from what was possessing her body. As Jack was discussing his daughters problem to Father Ryan over the phone he reassured Jack he has seen this kind of behavior before and would do everything in his power to rid his daughter from the evilness she was possessing inside her body. Father Ryan said "Let me get my things together that I will need to perform an exorcism and I will be over shortly." "Thank you so much," replied Jack. Father Ryan knew time was at hand and there was no time to waste because the possession described by Jack over the phone would be enough to kill Jack's daughter before the night set in. He grabbed his bible, holy water and placed them in his bag, then got in his car and sped down the road to Jack's house ready to rid the girl of her evil demons. He pulled into Jack`s driveway and gathered his things and knocked on Jack`s front door. Jack opened the door and said "Please hurry! She is speaking a different language and throwing up some green vomit and levitating off the bed."


Hypnotic Crimes, Corporate Fiction, and the Invention of Cinema

Author: Stefan Andriopoulos

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 0226020576

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 208

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Silent cinema and contemporaneous literature explored themes of mesmerism, possession, and the ominous agency of corporate bodies that subsumed individual identities. At the same time, critics accused film itself of exerting a hypnotic influence over spellbound audiences. Stefan Andriopoulos shows that all this anxiety over being governed by an outside force was no marginal oddity, but rather a pervasive concern in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Tracing this preoccupation through the period’s films—as well as its legal, medical, and literary texts—Andriopoulos pays particular attention to the terrifying notion of murder committed against one’s will. He returns us to a time when medical researchers described the hypnotized subject as a medium who could be compelled to carry out violent crimes, and when films like The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari and Dr. Mabuse, the Gambler famously portrayed the hypnotist’s seemingly unlimited power on the movie screen. Juxtaposing these medicolegal and cinematic scenarios with modernist fiction, Andriopoulos also develops an innovative reading of Kafka’s novels, which center on the merging of human and corporate bodies. Blending theoretical sophistication with scrupulous archival research and insightful film analysis, Possessed adds a new dimension to our understanding of today’s anxieties about the onslaught of visual media and the expanding reach of vast corporations that seem to absorb our own identities.


The Life of Joan Crawford

Author: Donald Spoto

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1407088114

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 368

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'I've been protected by studio publicity men most of my life, so in some ways I'm a goddam image, not a person. I was a commodity, a piece of property... I felt an overwhelming obligation to my career, and so I was an actress first, a wife second. I worked almost constantly, and even when I wasn't working, there was that image thing of looking like a star, conducting myself like a star. I just went ahead like a bulldozer. I was a very selfish woman.' Joan Crawford was a complex, contradictory, driven human being, but not the alcoholic, sadistic monster depicted in the notorious book, Mommie Dearest, which appeared a year after her death. In some ways, Donald Spoto's Possessed is the ultimate Hollywood book - about a young woman, poor, abandoned by her father, but determined at all costs to succeed . Born in Texas, Lucille Fay LeSueur escaped destitution by becoming a popular dancer and then managed to make the decisive leap that transformed her into a luminous, unique star of the screen. She became Joan Crawford. There were many important men in her life, not least Clark Gable, with whom she appeared in eight pictures and with whom she conducted a thirty-year affair. She was married four times, once to the debonair Douglas Fairbanks Jr, unaware that he had failed to discontinue his relationship with Marlene Dietrich. Dancer, dramatic actress, businesswoman, corporate executive with Pepsi-Cola, Joan Crawford during her lifetime (1906 - 1977) was rarely out of the news. With the use of only recently opened archives and personal papers, Donald Spoto probes behind the lurid headlines to bring us Joan Crawford, the private person as well as the movie legend.

Salem Possessed

The Social Origins of Witchcraft

Author: Paul Boyer

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 0674282663

Category: History

Page: 256

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Tormented girls writhing in agony, stern judges meting out harsh verdicts, nineteen bodies swinging on Gallows Hill. The stark immediacy of what happened in 1692 has obscured the complex web of human passion which climaxed in the Salem witch trials From rich and varied sources—many neglected and unknown—Paul Boyer and Stephen Nissenbaum give us a picture of the people and events more intricate and more fascinating than any other in the massive literature. It is a story of powerful and deeply divided families and of a community determined to establish an independent identity—beset by restraints and opposition from without and factional conflicts from within—and a minister whose obsessions helped to bring this volatile mix to the flash point. Not simply a dramatic and isolated event, the Salem outbreak has wider implications for our understanding of developments central to the American experience: the disintegration of Puritanism, the pressures of land and population in New England towns, the problems besetting farmer and householder, the shifting role of the church, and the powerful impact of commercial capitalism.


Author: Stephanie Doyle

Publisher: Silhouette

ISBN: 1426854471

Category: Fiction

Page: 304

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Cassandra Allen's gift is so uncanny that even the skeptical police now consult her on murder investigations. But when she's called in to investigate a rash of serial murders, her mind is assaulted by a terrifying being from beyond…. Cass believes the evil force attempting to possess her is involved in the killings. But how? Then she meets Malcolm McDonough, brother of the first victim. He's successful, attractive, unsettling…and he doesn't believe that Cass hears the dead. Yet even as Malcolm denies her claims, he is counting on Cass to lead them to the killer. Because all the victims have one thing in common—her.


A Novel Inspired by True Events

Author: Philip J. Crowley,Kenneth C. Wylie

Publisher: Sunstone Press

ISBN: 1611392179

Category: Fiction

Page: 280

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What had she done? Alone, scared, sitting in the holding cell of the Kalkaska County Sheriff’s Department, Iris Harris never imagined she would be trapped in a battering relationship. Her life was not without struggles but by her forties she was content and fulfilled, teaching inner city children in the City of Detroit. A chance encounter, in a small mid-Michigan town, with an older outwardly pleasant and charming real estate agent, plunged her into a nightmare of emotional, physical and sexual abuse. She became his possession. It was the seventies. The legal system was impotent to render assistance. Society was incapable of understanding the dynamics of domestic violence and unwilling to intervene. To her friends and neighbors she was the one at fault. Iris was ensnared in a vicious cycle of abuse. Her only wish—to be free. Her only hope—to be found not guilty.


Author: Sheldon Cohen

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595359809

Category: Fiction

Page: 224

View: 1981

One Friday night in Chicago, two friends leave their neighborhood bar, each heading home in a separate direction. Phillip Matt never makes it. When he stops to assist a man who appears to be in need of help, the crazed assailant stabs Matt in the heart. In another part of town, George Gilmer is experiencing some troubling problems of his own. The talented young carpenter's behavior drastically changes after several bouts of severe abdominal pains, and he begins displaying symptoms such as paranoia, forgetfulness, and violent mood swings. When both men wind up at the same hospital on that fateful October night, the pieces of the crime slowly fall into place-or so it seems. Though he remembers nothing, it was George's knife that killed the man and it's his blood on the dead man's body. With the evidence mounting against him, George is formally accused and must stand trial for first-degree murder. With its dramatic climax, Possessed leads the reader into a world where the human capacity for evil extends beyond belief-into a world where it's nearly impossible to draw the line between innocence and insanity.


The True Story of an Exorcism

Author: Thomas B. Allen

Publisher: BookCountry

ISBN: 1463003676

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 1

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"The Exorcist", a 1973 movie about a twelve-year-old girl possessed by the Devil, frightened people more than any horror film ever did. Many moviegoers sought therapy to rid themselves of fears they could not explain. Psychiatrists coined the term "cinematic neurosis" for patients who left the movie feeling a terrifying presence of demons. At the Washington premiere, a young woman stood outside the theater, trembling. "I come out here in the sunlight," she said, "and I see people's eyes, and they frighten me." Among the few moviegoers unmoved by the horror were two priests, Father William S. Bowdern and Father Walter Halloran, members of the Jesuit community at St. Louis University. "Billy came out shaking his head about the little girl bouncing on the bed and urinating on the crucifix," Halloran remembers. "He was kind of angry. 'There is a good message that can be given by this thing,' he said. The message was the fact that evil spirits operate in our world." Bowdern and Halloran knew that the movie was fictional veneer masking a terrible reality. Night after night in March and April 1949, Bowdern had been an exorcist, with Halloran assisting. Bowdern fervently believed that he had driven a demon from a tormented soul. The victim had been a thirteen-year-old boy strangely lured to St. Louis from a Maryland suburb of Washington. Bowdern's exorcism had been the inspiration for the movie. The true story of this possession, told in Possessed, is based on a diary kept by a Jesuit priest assisting Father Bowdern. The diary, the most complete account of an exorcism since the Middle Ages, is published for the first time in this revised edition of Possessed.


Author: Fyodor Dostoevsky

Publisher: ReadHowYouWant.com

ISBN: 1425049036

Category: Fiction

Page: 496

View: 7886

Dostoevsky's unique, mesmerizing and revolutionary work of art. He has depicted the underground politics with deep skepticism. The significance of this great literary work is enhanced by its stunning fight scenes and alluring suspense. Compelling language and life-like characterization give a clear view of dilemmas being faced by the whole Russian nation. Astounding and enthralling!


Author: Kate Cann

Publisher: Scholastic Inc.

ISBN: 0545128137

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 327

View: 760

Rayne escapes London for a job in the country at Morton's Keep, where she is drawn to a mysterious clique and its leader, St. John, but puzzles over whether the growing evil she senses is from the manor house or her new friends.

Whitman Possessed

Poetry, Sexuality, and Popular Authority

Author: Mark Maslan

Publisher: JHU Press

ISBN: 080187646X

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 240

View: 4684

Whitman has long been more than a celebrated American author. He has become a kind of hero, whose poetry vindicates beliefs not only about poetry but also about sexuality and power. In Whitman Possessed: Poetry, Sexuality, and Popular Authority, Mark Maslan presents a challenging theory of Whitman's poetics of possession and his understandings of individual and national identity. By reading his works in relation to nineteenth-century theories of sexual desire, poetic inspiration, and political representation, Maslan argues that the disintegration of individuality in Whitman's texts is not meant to undermine cultural hierarchies, but to make poetic and political authority newly viable. In particular, Maslan explores the social impact of nineteenth-century sexual hygiene literature on Whitman's works. He argues that Whitman developed his ideas about poetry, sexuality, and authority by responding to a prominent argument that desire subjected male bodies to a penetrating and feminizing force. By identifying poetic inspiration with this erotic dynamic, Whitman imbued his poetic voice with a kind of transformative power. Whitman aligned his poetry with an impartial authority hard to find elsewhere and inclined his work as a poet to speak for the voiceless, for the masses, and for an entire nation. -- Samuel Otter, University of California, Berkeley

Paradise Possessed

The Rex Nan Kivell Collection

Author: N.A

Publisher: National Library Australia

ISBN: 0642106983

Category: Art

Page: 78

View: 5926

A collection of essays