The Continuity of Peirce's Thought

Author: Kelly A. Parker

Publisher: Vanderbilt University Press

ISBN: 9780826512963

Category: Philosophy

Page: 268

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In The Continuity of Peirce's Thought, Kelly Parker shows how the principle of continuity functions in phenomenology and semeiotic, the two most novel and important of Peirce's philosophical sciences, which mediate between mathematics and metaphysics. Parker argues that Peirce's concept of continuity is the central organizing theme of the entire Peircean philosophical corpus. He explains how Peirce's unique conception of the mathematical continuum shapes the broad sweep of his thought, extending from mathematics to metaphysics and in religion. This new book should appeal to all who seek a fuller, unified understanding of the career and overarching contributions of Peirce, one of the key figures in the American philosophical tradition.

Zeichen und Gewißheit

Semiotische Entfaltung eines protestantisch-theologischen Begriffs

Author: Gesche Linde

Publisher: Mohr Siebrek Ek

ISBN: 9783161498473

Category: Philosophy

Page: 1100

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English summary: Processes for attaining certainty, those of the Christian faith as well, are processes of the classification of signs. Gesche Linde develops this theory in four chapters by outlining the theoretical use of the concept of signs for the problem of certainty from antiquity up to Luther and then reconstructing the system of the classification of signs into ten trichotomies described in the late works of Charles Sanders Peirce. This system makes it possible to interpret all processes of consciousness, which include feeling, acting, thinking and the understanding of language, as processes of the interpretation of signs whose structures are basically identical. German description: Vergewisserungsprozesse, auch die des christlichen Glaubens, sind Zeicheninterpretationsprozesse. Die theologischen Entwurfe des 19. und beginnenden 20. Jahrhunderts versuchen die Glaubensgewissheit auf der Grundlage des Erfahrungsbegriffs zu begrunden oder zu rechtfertigen und sind daher mit Schwierigkeiten belastet. Gesche Linde schlagt vor, den Erfahrungsbegriff durch den Begriff der Interpretation und damit den des Zeichens zu ersetzen. Der Umstand, dass das Zeichen fur die Theoriebildung insgesamt keine grossere Rolle gespielt hat, fuhrt sie auf den Einfluss Augustins zuruck, der den Erkenntnisprozess von der Vermittlungsleistung des Zeichens abkoppelt. Sie liest Martin Luther als einen Autor, der unter humanistischem Einfluss die Gewissheitsfrage wieder neu mit dem Begriff des Zeichens verbindet: Vergewisserung ist ein trinitarisch bestimmter Prozess, der auf Zeichen zuruckgreift. Schliesslich fuhrt die Autorin den integrativen Zeichenbegriff des spaten Peirce ein und rekonstruiert zu diesem Zweck erstmals dessen zehntrichotomisches Klassifikationssystem, auf dessen Grundlage sich alle denkbaren Formen von Bewusstseinsprozessen beschreiben und auf ihre logischen Voraussetzungen hin explizieren lassen sollen, von der Manifestation vorbegrifflicher Gefuhlsqualitaten uber Handlungen bis hin zu Denk- bzw. Sprachprozessen. Auf diese Weise lasst sich die christliche Gewissheitsbildung schliesslich in einem Kontext von Gewissheitsbildung uberhaupt ansiedeln, sich als vielschichtiges Phanomen unterschiedlicher Interpretantenformen verstehen und sich als Ergebnis logisch valider Interpretationsprozesse analysieren, ohne dass die Einsicht in diese seine eigene Strukturbedingung den christlichen Glauben zur Relativierung seines Wahrheitsanspruches notigen oder ihn seines Gewissheitscharakters berauben wurde.

A Peircean reduction thesis

the foundations of topological logic

Author: Robert W. Burch

Publisher: Texas Tech Univ Pr

ISBN: 9780896722477

Category: Mathematics

Page: 152

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Peirce's Philosophy of Communication

The Rhetorical Underpinnings of the Theory of Signs

Author: Mats Bergman

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 1847064663

Category: Philosophy

Page: 197

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Presents a new, rhetorical approach to Peirce's philosophy that is both systematic and pragmatically warranted.


Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: Language and languages

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Encyclopedia of Philosophy: Oakeshott - Presupposition

Author: Donald M. Borchert

Publisher: Thomson Gale/MacMillan Reference USA

ISBN: 9780028657875

Category: Philosophy

Page: 10

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Containing material from hundreds of highly distinguished contributors representing the world's top universities and institutions, the second edition has a truly global perspective. It contains more than 2,100 entries -- including more than 450 new articles. Among the many topics covered are African, Islamic, Jewish, Russian, Chinese, and Buddhist philosophies; bioethics and biomedical ethics; art and aesthetics; epistemology; metaphysics; peace and war; social and political philosophy; the Holocaust; feminist thought; and much more. Additionally, the second edition also features 1,000 biographical entries on major figures in philosophical thought throughout history.

His Glassy Essence

An Autobiography of Charles Sanders Peirce

Author: Charles Sanders Peirce

Publisher: N.A


Category: Philosophy

Page: 416

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Charles Sanders Peirce (1839-1914), the most important and influential of the classical American philosophers, is credited as the inventor of the philosophical school of pragmatism. The scope and significance of his work have had a lasting effect not only in several fields of philosophy but also in mathematics, the history and philosophy of science, and the theory of signs, as well as in literary and cultural studies. Largely obscure until after his death, Peirce's life has long been a subject of interest and dispute. Unfortunately, previous biographies often confuse as much as they clarify crucial matters in Peirce's story. Ketner's new biographical project is remarkable not only for its entertaining aspects but also for its illuminating insights into Peirce's life, his thought, and the intellectual milieu in which he worked.

From time and chance to consciousness

studies in the metaphysics of Charles Peirce : papers from the sesquicentennial Harvard congress

Author: Edward Carter Moore,Richard S. Robin

Publisher: Berg Pub Ltd

ISBN: 9780854963799

Category: Philosophy

Page: 269

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Charles Peirce (1837-1914) was a physicist, chemist, and mathematician. He has also been described as the finest philosopher the United States has yet produced. He belongs to a long line of physical scientists reaching from Aristotle to Einstein - including contemporaries such as Planck, Schrodinger and Heisenberg - for whom physics was not enough, and who went beyond physics to metaphysics and cosmology. These are selected papers from the Harvard Congress commemorating the 150th anniversary of the birth of Charles Peirce. The papers are devoted primarily to the metaphysics on which Peirce based the philosophical doctrine of pragmatism - a doctrine that was first proposed by Peirce and later developed by William James and John Dewey.

Hermeneutic Philosophy of Science, Van Gogh’s Eyes, and God

Essays in Honor of Patrick A. Heelan, S.J.

Author: B.E. Babich

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9401717672

Category: Science

Page: 500

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This richly textured book bridges analytic and hermeneutic and phenomenological philosophy of science. It features unique resources for students of the philosophy and history of quantum mechanics and the Copenhagen Interpretation, cognitive theory and the psychology of perception, the history and philosophy of art, and the pragmatic and historical relationships between religion and science.

Mind, Language, and Metaphilosophy

Early Philosophical Papers

Author: Richard Rorty

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1139867873

Category: Philosophy

Page: N.A

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This volume presents a selection of the philosophical essays which Richard Rorty wrote during the first decade of his career, and complements four previous volumes of his papers published by Cambridge University Press. In this long neglected body of work, which many leading philosophers still consider to be his best, Rorty develops his views on the nature and scope of philosophy in a manner which supplements and elucidates his definitive statement on these matters in Philosophy and the Mirror of Nature. He also develops his groundbreaking version of eliminative materialism, a label first coined to describe his position, and sets out original views on various central topics in the philosophy of language, concerning private language, indeterminacy, and verificationalism. A substantial introduction examines Rorty's philosophical development from 1961 to 1972. The volume completes our understanding of Rorty's intellectual trajectory and offers lucid statements of positions which retain their relevance to current debates.

Proceedings of the Boston Colloquium for the Philosophy of Science 1964/1966

In Memory of Norwood Russell Hanson

Author: Robert S. Cohen,Marx W. Wartofsky

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9401035083

Category: Science

Page: 489

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This third volume of Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science contains papers which are based upon Colloquia from 1964 to 1966. In most cases, they have been substantially modified subsequent to presentation and discussion. Once again we publish work which goes beyond technical analysis of scientific theories and explanations in order to include philo sophical reflections upon the history of science and also upon the still problematic interactions between metaphysics and science. The philo sophical history of scientific ideas has increasingly been recognized as part of the philosophy of science, and likewise the cultural context of the genesis of such ideas. There is no school or attitude to be taken as de fining the scope or criteria of our Colloquium, and so we seek to under stand both analytic and historical aspects of science. This volume, as the previous two, constitutes a substantial part of our final report to the U. S. National Science Foundation, which has continued its support of the Boston Colloquium for the Philosophy of Science by a grant to Boston University. That report will be concluded by a subse quent volume of these Studies. It is a pleasure to record our thanks to the Foundation for its confidence and funds. We dedicate this book to the memory of Norwood Russell Hanson. During this academic year of 1966-67, this beloved and distinguished American philosopher participated in our Colloquium, and he did so before.

Comprehensive Dissertation Index

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