Commercial Real Estate Leases

Preparation, Negotiation, and Forms

Author: Mark A. Senn

Publisher: Aspen Publishers Online

ISBN: 1454805307

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 1522

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In the fast-changing world of commercial real estate, terms like and“fair rental value, and” and“net lease, and”or and“duty of good faithand”can mean many different things depending on the circumstances of the deal. So, when negotiating and drafting complex leasing agreements, itand’s imperative you know what these provisions can mean, have alternate provisions readily available, and know when and how to use them properly Commercial Real Estate Leases: Preparation, Negotiation, and Forms, Fifth Edition can make it easier. Written by nationally recognized real estate attorney Mark Senn, this highly acclaimed guide: Explains the legal principles behind each lease provision in clear, user-friendly terms. Offers balanced discussion of the practical applications of the law from the landlord, tenant and the lender perspectives (where applicable). Provides specific examples of alternate clauses that address each partyand’s precise needs. Logically organized to follow the typical commercial real estate lease, each chapter takes you clause-by-clause through all of the issues you need to understand in order to represent clients effectively in commercial real estate transactions, including: Rentand—fixed, market and percentage Operating expenses Options to expand, buy or extend Space measurementand—and resulting economics Subordination, non-disturbance and attornment agreements Drafting exclusive provisions Understanding insurance provisions Tax provisions and federal income tax consequences Use issues Condemnation Commercial Real Estate Leases: Preparation, Negotiation, and Forms, Fifth Edition includes a free companion CD-ROM containing all of the leasing forms discussed in the guide.

Negotiating Commercial Leases & Renewals For Dummies

Author: Dale Willerton,Jeff Grandfield

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118502523

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 360

View: 1642

Negotiate commercial leases and renewals like a pro Renting space for businesses and navigating a commercial lease can be a daunting task for those without expertise, as errors or oversights can cost thousands of dollars. Thankfully, Negotiating Commercial Leases & Renewals For Dummies takes the mystery out of the commercial leasing process and offers expert tips and advice to help small business owners successfully negotiate their leases???without losing their cool, or their cash. From one of the industry's most respected and experienced consultants, Negotiating Commercial Leases & Renewals For Dummies provides tenants with tips and advice on finding the best location and amenities for a business; understanding space needs and maximizing lease space; ensuring fair operating costs and keeping rent fees at a manageable level; minimizing the deposit requirement; mastering and executing negotiation strategies and tactics; and much more. Discover the rights and responsibilities associated with commercial leases Find out how much negotiability and flexibility you can expect in commercial leases and renewals Get to know which laws protect you and your business Negotiating Commercial Leases For Dummies is essential reading for the more than 10 million business owners, entrepreneurs, retailers, restaurants, doctors, and franchise tenants who lease commercial, office, and retail space across North America.

The Lease Manual

A Practical Guide to Negotiating Office, Retail, and Industrial Leases

Author: Rodney J. Dillman

Publisher: American Bar Association

ISBN: 9781590317266

Category: Law

Page: 359

View: 1656

Do you ever wonder if there's something you're missing in negotiating a lease? This book is your answer, providing effective guidance from negotiation to execution for office, retail and industrial lease transactions. It examines the concerns landlord, tenant, and lender to help facilitate and complete lease negotiations. Each lease paragraph is given a risk rating along with a brief summary of the clause and scope. Includes text and ancillary materials on CD-ROM.

Negotiate the Best Lease for Your Business

Author: Janet Portman,Fred S. Steingold

Publisher: Nolo

ISBN: 1413324185

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 400

View: 1770

When it comes to business, there is no standard lease! Ready to haggle for the best deal possible? Turn to Negotiate the Best Lease for Your Business -- you’ll find the information, advice and strategies you need when negotiating with an experienced landlord. This practical handbook explains how to analyze space needs, find the ideal location and then get the best possible terms. Learn how to: determine the real cost of renting keep future rent at manageable levels get the most out of your broker and attorney suggest alternatives to hefty security deposits allocate responsibility and cost of fixing up your space negotiate flexibility to expand, renew or leave early ensure costs are shared fairly among tenants avoid dealing with costly code compliance and clean-ups save your lease if you can't live up to it now and then This edition provides new strategies and advice throughout, plus new checklists that will help you at every step of your negotiation. Comprehensive and written in plain English, Negotiate the Best Lease for Your Business is essential for entrepreneurs on the hunt for a fair and workable lease.

The Commercial Lease Formbook

Expert Tools for Drafting and Negotiation

Author: Ira Meislik,Dennis Horn

Publisher: American Bar Association

ISBN: 9781604429459

Category: Law

Page: 726

View: 7553

An authoritative resource to all aspects of negotiating and drafting effective commercial property leases, this book features an array of state-of-the-art lease forms that can be quickly tailored for a particular transaction. Expert commentary is woven into the text to clarify and explain each provision of the leases included: office leases, retail leases, industrial and warehouse leases, and specialized leases, plus lease-related documents. Features 21 lease forms and six lease-related documents; 14 in the book and CD-ROM, an 13 only on CD-ROM.

Negotiating and Drafting Office Leases

Author: John Busey Wood,Alan M. Di Sciullo

Publisher: Law Journal Press

ISBN: 9781588520616

Category: Law

Page: 750

View: 6062

It reviews the clauses of a typical complex modern lease in detail, with explanation and commentary, examining the legal, economic and financial accounting ramifications.

Negotiate Your Commercial Lease

Author: Dale R. Willerton

Publisher: North Vancouver, B.C. : Self-Counsel Press

ISBN: 9781551804217

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 95

View: 4185

Signing a commercial lease could be one of the riskiest things you do in your business. One error or oversight could cost you thousands of dollars and even jeopardize your business.A tenant's guide to leasing - Learn tips on negotiation strategies - Get the best deal possible - Find out how to maximize free rent.

Systems for Success

The Complete Guide to Selling, Leasing, Presenting, Negotiating & Serving in Commercial Real Estate

Author: Michael J. Lipsey,Mike Lipsey,Karen L. Poirier,Rusty Fischer

Publisher: Pelican Publishing

ISBN: 9781589803114

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 379

View: 594

Real-estate tips from a proven seller. Presented in a succinct, easy-to-use format, this guide is an entire real-estate seminar in book form, written by an expert with more than thirty years in the industry. From prospecting and presentations to negotiations and customer service, these instructions provide a clear map to success in today's real estate market. Includes sample letters, checklists, and other useful resources.

The Art Of Commercial Real Estate Leasing

How To Lease A Commercial Building And Keep It Leased

Author: R. Craig Coppola

Publisher: RDA Press, LLC

ISBN: 0991110439

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 160

View: 936

Why wait another day? Make the most of your commercial property. A commercial building is just a building; but, it's an investment once it's leased with positive cash flow. Sounds easy? It's not. To invest and lease right you need the help of an expert who has spent his professional life as a commercial real estate broker and investor. You need the decades-long master of commercial real estate on your side. You need Craig Coppola. Before you make your next commercial real estate investment move, read this book. In it you'll find Craig's wisdom, insights and how-to's - the very techniques he uses to maximize his clients' and his own investments. Thinking of taking on leasing by yourself? This book will guide you. Considering hiring a broker to represent your properties? This book will make you a better buyer of those services. It's fast, easy, indispensable!

Leasing NYC

The Insider's Guide to Leasing Office Space in Manhattan

Author: Gregg Lorberbaum

Publisher: Greenleaf Book Group

ISBN: 1608324397

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 288

View: 2959

New York City is an iconic metropolis that exudes modern energy and storied classicism. The most recognizable names in business call the city home. Every day,thousands of businesses evolve, rise, and compete in a global market, and they need office space that matches their ambitions. When a firm is ready to put its mark on New York City, that’s when Leasing NYC is a must-read. Leasing space in NYC and doing it right is a process filled with million-dollar decisions and logistics. With thirty years of experience working with tenants, Gregg Lorberbaum has seen it all. Now he presents his vast knowledge of the leasing process to the public. His team approach to finding and building out office space takes the emphasis off simply signing a lease, and orients you to the complex machinations that require strong coordination to ensure a successful move. YOUR OFFICE LEASE IS EXPIRING IN THE NEXT TWO YEARS AND THE CLOCK IS TICKING. MOVING WILL BE VERY COSTLY, BUT YOUR CURRENT SPACE ISN’T QUITE WORKING. THE DECISIONS YOU MAKE IN THE COMING MONTHS WILL HAVE A LASTING IMPACT ON YOUR IMAGE, YOUR EMPLOYEES, YOUR EFFICIENCY, YOUR GROWTH PROSPECTS, AND YOUR BOTTOM LINE. NOW WHAT? LEASING NYC IS THE PERFECT HANDBOOK TO HAVE BY YOUR SIDE. PART COMPASS, PART TRAIL GUIDE, IT WILL SHOW YOU HOW TO FIND YOUR WAY TO THE RIGHT SPACE FOR YOUR COMPANY. Inside, you will gain insight into: • Bargaining with your current landlord and avoiding the “captive tenant” trap • Negotiating the best deal for constructing and furnishing office space without making typical costly mistakes • Hiring the right broker and other project team members • Designing space that fosters collaboration and a positive work culture • Establishing realistic project budgets and schedules and meeting them • Understanding your all-in cost of occupancy versus your price per square foot Leasing NYC also includes several case studies from Lorberbaum’s most successful projects and gives you easy-to-use formulas to define objectives and make smart decisions. Beautifully photographed by prominent photographer Adrian Wilson, the book is an intelligent and helpful companion to accompany you on your journey to find the ideal space for your business.

The Fundamentals of Listing and Selling Commercial Real Estate

Author: Loren K. Keim

Publisher: Loren Keim

ISBN: 0741443694

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 230

View: 4697

The Fundamentals of Listing and Selling Commercial Real Estate provides a complete foundation for a career in the Commercial Real Estate Industry. The text contains a comprehensive study of property and investment analysis, mortgages and leases, as well as practice techniques such as prospecting, presentations, and negotiating.

A Practical Guide to Commercial Real Estate Transactions

From Contract to Closing

Author: Gregory M. Stein,Morton P. Fisher,Marjorie P. Fisher

Publisher: Amer Bar Assn

ISBN: 9781604420791

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 508

View: 2233

Make sure the real estate deal is handled correctly each step of the way. This comprehensive guide covers all aspects of a commercial real estate transaction and offers advice, commentary, and forms to expertly negotiate and close the deal. This revised edition features new forms and covers recent changes in law and practice, including the USA Patriot Act, anti-money laundering laws, the subprime mortgage crisis, and terrorism and hurricane insurance. Includes CD-ROM.

Commercial Real Estate Law Practice Manual

With Forms

Author: James P. McAndrews

Publisher: Amer Bar Assn

ISBN: 9781604422740

Category: Law

Page: 367

View: 9306

The book covers the steps in handling a commercial real estate transaction from start to finish, including those most commonly encountered in a transaction, such as brokerage problems, leases, mortgages, title insurance and surveys. In addition, the book covers material that may not be easily available to a new or less experienced practitioner, such as handling mortgage workouts after a default, wrap-around mortgages, reciprocal easement agreements, and air rights.

Commercial Real Estate Leases

Selected Issues in Drafting and Negotiating During Troubled Times : ALI-ABA Course of Study Materials

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Category: Commercial leases

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Tenant Leasing 101

The Essential Business and Legal Strategies for Negotiating Your Lease

Author: James P. Moorhead,James P Moorhead Esq

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781502954053

Category: Commercial leases

Page: 150

View: 7216

A real estate lease agreement is one of the biggest financial obligations of any company. The tenant must review the lease to make sure it is sound from both business and legal perspectives. Written in a conversational style for the non-lawyer business executive, Tenant Leasing 101 offers companies the essential strategies and tips to help simplify the negotiation of their next lease.

How to Lease Space in Shopping Centers

A Guide for Small Business Owners

Author: Barry Fleisher

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781469798868

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 138

View: 3848

This complete manual guides you through every step of leasing a space in any shopping center. Learn how the shopping center business works, how to find the best location, and how to get the best rent deal. Find out how to: Negotiate successfully with leasing agents Exploit specialty leasing opportunities: carts, kiosks and temporary leases Understand your total rent and negotiate a better rent deal Reduce your Overage Rent or Percentage Rent Understand your Common Area Maintenance (CAM) fees and see how to reduce those expensive costs Avoid those hidden and expensive lease charges Get those special lease clauses to protect your business investment in the future Improve your chances at success with better lease terms and lower rent Draw on the author's 20 years of experience to improve the terms of your shopping center lease. This book brings you valid and proven methods of getting better lease terms, whether you are a first-timer renting your first space, or an experienced retailer seeking ways to reduce your rent expenses on your next lease.

Winning the Office Leasing Game

Essential Strategies for Negotiating Your Office Lease Like an Expert

Author: Karen Warner

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781928742265

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 148

View: 5620

It's a well-known fact that landlords have the upper-hand in office lease negotiations. But did you know that the majority of tenants leave money on the table by not taking advantage of a few simple strategies. Winning the Office Leasing Game: How to Search for Office Space and Negotiate Your Office Lease Like an Expert will show you the secrets to finding the perfect office space and ensure you don't leave a dime on the negotiating table. Don't Leave Money on the Table in Your Next Lease Negotiation This guide offers essential office leasing tips and strategies, including: Avoiding Lease Gotchas - our thorough lease review checklist will make sure your lease absolutely does NOT include common clauses that unfairly benefit the landlord - at your expense! Timely advice on how to negotiate the best rental rates and renewal options that work for you. Things to know in advance: sublease options, building classifications, the subtle differences between gross leases, full service, net leases that can cost you dearly. The ability to determine your company's exact office space needs - including how to calculate your ideal square footage and gain the most efficient layout - don't pay a penny extra for space you don't need! How to find your ideal office - including little-known tools the professionals use for finding unlisted office space. How to create and strategically distribute Requests for Proposal (RFPs)-start a bidding war between landlords that will get them aggressively competing for your business (this strategy alone can save your company many thousands of dollars in leasing costs)! Award-winning, pro-level tools that just plain work. - The Leasing Needs Assessment, Proposal Evaluation Matrix, plus many others, will make analyzing and managing your lease negotiation easier and simpler than ever before. Entering into a commercial lease can be one of the most critical decisions a business will make. While most businesses negotiate a lease once every three to five years, landlords and their representatives are involve in these types of transactions on a daily basis. Winning the Office Leasing Game will arm you with the information you need to protect the best interests of your company. Winning the Office Leasing Game will guide you through the process of: Determining the office space needs of your business Space planning and office design Preparing a request for proposal and evaluating proposals Negotiating the best possible lease terms Construction and tenant improvements Protecting your interests after the lease is signed Information is power Make sure your business is armed with the same information your landlord has. This guide has been used by hundreds of businesses to successfully level the playing field for tenants and negotiate a fair lease. Scroll up, click the buy button & get started today!