Walter Benjamin: Modernity

Author: Peter Osborne

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9780415325356


Page: 462

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This collection brings together a selection of the most critically important items in the literature, across the full range of Benjamin's cultural-theoretical interests.

The Gender of Modernity

Author: Rita FELSKI

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 0674036794

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 256

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In an innovative and invigorating exploration of the complex relations between women and the modern, Rita Felski challenges conventional male-centered theories of modernity. She also calls into question those feminist perspectives that have either demonized the modern as inherently patriarchal, or else assumed a simple opposition between men's and women's experiences of the modern world. Combining cultural history with cultural theory, and focusing on the fin de siecle, Felski examines the gendered meanings of such notions as nostalgia, consumption, feminine writing, the popular sublime, evolution, revolution, and perversion. Her approach is comparative and interdisciplinary, covering a wide variety of texts from the English, French, and German traditions: sociological theory, realist and naturalist novels, decadent literature, political essays and speeches, sexological discourse, and sentimental popular fiction. Male and female writers from Simmel, Zola, Sacher-Masoch, and Rachilde to Marie Corelli, Wilde, and Olive Schreiner come under Felski's scrutiny as she exposes the varied and often contradictory connections between femininity and modernity. Seen through the lens of Felski's discerning eye, the last fin de siecle provides illuminating parallels with our own. And Felski's keen analysis of the matrix of modernism offers needed insight into the sense of cultural crisis brought on by postmodernism.

Century of Modernity

Architektur und Städtebau Essays und Texte

Author: Thilo Hilpert

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3658070439

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 547

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Essays und kritische Texte zur Herausbildung und Verbreitung der Themen und Fragestellungen der Moderne in der Zeit zwischen 1904 und 2014. In den Beiträgen zu Bauten, Architekten und Diskussionen wird in sieben Zeitabschnitten die Entwicklung der Moderne im letzten Jahrhundert lebendig. Hilpert ist den meisten Akteuren persönlich begegnet, seine Beiträge präsentieren oft unbekannt gebliebene Forschungsergebnisse, die seit 30 Jahren in verschiedensten Zeitschriften publiziert worden sind. Sie ergänzen die zahlreichen Buchpublikationen, in denen er die Arbeiten von Le Corbusier, Bruno Taut, Walter Gropius, Mies van der Rohe sowie zur Nachkriegsmoderne einem internationalen Publikum nahebrachte.

What Is Modernity?

Writings of Takeuchi Yoshimi

Author: Yoshimi Takeuchi

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 0231509138

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 200

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Regarded as one of the foremost thinkers in postwar Japan, Takeuchi Yoshimi (1910-1977) questioned traditional Japanese thought and radically reconfigured an understanding of the subject's relationship to the world. His works were also central in drawing Japanese attention to the problems inherent in western colonialism and to the cultural importance of Asia, especially China. Takeuchi's writings synthesized philosophy, literature, and history, focusing not simply on Japan and the West but rather on the triangular relationship between Japan, the West, and China. This book, which represents the first appearance of Takeuchi's essays in English translation, explores Japanese modernity, literature, and nationalism as well as Chinese intellectual history. Takeuchi's research demonstrates how Asians attempted to make sense of European modernity without sacrificing their own cultural histories. An authentic method of modernity for Asia, Takeuchi concludes, needs to stress difference and plurality as opposed to the homogenizing force of westernization.

Archaeology and Modernity

Author: Julian Thomas

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9780415271561

Category: History

Page: 275

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Archaeologists have long recognised that they study past worlds which may be quite unlike our own. But how are we to cope with the difference of the past if our own circumstances are unique within human history? What if archaeology itself depends on ways of thinking that are specific to the modern western world? This is the first book-length study to explore the relationship between archaeology and modern thought, showing how philosophical ideas that developed in the seventeenth to nineteenth centuries still dominate our approach to the material remains of ancient societies. It discusses the modern emphasis on method rather than ethics or meaning, our understanding of change in history and nature, the role of the nation-state in forming our views of the past, and contemporary notions of human individuality, the mind, and materiality.

Modernity and Technology

Author: Thomas J. Misa,Philip Brey,Andrew Feenberg

Publisher: MIT Press

ISBN: 9780262633109

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 421

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Studies of the co-construction of technology and modernity that lay the foundation for a new, interdisciplinary field.

The Modernity of Tradition

Political Development in India

Author: Lloyd I. Rudolph,Susanne Hoeber Rudolph

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 9780226731377

Category: Political Science

Page: 316

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Stressing the variations in meaning of modernity and tradition, this work shows how in India traditional structures and norms have been adapted or transformed to serve the needs of a modernizing society. The persistence of traditional features within modernity, it suggests, answers a need of the human condition. Three areas of Indian life are analyzed: social stratification, charismatic leadership, and law. The authors question whether objective historical conditions, such as advanced industrialization, urbanization, or literacy, are requisites for political modernization.

Response to Modernity

A History of the Reform Movement in Judaism

Author: Michael A. Meyer

Publisher: Wayne State University Press

ISBN: 9780814325551

Category: Religion

Page: 494

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The movement for religious reform in modern Judaism represents one of the most significant phenomena in Jewish history during the last two hundred years. It introduced new theological conceptions and innovations in liturgy and religious practice that affected millions of Jews, first in central and Western Europe and later in the United States. Today Reform Judaism is one of the three major branches of Jewish faith. Bringing to life the ideas, issues, and personalities that have helped to shape modern Jewry, Response to Modernity offers a comprehensive and balanced history of the Reform Movement, tracing its changing configuration and self-understanding from the beginnings of modernization in late 18th century Jewish thought and practice through Reform's American renewal in the 1970s.

The Consequences of Modernity

Author: Anthony Giddens

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0745666442

Category: Social Science

Page: 200

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In this major theoretical statement, the author offers a new and provocative interpretation of the institutional transformations associated with modernity. We do not as yet, he argues, live in a post-modern world. Rather the distinctive characteristics of our major social institutions in the closing period of the twentieth century express the emergence of a period of 'high modernity,' in which prior trends are radicalised rather than undermined. A post-modern social universe may eventually come into being, but this as yet lies 'on the other side' of the forms of social and cultural organization which currently dominate world history. In developing an account of the nature of modernity, Giddens concentrates upon analyzing the intersections between trust and risk, and security and danger, in the modern world. Both the trust mechanisms associated with modernity and the distinctive 'risk profile' it produces, he argues, are distinctively different from those characteristic of pre-modern social orders. This book build upon the author's previous theoretical writings, and will be of fundamental interest to anyone concerned with Gidden's overall project. However, the work covers issues which the author has not previously analyzed and extends the scope of his work into areas of pressing practical concern. This book will be essential reading for second year undergraduates and above in sociology, politics, philosophy, and cultural studies.

Five Faces of Modernity

Modernism, Avant-garde, Decadence, Kitsch, Postmodernism

Author: Matei Călinescu

Publisher: Duke University Press

ISBN: 9780822307679

Category: Architecture

Page: 395

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Five Faces of Modernity is a series of semantic and cultural biographies of words that have taken on special significance in the last century and a half or so: modernity, avant-garde, decadence, kitsch, and postmodernism. The concept of modernity—the notion that we, the living, are different and somehow superior to our predecessors and that our civilization is likely to be succeeded by one even superior to ours—is a relatively recent Western invention and one whose time may already have passed, if we believe its postmodern challengers. Calinescu documents the rise of cultural modernity and, in tracing the shifting senses of the five terms under scrutiny, illustrates the intricate value judgments, conflicting orientations, and intellectual paradoxes to which it has given rise. Five Faces of Modernity attempts to do for the foundations of the modernist critical lexicon what earlier terminological studies have done for such complex categories as classicism, baroque, romanticism, realism, or symbolism and thereby fill a gap in literary scholarship. On another, more ambitious level, Calinescu deals at length with the larger issues, dilemmas, ideological tensions, and perplexities brought about by the assertion of modernity.

Questions of Modernity

Author: Timothy Mitchell

Publisher: U of Minnesota Press

ISBN: 9780816631339

Category: Social Science

Page: 229

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Modernity has always laid claim to universal certainty--which meant assigning a different and lesser significance to anything deemed purely local, non-Western, or lacking a universal expression. This book makes those very non-Western, non-universal elements the tools for fashioning a more complex, rigorous, and multifaceted understanding of how the modern comes about. Focusing on the making of modernity outside the West, eight leading anthropologists, historians, and political theorists explore the production of new forms of politics, sensibility, temporality, and selfhood in locations ranging from nineteenth-century Bengal to contemporary Morocco. Topics include the therapeutics of colonial medical practice, the multiple registers of popular film, television serials and their audiences, psychiatrists and their patients, the iconic figure of the young widow, and the emergence of new political forms beyond the grasp of civil society.

Paris, Capital of Modernity

Author: David Harvey

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 041594421X

Category: History

Page: 372

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Collecting David Harvey's finest writings on 19th century Paris, this title offers insights ranging from the birth of consumerist spectacle on the Parisian boulevards, the creative visions of Balzac, Baudelaire and Zola, and the reactionary cultural politics of the bombastic Sacre Coeur.

The Theological Origins of Modernity

Author: Michael Allen Gillespie

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 0226293513

Category: Philosophy

Page: 368

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Exposing the religious roots of our ostensibly godless age, Michael Allen Gillespie reveals in this landmark study that modernity is much less secular than conventional wisdom suggests. Taking as his starting point the collapse of the medieval world, Gillespie argues that from the very beginning moderns sought not to eliminate religion but to support a new view of religion and its place in human life. He goes on to explore the ideas of such figures as William of Ockham, Petrarch, Erasmus, Luther, Descartes, and Hobbes, showing that modernity is best understood as a series of attempts to formulate a new and coherent metaphysics or theology. “Bringing the history of political thought up to date and situating it against the backdrop of contemporary events, Gillespie’s analyses provide us a way to begin to have conversations with the Islamic world about what is perhaps the central question within each of the three monotheistic religions: if God is omnipotent, then what is the place of human freedom?”—Joshua Mitchell, Georgetown University

Media and Modernity

A Social Theory of the Media

Author: John B. Thompson

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0745656749

Category: Social Science

Page: 322

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This wide-ranging and innovative book develops an original theory of the media and their impact on the modern world, from the emergence of printing to the most recent developments in the media industries.

Doing Modernity - Doing Religion

Author: Anna Daniel,Franka Schäfer,Frank Hillebrandt,Hanns Wienold

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3531943294

Category: Social Science

Page: 250

View: 6420

Gegenwärtige Zeitdiagnosen sehen sich häufig durch das Religiöse herausgefordert und stellen es in den Mittelpunkt einer Analyse der modernen Gesellschaft. Daneben entwickelt sich in den letzten Jahren eine soziologische Theorierichtung, die eng am Begriff der Praxis ausgerichtet ist und vor allem in ihrer postkolonialen Ausformung universellen Gesellschaftsdiagnosen höchst skeptisch gegenübersteht. Diese Ansätze kommen zu Neudefinitionen soziologischer Grundbegriffe, indem sie etwa die Rolle der menschlichen Körper und der materialen Dinge bei der Entstehung und Reproduktion von Praktiken und Praxisformen zentral thematisieren. Die praxistheoretische Perspektive verspricht, so die Ausgangshypothese des Bandes, nicht nur hinsichtlich der Thematisierung des Religiösen fruchtbare Anknüpfungspunkte für die Religionssoziologie zu liefern, sondern zeigt außerdem, wie sich die Axiome des klassischen Modernitätsdiskurses praxistheoretisch revidieren oder möglicherweise neu fassen lassen.

Modernity on Endless Trial

Author: Leszek Kolakowski

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 0226450465

Category: History

Page: 261

View: 9651

Leszek Kolakowski delves into some of the most intellectually vigorous questions of our time in this remarkable collection of essays garnished with his characteristic wit. Ten of the essays have never appeared before in English. "Exemplary. . . . It should be celebrated." —Arthur C. Danto, New York Times Book Review "This book . . . express[es] Kolakowski's thought on God, man, reason, history, moral truth and original sin, prompted by observation of the dramatic struggle among Christianity, the Enlightenment and modern totalitarianism. It is a wonderful collection of topics." —Thomas Nagel, Times Literary Supplement "No better antidote to bumper-sticker thinking exists than this collection of 24 'appeals for moderation in consistency,' and never has such an antidote been needed more than it is now." —Joseph Coates, Chicago Tribune "Whether learned or humorous, these essays offer gems in prose of diamond hardness, precision, and brilliance." —Thomas D'Evelyn, The Christian Science Monitor A "Notable Books of the Year 1991" selection, New York Times Book Review—a "Noted with Pleasure" selection, New York Times Book Review—a "Summer Reading 1991" selection, New York Times Book Review—a "Books of the Year" selection, The Times.

Modernity And Postmodern Culture

Author: McGuigan, Jim

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education (UK)

ISBN: 9780335219216

Category: Social Science

Page: 200

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Modernity and Postmodern Culturecritically assesses claims made about the 'postmodernization' of culture and society and explores the complex interplay between the modern and the postmodern in an increasingly ‘globalized world’. The author argues that although culture may be 'postmodern' in terms of art, entertainment and everyday life, modernity still exists and is pervasive. The second edition is revised throughout, updating the literature and viewing international events through a modernist/postmodernist gaze. The theories of Baudrillard, Beck, Castells, Giddens, Jameson, Lyotard and others are discussed and specific issues concerning architecture, theme parks, screen culture, science, technology and the environment are examined. Topics include: Postmodern architecture and the hyperreality of Disney How poststructuralist theory questions modern rationality and reason The relations between postmodern culture, global capitalism and the technological changes brought about by electronics and computing The network society The book is key reading for students on courses in cultural politics, cultural theory, popular culture and sociology.

Modernity: After modernity

Author: Malcolm Waters

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9780415201865

Category: Social Science

Page: 2080

View: 9451


Voices of Modernity

Language Ideologies and the Politics of Inequality

Author: Richard Bauman,Charles L. Briggs

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521008976

Category: History

Page: 356

View: 7116

This 2003 book discusses how new ways of thinking about language have uncovered previously 'legitimated' linguistic and social inequalities.