Migration, Indigenization and Interaction

Chinese Overseas and Globalization

Author: Leo Suryadinata

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9814365912

Category: Chinese

Page: 335

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The twelve chapters included in this book address various issues related to Chinese migration, indigenization and exchange with special reference to the era of globalization. As the waves of Chinese migration started in the last century, the emphasis, not surprisingly, is placed on the OC migrant statesOCO rather than OC indigenous statesOCO. Nevertheless, many chapters are also concerned with issues of OC settling downOCO and OC becoming part of the local scenesOCO. However, the settling/integrating process has been interrupted by a globalizing world, new Chinese migration and the rise of China at the end of 20th century.

Work, Learning and Transnational Migration

Opportunities, Challenges, and Debates

Author: Shibao Guo

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317406060

Category: Education

Page: 164

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As the globalisation of migration intensifies, many countries have joined the international competition for the most talented, skilful, and resourceful workers. More recently, migration has shifted from international to transnational, characterised by its multiple and circular flows across transnational spaces rather than singular or unidirectional movement. When transnational migrants arrive in a new country, many of them face multifaceted barriers when it comes to transitioning into work and learning in the host society. Work, Learning and Transnational Migration examines the non-linear transition of work and learning for transnational migrants; the multiple barriers facing migrants in the process of transition; tensions between mobility, knowledge, and recognition; issues of language, power, and transnational identity; and how socio-cultural differences have been used to entrench social inequality in migrants’ transition. The rich international contexts and global perspectives provided across all chapters enrich our understanding about the changing nature of work and learning in the age of transnational migration. This book was originally published as a special issue of Globalisation, Societies and Education.

Transnational Aging and Reconfigurations of Kin Work

Author: Parin Dossa,Cati Coe

Publisher: Rutgers University Press

ISBN: 0813588103

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 242

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Transnational Aging and Reconfigurations of Kin Work documents the social and material contributions of older persons to their families in settings shaped by migration, their everyday lives in domestic and community spaces, and in the context of intergenerational relationships and diasporas. Much of this work is oriented toward supporting, connecting, and maintaining kin members and kin relationships—the work that enables a family to reproduce and regenerate itself across generations and across the globe.

A Plea for British Black Theologies, Volume 1

The Black Church Movement in Britain in Its Transatlantic Cultural and Theological Interaction with Special Reference to the Pentecostal Oneness (Apostolic) and Sabbatarian Movements

Author: Roswith I. H. Gerloff

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1608996654

Category: Religion

Page: 466

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Since the Second World War more than 1,000 black independent congregations in around 300 different organizations have sprung up all over Britain. The immigration of Afro-Caribbeans and West Africans has led to the emergence and growth of many churches, which flourish in the cities and attract a growing number of members. They now play an increasingly active role in the social and ecumenical life of the nation, which is reflected in cooperation with the 'New Instrument' of the British churches. They comprise a rich diversity of theological traditions and cultural inheritance, some in an interesting blend, some in a struggle with white elements. Existence and growth of these communities have often been explained by factors inherent in British society, such as social deprivation and English racism. The book attempts to prove that, as much these factors are a reality, they do not account for the dynamics of the movement, its proliferation and stability. Rather these congregations are carried by strong cultural and theological forces, which molded the spiritual experience of the African diaspora. They carry a living faith, sound contextual theologies, and a form of organization, which presents a model for other ethnic minorities.

Between winds and clouds

the making of Yunnan (second century BCE to twentieth century CE)

Author: Bin Yang

Publisher: Columbia Univ Pr

ISBN: 9780231142540

Category: History

Page: 338

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Columbia University Press and the American Historical Association (AHA) present Gutenberg, a collection of award-winning monographs written for specialized fields of research. Intended to enhance scholarly and educational publications through new media technologies, the titles of Gutenberg are available either in print or electronically through open access at www.gutenberg-e.org, a Web site hosted by Columbia University. The online version contains digital images, maps, artwork, and hyperlinks, and is fully searchable. These titles are made possible by funding through the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Book jacket.

Christianity, Islam and Nationalism in Indonesia

Author: Charles E. Farhadian

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134240627

Category: Religion

Page: 238

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Although over eighty percent of the country is Muslim, Indonesia is marked by an extraordinary diversity in language, ancestry, culture, religion and ways of life. This book focuses on the Christian Dani of West Papua, providing a social and ethnographic history of the most important indigenous population in the troubled province. It presents a fascinating overview of the Dani’s conversion to Christianity, examining the social, religious and political uses to which they have put their new religion. Based on independent research carried out over many years among the Dani people, the book provides an abundance of new material on religious and political events in West Papua. Underlining the heart of Christian-Muslim rivalries, the book questions the fate of religion in late-modern times.

Articulating the Global and the Local

Globalization and Cultural Studies

Author: Ann Cvetkovich,Douglas Kellner

Publisher: N.A


Category: Social Science

Page: 258

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This book explores how discourses of the local, the particular, the everyday, and the situated are being transformed by new discourses of globalization and transnationalism, as used both by government and business and in critical academic discourse. Unlike other studies that have focused on the politics and economics of globalization, Articulating the Global and the Local highlights the importance of culture and provides models for a cultural studies that addresses globalization and the dialectic of local and global forces.Arguing for the inseparability of global and local analysis, the book demonstrates how global forces enter into local situations and how in turn global relations are articulated through local events, identities, and cultures. It includes studies of a wide range of cultural forms: sports, poetry, pedagogy, ecology, dance, cities, and democracy. Articulating the Global and the Local makes the ambitious claim that the category of the local transforms the debate about globalization by redefining what counts as global culture. Central to the essays are the new global and translocal cultures and identities created by the diasporic processes of colonialism and decolonization. The essays explore a variety of local, national, and transnational contexts with particular attention to race, ethnicity, gender, and sexuality as categories that force us to rethink globalization itself.

Beyond Christendom

Globalization, African Migration, and the Transformation of the West

Author: Jehu Hanciles

Publisher: N.A


Category: Religion

Page: 430

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Hanciles does yeoman work in part one synthesizing studies on the impact of globalization, revealing that its outcomes will likely not be determined by the Euro-American heartlands that sparked this movement. Instead, in parts two he shows that migration in general is having an enormous effect on shaping a new world order, and in part three, "Mobile Faith," he advances the case for the migration of Christians as carrying within it the seeds of renewal for the whole church and also the potential to reshape church-state and religion and culture relations globally.

Research Paper

Author: University of Chicago. Dept. of Geography

Publisher: N.A


Category: Social sciences

Page: N.A

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Monuments of the Black Atlantic

Slavery and Memory

Author: Joanne M. Braxton

Publisher: LIT Verlag Münster

ISBN: 9783825872304

Category: Social Science

Page: 154

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"With Aldon Nielson, the editors of this volume agree that ""the middle passage may be the great repressed signifier of American historical consciousness."" The essays collected here illustrate that the repressed memory of crossing lives not only in the academy, in oral traditions, and in the stone walls of slave fortresses but in the liturgy as well as the spiritual and religious practices throughout the African Diaspora. Descendants of African slaves living in the wide Diaspora are bearers of an ""unforgetful strength"" that endures and endures, manifesting itself in every aspect of culture. Black writers, artists and musicians in the New World have tested the limits of cultural memory, finding in it the inspiration to ""speak the unspeakable."" "