Man In A Grey Suit

Author: Glenn Orgias

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 0857961578

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 320

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One twilight, Glenn Orgias was surfing at Bondi Beach when the worst happened: he was attacked by a shark, a 'man in a grey suit', as surfers call them. Although it suddenly released him, Glenn still thought his life was over he was 80 metres from shore with one almost severed arm, losing blood and strength fast, and the great white shark was somewhere below. All he could think about was his wife, Lisa, who was four months pregnant. Man in a Grey Suit is a powerful memoir about overcoming life's obstacles, large and small. It's the story of how surfing helped Glenn find some release from the anger and anxiety he felt growing up, and how something that so nearly killed him actually helped turn his life around. This is a brave, honest and moving account of how an ordinary man dealt with an extraordinary event. 'He frankly and fiercely taps into Australians' deepest fear.' Robert Drewe 'Sometimes we all wonder if we could cope with the worst that life could throw at us. Glenn Orgias has been there, and has come through. His strength of character lies not in what he lost, but in what he's always had.' Malcolm Knox 'In crisp, punchy prose, he shows us why his life is fuller now than before.' Fiona Capp, The Age 'This moving and utterly gripping true story is a testament to the bravery and guts that human beings can display when truly pushed to the brink.' Herald Sun

Menace Eastern-Light, the Man in the Grey Suit

Author: Johann Heinrich Jung

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781462837694

Category: Religion

Page: 264

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Jung-Stilling was a mystic and Christian visionary, and member of the German Pietist Brethren. He personally experienced the terrors and tragedies of war after the invasion of Germany by France in 1792, and the effects of the Enlightenment and the French Revolution on religion, morality and life in his homeland. Jung believed that Jesus Christ would come in the year 1836, convinced that the events of Europe during this era were the signs of the end of the age. Jung developed a plan to evangelize and prepare Germany for the return of Jesus Christ, which he expounds in this book. Menace Eastern-Light, the Man in the Grey Suit, written 1795-1800, is a compilation of the mystical and evangelical concepts of Jung. This translation makes available to the English-reading public the valuable ideas and concepts of this unique and famous German mystic and Christian visionary. The person of Menace Eastern-Light is the alter-ego of Jung. Menace was originally the main character in Jungs book Homesickness, and who always wore grey clothing. Even though Jung is a character in his own book, his is distinct from Menace, and Jung becomes the recorder of the thoughts and opinions of Menace. As alter-ego of Jung, Menace considers himself a demi-god, an angelic entity who descended from heaven and became incarnated; he is commissioned to rectify the corruption of the Christian religion in Germany and to prepare the people for the arrival of Christ in 1836. The translator is Daniel H. Shubin, who has previously translated 5 books into English dealing with Christianity in Russian and Europe; and is the author of 2 books on the Bible and one on Christian pacifism.

Der Mann im grauen Flanell


Author: Sloan Wilson

Publisher: Dumont Buchverlag

ISBN: 3832187065

Category: Fiction

Page: 446

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Der amerikanische Klassiker in neuer Übersetzung Tom und Betsy Rath sind ein junges Paar, sie haben drei gesunde Kinder, ein schönes Zuhause in einem netten Vorort von New York und ein regelmäßiges, wenn auch nicht üppiges Einkommen. Eigentlich haben sie allen Grund, glücklich zu sein. Doch irgendwie sind sie es nicht. Tom pendelt Tag für Tag in die Stadt, wo er einem unspektakulären Bürojob nachgeht – seit er aus dem Krieg zurückgekehrt ist, hat er sich ohnehin verändert, ist verschlossen und launisch. Betsy fühlt sich unverstanden. Nach einem Karriereschritt hat Tom bald keine Zeit mehr für sein Privatleben. Ist es das, was Tom wirklich will? Als er auf einen alten Kameraden aus dem Krieg trifft, gerät sein Alltag vollends aus den Fugen, Tom muss sich seiner Vergangenheit stellen und eine Entscheidung treffen, die sein Leben grundsätzlich verändern wird. ›Der Mann im grauen Flanell‹, im Original 1955 veröffentlicht und sofort ein Bestseller, vermittelt wie wenige andere Romane den Geist der fünfziger Jahre. Zu Recht gilt er als moderner Klassiker und verdient es, zusammen mit den Werken von Richard Yates, John Cheever und Raymond Carver genannt zu werden. Der Buchtitel war so treffend, dass er im Englischen zu einem feststehenden Begriff wurde. Nun liegt der Roman in einer zeitgemäßen deutschen Übersetzung vor.

The Man in God's Pocket



ISBN: 1300575263


Page: N.A

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The Man in the Gray Suit and Other Short Plays

Author: Lisa Soland

Publisher: Samuel French, Inc.

ISBN: 0573697299

Category: Drama

Page: 83

View: 1881

Various m and f roles From the author of Cabo San Lucas, Waiting, and Truth be Told, comes six new one act plays about love and relationship. Perfect for any theatre. Included in this book are: The Man in the Grey Suit, Different, Red Roses, The Same Thing, Knots, and Come to the Garden. All have simple casting and production requirements, all are easy to stage. "Ms. Soland has developed several plays...all interesting, all clever, all unique. She is gorgeously talented." -Charles Nelson Reilly. "Soland's work is so audience friendly...she has an uncanny ear for dialogue." -Los Angeles Times

The Man in the Iron Mask

Author: Alexandre Dumas,David Coward (père)

Publisher: Oxford Paperbacks

ISBN: 9780192838421

Category: Fiction

Page: 656

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The four Musketeers plot to replace King Louis XIV of France with the mysterious, masked prisoner in the Bastille believed to be Louis's falsely imprisoned twin brother and the true king.

The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit

Author: Sloan Wilson

Publisher: Da Capo Press

ISBN: 9781568582467

Category: Fiction

Page: 276

View: 3862

Tom Rath doesn't want anything extraordinary out of life: just a decent home, enough money to support his family, and a career that won't crush his spirit. After returning from World War II, he takes a PR job at a television network. It is inane, dehumanizing work. But when a series of personal crises force him to reexamine his priorities--and take responsibility for his past--he is finally moved to carve out an identity for himself.--From publisher description.

Masculinity in Fiction and Film

Representing Men in Popular Genres, 1945-2000

Author: Brian Baker

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 1847062628

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 173

View: 8462

Covers wide range of popular British and American fiction and film including Westerns, spy fiction, science fiction and crime narratives.

Der Nachtzirkus

Author: Erin Morgenstern

Publisher: Ullstein eBooks

ISBN: 3843702225

Category: Fiction

Page: 464

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Er kommt ohne Ankündigung und hat nur bei Nacht geöffnet: der Cirque des Rêves – Zirkus der Träume. Um ein geheimnisvolles Freudenfeuer herum scharen sich fantastische Zelte, jedes eine Welt für sich, einzigartig und nie gesehen. Doch hinter den Kulissen findet der unerbittliche Wettbewerb zweier verfeindeter Magier statt. Sie bereiten ihre Kinder darauf vor, zu vollenden, was sie selber nie geschafft haben: den Kampf auf Leben und Tod zu entscheiden. Doch als Celia und Marco einander schließlich begegnen, geschieht, was nicht vorgesehen war: Sie verlieben sich rettungslos ineinander. Von ihren Vätern unlösbar an den Zirkus und ihren tödlichen Wettstreit gebunden, ringen sie verzweifelt um ihre Liebe, ihr Leben und eine traumhafte Welt, die für immer unterzugehen droht.

Autumn Into Winter

City of Roses, Season One

Author: Kip Manley

Publisher: Supersticery Press



Page: 907

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City of Roses is a serialized epic very firmly set in Portland, Oregon--an urban fantasy mixing magical realism with gonzo noirish prose, where sinister high-rise riverfront condos are fought by a sprawling tea-house constructed from scrap lumber and old windows, and ancient sea-gods retire to close-in Southeast apartments with lovely views. It's the story of Jo Maguire, a highly strung, underemployed telemarketer, and what happens when she meets Ysabel, a princess of unspecified pedigree. Jo rather unexpectedly becomes Ysabel's guardian and caretaker, and now must make a place for herself among Ysabel’s decidedly unusual family and friends--which involves rather more sword-play than most of us are used to. This omnibus ebook collects the full first season of the critically acclaimed serial, chapters 1 - 22, also available in volume 1, "Wake up..." , and volume 2, The Dazzle of Day.

Gifted to Learn

Author: Gloria Mehlmann

Publisher: University of Alberta

ISBN: 0888644981

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 325

View: 5239

An aboriginal public-school teacher's early personal and professional struggles helped catalyse education reform in Saskatchewan.

Any Human Face

Author: Charles Lambert

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 0330536931

Category: Fiction

Page: 336

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When Andrew -- a second-hand-book dealer -- comes across a pile of photographs from police archives, he decides to exhibit them. But then the gallery is raided the day before the opening, and the photos seized with surprising violence. It soon becomes clear that someone, somewhere, wants to keep the images hidden. Who? Why? And who -- in a world where kidnap, subterfuge and even murder are the norm, and where no one is safe or above suspicion -- can Andrew turn to for help? 'A sophisticated literary thriller set on the seamier fringe of Rome's gay scene, a magnet for the lonely and displaced located a long way off the tourist trail' Guardian ‘Charles Lambert writes as if his life depends on it. He takes risks at every turn’ Hannah Tinti ‘Charles Lambert is a seriously good writer’ Beryl Bainbridge ‘A slow-burning, beautifully written crime story that brings to life the Rome that tourists don’t see’ Daily Telegraph

The Moonstone

A Romance

Author: Wilkie Collins

Publisher: N.A



Page: 354

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Das Beste von allem

Author: Rona Jaffe

Publisher: Ullstein eBooks

ISBN: 3843702691

Category: Fiction

Page: 656

View: 5104

Fünf junge Frauen auf dem Sprung ins echte Leben. Für sie ist New York ein flirrender Kosmos voll atemberaubender Möglichkeiten. Die eine sucht die große Liebe, die andere den Traumjob, die eine träumt vom Broadway, die andere von der Ehe. So unterschiedlich die Frauen auch sind, sie stürzen sich mit derselben Leidenschaft ins Leben, wild entschlossen, auszukosten, was dieStadt ihnen zu bieten hat.

In Pursuit of Psychic Change

The Betty Joseph Workshop

Author: Edith Hargreaves,Arturo Varchevker

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135447381

Category: Psychology

Page: 224

View: 8544

The members of the Betty Joseph Workshop have provided major contributions to psychoanalytic thinking since the meeting's inception in 1962. This book is a celebration of Betty Joseph's work, and the work of a group of analysts who have joined her to discuss obstacles to psychic change in psychoanalytic treatment. A prestigious line up of contributors present clinical material for discussion on a range of topics including: Supporting psychic change Complacency in analysis and everyday life Containment, enactment and communication. The history of psychoanalysis is one of an ongoing struggle to reach a new understanding of the human psyche and develop more effective methods of treatment. In Pursuit of Psychic Change reflects this tradition - discussions of each contribution by other members of the group provide an in-depth exploration of the merits and limitations of a developing analytic technique, in the hope of achieving true psychic change. All psychoanalysts will benefit from the insights provided into the original and stimulating work of the members of the Betty Joseph Workshop.

Grammar Dictation

Author: Ruth Wajnryb

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780194370042

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 132

View: 1503

The activities enable students to improve their understanding and use of English grammar.