Discover Your Full Potential - Live the 7 Steps of How

Author: Jo Le-Rose

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781979809061


Page: 108

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On average, you'll spend 100,000 hours of your lifetime working. If what you're doing isn't fulfilling, creative and bringing you financial freedom, then it's vital to discover what your full potential is. The 7 steps detailed in this book focus on what you want and HOW to uncover hidden qualities that can help you build a solid road map to reaching your chosen destination. Imagine if you'd known as a young adult: - What to look for - Where to look for your full potential - How to put it into action on a daily basis WOULD YOUR LIFE BE THE SAME AS IT IS TODAY? Your answer is proof that you have untapped potential. Many people feel as though they're floating along in life and their dreams are 'out there' or unreachable. By utilising the 7 steps detailed in this book, you come to the realisation that your aspirations, talents and qualities are in the room with you, waiting to be acted upon. This book is short, to the point and profoundly life-changing.

The Law of One

Book V: Personal Material

Author: Jim McCarty,James Allen McCarty,Carla Rueckert

Publisher: Schiffer Pub Limited

ISBN: 9780924608216

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 204

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Book Five of The Law of One is comprised of the 56 fragments of personal material that were originally omitted from the first four books of this series. Both Jim, the scribe, and Carla, the instrument for the Ra contact, have added their comments to these fragments to give the reader an idea of what it was like to be part of this contact and to show how every persons experience can be used for personal growth and service to others. A wide variety of topics is covered, from Eisenhowers meeting with extraterrestrials in 1954 to UFO/government conspiracies, Wanderers, sexual energy transfers, anger, balancing, Aleister Crowley, the Tunguska crater in Russia, pre-incarnative choices, psychic greetings, alternate and orthodox healing modalities, the ball lightning phenomenon, and the many facets of the spiritual journey in general.

Ammianus Marcellinus

Author: Ammianus Marcellinus

Publisher: Loeb Classical Library


Category: History

Page: 1868

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Ammianus Marcellinus, ca. 325–ca. 395 CE, a Greek of Antioch, joined the army when still young and served under the governor Ursicinus and the emperor of the East Constantius II, and later under the emperor Julian, whom he admired and accompanied against the Alamanni and the Persians. He subsequently settled in Rome, where he wrote in Latin a history of the Roman empire in the period 96–378 CE, entitled Rerum Gestarum Libri XXXI. Of these 31 books only 14–31 (353–378 CE) survive, a remarkably accurate and impartial record of his own times. Soldier though he was, he includes economic and social affairs. He was broadminded towards non-Romans and towards Christianity. We get from him clear indications of causes of the fall of the Roman empire. His style indicates that his prose was intended for recitation. The Loeb Classical Library edition of Ammianus Marcellinus is in three volumes.

The Only Way Out Is In

A Modern Day Yogi's Commentary on the Synergy of Ashtanga Yoga, Ayurveda, and Tantra

Author: Anthony Carlisi

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780979869808

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 286

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This book is a spiritual memoir on the life and explorations of Anthony Prem Carlisi, as well as a source of practical, applicable information about the practices of Ashtanga Yoga, Ayurveda and Tantra. The synergy of these three sciences are what Prem believes to be the key to living a healthy, rooted and ecstatic life! The book is written in a down to earth way so that anyone can pick it up and enjoy it. He writes with an openess about the ups and downs of his experiences along the yogic path. Prem shares his wisdom, in a light, funny and simple manner, making these esoteric topics approachable for yogi's and householders. It is a candid inner look, spoken from the heart of a devoted, 30 year yoga practitioner.

The Great Initiates

Author: Edouard Schuré

Publisher: SteinerBooks

ISBN: 0880109939

Category: Religion

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The Druidry Handbook

Spiritual Practice Rooted in the Living Earth

Author: John Michael Greer

Publisher: Weiser Books

ISBN: 9781578633548

Category: Science

Page: 288

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A living tradition of nature spirituality rooted in Celtic antiquity and revived to meet the challenges of contemporary life, Druidry offers people a path of harmony through reconnection with the green Earth. The Druidry Handbook is the first hands-on manual of traditional British Druid practice that explores the Sun Path of seasonal celebration, the Moon Path of meditation, and the Earth Path of living in harmony with nature as tools for crafting an earth-honoring life here and now. From ritual and meditation to nature awareness and ecological action, John Michael Greer opens the door to a spirituality rooted in the living Earth. Featuring a mix of philosophy, rituals, spiritual practice, and lifestyle issues, The Druidry Handbook is one-stop shopping for those seriously interested in practicing a traditional form of Druidry. It offers equal value to eclectics and solitary practitioners eager to incorporate more earth-spirituality into their own belief system; it also appeals to the merely curious.

How to Grow More Vegetables Than You Ever Thought Possible on Less Land Than You Can Imagine

A Primer on the Life-giving Biointensive Method of Organic Horticulture

Author: John Jeavons

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780898154153

Category: Biointensive gardening

Page: 175

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A classic in the field of sustainable gardening, HOW TO GROW MORE VEGETABLES shows how to produce a beautiful organic garden with minimal watering and care, whether it's just a few tomatoes in a tiny backyard or enough food to feed a family of four on less than half an acre. Updated with the latest biointensive tips and techniques, this is an essential reference for gardeners of all skill levels seeking to grow some or all of their own food.

Other Tongues - Other Flesh

Author: George Hunt Williamson

Publisher: Library of Alexandria

ISBN: 1465581049

Category: Civilization, Ancient

Page: 448

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Cosmic Nutrition

The Taoist Approach to Health and Longevity

Author: Mantak Chia,William U. Wei

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1594776881

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 424

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Achieve vibrant health by combining ancient Taoist principles, modern alternative health practices, and acid-alkaline balance • Offers complete guidelines on what to eat for different yin-yang constitutions, specific health problems and organ systems, and energetic conditions • Provides detailed information on fasting, detoxification, and food combining for acid-alkaline and yin-yang balance • Includes illustrated guides to several self-diagnostic methods from the East, allowing you to interpret your body’s signs before disease manifests The human body, like all phenomena in nature, possesses the inherent power of self-regeneration when the conditions of true health are adopted. In Cosmic Nutrition, Taoist Master Mantak Chia and senior Universal Tao teacher William Wei reveal the secret to true health and longevity: keeping all four bodies--physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual--vibrant and balanced. They show you how to work with the four bodies through simple, step-by-step nutritional and energetic practices for everyday life. Combining the ancient Taoist principles of yin and yang energy with acid-alkaline balance and metabolic body types, the authors offer complete guidelines on what to eat for different yin-yang constitutions, specific health problems and organ systems, and energetic conditions. They provide an easy-to-follow food combining method for acid-alkaline and yin-yang balance, recipes for healing meals, detailed information on fasting and detoxification, and illustrated guides to several self-diagnostic methods from the East that allow you to interpret your body’s signs before disease manifests. Dispelling the myth of germs as the cause of disease, they reveal the cancerous dangers of too much protein or pharmaceutical drugs. They also examine the life-force-increasing and youth-renewing benefits of powerful “superfoods” such as sprouts and specific vitamins and minerals. Exploring emotional and mental balance, the authors explain the psychological aspects of yin and yang and offer simple practices to release fear and worries, promote inner calm, and build a positive attitude. Balancing body, mind, and blood chemistry, this book lays out the Universal Tao’s holistic path to a long and happy life.

History of Aurangzib

Based on Original Sources

Author: Sir Jadunath Sarkar

Publisher: N.A


Category: India

Page: N.A

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Imagery in Healing

Shamanism and Modern Medicine

Author: Jeanne Achterberg

Publisher: Shambhala Publications

ISBN: 0834826291

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 272

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This influential book shows how the systematic use of mental imagery can have a positive influence on the course of disease and can help patients to cope with pain. In Imagery in Healing, Jeanne Achterberg brings together modern scientific research and the practices of the earliest healers to support her claim that imagery is the world's oldest and most powerful healing resource. The book has become a classic in the field of alternative medicine and continues to be read by new generations of health care professionals and lay people. In Imagery in Healing, Achterberg explores in detail the role of the imagination in the healing process. She begins with an exploration of the tradition of shamanism, "the medicine of the imagination," surveying this time-honored way of touching the nexus of the mind, body, and soul. She then traces the history of the use of imagery within Western medicine, including a look at contemporary examples of how health care professionals have drawn on the power of the imagination through such methods as hypnosis, biofeedback, and the placebo effect. Ultimately, Achterberg looks to the science of immunology to uncover the most effective ground for visualization, and she presents data demonstrating how imagery can have a direct and profound impact on the workings of the immune system. Drawing on art, science, history, anthropology, and medicine, Imagery in Healing offers a highly readable overview of the profound and complex relationship between the imagination and the body.

Sepher Sapphires: A Treatise on Gematria - 'The Magical Language' -

Author: Wade Coleman,Chic Cicero

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780981897707

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 416

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An advanced reference book of Kabbalistic Gematria, listing Hebrew numerological and mystical meanings for every number from 1 to 1,000. A "must have" reference book for every serious student of the Western Mystery Tradition.

Myths and Myth-makers

Old Tales and Superstitions Interpreted by Comparative Mythology

Author: John Fiske

Publisher: N.A


Category: Folklore

Page: 251

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World Top Secret

Our Earth Is Hollow!: The Scientific, Scriptural and Historical Evidence That Our Earth Is Hollow!

Author: Rodney M. Cluff

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781481136853

Category: Science

Page: 462

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World Top Secret: Our Earth IS Hollow! is the volume you have been waiting for! At last, here stands revealed the secrets of that beautiful land beyond the poles discovered by United States Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd. The Contents page of World Top Secret: Our Earth IS Hollow! reads like an advertisement of LOST and FOUND!: The Garden of Eden -- FOUND! The Land of the Lost Ten Tribes -- FOUND! The Origin of Flying Saucers -- FOUND! The Throne of David -- FOUND! Paradise -- FOUND! The City of Enoch -- FOUND! The Celestial Destiny of Our Hollow Earth, the scientific evidence including, The Auroras, Van Allen Radiation Belts and Earthquakes Prove Our Earth Is Hollow! -- plus 5 more revealing chapters which prove and establish with evidence upon evidence that Our Earth is INDEED Hollow and inhabited within by a race of SUPER GIANTS. They consider themselves the GUARDIANS of planet earth for the CREATOR and have been actively working to prevent us from blowing up the planet with nuclear weapons! Included also, are detailed instructions on how you can get there, also explained are the reasons why the discovery that our earth IS hollow has been kept hidden from the world and why now we MUST know about them. Upon this knowledge rests the freedom of the world! The REAL enemy is within our borders NOW!

Lost Discoveries

The Ancient Roots of Modern Science--from the Baby

Author: Dick Teresi

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781439128602

Category: Science

Page: 464

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Lost Discoveries, Dick Teresi's innovative history of science, explores the unheralded scientific breakthroughs from peoples of the ancient world -- Babylonians, Egyptians, Indians, Africans, New World and Oceanic tribes, among others -- and the non-European medieval world. They left an enormous heritage in the fields of mathematics, astronomy, cosmology, physics, geology, chemistry, and technology. The mathematical foundation of Western science is a gift from the Indians, Chinese, Arabs, Babylonians, and Maya. The ancient Egyptians developed the concept of the lowest common denominator, and they developed a fraction table that modern scholars estimate required 28,000 calculations to compile. The Babylonians developed the first written math and used a place-value number system. Our numerals, 0 through 9, were invented in ancient India; the Indians also boasted geometry, trigonometry, and a kind of calculus. Planetary astronomy as well may have begun with the ancient Indians, who correctly identified the relative distances of the known planets from the sun, and knew the moon was nearer to the earth than the sun was. The Chinese observed, reported, dated, recorded, and interpreted eclipses between 1400 and 1200 b.c. Most of the names of our stars and constellations are Arabic. Arabs built the first observatories. Five thousand years ago, the Sumerians said the earth was circular. In the sixth century, a Hindu astronomer taught that the daily rotation of the earth on its axis provided the rising and setting of the sun. Chinese and Arab scholars were the first to use fossils scientifically to trace earth's history. Chinese alchemists realized that most physical substances were merely combinations of other substances, which could be mixed in different proportions. Islamic scholars are legendary for translating scientific texts of many languages into Arabic, a tradition that began with alchemical books. In the eleventh century, Avicenna of Persia divined that outward qualities of metals were of little value in classification, and he stressed internal structure, a notion anticipating Mendeleyev's periodic chart of elements. Iron suspension bridges came from Kashmir, printing from India; papermaking was from China, Tibet, India, and Baghdad; movable type was invented by Pi Sheng in about 1041; the Quechuan Indians of Peru were the first to vulcanize rubber; Andean farmers were the first to freeze-dry potatoes. European explorers depended heavily on Indian and Filipino shipbuilders, and collected maps and sea charts from Javanese and Arab merchants. The first comprehensive, authoritative, popularly written, multicultural history of science, Lost Discoveries fills a crucial gap in the history of science.

The Secret Science of Numerology

The Hidden Meaning of Numbers and Letters

Author: Shirley Blackwell Lawrence

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781564145291

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 287

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The first book to present a thorough explanation of numbers and letters, starting with their origins -- the how and why of their design, and exploring their nature in names and in language.