Linear Partial Differential Operators in Gevrey Spaces

Author: Luigi Rodino

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9789810208455

Category: Mathematics

Page: 251

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The book is devoted to new and classical results of the theory of linear partial differential operators in Gevrey spaces. The ?microlocal approach? is adopted, by using pseudo-differential operators, wave front sets and Fourier integral operators.Basic results for Schwartz-distributions, cì and analytic classes are also included, concerning hypoellipticity, solvability and propagation of singularities.Also included is a self-contained exposition of the calculus of the pseudo-differential operators of infinite order.

Advances in Pseudo-Differential Operators

Author: Ryuichi Ashino,Paolo Boggiatto,Man-Wah Wong

Publisher: Birkhäuser

ISBN: 3034878400

Category: Mathematics

Page: 236

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This volume consists of the plenary lectures and invited talks in the special session on pseudo-differential operators given at the Fourth Congress of the International Society for Analysis, Applications and Computation (ISAAC) held at York University in Toronto, August 11-16, 2003. The theme is to look at pseudo-differential operators in a very general sense and to report recent advances in a broad spectrum of topics, such as pde, quantization, filters and localization operators, modulation spaces, and numerical experiments in wavelet transforms and orthonormal wavelet bases.

Pseudo-Differential Operators and Related Topics

Author: Paolo Boggiatto,Luigi Rodino,Joachim Toft,M. W. Wong

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 3764375140

Category: Mathematics

Page: 244

View: 2287

Contains articles based on lectures given at the International Conference on Pseudo-differential Operators and Related Topics at Vaxjo University in Sweden from June 22 to June 25, 2005. Sixteen refereed articles cover a spectrum of topics such as partial differential equations, Wigner transforms, mathematical physics, and more.

Formal Power Series and Linear Systems of Meromorphic Ordinary Differential Equations

Author: Werner Balser

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 0387225986

Category: Mathematics

Page: 301

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Simple Ordinary Differential Equations may have solutions in terms of power series whose coefficients grow at such a rate that the series has a radius of convergence equal to zero. In fact, every linear meromorphic system has a formal solution of a certain form, which can be relatively easily computed, but which generally involves such power series diverging everywhere. In this book the author presents the classical theory of meromorphic systems of ODE in the new light shed upon it by the recent achievements in the theory of summability of formal power series.

Partial Differential Equations

Approximate Solutions in Scales of Functional Spaces

Author: Todor V. Gramchev,Petar R. Popivanov

Publisher: Wiley-VCH


Category: Science

Page: 156

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The applications of methods from microlocal analysis for PDE have been a fast developing area during the last years. The authors, both are well known in the community, publish for the first time some of their research results in a summarized form. The essential point of the approach is the use of the various types of approximate (asymptotic) solutions in the study of differential equations in the smooth and the Gevrey spaces. In this volume, the authors deal with the following themes: Microlocal properties of pseudodifferential operators with multiple characteristics of involutive type in the framework of the Sobolev spaces; Abstract schemes for constructing approximate solutions to linear partial differential equations with characteristics of constant multiplicity m greater than or equal 2 in the framework of Gevrey spaces; Local solvability, hypoellipticity and singular solutions in Gevrey spaces; Global Gevrey solvability on the torus for linear partial differential equations; Applications of asymptotic methods for local (non)solvability for quasihomogeneous operators; Applications of Airy asymptotic solutions to degenerate oblique derivative problems for second order strictly hyperbolic equations; Approximate Gevrey normal forms of analytic involutions and analytic glancing hypersurfaces with applications for effective stability estimates for billiard ball maps.

Partial differential equations with multiple characteristics

Author: Maria Mascarello,Luigi Rodino

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Inc

ISBN: 9783055017643

Category: Mathematics

Page: 352

View: 1621

This book is devoted to the general theory of partial differential equations with multiple characteristics. The methods of the microlocal analysis are reviewed and used to prove recent results on local solvability, hypoellipticity, propagation of singularities in the frame of Sobolev spaces, Schwartz distributions, and Gevrey ultradistributions. The Cauchy problem is also considered.

Elementary Introduction to the Theory of Pseudodifferential Operators

Author: Xavier Saint Raymond

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9780849371585

Category: Mathematics

Page: 120

View: 8009

In the 19th century, the Fourier transformation was introduced to study various problems of partial differential equations. Since 1960, this old tool has been developed into a well-organized theory called microlocal analysis that is based on the concept of the pseudo-differential operator. This book provides the fundamental knowledge non-specialists need in order to use microlocal analysis. It is strictly mathematical in the sense that it contains precise definitions, statements of theorems and complete proofs, and follows the usual method of pure mathematics. The book explains the origin of the theory (i.e., Fourier transformation), presents an elementary construcion of distribution theory, and features a careful exposition of standard pseudodifferential theory. Exercises, historical notes, and bibliographical references are included to round out this essential book for mathematics students; engineers, physicists, and mathematicians who use partial differential equations; and advanced mathematics instructors.

Partial Differential Equations and Mathematical Physics

In Memory of Jean Leray

Author: Kunihiko Kajitani,Jean Vaillant

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 1461200113

Category: Mathematics

Page: 243

View: 9953

The 17 invited research articles in this volume, all written by leading experts in their respective fields, are dedicated to the great French mathematician Jean Leray. A wide range of topics with significant new results---detailed proofs---are presented in the areas of partial differential equations, complex analysis, and mathematical physics. Key subjects are: * Treated from the mathematical physics viewpoint: nonlinear stability of an expanding universe, the compressible Euler equation, spin groups and the Leray--Maslov index, * Linked to the Cauchy problem: an intermediate case between effective hyperbolicity and the Levi condition, global Cauchy--Kowalewski theorem in some Gevrey classes, the analytic continuation of the solution, necessary conditions for hyperbolic systems, well posedness in the Gevrey class, uniformly diagonalizable systems and reduced dimension, and monodromy of ramified Cauchy problem. Additional articles examine results on: * Local solvability for a system of partial differential operators, * The hypoellipticity of second order operators, * Differential forms and Hodge theory on analytic spaces, * Subelliptic operators and sub- Riemannian geometry. Contributors: V. Ancona, R. Beals, A. Bove, R. Camales, Y. Choquet- Bruhat, F. Colombini, M. De Gosson, S. De Gosson, M. Di Flaviano, B. Gaveau, D. Gourdin, P. Greiner, Y. Hamada, K. Kajitani, M. Mechab, K. Mizohata, V. Moncrief, N. Nakazawa, T. Nishitani, Y. Ohya, T. Okaji, S. Ouchi, S. Spagnolo, J. Vaillant, C. Wagschal, S. Wakabayashi The book is suitable as a reference text for graduate students and active researchers.

Symposium "Partial Differential Equations"

Holzhau 1988

Author: Bert-Wolfgang Schulze,Hans Triebel,Karl-Weierstrass-Institut für Mathematik

Publisher: B. G. Teubner Gmbh


Category: Differential equations, Partial

Page: 316

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Fourier Analysis

Pseudo-differential Operators, Time-Frequency Analysis and Partial Differential Equations

Author: Michael Ruzhansky,Ville Turunen

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 3319025503

Category: Mathematics

Page: 415

View: 5106

This book is devoted to the broad field of Fourier analysis and its applications to several areas of mathematics, including problems in the theory of pseudo-differential operators, partial differential equations, and time-frequency analysis. It is based on lectures given at the international conference “Fourier Analysis and Pseudo-Differential Operators,” June 25–30, 2012, at Aalto University, Finland. This collection of 20 refereed articles is based on selected talks and presents the latest advances in the field. The conference was a satellite meeting of the 6th European Congress of Mathematics, which took place in Krakow in July 2012; it was also the 6th meeting in the series “Fourier Analysis and Partial Differential Equations.”

Degenerate Differential Equations in Banach Spaces

Author: Angelo Favini,Atsushi Yagi

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9780824716776

Category: Mathematics

Page: 336

View: 1900

This work presents a detailed study of linear abstract degenerate differential equations, using both the semigroups generated by multivalued (linear) operators and extensions of the operational method from Da Prato and Grisvard. The authors describe the recent and original results on PDEs and algebraic-differential equations, and establishes the analyzability of the semigroup generated by some degenerate parabolic operators in spaces of continuous functions.