Liaison in the Book World

A Study for the British National Bibliography Research Fund

Author: Priscilla Oakeshott

Publisher: N.A


Category: Book industries and trade

Page: 120

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Peculiar Liaisons

In War, Espionage, and Terrorism in the Twentieth Century

Author: John S. Craig

Publisher: Algora Publishing

ISBN: 0875863337

Category: History

Page: 250

View: 5239

Presenting famous and infamous individuals and events that have shaped the current Western civilization, this book illustrates how America has arrived at our present dilemma of a unique OC war on terror.OCOJohn Craig details the unusual and often profound con"

The American Experience in World War II: American diplomacy in the Second World War

Author: Walter L. Hixson

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9780415940368

Category: History

Page: 352

View: 6454

Provides comprehensive coverage of the changes experienced in the United States as result of World War II, including discussion of the transformation of American domestic policies, diplomatic relations, and military strategies.

Liaison Officers: Essential Actors in Transnational Policing

Author: Ludo Block,Monica Den Boer

Publisher: Eleven International Pub

ISBN: 9789462360341

Category: Law

Page: 202

View: 6189

How much do we actually know about liaison officers, their work, their dilemma's, and the politics surrounding their deployment? How do policies and budget developments affect liaison officers schemes? What can be said about their preparation and professionalization? This book presents rich and illustrative empirical material on the use of liaison offices in police cooperation. The authors, both eminent academics and seasoned practitioners (and in some cases from a dual academic-practitioner background), present their findings from a wide range of geographical and functional viewpoints. Students and law enforcement professionals are made familiar with the blue web of policing across the world. This book offers them a considerable variety of perspectives, ranging from academic to professional, from institutional to informal, and from sociological to psychological.

Dangerous Liaisons

Collaboration and World War Two

Author: Peter Davies

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317868609

Category: History

Page: 232

View: 5702

The Nazi regime in Germany was terrible enough without even accounting for the policy of collaboration. So what extra does collaboration say about Hitler and his plans for Europe? Peter Davies explores the mindset and political attitudes of Hitler and also many other controversial pro-Nazi leaders in Western Europe, Scandanavia, Central and Eastern Europe, and also beyond. Delving into four different "types" of collaboration: political, financial, the Holocaust, and collaboration at a social level, he asks some difficult questions. The story of collaboration is brought up to date, assessing both the legacy and its contemporary parallels.

Being a Muslim in the World

Author: H. Dabashi

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137301295

Category: Political Science

Page: 166

View: 8481

What does it mean to be a Muslim - in this world, in this deeply transformative time? Hamid Dabashi suggests that the transition to a changed, post-Western world requires the crafting of a new language of critical conversation with Islam and its cosmopolitan heritage - a language that is tuned to the emerging, not the disappearing, world

Remarkable Occurrences

The National Library of Australia's First 100 Years, 1901-2001

Author: Peter Cochrane,National Library of Australia

Publisher: National Library Australia

ISBN: 9780642107305

Category: Acquisitions (Libraries)

Page: 283

View: 7768

This beautiful publication tells the story of the National Library of Australia's extraordinary collections, assembled over the last 100 years. Remarkable Occurrences features 270 superb illustrations, the majority in full colour, accompanying fascinating chapters about aspects of the Library's history and collections by leading Australian scholars and historians. The publication showcases material as diverse as paintings, maps, photographs, sculptures, manuscripts (including Captain Cook's Endeavour Journal), oral histories, music scores and early Australian films.

Agents Risky Liaison

Author: Ele Shev

Publisher: Partridge Publishing

ISBN: 1482800411

Category: Fiction

Page: 148

View: 6874

Angela wants to escape from Gloomy Castle. The place has dark secrets. But escape is next to impossible, even for Angela, a secret agent with very unique set of skills. Luckily for Angela, she has been sent out of the Castle on a top-secret mission to Monaco. There she needs to get closer to the dangerous and powerful billionaire Vladimir (or, as close friends call him, Vlad). Vlad is smitten by Angelas beauty and personality. She seems to be so different from glamorous models that surround him. But it is high time for Angela to return to the Castle. Can Angela resist falling in love with the handsome billionaire? But what if she is just being played?

Liaisons: An Introduction to French

Author: Wynne Wong,Stacey Weber-Fève,Bill VanPatten

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 1305262751

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 576

View: 5380

LIAISONS is an innovative beginning-level French program firmly grounded in principles of communicative language teaching and research in second language acquisition. Components of the program are carefully linked together, showing students how they can make connections with their classmates, their instructor, their community, and the French-speaking world. A rich array of communicative activities is designed to stimulate interaction inside and outside the classroom. The underlying pedagogical framework in LIAISONS asks students to first discover new vocabulary and grammar through different mediums, then connect form and meaning through a set of confidence-building activities, and finally, actively create language. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Gefahrliche Erinnerung

Buch 3 Der Krinar Chroniken

Author: Anna Zaires,Dima Zales

Publisher: Mozaika LLC

ISBN: 9781631420085


Page: 473

View: 2947

***Dies ist das 3. Buch der Krinar Chroniken Trilogie.*** In GefAhrliche Erinnerung, dem dritten und vorerst letzten Teil der Krinar Chroniken, gelingt es Mia und Korum endlich, ihrem Feind auf die Spur zu kommen. Das allerdings hat seinen Preis, den zu zahlen, die beiden allerdings nicht gewillt sind. Sie setzen alles daran, unbeschadet aus der ganzen Angelegenheit herauszukommen, auch wenn das bedeutet, eine Reise nach Krina, Korums Heimatplaneten, zu unternehmen.

Paw Prints in the Sand- A Book About a Dog Who Changed the World

Author: Elizabeth Parker


ISBN: 131212766X

Category: Pets

Page: 118

View: 4352

Chelsea and Anthony were elated when they adopted Sugar and Spice, a male and a female retriever. The shelter attendant assured them that the female had been spayed, but the male needed to get neutered. When Sugar went for a checkup, they discovered otherwise; Sugar was pregnant. So, when Sugar actually gave birth, finding the perfect owner for each puppy was arduous, but on that warm summer afternoon, the seemingly perfect couple fit the bill. With tears in her eyes, Chelsea handed them the last pup, the one she loved as if it were her own daughter. Two years later, she received a phone call from a veterinarian that left Chelsea with a choice to make. One that would make things right, as they should've been from the beginning. One that would change their lives forever. A moving love story of sorts that demonstrates the unbreakable bond and sustainable love between dogs and humans. A fictional novella.

Dangerous Liaisons

Gender, Nation, and Postcolonial Perspectives

Author: Anne McClintock,Aamir Mufti,Ella Shohat

Publisher: U of Minnesota Press

ISBN: 9780816626496

Category: Social Science

Page: 551

View: 3103

The first collection to emphasize the complex interaction between gender and postcoloniality. Most people in the world, from Africa to Asia and beyond, live in the aftermath of colonialism. Their day-to-day lives are defined by their past history as colonized peoples, often in ways that are subtle or hard to define. In Dangerous Liaisons, eminent contributors address the issues raised by the postcolonial condition, considering nationhood, history, gender, and identity from an inter-disciplinary perspective. Among the questions they address are: What are the boundaries of race and ethnicity in a diasporic world? How have women been so effectively excluded from national power? What have been the historical aftermaths of different forms of colonialism? What are the cultural and political consequences of colonial partitions of the nation-state? Representing an essential intervention, Dangerous Liaisons is a crucial guidebook for those concerned with understanding postcoloniality at the moment when it is becoming more and more widely discussed.

Consultation-liaison Psychiatry in Japan

Author: Isao Fukunishi

Publisher: Karger Medical and Scientific Publishers

ISBN: 3805572433

Category: Medical

Page: 131

View: 423

This volume documents the vibrant energy and productivity of Japanese consultation-liaison psychiatrists who have developed a new biopsychosocial model for the treatment of patients with a variety of serious diseases. It begins with an overview on the historical background and the present issues in Japan. Further articles deal with psychiatric problems in transplant medicine, psychonephrology, psychooncology and HIV/AIDS. Finally drug-induced psychosis and psychosomatic problems of diabetes patients are discussed. The book will be useful to any physician or mental health care professional who works with the medically ill. It demonstrates the wide range of knowledge and treatment options available to mental health care professionals to intervene when dealing with patients suffering of a serious disease.

Les Liaisons Dangereuses

Author: Pierre Choderlos de Laclos

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135070733

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 430

View: 2765

‘I resolved to write a book which would create some stir in the world and continue to do after I had gone from it.’ - Choderlos de Laclos A great sensation at the time of first publication, Les Liaisons Dangereuses reads as much the most 'modern' of eighteenth-century novels. Viewed by some critics as a morality tale and others as a subtle inquiry into libertinism, it brilliantly depicts the foibles of the French aristocracy on the eve of the French Revolution. Renowned for its exploration of lust, revenge and human malice, and still carrying a tremendous power to shock, its adaptations for screen and stage have made its central characters notorious for their sophisticated and ultimately tragic games of seduction and manipulation.

Western Window in the Arab World

Author: Leon Borden Blair

Publisher: University of Texas Press

ISBN: 0292729707

Category: Political Science

Page: 342

View: 3951

Since November 8, 1942, when American troops in Operation Torch first landed on the beaches of North Africa, almost a million Americans—military personnel and their dependents—have lived in Morocco. Their impact on the political and social evolution of Morocco has been significant, but historians and political scientists before this book had made little effort to chart its course or to assess its outcome. The naval base at Port Lyautey in Morocco was the first foreign base captured by American troops in World War II, and United States objectives in Morocco continued to be primarily military. In 1942, as the price for French support against the Axis, the United States pledged its support for the restoration of the prewar French colonial empire. In 1950, faced with the threat of Soviet aggression, the United States negotiated an agreement with France and built four United States Air Force bases in Morocco without consultation with or notification of the Moroccan government. In spite of its sterile diplomatic policy and both Communist and Moroccan nationalist demands for evacuation of United States military bases, the United States retained essential military facilities in Morocco for many years. Leon Blair concludes that American military personnel and their dependents favorably conditioned Moroccan public opinion. By their egalitarianism, humanitarianism, and evident interest, they reinforced the idealistic image of the United States that was held by the majority of Moroccans. These Americans were neither individually nor collectively conscious agents in a campaign to modify Moroccan public opinion; they were simply a Western window in the Arab world, through which two civilizations might view one another. In the long run, they made a greater contribution in peace than in war.

Handbook of Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry

Author: Hoyle Leigh,Jon Streltzer

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319110055

Category: Medical

Page: 561

View: 9675

This updated resource refines and expands on both the core concepts and the real-world practice of consultation-liaison psychiatry in medical settings. New and revised chapters provide background and basics and describe CL psychiatry approaches to managing a wide array of common conditions, including heart disease, dementia, anxiety and depressive disorders, alcohol and substance use problems, and chronic pain. Besides the fine points of practice in varied chronic and acute care settings, specific patient populations such as children, elders, ob/gyn patients, and the immunocompromised are discussed. The latest information and insights on pharmacology, interviewing, and ethical and cultural issues round out the book's highly accessible coverage. A sampling of topics in the Handbook: Basic foundations of diagnosis, psychiatric diagnosis, and final common pathway syndromes. An integrative care model of psychiatry in the primary care setting. Patient personality, personality types and traits, and disorders. The chronic patient and the palliative care setting. Trauma- and stressor-related disorders. Somatic symptoms and related disorders. The Second Edition of the Handbook of Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry ably follows its predecessor by presenting the diverse state of the specialty to enhance the work of psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, and primary care physicians.

Dangerous Liaisons

A Social History of Venereal Disease in Twentieth-century Scotland

Author: Roger Davidson

Publisher: Rodopi

ISBN: 9789042006287

Category: Medical

Page: 383

View: 2084

This book explores the role of Venereal Disease in shaping perceptions of sexuality in twentieth-century Scotland, and in defining the response of the Modern State to patterns of sexual behaviour. It examines how civic, medical and political authorities reacted to the 'Hideous Scourge' in times of peace and war and how far policy was informed by anxieties surrounding social change and public morality as much as by the incidence of disease and developments in medical knowledge. It focuses in particular on the moral assumptions underpinning epidemiological debate, and the various dimensions of stigmatisation and control within VD discourse, including gender, generation and class. This study also highlights the protracted campaign in Scotland for legal controls over those suffering from VD, and the enduring problem, resurrected by the threat of HIV and AIDS, of balancing the demands of public health against those of civil liberties in the regulation of 'dangerous sexualities'.

An Introvert in an Extrovert World

Essays on the Quiet Ones

Author: Myrna Santos

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 1443872962

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 190

View: 950

An Introvert in an Extrovert World: Essays on the Quiet Ones is a multi-disciplinary anthology about introversion in the world of extroversion. Susan Cain’s book, Quiet, recently addressed the complexities of an issue that was initially raised by Carl Jung, and this anthology expands the analysis of the challenges faced by those who are considered to be introverts – those who prefer reading to partying, listening to speaking – living in a world of people who cannot understand their quieter ways. Introverts are innovative and make significant contributions, but dislike self-promotion. They derive their energy from quiet rejuvenation, as opposed to acquiring renewed energy from being surrounded by, and interacting with, multitudes of people. That they are typically labeled “quiet” often suggests negative connotations. However, from Van Gogh’s Sunflowers to the invention of the personal computer, the contributions of the “quiet ones” have made an immeasurable and invaluable impact on our society. An Introvert in an Extrovert World contains analyses of popular culture, literature, television, film, and social media, as well as poignant personal narrative examples of the lives of these two contrasting personality types. Examples of the pain, conflict, repression, and even humor related to introversion in everyday life are manifested in this collection of articles that span the spectrum of human nature. The volume looks at the unlikely professions that the populace would attribute to the introvert: from teacher/professor and actor to politician and even gladiator. The reader is given an understanding of different characters in literary works and their connection to introversion, visits the spectrum of social media and the pluses and minuses therein, and is provided with examples of how to promote one’s writing for publication whilst being an introvert. Within the pages of this book, there are many and varied topics and intuitive insights traversing several situations that relate to the “quiet” world of introversion.

Hunters and Gatherers in the Modern World

Conflict, Resistance, and Self-determination

Author: Peter P. Schweitzer,Megan Biesele,Robert K. Hitchcock

Publisher: Berghahn Books

ISBN: 9781571811011

Category: Social Science

Page: 498

View: 2461

This volume represents the first east-west scholarly exchange in anthropology since the demise of the USSR. It also offers new perspectives from indigenous communities and scholars which emphasizes the position of the South world.

The German Soldier in World War II

Author: Michael Olive,Robert J. Edwards

Publisher: Stackpole Books

ISBN: 081176074X

Category: History

Page: 208

View: 5753

A visual history of the German soldier on the Eastern Front of World War II.