Latinoamerica: su civilizacion y su cultura

Author: Eugenio Chang-Rodriguez

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 1111801479

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 448

View: 7545

Bring the richness and complexity of Latin American culture to life for your students, with LATINOAMÉRICA. Featuring a thematic organization supported by comprehension questions, expansion questions, timelines, chapter summaries, photos, illustrations, Internet activities, video suggestions, and maps, the text takes students on a 20-chapter tour of the progression of Latin culture-from the pre-Columbia era to Hispanics in the United States today. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Voces de Hispanoamerica

Author: Raquel Chang-Rodriguez,Malva E. Filer

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 133702600X

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 704

View: 2306

VOCES DE HISPANOAMÉRICA, the market-leading anthology, features the most distinguished authors of Spanish-American literature from the pre-colonial period to the present. Introductory essays and literary selections, combined with many historical and literary references, make this text an invaluable resource. Through detailed essays that focus on each historical period, this 5th edition provides the necessary background information for you to effectively study, analyze, and evaluate literary works. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Voces de Espana

Author: Francisca Paredes-Mendez,Mark Harpring,Jose Ballesteros

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 1285530241

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 720

View: 3670

VOCES DE ESPAÑA, Second Edition is a literary anthology that introduces readers to the major writers and literary movements in Spain. Designed to provide a comprehensive introduction to Spanish literature, this fascinating book helps readers see the role that literature has played in shaping the nation. The completely revised second edition contains new essays and readings by contemporary authors as well as updated exercises, biographies, chronologies, and bibliographies that are intended to reflect the creation and evolution of ideas and attitudes toward Spanish identity. A specialized website includes lives links to additional resources as well as information pertaining to artwork, architecture, music, and film so that readers can see the relationship between literature and other cultural manifestations. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

España y su civilización

Author: Michael Ugarte,Francisco Ugarte,Kathleen McNerney

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education

ISBN: 9780073385204

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 288

View: 1118

This accessible introduction to the history and civilization of Spain is an excellent vehicle for introducing intermediate or advanced students to Spanish civilization and culture. The sixth edition retains the solid cultural and historical coverage from previous editions, while adding new information about contemporary Spain and new and revised writing and research topics.

Culturas de Espana

Author: Carmen Pereira-Muro

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 1285965892

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 416

View: 3846

An engaging reader, CULTURAS DE ESPAÑA, 2e offers a wealth of authentic texts and visual materials and encourages learners to think critically about the cultures of Spain. While other books present Spanish civilization as a neutral recounting of historical facts, events, and data, CULTURAS DE ESPAÑA, 2e emphasizes that history, culture, and civilization are concepts under constant construction. Its intriguing conceptual focus brings to life the history and everyday experiences that shape national identity. Prior knowledge in the target language is required. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

En Breve

A Concise Review of Spanish Grammar

Author: Seymour Resnick,William Giuliano

Publisher: Harcourt Brace College Publishers

ISBN: 9780030245695

Category: Spanish language

Page: 332

View: 2710

Proverbs, poems, and songs illustrate points of grammar in this concise yet complete intermediate-level review. Abundant exercises follow each lesson and include readings, cultural information, and opportunities for conversational practice.

Civilizacion y cultura

Author: Lynn A. Sandstedt,Ralph Kite,John G. Copeland

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 1439084491

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 256

View: 5217

CIVILIZACIÓN Y CULTURA offers a thematic approach to civilization and culture and introduces you to traditional cultural topics and issues in daily life in the Spanish-speaking world. Part of the renowned three-volume INTERMEDIATE SPANISH series, this reader integrates fascinating essays on cultural topics, as well as timely magazine articles and compelling video segments, to present a fresh perspective and different views on the book's theme of the origins of Spanish-speaking culture. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Panoramas Literarios

América Hispana

Author: Teresa Méndez-Faith

Publisher: Heinle

ISBN: 9780618527816

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 560

View: 7133

Panoramas literarios: Amrica hispana, 2/e, contains engaging readings by key representative authors from Latin America. Readings reflect a broad chronological range (pre-Columbian times to the present), with a strong emphasis placed on modern and contemporary literature, and include writings by Hispanics in the United States. The selections represent all literary genres and important trends of each historical period. Significant works by women authors are featured, which encourages students to explore issues of gender, race, and social class. Panoramas literarios: Amrica hispana is designed to help students appreciate, analyze, and evaluate literature by recognizing the importance of literary analysis as well as historical-cultural context. Students develop their reading and analytical skills through a variety of pre-reading strategies and activities and engaging discussion questions that accompany each selection. New! More Latin American selections feature essays by Jos Carlos Maritegui, Octavio Paz, Gustavo Prez-Firmat, and Elena Poniatowska that expose students to the more subjective and personal perspective of each essayist as well as the common shared historical, political, economic, and social problems and issues of Latin America. New! Historical, cultural and literary events timeline summarizes, in chart form, the most important information contained in the Sinopsis histrico-literaria, helping students prepare for quizzes and exams. New! Subheadings for Sinopsis sections enable students to organize the content in significant informational units, while aiding them in developing their long-term learning and retention skills. Discussion and analysis themes provide numerous and varied topics for class discussions, oral presentations, written essays, or literary analysis and interpretation. Intertextual themes relating to more than one work of literature in the text foster critical-thinking skills through analysis of themes, voice, characterization, and other literary techniques or devices. Historic-literary sinopsis section provides students with the necessary background information for their study of literature by including a general overview of important literary currents and the historical context for the period covered in that section. Pre-reading strategies and activities offer information on the featured work, highlight major themes, discuss the author's writing techniques and style, and focus students' attention on important concepts or motifs.

Viajes: Introduccion al espanol

Author: Robert Hershberger,Susan Navey-Davis,Guiomar Borrás A.

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 1285534654

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 416

View: 9939

VIAJES: INTRODUCCIÓN AL ESPAÑOL, Second Edition, is a perfect fit for introductory Spanish courses in which instructors want comprehensive coverage in one academic year without compromising the authenticity of the interactions and the quality of the content. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Teacher's handbook

contextualized language instruction

Author: Judith L. Shrum,Eileen W. Glisan

Publisher: Heinle

ISBN: 9781413004625

Category: Education

Page: 478

View: 9660

TEACHER'S HANDBOOK is geared toward teacher training courses in college foreign language departments, since many TA's/GSI's teaching lower-division language courses are required to take a methods course or are education majors or students pursuing a teaching credential.

The Politics of Language in the Spanish-Speaking World

From Colonization to Globalization

Author: Clare Mar-Molinero

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134730691

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 260

View: 3672

Spanish is now the third most widely spoken language in the world after English and Chinese. This book traces how and why Spanish has arrived at this position, examining its role in the diverse societies where it is spoken from Europe to the Americas. Providing a comprehensive survey of language issues in the Spanish-speaking world, the book outlines the historical roots of the emergence of Spanish or Castilian as the dominant language, analyzes the situation of minority language groups, and traces the role of Spanish and its colonial heritage in Latin America. The book is structured in four sections: Spanish as a national language: conflict and hegemony Legislation and the realities of linguistic diversity Language and education The future of Spanish. Throughout the book Clare Mar-Molinero asks probing questions such as: How does language relate to power? What is its link with identity? What is the role of language in nation-building? Who decides how language is taught?

Introducción a la Lingüística Hispánica

Author: José Ignacio Hualde

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521513987

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 554

View: 2696

Written entirely in Spanish, this is the ideal introduction to Spanish linguistics for students. Using clear explanations, it covers all the basic concepts required to study the structural aspects of the Spanish language - phonetics and phonology, morphology and syntax - as well as the history of Spanish, its dialects and linguistic variation. This second edition incorporates new features designed to enhance its usefulness for classroom teaching: chapters have been added on the sociolinguistics of Spanish in the USA, and on semantics and pragmatics. The chapter on syntax has been considerably expanded. Numerous exercises have been added throughout the book, as well as a new glossary to help with technical terms.

Éxito comercial

Author: Michael Scott Doyle,T. Bruce Fryer

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 1337554979

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 640

View: 5473

Looking for the perfect guide to help you succeed in the Spanish-speaking business world? ÉXITO COMERCIAL: PRÁCTICAS ADMINISTRATIVAS Y CONTEXTOS CULTURALES, SÉPTIMA EDICIÓN, will provide you with a solid foundation in business vocabulary, basic business and cultural concepts, and situational practice. By using the text, audios, videos, assessments, and web-delivered media, you will soon have the skills you need for success! Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Born in Blood and Fire

A Concise History of Latin America, Fourth Edition

Author: John Charles Chasteen

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

ISBN: 0393283054

Category: History

Page: 356

View: 6221

Born in Blood and Fire, Fourth Edition has been extensively revised to heighten emphasis on current cultural analyses of Latin American society and facilitate meaningful connections between the Encounter and the present. Throughout the Fourth Edition, a new full-color design highlights an enriched and expanded map and illustration program. This, along with new quizzing and assessment options and a new edition of the companion reader, offers students and instructors more support than ever before.

The Idea of Latin America

Author: Walter D. Mignolo

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1405150173

Category: History

Page: 224

View: 891

The Idea of Latin America is a geo-political manifesto which insists on the need to leave behind an idea which belonged to the nation-building mentality of nineteenth-century Europe. Charts the history of the concept of Latin America from its emergence in Europe in the second half of the nineteenth century through various permutations to the present day. Asks what is at stake in the survival of an idea which subdivides the Americas. Reinstates the indigenous peoples and migrations excluded by the image of a homogenous Latin America with defined borders. Insists on the pressing need to leave behind an idea which belonged to the nation-building mentality of nineteenth-century Europe.

Repase y Escriba

Curso Avanzado de Gramatica y Composicion

Author: Maria Canteli Dominicis,Robert L. Nicholas,John J. Reynolds

Publisher: Wiley

ISBN: 9780471325338

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 672

View: 9206


Teaching Translation from Spanish to English

Worlds Beyond Words

Author: Allison Beeby Lonsdale

Publisher: University of Ottawa Press

ISBN: 077660399X

Category: Education

Page: 256

View: 4827

While many professional translators believe the ability to translate is a gift that one either has or does not have, Allison Beeby Lonsdale questions this view. In her innovative book, she demonstrates how teachers can guide their students by showing them how insights from communication theory, discourse analysis, pragmatics, and semiotics can illuminate the translation process. Using Spanish to English translation as her example, she presents the basic principles of translation through 29 teaching units, which are prefaced by objectives, tasks, and commentaries for the teacher, and through 48 task sheets, which show how to present the material to students.

Intermediate Spanish

Literatura y arte

Author: Lynn A. Sandstedt,Ralph Kite,John G. Copeland

Publisher: Heinle & Heinle Pub

ISBN: 9780838457818

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 254

View: 9892

LITERATURA Y ARTE, Eighth Edition, part of a complete intermediate series, offers students twelve thematically oriented units with a balance of voices representing major literary contributions of the Hispanic world, and is the only literary reader to systematically integrate artistic content into every chapter.