Killer Elite

Author: Ranulph Fiennes

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1444707930

Category: Fiction

Page: 300

View: 8553

The deaths of four British soldiers, two of them ex SAS, appear at first to be accidental. In fact, they have been targeted by a group of hired assassins, known as the Clinic. This group of contract killers is systematically tracking down elite servicemen and killing them one by one... Desperate to stop the murders, a group of four men, the Feather Men, are recruited to hunt down the Clinic and avenge the soldiers' deaths. But will they get to them in time and what's driving the Clinic's own brutal form of justice? Ranulph Fiennes, himself a former SAS officer, uses his unique knowledge to craft this amazing thriller, now a major film, featuring Robert De Niro, Jason Statham and Clive Owen. Previously published as The Feather Men, the film KILLER ELITE was released in the UK on the 23rd September 2011.

Killer Elite

America's Most Secret Soldiers

Author: Michael Smith

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1908059060

Category: History

Page: 352

View: 6297

The first book about SEAL Team Six and Bin Laden America's most secret Special Forces unit does not even have a name. Formed as the 'Intelligence Support Activity', it has had a succession of innocuous titles to hide its ferocious purpose. It exists to 'undertake activities only when other intelligence or operational support elements are unavailable or inappropriate'. Translated from Pentagon-speak, this means operating undercover in the world's most dangerous places, penetrating enemy organizations including Al Qa'eda, Hamas and Islamic Jihad. 'The Activity' combines the spy work of the CIA with the commando/SAS role of the Green Berets. It not only provides the intelligence on the ground - it translates it into 'direct action'. This is the unit that located Saddam Hussein, and recently led the intelligence operation that found and killed Osama Bin Laden. This is the untold story behind the world's most secret Special Operations organisation.

the Killer Elite

Author: Robert Rostand

Publisher: N.A



Page: N.A

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Death Waits in the "dark"

The Senoi Praaq, Malaysia's Killer Elite

Author: Roy Davis Linville Jumper

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 9780313315152

Category: History

Page: 210

View: 777

The Senoi Praaq is a Malaysian special forces unit originally created in 1956 by the British colonial authorities to fight communism during the Malayan Emergency. The term Senoi Praaq, which roughly translates as war people, stems from the Semai language and is the basis of a colorful legend in Malaysia. The unit is largely comprised of non-Malay tribal peoples known collectively as the Orang Asli of Peninsular Malaysia. Jumper details Senoi Praaq inception as a private army and its subsequent development into an affiliate of the Royal Malaysian Police (RMP) in this fast paced and often graphic account of irregular warfare as it applies to counterinsurgency. The unit began as a creature of British Military Intelligence and fought in the deep jungle as Special Air Service (SAS) protégés, eventually replacing the latter upon Malaysian independence from Great Britain. They then served as mercenaries employed by the United States Central Intelligence Agency in Vietnam and later fought on Borneo during Malaysia's own undeclared war with Indonesia. Today the unit remains under arms and heads up a large paramilitary apparatus maintained in conjunction with conventional military forces. Malaysia's capacity to project force throughout South East Asia should not be underestimated, Jumper warns. The Senoi Praaq is a unique fighting force upon which Malaysia may rely to preserve her sovereignty.

Killer Elite (previously published as The Feather Men)

A Novel

Author: Ranulph Fiennes

Publisher: Ballantine Books

ISBN: 0345528093

Category: Fiction

Page: 400

View: 7874

The “enthralling page-turner” (Library Journal) now a major motion picture starring Jason Statham, Clive Owen, and Robert De Niro Here is a gripping novel, inspired by real-life events, about a private team of British vigilantes that sets out to eliminate a gang of cold-blooded contract killers. From 1977 to 1990, four former British soldiers die, one by one, supposedly due to accident or illness. But soon a link is established between the victims: a shared mission in the desert kingdom of Oman, where they fought for a sultan against insurgents and ruined the life of a rival sheikh, who in turn has sent a band of assassins to methodically slay the soldiers and salvage his pride. Now these clever assassins are on the run from an underground group of SAS vets with nothing to lose, no time to waste, and a desire to dispense their own form of justice—no matter the cost. Previously published as The Feather Men From the Paperback edition.

An Anger at Birth

Author: J. E. Mayer

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1496947487

Category: Fiction

Page: 294

View: 5412

A city is paralyzed by fear after a series of violent crimes that break ultimate taboo: harming infants and young children. The police suspect a pedophile; the media fuel fears of a violent new gang. Meanwhile, a street-smart shrink and a hard-nosed cop defy the focus of the larger investigation to pursue the real serial killer, a raging time bomb who’s planning an ultimate attack on innocents. Based on actual events, this chilling, fast-paced novel pulls the reader into the world of violent troubled individuals—and what happens when we fail to help them.

The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday - Fighting the War on Terrorism

Author: Andrew Anthony Bufalo

Publisher: All American Books

ISBN: 9780974579320

Category: History

Page: 410

View: 4650

Bufalo's collection of stories, essays, and politically incorrect commentary by and about the Marines fighting terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan shows how troops feel about being in harm's way.

The Jack Ryan Agenda

Policy and Politics in the Novels of Tom Clancy: An Unauthorized Analysis

Author: William Terdoslavich

Publisher: Forge Books

ISBN: 1466806494

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 256

View: 6580

Who is Jack Ryan? Lowly analyst, James Bondian secret agent, President of the United States? All of the above? Or is he just Tom Clancy's mouthpiece for what is right and wrong with politics and policy today? What impact did Red Storm Rising have on Ronald Reagan's policy for dealing with the Soviet Union? Was A Clear and Present Danger a trial balloon for the administration's international war on drugs? Did the climax of Debt of Honor foreshadow the actual terrorist plans for 9/11?... And how did Jack Ryan, a lowly analyst, wind up becoming the President of the United States? Was it wishful thinking or a choreographed roadmap for the time when the defense of America was placed firmly in the hands of backroom strategists? The Jack Ryan Agenda places each of Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan novels ( from his bestselling debute of The Hunt for the Red October to his latest The Teeth of the Tiger) within the historical context of the U.S./International situation at the time each book was published. The Clinton years are examined as well; during this time, Clancy occasionally embraced a "by any means necessary" modus operandi that included Special Forces assassins taking on rogue environmentalists. Turning to film, The Jack Ryan Agenda explores how the movie versions differ from the Clancy's canon-and notes the author's displeasure with the way Hollywood liberals took liberties with his story lines. In the bestselling tradition of The Magic of Harry Potter, The Biology of Star Trek, and The Science of Superman, The Jack Ryan Agenda explores this brand name dynamo's work in the context of the real world where patriot games are a clear and present danger and the sum of all fears are executive orders without remorse. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

The Older We Get, the Better We Were - More Marine Corps Sea Stories and Politically Incorrect Common Sense

Author: Andrew Anthony Bufalo

Publisher: All American Books

ISBN: 9780974579313

Category: History

Page: 356

View: 1120

The Older We Get, The Better We Were picks up where Swift, Silent and Surrounded left off. This book contains a collection of humorous sea stories, motivating narratives and blunt commentary. A must-have for the collection of all Marines, friends of Marines, and everyone who is proud to be an American!

The Romanov Effect

Author: Mark J. Brodowski

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1450069371

Category: Fiction

Page: 365

View: 7845

Andre Romanov had a dream to save Russia from economic destruction; to create a corporate model for all future Russian companies. Roy Ferrell was the ruthless American hired to aid Romanov in his vision. This combination proved catastrophic for the world, because together, they exploited everyone and every technology for their own advantage and began the corporate wars. Their giant corporation, Infotech, broke free of the bonds of Russia and was let loose upon the rest of the world. John Christian was born in the ashes left behind from the insatiable Infotech and would be humanity’s only hope for salvation.


Author: Keith Spratley

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595187668

Category: Fiction

Page: 521

View: 4049

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to able to control time? Not by using a time machine… The actual manipulation of temporal flow by sheer mind power… Brian Fox knows all about this topic. He is a timejockey, one of a small number of people blessed, or maybe cursed, with this ability. Cursed because his children and then his wife are hijacked in time, timejacked, by terrifying individuals who wish Fox to use his temporal capabilities to perform a little task for them—a task that could possibly mean the end of the Universe! Blessed because only by the use of these capabilities can he save the ones he loves and, incidentally, the Universe. The TimeJack storyline spans from the twentieth to the twenty-seventh century and, if not quite across the Galaxy, at least along most of our spiral arm. Along the way, various strange and interesting characters are encountered, from the amazingly cute and pixiesque M’phtl to the appalling Lardhead, by way of Jenny Carter, down to earth English rose and nanny to the Fox household. The action includes hand to hand combat, use of puns, sword fights, gun fights and even a space battle.

Crowley's Tomb

Even Heaven Has Rebels

Author: Casey Moore

Publisher: Casey Moore

ISBN: 0692277846

Category: Fiction

Page: 322

View: 6368

Come take a journey into the mind of madness, through the Chambers of Hell where no one can prepare you for what lurks in the darkness. Wandering the cemetery can be frightening; unfortunately, stumbling into the gates of Crowley’s Tomb will be the most disturbing moments of your life. Here, there are no places to run. Your prayers will fall on deaf ears, your screams ignored. A band of brothers called the Cemetery Boys will take you on a non-stop, heart-pounding ride through the underworld where they will battle against their own demons, the enemy and paranormal elements. Be Sure to Check Out Crowley's Tomb Terrifying and Mind-Blowing Trailer on YouTube.

Die Plotter

Author: Un-Su Kim

Publisher: Europa Verlag GmbH & Company KG

ISBN: 3958902502

Category: Fiction

Page: 220

View: 9737

Raeseng ist Killer von Beruf, seit ihn Old Raccoon als Kind bei sich aufnahm und ausbildete. Aufgewachsen an einem geheimen Rückzugsort in Seoul, einer Bibliothek voller alter Bücher, gehört er zur Killer-Elite Koreas. Denn Old Raccoon ist ein Plotter. Als Kopf der Organisation "Library of Dogs" hat er seit Jahrzehnten alle politisch gewollten Exekutionen in Korea geplant. Doch als die Macht der Diktatur schwindet, gerät auch der Einfluss der Plotter ins Wanken – und eine neue Generation beginnt, ihr eigenes tödliches Netzwerk aufzuziehen. Als Raeseng vom Plan der Plotter bei der Ausführung eines Auftrags abweicht, geraten die Dinge außer Kontrolle – und Raeseng rückt selbst an die erste Stelle der Todesliste ... Nach Han Kangs Sensationserfolg Die Vegetarierin macht mit Un-Su Kim ein weiterer koreanischer Bestsellerautor international Furore. In Korea gefeiert und mehrfach preisgekrönt, besticht Un-Su Kim in Die Plotter durch einzigartigen Stil und bemerkenswerte Beobachtungsgabe. Mit einfühlsam-sarkastischem Humor lässt er in seinem außergewöhnlichen Krimi noir den Beruf des Killers zum Handwerk werden. Ein faszinierendes Leseerlebnis, das alles zugleich ist: traumhaft und realistisch, hart und aufwühlend. Wie schon Old Raccoon sagte: "Wenn du Bücher liest, wird dein Leben erfüllt sein von Ängsten und Scham" – und alles andere als langweilig.


High Altitude Low Opening

Author: Derek Hart

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1462075673

Category: Fiction

Page: 252

View: 4366

When orders came through for David Lockhart to gather his team together for another top-secret mission, he thought nothing of it. It came from the proper source, within proper channels, encoded with the latest series of ciphers. Everything seemed in order. It was not. The mission was a one-way ticket to oblivion and the ambush MESA walked into took every life of the team. All except one. Yup, you guessed it. David Lockhart managed to shoot his way out, a combination of skills, training, and a beautiful woman. For the perpetrators of this betrayal of one of the most successful covert teams in American history, David Lockhart's survival was not a good thing. No, it was not a good thing. For now Lockhart was mad. Not the raging, red-faced, out-of-control, irrational type of mad. You see, David Lockhart wasn't like that. His anger was far more dangerous, for his outlet was directed at planning, cold and calculating analysis of what went wrong. Just be certain that revenge would be his.

When Presidents Lie

A History of Official Deception and Its Consequences

Author: Eric Alterman

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101158876

Category: Political Science

Page: 464

View: 7007

“I’ve never read a better explanation of why presidents lie.”—John W. Dean, former counsel to President Nixon, The Washington Monthly By the end of the twentieth century, after decades of demoralizing revelations about the mendacity of their elected officials, most Americans had come to accept the fact that deception was not only an accepted practice in government but also pervasive. Whatever the reasons proposed to justify falsehoods—practicality, expediency, extraordinary conditions of wartime—the ability to lie convincingly had come to be regarded as almost being a qualification for holding public office. Although such behavior has come to be tolerated, little accounting has been taken of the effects of this institutionalized dishonesty in our political culture. When Presidents Lie: A History of Official Deception and Its Consequences addresses its subject not from a moral perspective, but from a pragmatic one, and discovers that in the end, honesty in government is, in fact, the best policy. Journalist and historian Eric Alterman’s meticulous research is drawn from primary-source materials, both government documents and the media reactions to the unfolding dramas, and demonstrates how these lies returned to haunt their tellers, or their successors, destroying the very policy the lie had been intended to support. Without exception, each of the presidents paid a high price for deception. So, too, did the nation. This is history at its most compelling, a balanced, eloquent, and revelatory chronicle of presidential dishonesty and its incalculable costs. In the fundamental questions it raises about leadership, accountability, and democracy, it is required reading for anyone who is concerned about America’s past—or her future.

The Return Of Dog Team

Author: William W. Johnstone

Publisher: Pinnacle Books

ISBN: 0786030968

Category: Fiction

Page: 288

View: 3831

In his electrifying novel of combat, The Last of the Dog Team, William W. Johnstone introduced a hero for our times--Terry Kovack. In war, the enemy feared him. In peace, men admired him and women wanted him. . . Following in the footsteps of his grandfather, the legendary Terry Kovack, Steve Ireland is a trained killer. With his Special Forces team, he does his job quickly, quietly, with absolute certainty. And in the war against terror, his services are needed more than ever. Now, he finds himself hunting a different kind of prey. For when he is called upon to stalk and destroy a Middle Eastern terrorist cabal, he slowly realizes that he is following in another assassin's wake. Someone is staying one step ahead of Ireland and his team, taking out the enemy in his own way with lethal precision, and disappearing into the dark. But what Ireland doesn't know is that his search for the truth will lead him to confront the ghosts of the past. A band of fighting men who were never supposed to exist; a team of soldiers who will go anywhere and fight anyone for their country; and a legacy that runs in Steve's own blood. . . The Return Of The Dog Team

Die Gerechte


Author: Peter Swanson

Publisher: Blanvalet Taschenbuch Verlag

ISBN: 3641167485

Category: Fiction

Page: 416

View: 6321

Nur sie entscheidet, wer den Tod verdient Eine Flughafenbar in London. Es ist Abend, und Ted Severson wartet auf seinen Rückflug nach Boston, als eine attraktive Frau sich neben ihn setzt. Kurz darauf vertraut er der geheimnisvollen Fremden an, dass seine Frau ihn betrogen hat. Mit ihrer Reaktion jedoch hat er nicht gerechnet: Sie bietet ihm Hilfe an – beim Mord an seiner Ehefrau. Ein Trick? Ein morbider Scherz? Oder ein finsteres Rachespiel, das nur ein böses Ende nehmen kann?