You're Hired! Graduate Career Handbook

Maximise Your Employability and Get a Graduate Job

Author: Tristram Hooley,Korin Grant

Publisher: Trotman, Limited

ISBN: 9781844556489


Page: 240

View: 4421

Comprehensive guide to career planning and job hunting for students and graduates, organised in simple chapters to help readers address the various issues they experience as they move through uni and into work. Topics include: self-reflection, career planning, job research, networking, recruitment practices, employability skills and Plan B.

The Only Job Hunting Guide New Graduates Need 2016 Edition

Author: Andrew Underwood

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781519544681


Page: 104

View: 8873

Pulling together over 60 years of recruitment experience we have compiled what we believe is a highly practical and easy to follow graduate job hunting guide. Recruiters may spend as little as 15 seconds when first appraising a CV, in the case of teenagers a survey in 'The Times' states recruiters spend on average 8.8 seconds screening their CVs. So having a CV that gains a quick and immediate impact is essential and the guide provides advice on both structuring a graduate CV and how to optimise its impact for employers. To help we include sample CV templates. Job hunting effectively is a must for a new graduate and we show you how to use properly job hunt tools including: the meta-crawlers; CV databases; and LinkedIn; helping you compile a focused action plan to ensure you maximise your activity. When through to the interview stage we provide advice on preparing for pre-screening activities and telephone / Skype interviews; face-to-face interviews and assessment centres. With many graduate interviews being competency / behavioural based interviews, the guide covers in-depth preparing for these questions, providing sample questions to work from. In addition advice on how to prepare for more general interview questions such as: What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? Where do you see yourself in 5 years time? Compiled by an experienced graduate recruiter / assessment centre assessor / recruitment expert who has run a business that has helped several thousand job seekers achieve employment, the guide provides practical tips and advice that works. Although the websites listed within along with the sample CV templates are UK and Ireland examples; the same CV style is being used by international job hunters and has been successfully used in the USA and Europe to secure employment. When looking at the job hunting tools, we include in the guide instruction on how to apply the advice internationally. This guide is relevant to graduates around the world. It is a step-by-step, teach yourself instruction manual.

Kick Start Your Career

Successful Strategies and Winning Techniques

Author: Lee Smith,John L. van Genderen

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781138067547

Category: Job hunting

Page: 326

View: 3069

For new graduates, the key challenge remains how to secure that first career-related job. Full of guidance and tips on how to handle the complex field of job hunting, Kick Start Your Career can help navigate an ever-changing job market and secure your chance at your desired career. It is a valuable investment in your future. It advises the reader on how to: stand out in job applications; use social media for job searching; create resumes and cover letters that stand out; succeed at interviews. It provides a practical, hands on, step-by-step approach. With an integrated Personal Plan that helps create key job search documents it directs soon-to-be graduates towards achieving their career aspirations. Accompanying online resources include examples and templates, which can be downloaded in Word format to help you prepare resumes and other job search documents. This book will help graduates progressively build up job-hunting resources - skills, achievements, resume, cover letter and interview responses - and turn this into a practical outcome: a new job. It is a key companion to any student or recent graduate exploring the job market.

Profession and Purpose

A Resource Guide for MBA Careers in Sustainability

Author: Katie Kross

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1351285823

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 200

View: 3881

Sustainability holds the promise of an exciting new approach to business – one in which business goals are aligned with social and environmental goals. Multinational corporations are recognizing that we live in an increasingly resource-constrained world, and that more accountability for corporate social and environmental impacts will accrue to them. More importantly, forward-thinking executives understand that sustainability can present new opportunities for competitive advantage – whether that is by reducing costs, minimizing risk, appealing to increasingly conscientious customers, or reaching new markets entirely.With the growth of this field comes a host of interesting new career opportunities for MBAs. As companies are grappling with challenges like how to develop social return on investment (SROI) metrics or understand the potential impact of corporate carbon footprints on stock prices, there are new opportunities for the next generation of managers – managers who are not only trained in traditional MBA fundamentals but also grounded in an understanding of the multifaceted social and environmental challenges facing 21st-century global business leaders. Entirely new career paths are opening to MBAs interested in sustainability: sustainable venture capital, green marketing, corporate social responsibility management, carbon credit trading, and sustainability consulting, to name a few.Perhaps even more than corporate executives, MBA students understand this trend. The next generation of managers can see that the future of business will require a new set of skills and responsibilities. Between 2003 and 2008, membership in Net Impact, the global organization for MBAs and business professionals interested in sustainability, increased more than fourfold. By March 2009, over 130 business schools had a Net Impact chapter. Around the world, MBA students realize that a different model will be required for businesses in the coming decades. The career paths that fall under the broad umbrella of "sustainability" are as diverse as the MBA students themselves. One student may be interested in social entrepreneurship in West Africa, and the next will be seeking advice about clean-tech venture capital careers in Silicon Valley; a third will be interested in greening global supply chains. Corporate social responsibility, sustainable product marketing, microfinance, green real estate development, renewable energy, and other interests all likewise fall under the sustainability umbrella at times. Because of this diversity, it is often hard for business schools' career management centers to address sustainability-related career options in a comprehensive way. Many sustainability-related companies and nonprofits are not accustomed to on-campus recruiting. Others have not historically hired MBAs at all. MBA students and alumni interested in sustainability careers are often left to navigate their own internship and job search paths. And, often, they struggle. Profession and Purpose has been written to address this urgent need. Whether you are focused on an off-campus search or participating in the on-campus recruiting process, there are a host of sustainability-specific career resources you should know about. You'll need to be well versed in sustainability news and trends, and network at the right events, conferences, and company presentations. You also need to know about industry- and discipline-specific websites that post sustainability jobs for positions with titles like Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, Socially Responsible Investing Analyst, and Renewable Energy Market Analyst.Through hundreds of conversations with MBA students, professionals, and recruiters, as well as her own personal experience, the author has compiled the key job search resources and tips for MBAs interested in sustainability careers. The book provides ideas for researching companies, making the most of your networking, identifying job and internship openings, and preparing for interviews. No matter what stage of your MBA career search process you're in, this book will help you better understand your career options in the many fields of sustainability, direct you to the best resources and help you to fine-tune your sustainability job search strategy. It's the sustainability career coach MBAs have been waiting for.

The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success

Kick-start Your Business, Brand, and Job Search

Author: Wayne Breitbarth

Publisher: Greenleaf Book Group

ISBN: 1608324338

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 207

View: 7020

Describes how to navigate the business networking site, covering how to create a effective personal profile to find a job, customer, or opportunity.

I'm on Linkedin--Now What???

A Guide to Getting the Most Out of LinkedIn

Author: Jason Alba

Publisher: Happy About

ISBN: 1600051979

Category: Business enterprises

Page: 140

View: 864

This new edition focuses on strategies and tactics to help readers understand what LinkedIn is and how it fits into an online marketing strategy--whether it is a personal strategy or a business/corporate one.

Launching Your Art Career

A Practical Guide for Artists

Author: Alix Sloan

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781514628447

Category: Art

Page: 162

View: 6757

Written by a gallerist for artists, and updated in February 2017, this encouraging, easy-to-read handbook includes advice and information to help artists successfully launch or accelerate their careers. Topics include: Setting goals, networking, finding & creating exhibition opportunities, selling & pricing art, working with galleries, websites, artist statements, studio management and much more. Also included: Online resources and additional advice from over forty working artists and art dealers. Contributing Artists: Rick Araluce, Carrie Ann Baade, Ali Banisadr, Rebekah Bogard, Benjamin Britton, Mia Brownell, Charles Clary, Peter Drake, Cara Enteles, Roni Feldman, Lori Field, Eric Finzi, Camille Rose Garcia, Julie Heffernan, Seonna Hong, David Humphrey, David Kramer, Martin Kruck, Travis Louie, Marion Peck, Martha Rich, Jean-Pierre Roy, Judith Schaechter, Tony Shore, Aaron Smith, Sarah Trigg, Hanna von Goeler, Didier William and Brad Woodfin. Contributing Gallerists: Kirsten Anderson (Roq la Rue), Noah Antieau (Red Truck Gallery), William Baczek, Zach Feuer, Bert Green, Ken Harman (Spoke Art & Hashimoto Contemporary), Andrew Hosner (Thinkspace), Allegra LaViola (Sargent's Daughters), Jayme McLellan (Civilian Art Projects), Jen Rogers & Kerri Stephens (Varnish Fine Art), Billy Shire (La Luz de Jesus), Mindy Solomon, Linda Warren, Mark Wolfe, and Marcia Wood. Alix Sloan has over twenty years experience in the arts as a curator, consultant, private dealer and gallerist. She regularly shares her expertise in art school lectures and one-on-one consultations, helping artists focus their goals, create strategies and understand what it takes to build and maintain a long-term career in the arts. In this guide, Sloan makes the information every artist needs available in one accessible, straightforward guide.

Graduate Career Jobs, Student Placements and Internships

Author: William R Ashcroft

Publisher: William R Ashcroft



Page: N.A

View: 3834

Originally written just for new graduates entering industry or commerce, the scope of this edition has been updated for the benefit of students on placements and internships thrown in at the same deep end of corporate life. The information revealed about what managers want and don’t want, and the benefits of knowing the right thing to do in specific situations during employment will help kick-start and drive any new graduate career, and will enable placement students and interns to get established and make the most of all professional employment opportunities. This book describes how to rise above the norm and impress on the way to success, and teaches how to prosper in a job and progress in a corporate environment quickly, even if not a “privileged” high flyer on a graduate scheme. Based on the author’s own experience of the scramble up the corporate ladder, it provides unprecedented insight into what management are influenced by and what they are really looking for from graduate level workers.

Dude, Where's My Career?

The Guide for Baffled Graduates

Author: Tanya De Grunwald

Publisher: Summersdale Pub Limited

ISBN: 9781840246575

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 298

View: 6938

Where traditional careers guides are pitched at motivated 21-year-old jobseekers who already have some idea of what they want to do, 'Dude, Where's My Career?' is for the real-life graduate who's unprepared, uninspired, overwhelmed, freaking out - and losing confidence fast.

The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success (Third Edition - Completely Revised)

Kick-start Your Business, Brand, and Job Search

Author: Wayne Breitbarth

Publisher: Greenleaf Book Group

ISBN: 1626342393

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 232

View: 8399

3rd Edition of the world's most popular LinkedIn book. Completely revised and updated. Many LinkedIn books focus solely on creating a killer LinkedIn profile. But LinkedIn is not a passive sport. You can't just sit around waiting for people to find your awesome profile. This book will help you create a top-notch profile AND make REAL MONEYwith LinkedIn. Tens of thousands have already used Wayne Breitbarth's LinkedIn secretsto land lucrative new customers, find great new jobs, and, of course,generate more income. And most people have only scratched the surface of LinkedIn's potential. This completely revised and updated 3rd Edition of Breitbarth's bestselling book The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success will help you: Set yourself apart from the LinkedIn masses Get people to immediately engage with you after they see your profile Find the right people and turn them into customers Discover insider information about employers, customers, and even your competitors Find a great new job--many times when you're not even looking for one! LinkedIn is one of the most powerful business tools on the planet. You NEED to learn how to use it. And this book is your perfect step-by-step guide.

The Resume.Com Guide to Writing Unbeatable Resumes

Author: Warren Simons,Rose Curtis

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

ISBN: 0071435964

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 256

View: 9560

The nation's #1 online resume service offers its exclusive advice on how to craft a winning resume The Guide to Writing Unbeatable Resumes draws upon the author's considerable expertise, as well as the vast database, to arm job seekers with: Sample resumes for every profession and job category, at every level, from entrylevel to executive A comprehensive database of keywords, arranged by industry Electronic job-hunting advice and strategies, with tips on how to make any resume stand out online A detailed Before & After resume trouble-shooting worksheet Job seekers will also find an exciting added value with this essential text. With the purchase of this book, they'll be able to receive a free resume consultation with one of's career consultants!

Breaking Into UK Film & TV Drama

A Comprehensive Guide to Finding Work in UK Film and TV Drama for New Entrants and Graduates

Author: Gallagher Matt

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780995677104


Page: N.A

View: 9928

A comprehensive guide for new entrants to the UK's creative industries, offering in-depth advice and practical tips on how to break into the business and build a sustainable career.

The Inequality Equalizer

Author: Jena Abernathy

Publisher: Ankerwycke

ISBN: 9781634253741

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 208

View: 3902

In The Inequality Equalizer, career coach and executive search consultant Jena Abernathy shares real-world success strategies for young professionals in a no-nonsense guide that will help them balance their junkyard dogs and pedigrees, strategize their careers, and gain the confidence, skills, and know-how they need to get results, make winning impressions, and build long-lasting success on their way to the C-suite. Packed with real-world anecdotes and case studies, The Inequality Equalizer illustrates how everyday experiences can propel or thwart the career objectives of young women entering the cutthroat world of business. The book will discuss: . Creating a strong brand for yourself that defines who you are, what you want, and what you want to be known for . Making the most of the opportunities and risks that come to anyone climbing the corporate ladder . Strategizing your career want it, claim it, own it . Understanding corporate culture and business etiquette"

The Power of 100!

Kickstart Your Dreams, Build Momentum, and Discover Unlimited Possibility

Author: Shaun King

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1476790175

Category: Self-Help

Page: 304

View: 776

Too broke or broken, too old or young, too stressed or busy to make your dreams reality? Join Shaun King and walk the transformative path to overcoming adversity and achieving success as he reveals practical steps to a life of unlimited possibility. Have you lost a job that you loved, or never even gotten the chance to start? Are you in a rut of mediocre, status-quo living, too tired and stressed to find a way out? Do you wonder whatever happened to the dreams you once dared to dream? Shaun King has been there, and he wants you to know that it’s not too late. Shaun knows firsthand what it’s like to see your dreams fade away right before your eyes; he’s lived through brutal spinal surgeries, had to survive on food stamps, worked four jobs at once, and he nearly died in a car accident that required over 400 stitches on his face alone. But he’s also emerged stronger and overcome the odds to become a successful businessman, social media pioneer, and humanitarian. Now he wants you to know that you can still take the dreams God has placed in your heart, craft them into goals, and actually make those goals into your reality. In an entertaining and conversational style, Shaun King shares the trials, research, and years of practice that have helped him form practical principles and effective strategies for overcoming adversity and achieving success. He encourages you to grasp the truth that your life has more potential than you understand; you just need to face your weakest points and unlock that potential.

Make Your Contacts Count

Networking Know-How for Business and Career Success

Author: Anne Baber,Lynne Waymon

Publisher: AMACOM

ISBN: 0814429769

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 272

View: 870

Make Your Contacts Count is a practical, step-by-step guide for creating, cultivating, and capitalizing on networking relationships and opportunities. Packed with valuable tools, the book offers a field-tested "Hello to Goodbye" system that takes readers from entering a room, to making conversations flow, to following up. Updated from its first edition, the book now includes expanded advice on building social capital at work and in job hunting, as well as new case studies, examples, checklists, and questionnaires. Readers will discover how to: * draft a networking plan * cultivate current contacts * make the most of memberships * effectively exchange business cards * avoid the top ten networking turn-offs * share anecdotes that convey character and competence * transform their careers with a networking makeover Job-seekers, career-changers, entrepreneurs, and others will find all the networking help they need to supercharge their careers and boost their bottom lines.

Job U

How to Find Wealth and Success by Developing the Skills Companies Actually Need

Author: Nicholas Wyman

Publisher: Crown Business

ISBN: 0804140790

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 288

View: 458

Get ready to relearn everything you thought you knew about what a successful career path can look like. Today, unemployment hovers at a near-record high, yet 3.5 million American jobs remain unfilled. Why? Because companies simply cannot find people with the skills they actually need. The good news is that this skills gap represents unprecedented opportunities for every person seeking a successful and exciting career. But these opportunities can’t be found inside the walls of the traditional classroom. Instead, they lie in the myriad of educational options that provide the technical, vocational, and soft skills on demand in today’s workplace, such as: -Professional certifications: Start your career faster in fields like bioscience aviation, culinary arts, and medical technology. -Associates degrees: Increase earning potential through inexpensive 2-year programs in subjects like civil engineering, environmental science, education, and nursing. -Apprenticeships: Earn while you learn under the direct supervision of a skilled expert. Far beyond the artisan trades, today’s apprenticeships can be found at companies like Volkswagen and Siemens. -Occupational learning: Refresh or reboot your skill sets through on-the-job training or online education. In Job U, you’ll learn about these paths to rewarding occupations; where to find them and how to parlay them into the best paying job in any field. And along the way, you’ll meet individuals of all ages who have attained their “dream jobs” through a non-traditional education: from an emergency air paramedic, to a lead mechanic of a racecar team, to an engineer of complex gas turbine generators, to a bestselling cookbook author. Whether you are recent high school or college graduate, or well along in your career journey, Job U will help you find your way to a more secure and prosperous future. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Boomer Reinvention

How to Create Your Dream Career Over 50

Author: John Tarnoff

Publisher: Reinvention Press

ISBN: 9780997953909

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 232

View: 9486

For late career baby boomers who can't afford to retire and want to work beyond traditional retirement, Boomer Reinvention is a career guide to plan and land a sustainable, meaningful and rewarding second act career. It includes a proven 5 step methodology with 23 practical strategies to unlock and land the career that is already inside you.

Making a Living Without a Job, revised edition

Winning Ways for Creating Work That You Love

Author: Barbara Winter

Publisher: Bantam

ISBN: 0307755630

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 288

View: 6021

For all of the millions of Americans who are out of work, soon to be out of work, or wishing to be freed from unrewarding work—here is the must-have book that will show you how you can make a living by working when, where, and how you want. Newly revised and updated, Barbara J. Winter’s guide to successful self-employment is now more relevant than ever before. Drawing on the techniques and ideas of her popular seminars as well as her own thirty years of business expertise and that of other successful entrepreneurs, Winter offers the practical, proven way to launch your own profitable venture. Her indispensable advice ranges from why creativity is more important than capital to how to avoid the most common pitfalls of self-employment and how to develop multiple profit centers. And for this new edition, she has added timely advice on topics including: •how to find opportunity in a chaotic economy •why smart, small and spunky is the 21st Century business model •using the Internet to open the door to fresh opportunities •the best resources to help you create and grow a business that is uniquely your own •how to leave Employee Thinking behind and build an Entrepreneur’s Mindset •and much more Here are all of the tools you need for getting the most profit out of life both professionally and personally. From the Trade Paperback edition.


The Proven Career Acceleration Formula to Reach the Top Without Working Harder Or Playing Office Politics

Author: Bozi Dar

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781530826162


Page: 244

View: 1879

PROMOTED: The Proven Career Acceleration Formula To Reach The Top Without Working Harder Or Playing Office Politics Would you like to make $10,000 more next year? How about $20,000... $30,000? Do you want to be mentored by VP''s, CEO''s and former CEO''s? Do you want to have hiring managers and top recruiters fighting over you? Can you afford 10 minutes a day to get promoted in 12 months? Do you want these results without having to be a sleazy networker or play office politics? Have you ever wondered why, despite doing what you consider to be the "right things" in your career, you''re not achieving the results you know you deserve? In his highly-anticipated book, PROMOTED: The Proven Career Acceleration Formula To Reach The Top Without Working Harder Or Playing Office Politics, you''ll learn Bozi''s unconventional strategy to get you the career results you have always desired. His unique Career Acceleration Formula is the only strategy out there today that''s helped unemployed graduates get their dream job and helped grizzled corporate veterans reignite their career. Advancing your career is SIMPLE if you have a proven strategy, a formula you can use over and over again. Inside PROMOTED, Bozi shares the exact, step-by-step strategy that he used to achieve his amazing results, and that he teaches to top executives around the globe. As your trusted mentor, Bozi spotlights what you''ve been doing wrong, and he''ll shatter some of your most cherished beliefs about your career. Then get ready for the magic. Along your career acceleration journey, you''ll learn: Why entering the 10% club and leaving the 90% crowd behind is the only way to be immune from changing market conditions. How a conventional approach will get conventional results, but an unconventional strategy will yield unconventional results. The traits companies are looking for in their top employees. The 6-step strategy to promotion, a system that''s helped thousands of students obtain the career success they''ve always desired (using the Career Acceleration Formula, which is Mindset x Value x Leverage). How adapting a Career Fast Track Mindset will give you an unfair advantage over everyone else, increase the value you bring to your organization, and increase your career acceleration leverage. The importance of having an influential person as your mentor. Specific case studies from Bozi''s students who have implemented his strategies, only to achieve their own meteoric results. PROMOTED is for you if: You are an ambitious professional working for a medium or large-sized organization and you are failing to progress in your career at the pace you want. You want to advance your career and are tired of being left behind. You are tired of having your career stall, of seeing others in your organization pass you by You want to rapidly advance your career, kick-start your success, and are willing to put in a little bit of work to make it happen. You are ready and willing to take action and implement what you learn. By following traditional career advice, you''re missing out on 70% of available jobs out there, and competing with 90% of job candidates for the left over 30% of the jobs. Make the decision to take action right now, change your situation, not procrastinate anymore about your career, hoping that you''ll finally land that promotion you''ve been working towards for years. Instead you can identify your perfect job role, and take massive action obtain it within 6-12 months. PROMOTED will help get you there. Bozi''s career acceleration formula is used by thousands of achievers from 20+ countries, working for companies like Google, Cisco, JP Morgan & Ford.

The Quarter-Life Breakthrough

Invent Your Own Path, Find Meaningful Work, and Build a Life That Matters

Author: Adam Smiley Poswolsky

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1101992298

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 224

View: 7689

How do you actually find meaning in the workplace? How do you find work that makes your heart sing, creates impact, and pays your rent? After realizing that his well-paying, prestigious job was actually making him miserable, Adam "Smiley" Poswolsky started asking these big questions. The Quarter-Life Breakthrough provides fresh, honest, counterintuitive, and inspiring career advice for anyone stuck in a quarter-life crisis (or third-life crisis), trying to figure out what to do with your life. Smiley shares the stories of many twenty- and thirty-somethings who are discovering how to work with purpose (and still pay the bills). Brimming with practical exercises and advice, this book is essential reading for millennial career changers and anyone passionate about getting unstuck, pursuing work that matters, and changing the world. From the Trade Paperback edition.