Island in a Storm

A Rising Sea, a Vanishing Coast, and a Nineteenth-Century Disaster That Warns of a Warmer World

Author: Abby Sallenger


ISBN: 1458759318

Category: Hurricanes

Page: 420

View: 4585

Presents the story of the 1856 hurricane which decimated Isle Derniere, an island one hundred miles off the coast of New Orleans which served as a summer resort for the wealthy, and the tragic loss of life and environmental devastation which resulted from the disaster.

Island in the Storm

Sullivan's Island and Hurricane Hugo

Author: Jamie W. Moore,Dorothy Perrin Moore

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

ISBN: 1614234892

Category: Nature

Page: 192

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On the night of September 21, 1989, Hurricane Hugo slammed into the South Carolina coast at Sullivan’s Island—north of Charleston—with winds exceeding 160 miles per hour. The colossal force of the hurricane was punctuated by storm surges ranging from five to ten feet above sea level. At approximately one minute after midnight, Hugo’s eye passed over the island, and the charming community oceanside community disappeared beneath the tumultuous sea for nearly an hour. After Hugo left Sullivan’s Island in its furious wake, the first news broadcasts from the Charleston area reported that the island and neighboring Isle of Palms were completely destroyed. The Ben Sawyer Bridge—the only connection to the island at the time—was knocked off its pedestal and rendered useless, and so the hundreds of families who had evacuated the area could not return to their homes to see what, if anything, remained. The recovery process started slowly, and for many it would be a long, arduous journey. Island in the Storm, by local historians Jamie and Dorothy Moore, documents in vivid detail the devastation, loss and eventual rebuilding of this beloved island community. More than fifteen years later, Sullivan’s Island’s homes and businesses have been restored, but the memory of Hugo’s fury will not soon be forgotten.

Island in the Storm

The Cuban Communist Party's Fourth Congress

Author: Partido Comunista de Cuba. Congreso,Gail Reed,Center for Cuban Studies

Publisher: Ocean Press

ISBN: 9781875284481

Category: Political Science

Page: 200

View: 883

"A self-indulgent and uninformed account of the Communist Party's Fourth Congress in 1991, riddled with triumphalism and superficiality. Author claims that 'social justice remains the centerpiece of Cuban socialism' (p. 22) and that the party 'will stay at the helm all the way' (p. 23) despite multiplying difficulties on all fronts. Disregard the author's opinions and judgements and use this book for the bibliographical information provided on leading cadres"--Handbook of Latin American Studies, v. 57.

Strategos: Island in the Storm (Strategos #3)

Author: Gordon Doherty

Publisher: Gordon Doherty

ISBN: 1500101729

Category: Fiction

Page: 400

View: 3842

The storm is upon us, Haga. The answers you seek dance within its wrath . . . 1071 AD. Emperor Romanus Diogenes has rekindled the guttering flame of Byzantium. Yet in the eastern borderlands, two vital strongholds hang in the balance. Manzikert and Chliat must be won to secure the empire’s fragile frontiers and vanquish the would-be usurpers who covet the imperial throne. But Sultan Alp Arslan and his vast Seljuk armies look to those twin fortress-towns also, resolute on seizing them first. Apion rides by the emperor’s side as they march east, marshalling Byzantium’s armies for the conflict that is to come. He knows only too well that the threat posed by the Sultan’s hordes is well-matched by malevolent forces within the Byzantine ranks. Thus, the road to war is a savage one, but one he cannot refuse. For at its end, Fate beckons, taunting him with a choice of two futures. On the plains of Manzikert, one great power will rise and another will fall. On the plains of Manzikert, Apion will face the storm.

Before the Storm

A Year in the Pribilof Islands, 1941-1942

Author: Fredericka Martin

Publisher: University of Alaska Press

ISBN: 1602231036

Category: Social Science

Page: 425

View: 2106

From June of 1941 through the following summer, Fredericka Martin lived with her husband, Dr. Samuel Berenberg, on remote St. Paul Island in Alaska. During that time, Martin delved into the complex history of the Unangan people, and Before the Storm draws from her personal accounts of that year and her research to present a fascinating portrait of a time and a people facing radical change. A government-ordered evacuation of all Aleuts from the island in the face of World War II, which Martin recounts in her journal, proved but the first step in a long struggle by native peoples to gain independence, and, as editor Raymond L. Hudson explains, Martin came to play a significant role in the effort.

In the Eye of the Storm

Life on an Island in Bangladesh

Author: Lucy Marcovitch

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781872502663

Category: Bangladesh

Page: 31

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The Storm of the Century

Tragedy, Heroism, Survival, and the Epic True Story of America's Deadliest Natural Disaster: The Great Gulf Hurricane of 1900

Author: Al Roker

Publisher: HarperCollins

ISBN: 0062364677

Category: History

Page: 328

View: 9547

In this gripping narrative history, Al Roker from NBC’s Today and the Weather Channel vividly examines the deadliest natural disaster in American history—a haunting and inspiring tale of tragedy, heroism, and resilience that is full of lessons for today’s new age of extreme weather. On the afternoon of September 8, 1900, two-hundred-mile-per-hour winds and fifteen-foot waves slammed into Galveston, the booming port city on Texas’s Gulf Coast. By dawn the next day, the city that hours earlier had stood as a symbol of America’s growth and expansion was now gone. Shattered, grief-stricken survivors emerged to witness a level of destruction never before seen: Eight thousand corpses littered the streets and were buried under the massive wreckage. Rushing water had lifted buildings from their foundations, smashing them into pieces, while wind gusts had upended steel girders and trestles, driving them through house walls and into sidewalks. No race or class was spared its wrath. In less than twenty-four hours, a single storm had destroyed a major American metropolis—and awakened a nation to the terrifying power of nature. Blending an unforgettable cast of characters, accessible weather science, and deep historical research into a sweeping and dramatic narrative, The Storm of the Century brings this legendary hurricane and its aftermath into fresh focus. No other natural disaster has ever matched the havoc caused by the awesome mix of winds, rain, and flooding that devastated Galveston and shocked a young, optimistic nation on the cusp of modernity. Exploring the impact of the tragedy on a rising country’s confidence—the trauma of the loss and the determination of the response—Al Roker illuminates the United States’s character at the dawn of the “American Century,” while also underlining the fact that no matter how mighty they may become, all nations must respect the ferocious potential of our natural environment.

How to Read a Florida Gulf Coast Beach

A Guide to Shadow Dunes, Ghost Forests, and Other Telltale Clues from an Ever-Changing Coast

Author: Tonya Clayton

Publisher: Univ of North Carolina Press

ISBN: 0807882534

Category: Nature

Page: 228

View: 5317

Come explore the geology of Florida's Gulf Coast beaches, from a bird's-eye view down to a crab's-eye view. You'll journey from Panhandle sugar-sand beaches to southwestern shell beaches, taking a fresh look at the ever-changing landscape. With Tonya Clayton as your guide, you'll learn how to recognize the stories and read the clues of these dynamic shores, reshaped daily by winds, waves, and sometimes bulldozers or dump trucks. This dynamic tour begins with a broad description of Florida's Gulf Coast, roaming from popular Perdido Key in the northwest to remote Cape Sable in the south. You'll first fly over large-scale coastal features such as the barrier islands, learning to spot signs of the many processes that shape the shores. In subsequent chapters you'll visit dunes and beaches to check out sand ripples, tracings, and other markings that show the handiwork of beach breezes, ocean waves, animal life, and even raindrops and air bubbles. You'll also encounter signs of human shaping, including massive boulder structures and sand megatransfers. With a conversational style and more than a hundred illustrations, How to Read a Florida Gulf Coast Beach makes coastal science accessible, carrying vacationers and Florida natives alike on a lively, informative tour of local beach features. Southern Gateways Guide is a registered trademark of the University of North Carolina Press

Die Unsichtbaren

Author: Roy Jacobsen

Publisher: Lindhardt og Ringhof

ISBN: 8711449659


Page: 270

View: 5284

"Ein geheimnisvolles Meisterwerk! Norwegen, erste Hälfte des 20. Jahrhunderts: eine abgelegene Insel hoch oben im Norden an der zerklüfteten Küste. Für Hans und Maria Barroy ist sie das Paradies auf Erden. Sie leben mit ihrer kleinen Familie von dem, was der karge Boden und das wilde Meer ihnen bescheren. Ihre Tochter Ingrid hingegen will mehr. Sie geht aufs Festland. Als Hausmädchen findet sie eine Anstellung bei einer wohlhabenden Familie. Rührend kümmert sie sich um deren Kinder Felix und Suzanne. Doch eines Tages sind deren Eltern verschwunden. Ingrid entschließt sich, die beiden Waisen mit auf ihre Insel zu nehmen. Es ist der Beginn einer dramatischen Entwicklung! Anrührend und weise, heiter und lebendig. Roy Jacobsens Beschreibungen der Menschen und der Natur sind atemberaubend." AUTORENPORTRÄT Roy Jacobsen, geboren 1954 in Oslo, ist einer der meistgelesenen Schriftsteller Norwegens. Mit Kurzgeschichten und zwölf Romanen hat er sich auch über die Grenzen Norwegens hinaus einen Namen gemacht. Sein Werk ist in seiner Heimat mit zahlreichen Literaturpreisen ausgezeichnet worden.

Storm on the Island

Author: Eleanor Lattimore

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780692639610


Page: 96

View: 1863

This second edition of Storm on the Island is a revised and edited version of a classic story about a family living through a hurricane on the Carolina coast. It was pitch black outside. A storm was roaring over the little sea island where Rose Ann and her family lived. The house shook in the wind but it was still standing when at last the storm was over. Fields were flooded and the crops ruined by salt water Worst of all, the causeway to the mainland had been washed away and they were cut off from supplies. Rose Ann minded the baby, Paul caught fish to eat, and they all managed to help another family marooned by high water. But when it was all over, and Paul and Rose Ann realized that they had lived through a hurricane, things seemed different and they somehow felt more grown up. Eleanor Frances Lattimore's delightful drawings illustrate the story. (Text taken from the front flap of the dust jacket on the first edition of this book. )

Gangster School


Author: Kate Wiseman

Publisher: you&ivi

ISBN: 3492978800

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 256

View: 4661

Blaggards ist keine Schule wie jede andere: Hier werden die Sprösslinge der berüchtigsten Verbrecherfamilien in Diebstahl, Fälschung und Schwindel ausgebildet, um eines Tages in die Fußstapfen ihrer Eltern zu treten. Aber die Neuankömmlinge Milly und Charlie sind anders. Sie wollen nicht böse sein. Also unternehmen sie alles, um das kriminelle Tun auf der Schule zu verhindern – nur wie kann man gleichzeitig allen weismachen, dass man der genialste Gangster aller Zeiten werden will? Und es kommt noch schlimmer, als die finstere Superschurkin Pecunia Badpenny zum großen Schlag ausholt. Denn Milly und Charlie sind die einzigen, die das verhindern können ...

The Great Sea Island Storm of 1893

Author: Bill Marscher,Fran Marscher

Publisher: Mercer University Press

ISBN: 9780865548671

Category: History

Page: 134

View: 3303

The Great Sea Island Storm of 1893 details human courage and perseverance in the face of the second most fatal hurricane in US history.

The Tempest

Third Series

Author: William Shakespeare,Virginia Mason Vaughan,Alden T. Vaughan

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 1903436087

Category: Drama

Page: 366

View: 7688

A new edition of The Tempest which brings alive the rich interpretative possibilities of this most popular play.

Scarlet und der Zauberschirm – Die wundersame Reise durch die Nacht

Author: Cerrie Burnell

Publisher: S. Fischer Verlag

ISBN: 3733649362

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 128

View: 9861

Mit dem fliegenden Zauberschirm auf Entdeckungsreise! Niemand weiß, wer die Eltern der kleinen Scarlet sind. Am allerwenigsten sie selbst. Scarlet lebt glücklich zusammen mit ihrem Kater Mitternacht bei ihrer Großtante in der phantastischen Wolkenstadt. Eines Tages findet sie heraus, dass sie mit ihrem roten Regenschirm fliegen kann. Bei einem Flug durch die Nacht lernt sie eine Seiltänzerin kennen, die sie mit zum Zirkus der Träume nimmt. Nie hätte sich Scarlet träumen lassen, dass sie gerade dort etwas über ihre Eltern erfahren wird ... Mit zauberhaften Bildern von Laura Ellen Anderson