Social Institutions

Author: Derik Gelderblom

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780195780765

Category: Social Science

Page: 64

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The Introduction to Sociology series aims to present foundational sociology in a unique way. The series introduces students to debates that are current and alive in modern sociology, especially those in southern Africa. As they move from topic to topic, students will build up an advanced repetoire of technical language and concepts. Discussions are always clear and accesible. Coherently structured with a developing and cumulative theme, each book is written in a lucid, logical, and organised way, promoting the fundamental skill of sequential argument that all students must learn at university level. In addition, exercises at the end of each book are carefully constructed to develop cognitive skills. This particular book, Social Institutions, is an introduction to the field in sociology, with an emphasis on the family and education, especially those issues relevant to southern Africa and the developing world. _

Contemporary Social Institutions

An Introduction to Institutional Sociology

Author: Constantine Maria Panunzio

Publisher: N.A


Category: Sociology

Page: 308

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Sociology for Social Work

An Introduction

Author: Chris Yuill,Alastair Gibson

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 1446200574

Category: Social Science

Page: 280

View: 8520

This excellent textbook introduces the social work student to the field of sociology, illustrating how sociology is connected to and fundamental to effective social work practice. Each chapter applies theory to practice and is uniquely co-written by a sociologist, social worker and service user. A wide range of topics and subjects relevant to social work are covered, including: -Gender -Class -Ethnicity and race -Ageing -Health -Intimacies -Social exclusion -Crime and deviance -Communities -Disability The book comes with access to an exciting companion website offering the reader downloads, web links, powerpoint slides and case studies. Every chapter of the book further includes further case studies, along with lots of clear definitions of terms, and reflection points, making this book the essential introductory text for all social work students.

Social Processes

An Introduction to Sociology

Author: Tamotsu Shibutani

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 9780520050563

Category: Social Science

Page: 579

View: 4969

An introductory textbook to sociology.

Sociology for Social Workers

Author: Anne Llewellyn,Lorraine Agu,David Mercer

Publisher: Polity

ISBN: 0745636977

Category: Social Science

Page: 337

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The second edition of this major textbook clearly shows how sociology can inform professional social work practice in the twenty–first century. It provides an easy–to–follow, jargon–free introduction to sociology for social work students, with crucial links to practice across a comprehensive range of topics. The need for an appreciation of the insights sociology has to offer about our world and our actions within it has been underlined by recent reforms to social work education, and the new edition furthers its commitments to this goal. The book shows how sociology is an exciting and relevant topic to social work with a variety of service user groups, and supports and extends students’ learning through carefully designed pedagogical features. Richly illustrated with evidence and examples, the book uses engaging case studies to demonstrate the relevance of sociology to everyday practice. The new edition has been fully updated to explore contemporary issues for social workers, locating these in the context of global changes and strengthening its application of sociological theories to social work practice. Sociology for Social Workers will continue to be an invaluable teaching and learning resource that takes seriously sociology’s capacity to contribute to positive social work practice.

An Introduction to Sociology

Author: Ken Browne

Publisher: Polity

ISBN: 0745632572

Category: Social Science

Page: 488

View: 476

Thoroughly revised and fully updated, An Introduction to Sociology gives concise yet comprehensive coverage of all the topics specified by the GCSE examining boards. The second edition was described by the AQA′s Chief Examiner for GCSE Sociology as establishing ′the standard for textbooks at this level′ – this new edition builds on the book′s existing achievements. New material is found throughout the book, including substantive new sections on gender, identity, citizenship, education, new social movements, poverty and the welfare state, religion, the mass media, work and leisure, and population. The book has been carefully designed to support and extend students′ learning. Each chapter begins with a summary of the key issues to be covered, and goes on to highlight important terms, which are then explained in a clear glossary. Summaries at the end of each chapter, a lively range of new activities and discussion points, the use of websites, as well as helpful suggestions for coursework, all add to the book′s value as a learning and teaching resource. Student–friendly cartoons, tables, diagrams, and photographs – and the re–designed internal lay–out – also enliven the text, making sociology seem exciting and relevant to students of all interests and abilities. The new edition of this highly successful textbook will prove invaluable to anyone taking an introductory sociology course, especially at GCSE and related levels. Students taking AS and A–level – as well as Access, nursing, and health and social care courses – will also find the book provides an easy and fun introduction to studying sociology.

Sociology in Our Times

Author: Diana Kendall

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 1111831572

Category: Science

Page: 704

View: 2944

This best-selling comprehensive book conveys the relevance of sociology by including a timely collection of theories, research, and examples--including its signature first-person accounts that open chapters. Experiences represented in these opening vignettes accurately mirror the richness and complexity of society, while also establishing the themes that are carried throughout the chapters. Author Diana Kendall’s vivid, inviting writing style, emphasis on applications, eye for the most compelling current examples, and use of assignable photo essays and companion videos engage readers and further highlight sociology’s relevance to all students. Now in its Ninth Edition, SOCIOLOGY IN OUR TIMES is acclaimed in the field for being the first textbook to integrate race, class, and gender issues, and for its thorough presentation of sociological theory, including contemporary perspectives such as feminism and postmodernism. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

An Introduction to Sociology

Author: J. E. Goldthorpe

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521287791

Category: Social Science

Page: 233

View: 2460

The third edition of An Introduction to Sociology, with major revisions to the text.

Introduction to Social Work and Social Welfare: Empowering People

Author: Charles Zastrow

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 0495809527

Category: Social Science

Page: 640

View: 4554

The bestselling book on the market, Zastrow’s Introduction to Social Work and Social Welfare: Empowering People, 10e is also acclaimed as the most comprehensive. Giving readers a thorough overview of the social work profession, the text examines contemporary society with a realistic view of social problems--equipping students with real-world insight they can put into practice. By presenting positive strategies in the context of the core values, ethics, skills, and knowledge base of today’s professional social worker, Zastrow encourages students to think about new and realistic ways to solve problems and empower clients. A wealth of social problems cases, exhibits, and tables helps students apply concepts and compare and contrast the issues. The Tenth Edition has been thoroughly updated to include the latest Standards updates as well as new and emerging issues from the field. Packed with cutting-edge coverage and comprehensive CSWE core content, Introduction to Social Work and Social Welfare: Empowering People, 10e continues to inspire students while giving them true insight into real-world practice. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Sociology: A Very Short Introduction

Author: Steve Bruce

Publisher: OUP Oxford

ISBN: 0191606391

Category: Social Science

Page: 128

View: 7210

Drawing on studies of social class, crime and deviance, work in bureaucracies, and changes in religious and political organizations, this Very Short Introduction explores the tension between the individual's role in society and society's role in shaping the individual, and demonstrates the value of sociology as a perspective for understanding the modern world. ABOUT THE SERIES: The Very Short Introductions series from Oxford University Press contains hundreds of titles in almost every subject area. These pocket-sized books are the perfect way to get ahead in a new subject quickly. Our expert authors combine facts, analysis, perspective, new ideas, and enthusiasm to make interesting and challenging topics highly readable.

College and Society

An Introduction to the Sociological Imagination

Author: Stephen Sweet

Publisher: Allyn & Bacon


Category: Social Science

Page: 150

View: 424

A brief book that uses examples from a college or university setting to illustrate society in terms of social groups and forces. College and Society is based on the premise that colleges are not “ivory towers” that stand in contrast to the larger society. Rather, the author argues that colleges tend to reflect many of the same social structures, culturally based expectations of social conduct, and patterns of interaction seen at work in the larger society. For anyone interested in learning basic concepts of Sociology.

The Sociology of Work


Author: Keith Grint

Publisher: Polity

ISBN: 0745632505

Category: Social Science

Page: 400

View: 4291

The third edition of this best-selling textbook has been carefully revised to provide an up-to-date, indispensable introduction to the sociology of work. It not only includes clear explanations of classic theories and evidence, but also covers the most cutting-edge research, data, and debates. In addition to being revised throughout, the book contains substantive new sections on globalisation, including global branding and slave labour, and a new chapter on the myths and realities of modern employment. Chapter-by-chapter, Keith Grint examines different sociological approaches to work, emphasising the links between social processes, the institutions of employment, and their social and domestic contexts. His use of an international range of empirical evidence helps to make his account especially accessible to undergraduate readers. The book has been specially designed to support students' understanding, and to develop their critical responses to the literature. Written in a lively and accessible style, it provides student-friendly chapter summaries, suggestions for further reading, a glossary and practice essay questions. This third edition will be essential reading for students of the sociology of work, industrial sociology, organisational behaviour and industrial relations. Students studying business and management courses with a sociological component will also find the book invaluable.

Introduction to Sociology

Analysis of the Social World

Author: Mary Blair-Loy

Publisher: Cognella Academic Publishing

ISBN: 9781621315094

Category: Social Science

Page: 564

View: 5328

Sociology analyzes how our opportunities and world views are shaped by social institutions. As individuals, we have some power to direct our lives but less control over our destiny than we might think. Even the significance of personal characteristics such as ethnicity, race, or gender is to a great extent assigned to us by social groups. This anthology presents a set of readings selected and introduced by Mary Blair-Loy to help students develop their own analytical perspective on society. It begins with classical readings by sociology s founders and then presents recent research on social class, race and ethnicity, immigration, and gender. Finally, it focuses on how these dimensions intersect in the lives of college students. Most readings are pieces of original scholarship. The volume also includes topical overviews written for a college audience as well as recent news articles. The selections in the anthology help readers learn to discern social and cultural structures throughout society, which are often hidden. By becoming aware of structural constraints in our lives, we will become more empowered to change them. Mary Blair-Loy teaches Sociology and directs the Center for Research on Gender in the Professions at UC San Diego. Her research uses qualitative and quantitative methods to study broadly-shared cultural schemas that help shape workplace and family institutions. These schemas frame some decisions and goals as morally and emotionally compelling while defining others as off-limits. Her award-winning book, "Competing Devotions: Career and Family among Women Executives," focuses on executive women, while other research investigates attorneys, scientists, stockbrokers, call center employees, and managers. She has a Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Chicago and an M.Div. from Harvard. She lives with her family in California."

Economic Sociology

An Introduction

Author: Jeff Hass

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134164254

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 272

View: 9453

This insightful key resource presents the clearest, most comprehensive and wide ranging account of economic sociology to date. Hass presents a critical and sophisticated yet approachable analysis of economic behaviour and phenomena. He makes the insights, claims, and logic of economic sociology interactive and accessible to students, while exposing the realities of today’s complex economic world and the challenges of studying economies and societies. This introductory text: provides a sophisticated yet approachable analysis of economic behaviour and phenomena explores economic structures and change from a global perspective-by using comparisons and data from the United States, Europe, East Asia, Latin America, and post-socialist countries shows how domestic and international economic forces work over time to shape modern economies takes a critical perspective of both economic sociology and economics to establish useful insights presents historical narratives showing the development of today’s economic structures and institutions addresses important economic issues directly impacting on students’ lives—from the more visible (economic inequality and organizations) to the less visible (international economic trends, public policy, post-socialism). Incorporating illustrations, case studies, a glossary, chapter notes, and a comprehensive bibliography, this student-friendly text also puts forward suggestions for further project work by showing the reader areas that require further investigation.

Society, Institutions, and Individuals: An Introduction to the Sociological Imagination

Author: David G. Embrick,Bhoomi Thakore

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781516522309

Category: Social Science

Page: 418

View: 4165

While standard sociology textbooks often provide only brief overviews of the field of sociology, the anthology Society, Institutions, and Individuals: An Introduction to the Sociological Imagination allows professors and students alike to spend more time addressing institutional and systemic inequalities, most notably issues of race, class, and gender. The book also examines globalization and its sociological effects. After an introduction to the nature of sociology, the sections of the book address the ways in which sociologists view the world, the ways culture impacts perspective, persistent social inequalities, and the sociology of development and globalization. The final section presents suggestions and solutions that can be used in dealing with systemic inequality. In this second edition, a new section on research methods highlights how sociologists produce knowledge. The text exposes students to both classic sociological works, and the freshest contemporary research on topics ranging from media to education to the prison industrial complex through peer-reviewed research articles by notable scholars in the field. Society, Institutions, and Individuals is an ideal supplemental reader for introductory sociology courses, as well as classes focusing on social problems and inequality. It can also be used as a stand-alone textbook. David G. Embrick earned his Ph.D at Texas A&M University in 2006. He is an associate professor of sociology at Loyola University and the current Vice-President of the Southwestern Sociological Association. Dr. Embrick's professional writings have appeared in numerous journals including Sociological Forum and the Journal of Symbolic Interaction. He is the author of the books Globalization and America: Race, Human Rights & Inequality, Utopic Dreams and Apocalyptic Fantasies: Critical Approaches to Researching Video Game Play, and Critical Social Policy and Video Game Play: Social Exclusion, Power & Liberating Fantasy. Bhoomi K. Thakore is an assistant professor of sociology and the director of the Sociology Program at Elmhurst College. She earned her Ph.D. at Loyola University Chicago. Her research interests include social inequality and race, ethnicity, and gender in the media. Dr. Thakore teaches undergraduate courses in research methods, sociological theory, mass media, race and ethnicity, and introduction to sociology.