International Maritime Boundaries

Author: Jonathan I. Charney,David A. Colson,Lewis M. Alexander,Robert W. Smith

Publisher: Martinus Nijhoff Publishers

ISBN: 9004144617

Category: Law

Page: 920

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This is the ultimate guide to international maritime boundaries. Its unique practical features include - systematic examination of all international maritime boundaries worldwide; - comprehensive coverage, including the text of every modern boundary agreement; - descriptions of judicially-established boundaries; - maps and detailed analyses of those boundaries; - expert papers examining the status of maritime boundary delimitations in each of the ten regions of the world; - papers from a global perspective analyzing key issues in maritime boundary theory and practice; and - a cumulative index for volumes I - V. These features make "International Maritime Boundaries" an unmatched comprehensive, accessible resource in the field.

Maritime Boundary Disputes, Settlement Processes, and the Law of the Sea

Author: Seoung Yong Hong,Jon M. Van Dyke

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9004173439

Category: Law

Page: 304

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A surprising number of maritime boundaries remain unresolved, and a range of reasons can be cited to explain why the process of delimiting these boundaries has been so slow. This volume addresses and analyzes some of these reasons, focusing on some of the volatile disputes in Northeast Asia and in North America. Scholars from Asia, the United States, and Europe grapple with festering controversies and apply insights gained from resolved disputes to those that remain unresolved. Islands continue to haunt this process, and the way in which they should affect maritime boundaries remains in dispute. The United States has a number of disputed boundaries with its neighbors to the north and south, and these are examined. Antarctica is a concern of all nations, and the regimes governing the Southern Ocean surrounding Antarctica are analyzed. The International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea was created to allow countries to resolve their disputes peacefully, and two chapters look at how this new court is operating. The impact of sea-level rise on maritime boundaries is given special attention in the opening chapter. This volume presents a wonderful collection of provocative chapters written by the top scholars in the field of International Ocean Law. It should help scholars, students, and decision makers to understand the current state of this field and to move some of the difficult disputes toward resolution.

United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea 1982, Volume VII

A Commentary

Author: Myron Nordquist

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9004190058

Category: Law

Page: 512

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This is the seventh and final volume of the most authoritative reference on the Third United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS III, 1973-1982). The volume provides the original text of the 1982 convention as fully integrated with the provisions of the 1994 Agreement on the Implementation of XI, in addition to an extensive subject index to Volumes I through VI of the series.

The IMLI Manual on International Maritime Law

Volume I: The Law of the Sea

Author: David Attard,Malgosia Fitzmaurice,Norman A. Martinez Gutierrez

Publisher: OUP Oxford

ISBN: 0191509949

Category: Law

Page: 640

View: 9112

This three-volume Manual on International Maritime Law presents a systematic analysis of the history and contemporary development of international maritime law by leading contributors from across the world. Prepared in cooperation with the International Maritime Law Institute, the International Maritime Organization's research and training institute, this a uniquely comprehensive study of this fundamental area of international law. Volume I: The Law of the Sea addresses the major issues which arise in the law of the sea. It provides a detailed understanding of the historical development of the law of the sea; the role of the International Maritime Organization; the law surrounding maritime zones; the legal regime of islands; the international sea-bed area; the legal regime governing marine scientific research; the rights and obligations of land-locked and geographically disadvantaged states; the legal regime of Arctic and Antarctic; and the settlements of disputes. This volume also considers the ways in which human rights and the law of the sea interact. The forthcoming Volume II will address shipping law; Volume III will provide analysis of marine environmental law and maritime security law. The full three-volume Manual will set out the entirety of international maritime law, re-stating and re-examining its fundamental principles, how it is enacted, and the issues that are shaping its future. It will be a superlative resource for those working with or studying this area of law.

The Law of International Sea Piracy

Author: Barry Hart Dubner

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789024721917

Category: Law

Page: 176

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This volume presents an analysis of the maritime boundary delimitations of the Russian Federation. The focus of this analysis is the relationship between state practice & the rules of public international law applicable to the delimitation of maritime zones between neighboring states. A first part establishes the contents of the law in this field. The main part of the work concerns an analysis of the position of the Russian Federation on the rules of maritime delimitation law & the practice of this state in relation to the delimitation of specific maritime boundaries with neighboring states. The case study of the Russian Federation illustrates the significance of international law for the delimitation of maritime boundaries, while at the same time indicating the limits of the influence of the law on state behavior.

Herrscherchronologien der antiken Welt

Namen, Daten, Dynastien

Author: Walter Eder,Johannes Renger

Publisher: J.B. Metzler

ISBN: 9783476019127

Category: History

Page: 360

View: 3118

Herrscher und Herrschaftsformen drücken allen Zeiten ihren Stempel auf. Doch wer waren die Mächtigen des Altertums? Wann regierten die Ptolemäer? Wer führte die iranischen Großreiche an, und wer Kleinasien und seine Nachbarn? Wer lenkte wann die Geschicke der Städte und Provinzen Griechenlands und Roms? Von den mesopotamischen Fürsten im 3. Jahrtausend vor Chr. bis zu den Bischöfen und Patriarchen der Spätantike sind alle Herrscher - nach geographischen Räumen geordnet - verzeichnet. Band 1 der Pauly-Supplemente ergänzt den NEUEN PAULY um vertiefende Daten und Fakten jenseits der alphabetischen Lemmatisierung.

Maritime Delimitation and Interim Arrangements in North East Asia

Author: Sun Pyo Kim

Publisher: Martinus Nijhoff Publishers

ISBN: 900413669X

Category: Law

Page: 386

View: 653

This work will be a useful guide for those who look for rules and practice on the relations between neighboring States in the absence of maritime boundaries. The main question the author is trying to tackle is how to handle the relations between neighboring coastal States when there is no maritime boundary in place. This book attempts to clarify the legal issues of exploitation of oil, gas and fisheries resources, and jurisdictional conflicts with regard to marine scientific research and protection of the marine environment in disputed areas. This book shows numerous instances of provisional arrangements in disputed areas around the globe together with as many as forty-five valuable maps. The author, a scholar and diplomat of Korea, gives an up-to-date and in-depth analysis of the complicated legal issues of maritime delimitation and provisional arrangements in North East Asia. The English texts of the provisional arrangements in the region annexed to the book are also valuable materials.

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Recht zwischen Umbruch und Bewahrung

Völkerrecht · Europarecht · Staatsrecht Festschrift für Rudolf Bernhardt

Author: Ulrich Beyerlin,Michael Bothe,Rainer Hofmann,Ernst-Ulrich Petersmann

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783642633546

Category: Law

Page: 1399

View: 2884

In der Festschrift behandeln anerkannte in- und ausländische Vertreter aus Wissenschaft und Praxis Probleme des Völkerrechts, Europarechts und Staatsrechts, denen sich der Jubilar in seinem beruflichen Wirken als Wissenschaftler und internationaler Richter schwerpunktmäßig gewidmet hat. Die 78 Beiträge in deutscher, englischer und französischer Sprache sind in sieben Sachrubriken geordnet: - Quellen und Grundfragen des Völkerrechts, - Menschenrechte im Staats- und Völkerrecht, - Internationale Streitbeilegung, - Staatsrecht und internationale Beziehungen, - Internationales Umweltrecht, - Internationales Wirtschaftsrecht, - Europäische Integration.

Submissions to the UN CLCS in Cases of Disputed and Undisputed Maritime Boundary Delimitations Or Other Unresolved Land Or Maritime Disputes of Developing States

Farewell Lecture of 9 December 2011, Updated as of 29 July 2012

Author: Barbara Kwiatkowska

Publisher: Vandeplas Pub

ISBN: 9781600421785

Category: Law

Page: 175

View: 8131

This pioneering book surveys fundamental principles of not prejudicing by the UN Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf (CLCS) of Disputed and Undisputed Boundary Delimitations or Other Unresolved Land or Maritime Disputes under UNCLOS and the CLCS Rules. It constitutes a remarkable contribution by one of the world's leading academics in the field of international law of the sea to peaceful resolution of oceans and boundary disputes within the framework of the UNCLOS and the United Nations Charter. The author presents convincing legal reasoning that interpretation of the treaty provisions of UNCLOS and the CLCS Rules, as well as vast state practice of Submissions made to the CLCS are clear in suggesting that - as the 2006 UNCLOS Annex VII Barbados/Trinidad and Tobago Maritime Delimitation (Jurisdiction and Merits) Award and the 2012 ITLOS Bangladesh v. Myanmar Bay of Bengal Maritime Delimitation Judgment confirmed - the CLCS's Recommendations must in no way prejudice existing and prospective boundary delimitations, nor must they prejudice other land or maritime disputes, which can thus well be adjudicated-arbitrated or otherwise resolved: prior or in parallel to or sometimes in a follow-up to the CLCS' involvement. All practical means giving effect to such "without prejudice" principles are also being carefully analyzed, including practice of partial Submissions, deferral of Submissions, consideration of Submissions subject to consent of all parties to pending delimitations and disputes, or filing joint or separate Submissions by Agreement of all states concerned. In view of much attention given in the UNCLOS literature to Submissions in the Arctic and other regions of the developed states, the high virtue of this book is a comprehensive focus on Submissions and the pertaining delimitations and disputes of developing states of the Caribbean and Latin America, Northeast and Southeast Asia, South Pacific, South Asia and the Middle East, East Africa - Indian Ocean, South Africa, West Africa and North Africa. In the context of such broad geographical coverage, also some practice of developed states is covered, notably that of the United States, France, Britain, Japan, Australia and Spain. The full docket of the CLCS and an intimate link between process of disputed and undisputed boundary delimitations (by states and the judicial-arbitral fora) and process of delineation of outer CS limit beyond 200 miles (by the CLCS) will ensure that the CLCS remains in the UN-based center of stimulating law of the sea development and peaceful settlement of oceans disputes as a part of global system of the peace and security for at least the next two decades. About the author: Barbara Kwiatkowska is Professor of International Law of the Sea. She was in the years 1985-2009 Deputy Director and in 2009-2012 Senior Fellow of the Netherlands Institute for the Law of the Sea (NILOS) at the Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance - School of Law at the Utrecht University, The Netherlands. Prof. Kwiatkowska was nominated by the Netherlands as UNCLOS Annex VII Arbitrator and she is the author of Decisions of the World Court Relevant to the UNCLOS (2010), as well as longstanding contributor to the ASIL International Maritime Boundaries series and the author of over 150 articles devoted to a wide range of issues of international environmental law and the law of the sea, with particular reference to international jurisprudence of the ICJ, Arbitral Tribunals and the ITLOS.