International Family Law

An Introduction

Author: Professor Barbara Stark

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 1409493059

Category: Law

Page: 288

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International law has become part of everyday family law practice, as lawyers everywhere are confronted with questions regarding the rights of 'mail-order' brides, the adoption of children from other countries, the abduction of children by foreign parents, and domestic violence victims seeking asylum. Indeed, globalization is transforming family law, even as families themselves are being redefined. This book provides a practical overview of such issues and also examines the ways in which culture shapes family law in different countries. It provides students with a useful introduction to challenging, complicated and fascinating issues in international family law. Finally, by incorporating a comparative perspective, it gives readers an opportunity to re-examine their own legal systems.

The Europeanisation of International Family Law

Author: N. A. Baarsma

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9789067047432

Category: Law

Page: 341

View: 1973

Choice of law determines which national legal system applies to an international case. Currently many choice of law rules in the field of family law are regulated by national law. However, these national rules of the EU Member States are more and more displaced by common European rules. This book describes the changes brought by the Europeanisation of the choice of law on divorce. From the conclusions drawn in the field of divorce the concluding chapter discusses the changes of Europeanisation of international family law in a broader perspective.

International Family Law

An Introduction

Author: Barbara Stark

Publisher: Gower Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 9780754623472

Category: Law

Page: 278

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Providing students with a useful introduction to challenging, complicated and fascinating issues in international family law, this book also examines ways in which culture shapes family law in different countries and gives readers an opportunity to re-examine their own legal systems.

Routledge Handbook of International Family Law

Author: Barbara Stark,Jacqueline Heaton

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317043111

Category: Law

Page: 326

View: 9263

Globalisation, and the vast migrations of capital and labour that have accompanied it in recent decades, has transformed family law in once unimaginable ways. Families have been torn apart and new families have been created. Borders have become more porous, allowing adoptees and mail order brides to join new families and women fleeing domestic violence to escape from old ones. People of different nationalities marry, have children, and divorce, not necessarily in that order. They file suits in their respective home states or third states, demanding support, custody, and property. Otherwise law-abiding parents risk jail in desperate efforts to abduct their own children from foreign ex-spouses. The aim of this Handbook is to provide scholars, postgraduate students, judges, and practioners with a broad but authoritative review of current research in the area of International Family Law. The contributors reflect on a range of jurisdictions and legal traditions and their approaches vary. Each chapter has a distinct subject matter and was written by an author who was invited because of his or her expertise on that subject. This volume provides a valuable contribution to emerging understandings of the subject.

The International Survey of Family Law


Author: Andrew Bainham

Publisher: Martinus Nijhoff Publishers

ISBN: 9789041105738

Category: Law

Page: 516

View: 8206

The "International Survey of Family Law," published on behalf of the International Society of Family Law, is the successor to the Annual Survey of Family Law'. It provides information, analysis and comment on recent developments in Family Law across the world on a country-by- country basis. The "Survey" is published annually and its subtitle reflects the calendar year surveyed. Where a country has been regularly surveyed each year, the developments discussed correspond to the year in question. If certain countries have not been surveyed for some years the contributions will usually attempt to cover the intervening period. This applies, for example, in the present volume to the contributions relating to China and Turkey. If countries are being covered for the first time, then more background information will be provided about the state of family law in the country in question. The "Survey" also contains an article dealing with the more significant developments in international law affecting the family.

International Dimensions in Family Law

Author: John Murphy

Publisher: Manchester University Press

ISBN: 9780719068423

Category: Law

Page: 315

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Offering a comprehensive and critical review of many important dimensions in English family law, this text offers a new approach to aspects of private international law, such as the recognition of foreign marriages and divorce and the conflicts rules governing financial relief on divorce, matrimonial property and succession.

International Family Law Deskbook

Author: Ann Laquer Estin

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781634254120

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 352

View: 5526

This book reviews and analyzes the international treaties that form the basis for reciprocal relationships between the United States and more than eighty-five nations, focusing on their definition of the law applicable to transnational family issues in the United States.

Balancing of interests

liber amicorum Peter Hay zum 70. Gerburtstag

Author: Hans-Eric Rasmussen-Bonne

Publisher: Verlag Recht und Wirtschaft

ISBN: 9783800514373

Category: Comparative law

Page: 533

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International Family Law for the European Union

Author: Martha Pertegas-Sender,Gert Straetmans

Publisher: Intersentia Uitgevers N V

ISBN: 9789050956055

Category: Law

Page: 461

View: 3561

What international family law is 'necessary for the proper functioning of the internal market'? An in-depth analysis of international family law within the European Union from a multidisciplinary approach was needed to tackle this central theme. Articles 61c and 65 of the EC Treaty expressly place civil judicial cooperation in the perspective of the proper functioning of the internal market and thus appear to grant it a distinct 'economic' flavour. Still, the link between civil cooperation and, a fortiori, family law on the one hand and economic integration on the other hand, is not self-evident. A key question today is to what extent and according to what framework the European legislator can and should act in the field of international family law. This book provides clear answers to that crucial question. With contributions of M. Antokolskaia (Amsterdam), S. Bariatti, C. Ricci and L. Tomasi (Milan), M. Bogdan (Lund), A. Borrás (Barcelona), J.-Y. Carlier and S. Saroléa (Louvain-la-Neuve), M. Fallon (Louvain-la-Neuve), C. González Beilfuss (Barcelona), D. Martiny (Frankfurt a. Oder), J. Meeusen (Antwerp), M. Pertegás (Antwerp), S. Poillot Peruzzetto (Toulouse), H. Stalford (Liverpool), G. Straetmans (Antwerp) and F. Swennen (Antwerp).

The International Family Law Practice 2015-2016

Author: David Hodson

Publisher: Family Law Publications

ISBN: 9781784730611

Category: Conflict of laws

Page: 2052

View: 3338

Busy practitioners find that, whether in preparation for a conference, in drafting a skeleton argument, or before setting off to court, they repeatedly have to search for the same authorities and the same crucial paragraphs within each authority.The Family Law Case Library (Children) addresses this need by providing a quick method of sourcing the key extracts from the seminal authorities, all collated in a single volume and presented thematically with cross-references to the full case report in the Family Law Reports. This valuable time saving reference book takes account of all Family Law Reports cases reported up to early 2015, allowing readers to refer to the very latest authority on any topic with confidence.Includes a free CD-ROM containing all of the extracts found in the book – ideal for copying and pasting when preparing documents such as skeleton arguments, or for printing and submitting in court.

Perspectives for the Unification and Harmonisation of Family Law in Europe

Author: Katharina Boele-Woelki

Publisher: Intersentia nv

ISBN: 9050952879

Category: Law

Page: 573

View: 1617

Is the unification and harmonisation of (international) family law in Europe necessary? Is it feasible, desirable and possible? Reading the different contributions to this book may certainly inspire those who would like to find the right answers to these questions.

The International Family Law Practice

Author: David Hodson,Edward Bennett (Lawyer)

Publisher: Family Law

ISBN: 9781784732332

Category: Conflict of laws

Page: 2093

View: 3159

As a consequence of the increased mobility of families between different countries, family lawyers are now frequently faced with international issues arising in their cases. This major practitioner reference work provides comprehensive coverage of the international elements of English law, and includes all relevant source material, thereby providing an indispensable guide for solicitors, barristers and the judiciary to this rapidly expanding area of law and practice.

Family Law

Author: Frances Burton

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317906403

Category: Law

Page: 566

View: 5453

Family Law provides a comprehensive foundation in the key topics covered by courses. It explains the basic principles of the law and practice in their social, economic and historic context, enabling the reader to understand the doctrinal and practical impact of current radical changes in family law in response to cultural and other influences. This second edition has been fully updated in the light of on-going changes to the family justice system including: the modernisation of family justice including the new Family Court Atypical formation of the contemporary family: genetic, adoptive, social or through HAR the proposed administrative extra-judicial divorce process financial orders on married and unmarried family relationship breakdown enhanced parental responsibility, ‘Parental Agreements’ and ‘Child Arrangement Orders’ the treatment of post separation parenting (and the new DWP child support system) reforms to public child law, including changes to adoption same-sex marriage and the impact on traditional marriage and cohabitation Visit the companion website for practice questions, updates to the law and podcasts by the author at

International Family Law

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Publisher: N.A


Category: Domestic relations (International law)

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International and National Perspectives on Child and Family Law

Essays in Honour of Nigel Lowe

Author: Gillian Douglas,Mervyn Murch,Victoria Stephens

Publisher: Intersentia

ISBN: 9781780686417

Category: Children

Page: 388

View: 8619

Professor Nigel Lowe is the leading expert in international family law, with a world-wide reputation for his work in child law, international family relocation and child abduction. His career, spanning more than 40 years, has produced a huge body of literature and is internationally influential and of particular importance within Europe. A collaborative effort by members of the judiciary, practitioners, and fellow academics from both the United Kingdom and other jurisdictions, International and National Perspectives on Child and Family Law is a recognition of the impact of his work. It covers key issues in international child and family law including those in which Professor Lowe's work has been particularly influential, namely adoption, wardship, parental responsibility, children's rights, international family relocation, and the 1980 Hague Convention on International Child Abduction. International and transnational family law has been a developing field of study and a growing area of legal practice over recent years. At a time of great international change and with the complications and implications of Brexit, this book covers many of the key issues in family law today and provides the reader with an exploration of possible future developments in the field.

Families Across Frontiers

Author: Nigel Vaughan Lowe,Gillian Douglas

Publisher: Martinus Nijhoff Publishers

ISBN: 9789041102393

Category: Political Science

Page: 868

View: 7263


Global Issues in Family Law

Author: Ann Laquer Estin,Barbara Stark

Publisher: West Academic


Category: Law

Page: 201

View: 3878

Global Issues in Family Law offers broad coverage of the international, comparative, and transnational legal questions that are increasingly important in the practice of Family Law. It considers global dimensions of the topics covered in an introductory course, including marriage, divorce, establishing parent-child relationships, parental rights and responsibilities, adoption and domestic violence, and addresses broader questions of private international law, human rights, and immigration and asylum rights. The book is intended to be accessible to students with no background in family law or international law, and also to be challenging for those interested in exploring the fascinating intersection of these two fields.