Interdisciplinary Research Journeys

Practical Strategies for Capturing Creativity

Author: Catherine Lyall,Ann Bruce,Joyce Tait,Laura Meagher

Publisher: FT Press

ISBN: 184966014X

Category: Reference

Page: 256

View: 6057

'Interdisciplinarity' has become a rallying cry among funders and leaders of research. Yet, while the creative potential of interdisciplinary research is great, it poses many challenges. This book provides a practical guide to interdisciplinary research: to help build interdisciplinary skills and mobilise a new and growing research community.

Interdisciplinary Research

Process and Theory

Author: Allen F. Repko,Rick Szostak

Publisher: SAGE Publications

ISBN: 1506330495

Category: Social Science

Page: 464

View: 7861

The Third Edition of Interdisciplinary Research: Process and Theory offers a comprehensive and systematic presentation of the interdisciplinary research process and the theory that informs it. Authors Allen F. Repko and Rick Szostak illustrate each step of the decision-making process by drawing on student and professional work from the natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, and applied fields. Designed for active learning and problem-based approaches as well as for more traditional approaches, the book now includes more examples from real student research projects and adds more tables and figures to enliven the discussion.

An introduction to interdisciplinary research

theory and practice

Author: Steph Menken,Machiel Keestra

Publisher: Amsterdam University Press

ISBN: 9048531616

Category: Education

Page: 130

View: 1206

One of the major areas of emphasis in academia in recent years has been interdisciplinary research, a trend that promises new insights and innovations rooted in cross-disciplinary collaboration. This book is designed to help students understand the tools required for stepping beyond traditional disciplinary boundaries and applying knowledge and insights from multiple fields. Relentlessly focused on practical applications, the book will enable students to plan and execute their own interdisciplinary research projects.

Enhancing Communication & Collaboration in Interdisciplinary Research

Author: Michael O'Rourke,Stephen Crowley,Sanford D. Eigenbrode,J. D. Wulfhorst

Publisher: SAGE Publications

ISBN: 1483323110

Category: Social Science

Page: 464

View: 1968

Enhancing Communication & Collaboration in Interdisciplinary Research, edited by Michael O'Rourke, Stephen Crowley, Sanford D. Eigenbrode, and J. D. Wulfhorst, is a volume of previously unpublished, state-of-the-art chapters on interdisciplinary communication and collaboration written by leading figures and promising junior scholars in the world of interdisciplinary research, education, and administration. Designed to inform both teaching and research, this innovative book covers the spectrum of interdisciplinary activity, offering a timely emphasis on collaborative interdisciplinary work. The book’s four main parts focus on theoretical perspectives, case studies, communication tools, and institutional perspectives, while a final chapter ties together the various strands that emerge in the book and defines trend-lines and future research questions for those conducting work on interdisciplinary communication.

The Regulation of Animal Health and Welfare

Science, Law and Policy

Author: John McEldowney,Wyn Grant,Graham Medley

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134068395

Category: Law

Page: 190

View: 2177

The Regulation of Animal Health and Welfare draws on the research of scientists, lawyers, economists and political scientists to address the current and future regulatory problems posed by the issues of animal health and disease. Recent events such as the outbreak of mad cow disease, epidemics of foot and mouth disease, concerns about bluetongue in sheep, and the entry into the food chain of the offspring of cloned cattle, have heightened awareness of the issues of regulation in animal disease and welfare. This book critically appraises the existing regulatory institutions and guiding principles of how best to maintain animal health in the context of social change and a developing global economy. Addressing considerations of sound science, the role of risk management, and the allocation of responsibilities, it also takes up the theoretical and practical challenges which here – and elsewhere – attend the co-operation of scientists, social scientists, lawyers and policy makers. Indeed, the collaboration of scientists and social scientists in determined and regulatory contexts such as that of animal disease is an issue of ever-increasing importance. This book will be of considerable value to those with interests in this issue, as well as those concerned with the law and policy relating to animal health and welfare.

Interdisciplinary Research

Diverse Approaches in Science, Technology, Health and Society

Author: John Atkinson,Malcolm Crowe

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0470029471

Category: Medical

Page: 262

View: 7460

An important book by researchers from across disciplines introducing varying ideas on research, important in these days of inter-disciplinary and multi-centered investigation. The book introduces academics to new areas of endeavour and encourages researchers and students to think broadly when devising their studies. Linking chapters present the contributions in an historical and theoretical context, identifying the themes between the approaches, and encourages new thinking about old problems. Includes contributions from leading researchers across the quantitative-qualitative spectrum, from marine biology to spirituality. With funding under increasing pressure, the different views will help departments form new alliances and encourage interdisciplinary working.

Facilitating Interdisciplinary Research

Author: Institute of Medicine,National Academy of Engineering,National Academy of Sciences,Committee on Science, Engineering, and Public Policy,Committee on Facilitating Interdisciplinary Research

Publisher: National Academies Press

ISBN: 9780309165488

Category: Science

Page: 332

View: 7749

Facilitating Interdisciplinary Research examines current interdisciplinary research efforts and recommends ways to stimulate and support such research. Advances in science and engineering increasingly require the collaboration of scholars from various fields. This shift is driven by the need to address complex problems that cut across traditional disciplines, and the capacity of new technologies to both transform existing disciplines and generate new ones. At the same time, however, interdisciplinary research can be impeded by policies on hiring, promotion, tenure, proposal review, and resource allocation that favor traditional disciplines. This report identifies steps that researchers, teachers, students, institutions, funding organizations, and disciplinary societies can take to more effectively conduct, facilitate, and evaluate interdisciplinary research programs and projects. Throughout the report key concepts are illustrated with case studies and results of the committee’s surveys of individual researchers and university provosts.

A Journey into Women's Studies

Crossing Interdisciplinary Boundaries

Author: R. Pande

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137395745

Category: Social Science

Page: 343

View: 6456

The present book is a journey of many women across the world who have struggled to give women's studies visibility. Drawing upon the contributors' diverse experiences and concerns, it explores the metamorphosis of women's studies from the early days to date.

Gunnar Myrdal and America's Conscience

Social Engineering and Racial Liberalism, 1938-1987

Author: Walter A. Jackson

Publisher: UNC Press Books

ISBN: 146962060X

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 468

View: 8368

Gunnar Myrdal's An American Dilemma (1944) influenced the attitudes of a generation of Americans on the race issue and established Myrdal as a major critic of American politics and culture. Walter Jackson explores how the Swedish Social Democratic scholar, policymaker, and activist came to shape a consensus on one of America's most explosive public issues.

Journeys Into Madness

Mapping Mental Illness in the Austro-Hungarian Empire

Author: Gemma Blackshaw,Sabine Wieber

Publisher: Berghahn Books

ISBN: 0857454595

Category: History

Page: 222

View: 7064

At the turn of the century, Sigmund Freud’s investigation of the mind represented a particular journey into mental illness, but it was not the only exploration of this ‘territory’ in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Sanatoriums were the new tourism destinations, psychiatrists were collecting art works produced by patients and writers were developing innovative literary techniques to convey a character’s interior life. This collection of essays uses the framework of journeys in order to highlight the diverse artistic, cultural and medical responses to a peculiarly Viennese anxiety about the madness of modern times. The travellers of these journeys vary from patients to doctors, artists to writers, architects to composers and royalty to tourists; in engaging with their histories, the contributors reveal the different ways in which madness was experienced and represented in ‘Vienna 1900’.

Journeys to the Other Shore

Muslim and Western Travelers in Search of Knowledge

Author: Roxanne Leslie Euben

Publisher: Princeton University Press

ISBN: 9780691127217

Category: History

Page: 313

View: 1555

"The contemporary world is increasingly defined by dizzying flows of people and ideas. But while Western travel is associated with a pioneering spirit of discovery, the dominant image of Muslim mobility is the jihadi who travels not to learn but to destroy. Journeys to the Other Shore challenges these stereotypes by charting the common ways in which Muslim and Western travelers negotiate the dislocation of travel to unfamiliar and strange worlds. In Roxanne Euben's groundbreaking excursion across cultures, geography, history, genre, and genders, travel signifies not only a physical movement across lands and cultures, but also an imaginative journey in which wonder about those who live differently makes it possible to see the world differently. [...] This extraordinary book shows that curiosity about the unknown, the quest to understand foreign cultures, critical distance from one's own world, and the desire to remake the foreign into the familiar are not the monopoly of any single civilization or epoch. Euben demonstrates that the fluidity of identities, cultures, and borders associated with our postcolonial, globalized world has a long history--one shaped not only by Western power but also by an Islamic ethos of travel in search of knowledge." -- Publisher's description.

Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies

A Primer

Author: Gunilla Oberg

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 144433686X

Category: Science

Page: 224

View: 2688

Environmental issues are inherently interdisciplinary, and environmental academic programs increasingly use an interdisciplinary approach. This timely book presents a core framework for conducting high quality interdisciplinary research. It focuses on the opportunities rather than the challenges of interdisciplinary work and is written for those doing interdisciplinary work (rather than those studying it). It is designed to facilitate high quality interdisciplinary work and the author uses illustrative examples from student work and papers published in the environmental literature. This book's lucid, problem-solving approach is framed in an accessible easily-to-read style and will be indispensable for anyone embarking on a research project involving interdisciplinary collaboration. Readership: graduate students, advanced undergraduates, and researchers involved in the interface between human and natural environmental systems

Social designs

tank irrigation technology and agrarian transformation in Karnataka, South India

Author: Esha Shah

Publisher: N.A


Category: Agriculture and state

Page: 288

View: 3965

Social Designs is based on a central argument that tank irrigation technology is shaped as a result of power relations in a particular historical, agrarian and social context. This technology as a matter of fact institutionalises a particular pattern of resource utilisation that favours only some users, and discriminates against others. This book proposes that technological designs are socially shaped, and that through the means of technological designs society orders itself. By means of shaping and reproducing technology, a certain form of social organisation or social arrangement is also reproduced.

Journeys to Data Mining

Experiences from 15 Renowned Researchers

Author: Mohamed Medhat Gaber

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 3642280471

Category: Computers

Page: 244

View: 3019

Data mining, an interdisciplinary field combining methods from artificial intelligence, machine learning, statistics and database systems, has grown tremendously over the last 20 years and produced core results for applications like business intelligence, spatio-temporal data analysis, bioinformatics, and stream data processing. The fifteen contributors to this volume are successful and well-known data mining scientists and professionals. Although by no means an exhaustive list, all of them have helped the field to gain the reputation and importance it enjoys today, through the many valuable contributions they have made. Mohamed Medhat Gaber has asked them (and many others) to write down their journeys through the data mining field, trying to answer the following questions: 1. What are your motives for conducting research in the data mining field? 2. Describe the milestones of your research in this field. 3. What are your notable success stories? 4. How did you learn from your failures? 5. Have you encountered unexpected results? 6. What are the current research issues and challenges in your area? 7. Describe your research tools and techniques. 8. How would you advise a young researcher to make an impact? 9. What do you predict for the next two years in your area? 10. What are your expectations in the long term? In order to maintain the informal character of their contributions, they were given complete freedom as to how to organize their answers. This narrative presentation style provides PhD students and novices who are eager to find their way to successful research in data mining with valuable insights into career planning. In addition, everyone else interested in the history of computer science may be surprised about the stunning successes and possible failures computer science careers (still) have to offer.

The Longest Journey

Southeast Asians and the Pilgrimage to Mecca

Author: Eric Tagliacozzo

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199989710

Category: History

Page: 336

View: 5572

The pilgrimage to Mecca, or Hajj, has been a yearly phenomenon of great importance in Muslim lands for well over one thousand years. Each year, millions of pilgrims from throughout the Dar al-Islam, or Islamic world, stretching from Morocco east to Indonesia, make the trip to Mecca as one of the five pillars of their faith. By the end of the nineteenth century, and the beginning of the twentieth, fully half of all pilgrims making the journey in any given year could come from Southeast Asia. The Longest Journey, spanning eleven modern nation-states and seven centuries, is the first book to offer a history of the Hajj from one of Islam's largest and most important regions.

Journey from Cognition to Brain to Gene

Perspectives from Williams Syndrome

Author: Ursula Bellugi,Marie St. George,Albert M. Galaburda

Publisher: MIT Press

ISBN: 9780262523127

Category: Medical

Page: 189

View: 9855

A blueprint for the investigation of neurodevelopmental disorders, this book presents the work of a team of scientists using a multidisciplinary, integrated approach to link genes with human behavior. Using Williams syndrome as a model, leading researchers in neuroanatomy, neurocognition, neurophysiology, and molecular genetics have built bridges between disciplines to link higher cognitive functions, their underlying neurobiological bases, and their molecular genetic underpinnings. One of the book's many strengths is that the scientists from each discipline studied the same individuals with Williams syndrome. As the book shows, Williams syndrome is a fascinating disorder because of the "peaks and valleys" among cognitive domains: severe intellectual deficits but remarkably spared and effusive language; specific impairment in spatial construction but great strength in face processing and sociability. By capitalizing on these dissociations in higher cognitive functioning, the book provides a model for the study of brain-behavior relationships as well as for the mapping of brain and behavior phenotypes to the genome and beyond. Contributors Ralph Adolphs, Twyla Alvarez, Lawrence Appelbaum, Ursula Bellugi, Dennis Burian, Xiao-Ning Chen, Michael Chiles, Stephan Eliez, Albert Galaburda, Hanao Hirota, Wendy Jones, Julie Korenberg, Zona Lai, Liz Lichtenberger, Alan Lincoln, Rumiko Matsuoka, Debra Mills, Helen Neville, Judy Reilly, Allan Reiss, Bruce Roe, Marie St. George, J. Eric Schmidtt, Erica Straus

Playing the Water Dance

A guide to conducting and reporting interdisciplinary research in water resources management

Author: Lewis Jonker,Emmanuel Manzungu


ISBN: 1920109951

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 89

View: 4820

Water is the thread that connects us all. The capable student of water management must have the ability to clearly and concisely ask the right questions, formulate an actionable research plan, expeditiously carry out the research, and disseminate findings so that they may be applied directly, adapted to suit particular needs and cases, and/or debated vigorously in the public domain. To this end, Playing the Water Dance serves as a timely and useful tool for the postgraduate student, mid-career academic, skilled practitioner, and seasoned consultant alike.

A Journey to Freedom

An Interdisciplinary Approach to the Anthropology of Formation

Author: Franco Imoda

Publisher: Peeters Publishers

ISBN: 9789042908949

Category: Religion

Page: 482

View: 4368

Can psychology and religion engage in constructive dialogue ? Has psychology a contribution to make in Christian formation ? These are some of the issues addressed in this volume, marking 25 years of the Institute of Psychology of the Gregorian University. The twenty articles which make up the work offer essential insights into how psychology and religion can meet and interact constructively, at the level of theory and of practice. These insights are presented in the context of an overall Christian anthropology which continues to develop and to further refine its practical applications. dialogue between psychology and other disciplines, applications in different cultures, and concrete experiences of applying a psychologically-informed Christian anthropology in the educational setting. presented in this work makes it both a serious instrument of study and a valuable point of reference for the educator. Its constant reference to a Christian conception of the person will help avoid short-sighted pragmatism.

Taking Your Course Online

An Interdisciplinary Journey

Author: Kathleen M. Torrens,José A. Amador

Publisher: IAP

ISBN: 161735595X

Category: Education

Page: 155

View: 5838

This book focuses on online pedagogy and the challenges and opportunities incumbent in the transformation of a facetoface college course. It is intended as a resource and support for new online teachers – a source of ideas and strategies from a variety of disciplinary perspectives as well as pedagogical perspectives – and for those experienced in the online environment. The book meets the needs of faculty new to online teaching by providing them a wide variety of perspectives on the online transition – e.g. pedagogical, multidisciplinary, class size and level – by faculty with varying degrees of previous experience who have recently made the transition from facetoface to online. Their advice and recollections offer a fresh, contemporary perspective on the subject. For administrators and faculty experienced with online instruction, the collection works as a resource for ideas intended to sustain the vibrancy and efficacy of the online environment. Taking Your Course Online includes the experiences of a cohort of faculty that responded to a University wide call for faculty interested in developing online courses for summer session. This group participated in a series of workshops that addressed various aspects of developing online courses and online pedagogy. All of the authors taught their new online course over a subsequent 10week summer session, and many of them have done so subsequently as well. Their experiences have great currency in the everchanging world of online teaching. Because the collection represents the work of teachers exposed to best practices and many discussions concerning rigor, assessment, and accountability, it provides support for the viability of online teaching/learning in an environment frequently plagued by doubts about its effectiveness. Practitioners using this book will learn how to turn their facetoface course into an online course successfully, understand best practices for transitioning courses/online teaching, minimize errors and avoid pitfalls in the transition process, and maximize learning. Faculty development professionals can use this book as a resource to teach faculty from a wide range of disciplines how to transition from the actual to the virtual classroom. Administrators such as deans and program chairs will gain useful insights into ways to think about taking entire programs online, as well as how to guide faculty in their development of pedagogical skills pertinent to online learning.