Immigration and Citizenship in an Enlarged European Union

The Political Dynamics of Intra-EU Mobility

Author: Simon McMahon

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137433922

Category: Political Science

Page: 238

View: 2369

A distinctive contribution to the politics of citizenship and immigration in an expanding European Union, this book explains how and why differences arise in responses to immigration by examining local, national and transnational dimensions of public debates on Romanian migrants and the Roma minority in Italy and Spain.

Migration, Work and Citizenship in the Enlarged European Union

Author: Dr Samantha Currie

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 1409496368

Category: Law

Page: 266

View: 6013

Drawing upon socio-legal research, this insightful book considers labour migration within the context of ('eastward') European Union enlargement. Specifically, this volume explores the legal rights of accession nationals to access employment, their experiences once in work and their engagement with broader family and social entitlement. By combining analysis of the legal framework governing free movement-related rights with analysis of qualitative data gained from interviews with Polish migrants, this volume is able to speculate on the significance the status of Union citizenship holds for nationals of the recently-acceded CEE Member States. Citizenship is conceptualised not merely as rights but as a practice; a real 'lived' experience. The citizenship status of migrants from the CEE Member States is shaped by formal legal entitlement, law in action – as it is implemented by the Member States and 'accessed' by the migrants - and social and cultural perceptions and experiences 'on the ground'.

Migrants as Agents of Change

Social Remittances in an Enlarged European Union

Author: Izabela Grabowska,Michał P. Garapich,Ewa Jaźwińska,Agnieszka Radziwinowiczówna

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137590661

Category: Social Science

Page: 249

View: 6154

This book offers a unique and innovative way of looking at the paradoxical consequences of human mobility. Based on a three-year transnational multi-sited longitudinal research project, it demonstrates that not all migrants acquire, transfer and implement social remittances in the same way. Whilst the circulation of ideas, norms and practices is an important aspect of modernity, acts of resistance, imitation and innovation mean that whilst some migrants become ordinary agents of social change in their local microcosms, others may contest that change. By putting this individual agency centre stage, the authors trace how social remittances are evolving, and the ambiguous impact that they have on society. This thought-provoking work will appeal to students and scholars of sociology, geography and anthropology.

Asylum - A Right Denied

A Critical Analysis of European Asylum Policy

Author: Dr Helen O'Nions

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 1472403681

Category: Political Science

Page: 272

View: 1275

In recent decades, asylum has emerged as a highly politicized European issue. The term ‘asylum seeker’ has suffered a negative perception and has been associated with notions of illegality and criminality in mainstream media. These misconceptions have been supported by politicians as a distraction from economic and political uncertainties with the result that asylum seekers have been deprived of significant rights. This book examines the effect of recent attempts of harmonization on the identification and protection of refugees. It considers the extent of obligations on the state to admit and protect refugees and examines the 1951 Refugee Convention. The motivations of European legislators and legislation concerning asylum procedures and reception conditions are also analysed. Proposals and initiatives for refugee movements and determinations are examined and assessed. The author makes suggestions for better protection of refugees while responding to the security concerns of States, and questions whether European law and policy is doing enough to uphold the fundamental right to seek and enjoy asylum as set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This book takes a bold look at a controversial issue and generates discussion for those involved in the fields of human rights, migrational and transnational studies, law and society and international law.

The New Generations of Europeans

Demography and Families in the Enlarged European Union

Author: Wolfgang Lutz,Rudolf Richter,Chris Wilson

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136535780

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 404

View: 699

Europe today is characterized by aging populations, changing family patterns, dropping fertility rates and mass migration. With the potentially massive ramifications this has for pensions, health, housing, transport, family relations, employment and other sectors of society, The New Generations of Europeans sets out to assess what it is to be a citizen of a growing EU and what important demographic, social, and economic issues will have to be faced by European decision makers. Edited by leading demographers and sociologists, and made up of contributions from respected researchers in the fields of population and society from different parts of Europe, it presents the results of five years of research by the European Observatory on the Social Situation, Demography and the Family. With the aid of over 100 graphs and tables and a full discussion, this book asks how numerous, fertile and long-lived the new generations of European citizens will be. The state of families, immigration and health are all examined, especially in the context of the challenges that will be faced in maintaining social cohesion. Crucially, the question of how demographic changes will impact Europe's socioeconomic infrastructure is woven throughout.

Accession and Migration

Changing Policy, Society, and Culture in an Enlarged Europe

Author: John Eade,Yordanka Valkanova

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 9780754675037

Category: Social Science

Page: 193

View: 9759

The expansion of the European Union to include ten countries from Central and Eastern Europe, followed by the inclusion of Romania and Bulgaria, has generated great media interest in recent times. This volume focuses on the migration flow between Britain and Bulgaria, placing it within the wider European perspective through a careful and grounded analysis. It will be of great interest to migration scholars and policy makers at local, national and international levels.

Citizenship of the Union and Freedom of Movement of Persons

Author: Massimo Condinanzi,Allessandra Lang,Bruno Nascimbene

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 900416300X

Category: Political Science

Page: 265

View: 6999

Citizenship of the Union and Freedom of Movement of Persons, sets out to analyse in detail the various provisions of Community law which confer upon individuals the right to move about, reside and work in the Member States. It also examines the procedural safeguards which set those fundamental rights apart from any deriving from other international bodies or organisations and point up the originality of the Community system. Citizenship of the Union entails freedom of movement under the current Treaties and also under the Treaty of Lisbon, in which the unified treatment of the rules, by contrast with the existing pillars of Community and European Union law, might be expected to confer new impetus on the realisation of the area of freedom, security and justice. If there is truly to be such an area, there must be unified, not merely coordinated action. Judicial cooperation must be tightened in favour of the Union and, more importantly, individuals, be they Community citizens or indeed nationals of third countries, given the increasing trend towards a kind of integration which focuses less on formal data such as nationality and more on factors such as residence, employment and social integration. The book pays particular attention to this last aspect and its political and legal implications. The "communitarisation" of immigration policy (the new Title IV of the EC Treaty mentioned above) and the perspectives opened up by the enlargement to 27 Member States (and more) and by the Treaty of Lisbon, provide the framework for the treatment given in the present work.

Auswirkungen des Auslandsstudiums auf spätere Mobilitäts- und Karrieremuster

Das Beispiel der polnischen Studierenden an deutschen Hochschulen

Author: Nina Wolfeil

Publisher: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht

ISBN: 3862349659

Category: Fiction

Page: 379

View: 3495

Welchen Einfluss hat ein Auslandsstudium auf spätere Mobilitäts- und Karrieremuster? Die Autorin nimmt diese Frage am Beispiel von polnischen Studierenden in den Blick, die ab ca. 1995 in Deutschland studierten. Im Mittelpunkt der qualitativen und quantitativen Untersuchung stehen AbsolventInnen, die nun in Polen oder Deutschland zur Gruppe der jungen Berufstätigen zählen. Anhand von qualitativen Interviews wurden zwei Typologien zur Arbeitsmarktpositionierung der ehemaligen BildungsmigrantInnen in Deutschland und Polen entwickelt. Sie zeigen, dass Interviewpartner mit dem jeweils anderen Land im Berufsleben in engem Kontakt stehen. Die Online-Befragung deckt auf, dass rund 70 Prozent der BildungsmigrantInnen nach dem Studium in Deutschland wieder nach Polen zurückgekehrt sind. Die Arbeit liefert der politischen Ebene Steuerungsansätze für Bildungsmigration und zeigt Handlungsoptionen für Mittlerorganisationen und einzelne Hochschulen im Bereich der studentischen Mobilität auf.

Pioneers of European Integration

Citizenship and Mobility in the EU

Author: Ettore Recchi,Adrian Favell

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

ISBN: 1849802319

Category: Political Science

Page: 320

View: 544

Pioneers of European Integration contributes greatly to European sociology by offering unique quantitative data on the so far uncharted group of intra-EU movers. Theresa Kuhn, European Sociological Review Free movement has become a defining feature of European society. This important study answers the question who are these free movers? Using both quantitative and qualitative research evidence, it brings new perspectives to the sociology of European migration and integration, broadening the analysis from traditional labour migrants to various new kinds of spatial and social mobility in the continent. Russell King, University of Sussex and Sussex Centre for Migration Research, UK The free movement of EU citizens is the most visible sociological consequence of the remarkable process of European integration that has transformed the continent since the Second World War. Pioneers of European Integration offers the first systematic analysis of the small but symbolically potent number of Europeans who have chosen to live and work as foreigners in another member state of the EU. Based on an original survey of 5000 people moving to and from the EU s five largest countries, the book documents the demographic profile, migration choices, cultural adaptation, social mobility, political participation and media use of these pioneers of a transnational Europe, as well as opening a window to the new waves of intra-EU East West migrations. Students and scholars of sociology, political science, human geography, anthropology, migration studies and European studies will all warmly welcome the volume. Civil servants and policymakers will also find this book an essential tool in coming to terms with the implications of EU citizenship and the transformative effects of this unprecedented European integration from below .

Migration and the Externalities of European Integration

Author: Sandra Lavenex,Emek M. Uçarer

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 9780739106297

Category: Political Science

Page: 232

View: 990

"Migration and the Externalities of European Integration analyzes the extra-European dimension of the European Union's (EU) migration policies and the mechanisms developed to enforce the EU's policy decisions. While previous scholarship has tended to overlook the consequences of Europeanization on actors outside the EU this work scrutinizes the foreign policy dimension in EU migration policies and highlights the Union's complex role as an international actor. Written by scholars of migration policy, the essays discuss the impact of EU asylum and refugee policy on Norway, Switzerland, Eastern Europe, Euro-Mediterranean, and EU-Turkish relations and the effect of migration on European immigration controls and welfare policy. This comprehensive treatment of transnational migration will be a valuable resource for students of international affairs, European integration, and international organization."

Irregular Migrant Domestic Workers in Europe

Who Cares?

Author: Professor Anna Triandafyllidou

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 1409473929

Category: Social Science

Page: 256

View: 9261

With specific attention to irregular migrant workers - that is to say, those without legal permits to stay in the countries in which they work - this volume focuses on domestic work, presenting studies from ten European countries, including Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, and Spain. Offering a comparative analysis of irregular migrants engaged in all kinds of domestic work, the authors explore questions relating to employment conditions, health issues and the family lives of migrants. The book examines the living and working conditions of irregular migrant domestic workers, their relations with employers, their access to basic rights such as sick leave, sick pay, and holiday pay, as well as access to health services. Close consideration is also given to the challenges for family life presented by workers' status as irregular migrants, with regard to their lives both in their countries of origin and with their employers. Through analyses of the often blurred distinction between legality and illegality, the notion of a ‘career’ in domestic work and the policy responses of European nations to the growth of irregular migrant domestic work, this volume offers various conceptual developments in the study of migration and domestic work. As such, it will appeal to sociologists, political scientists, geographers and anthropologists with interests in migration, gender, the family and domestic work.

Migration und Integration - wissenschaftliche Perspektiven aus Österreich

Jahrbuch 1/2011

Author: Heinz Fassmann

Publisher: V&R unipress GmbH

ISBN: 3899719204

Category: Social Science

Page: 330

View: 9237

Als klassische Querschnittsmaterie wird Migration in den unterschiedlichsten Disziplinen erforscht. An interdisziplinärem Austausch mangelt es jedoch. Das Jahrbuch für Migrations- und Integrationsforschung will hier Abhilfe schaffen, indem es regelmäßig die Forschungsfragen und Ergebnisse der österreichischen Migrations- und Integrationsforschung dokumentiert. Die Beiträge im ersten nun vorliegenden Band behandeln neben klassischen Themen wie Asyl, Staatsbürgerschaft und Diskriminierung auch neuere Aspekte wie den europäischen Pflegearbeitsmarkt, die Aufenthaltsehe oder die Bedeutung von Migration für Medien und Kunst. Dabei wird neueren theoretischen und methodologischen Ansätzen genauso Raum gegeben wie der Frage, wie sich die Forschungserkenntnisse in die Praxis einbringen lassen. Das Jahrbuch richtet sich insbesondere an die deutschsprachige Forschungsgemeinschaft, darüber hinaus aber auch an ein breiteres Publikum, das an neuen Zugängen zu migrationsbezogenen Fragen interessiert ist.

Illiberal Liberal States

Immigration, Citizenship and Integration in the EU

Author: Dr Sergio Carrera,Prof Dr Kees Groenendijk,Professor Elspeth Guild

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 1409499243

Category: Political Science

Page: 436

View: 7721

Understanding the dynamics of the illiberal practices of liberal states is increasingly important in Europe today. This book examines the changing relationship between immigration, citizenship and integration at the European and national arenas. It studies some of the main effects and questions the comprehensiveness of the exchange and coordination of public responses to the inclusion of third country nationals in Europe, as well as their compatibility with a common European immigration policy driven by a rights-based approach and the respect of the principles of fair and equal treatment of third country nationals. The volume reviews key national experiences of immigration and citizenship laws, the use of integration and the 'moving of ideas' between national arenas. The framing of integration in immigration and citizenship law and the ways in which policy convergence is being achieved through the EU framework on integration raises a number of conceptual dilemmas and a set of definitional premises in need of reflection and consideration.

Territoriality and Migration in the E.U. Neighbourhood

Spilling over the Wall

Author: Margaret Walton-Roberts,Jenna Hennebry

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9400767455

Category: Social Science

Page: 254

View: 871

This volume brings together an interdisciplinary group of scholars around an important question: how has migration changed in Europe as the European Union has enlarged, and what are the consequences for countries (and for migrants themselves) inside and outside of these redrawn jurisdictional and territorial borders? By addressing this question the book contributes to three current debates with respect to EU migration management: 1) that recent developments in EU migration management represent a profound spatial and organizational reconfiguration of the regional governance of migration, 2) the trend towards the externalization or subcontracting of migration control and, 3) how the implications of Europe’s changing immigration policy are increasingly felt across the European neighborhood and beyond. Based on new empirical research, the authors in this collection explore these three processes and their consequences for both member and non-member EU states, for migrants themselves, and for migration systems in the region. The collection indicates that despite the rhetoric of social and spatial integration across the EU region, as one wall has come down, new walls have gone up as novel migration and security policy frameworks have been erected – making European immigration more complex, and potentially more influential beyond the EU zone, than ever.

Dual Nationality in the European Union

A Study on Changing Norms in Public and Private International Law and in the Municipal Laws of Four EU Member States

Author: Olivier Vonk

Publisher: Martinus Nijhoff Publishers

ISBN: 9004227210

Category: Law

Page: 380

View: 2485

The book analyzes the role of dual nationality in different fields of the law, in particular national and EU law, and offers a convincing argument for the (minimum) harmonization of European nationality laws.

A Companion to Border Studies

Author: Thomas M. Wilson,Hastings Donnan

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118255259

Category: Social Science

Page: 576

View: 3454

A Companion to Border Studies introduces an excitingand expanding field of interdisciplinary research, through thewriting of an international array of scholars, from diverseperspectives that include anthropology, development studies,geography, history, political science and sociology. Explores how nations and cultural identities are beingtransformed by their dynamic, shifting borders where mobility issometimes facilitated, other times impeded or prevented Offers an array of international views which together form anauthoritative guide for students, instructors and researchers Reflects recent significant growth in the importance ofunderstanding the distinctive characteristics of borders andfrontiers, including cross-border cooperation, security andcontrols, migration and population displacements, hybridity, andtransnationalism

Citizenship Policies in the New Europe

Author: Rainer Bauböck,Bernhard Perchinig,Wiebke Sievers

Publisher: Amsterdam University Press

ISBN: 9089641084

Category: Political Science

Page: 460

View: 7632

"Citizenship Policies in the New Europe describes the citizenship laws in each of the twelve new countries as well as in the accession states Croatia and Turkey and analyses their historical background. Citizenship Policies in the New Europe complements two volumes on Acquisition and Loss of Nationality in the fifteen old Member States published in the same series in 2006." --Book Jacket.

Changing Europe

Identities, Nations and Citizens

Author: David Dunkerley,Lesley Hodgson,Stanislaw Konopacki,Tony Spybey,Andrew Thompson

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134497946

Category: History

Page: 200

View: 7375

Europe has changed significantly and is now facing even more dramatic transformations with the enlargement of the European Union, the introduction of the euro and its increased role as a global actor in world affairs. This clear and accessible textbook provides an introduction to the key issues now shaping the new Europe and its citizens. The book features: * a history of the idea of 'Europe' and the development of the European nation state * analysis of European identity and the challenges posed by citizenship, migration, human rights, regionalism and nationalism * examination of the enlargement process and the impact of globalisation * key learning points, text boxes and guides for further reading to help students