The Illustrated History of the Countryside

Author: Oliver Rackham,Tom Mackie

Publisher: Weidenfeld & Nicolson Limited

ISBN: 9780297843351

Category: Travel

Page: 256

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THE ILLUSTRATED HISTORY OF THE COUNTRYSIDE tells the many-layered story of the British landscape. Oliver Rackham shows, with passion and humour, how to read our surroundings; the past - even the medieval past - lives around us. Adapted from his classic work THE HISTORY OF THE COUNTRYSIDE this illustrated edition combines Dr Rackham's wisdom and eloquence with the finest landscape photography, vividly exposing the splendour and secrets of our countryside. At the heart of the book are eight of the author's walks within areas of natural beauty; Dr Rackham proves an engaging and informative guide to some of Britain's best loved places, as well as offering practical advice on landscape detection techniques. With over 100 colour illustrations THE ILLUSTRATED HISTORY OF THE COUNTRYSIDE contains a wealth of knowledge invaluable to our appreciation of our greatest asset - our natural heritage.

Village England

A Social History of the Countryside

Author: Trevor Wild

Publisher: I.B.Tauris

ISBN: 9781860649394

Category: History

Page: 204

View: 3465

The romantic imagery of "village England" and the prominence that this commands in English cultural identity is well known. Yet just how accurate is this notion of the rural idyll in which the organic nature of village life was gradually undermined, and destroyed, by social and economic factors? Trevor Wild explores the evolution of village England from earliest times until the present. Drawing upon both contemporary accounts and recent scholarship he provides a revealing account of the major transformations affecting the evolution of the English village. Of particular interest is the book's coverage of the more recent past, with the whittling away of the great estates, the appearance of such institutions as the village hall, and the development of alternative systems of power such as the councils. In a final chapter the author urges for an inclusive approach to village history in which all groups of people have played a part and every building--not just the picturesque cottage, ancient church and squire's mansion--has significance..

The Death of Rural England

A Social History of the Countryside Since 1900

Author: Alun Howkins

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9780415138840

Category: History

Page: 260

View: 3890

This engaging history of rural England and Wales during the twentieth century looks at the role of the countryside as both a place of work and of leisure and looks at the many crises it has suffered during that time.

Secret nature

a natural history of the countryside

Author: Andrew Cooper

Publisher: David & Charles Publishers


Category: Natural history

Page: 192

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Catholicism, Political Culture, and the Countryside

A Social History of the Nazi Party in South Germany

Author: Oded Heilbronner

Publisher: University of Michigan Press

ISBN: 9780472109104

Category: History

Page: 317

View: 6124

Challenges received wisdom about the relationship between Catholics and Nazis

Carnival in the Countryside

The History of the Iowa State Fair

Author: Chris Rasmussen

Publisher: University of Iowa Press

ISBN: 1609383575

Category: History

Page: 206

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More than a century and a half after its founding, the Iowa State Fair is the state s central institution, event, and symbol. During its annual run each August, the fair attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors who make the pilgrimage to the fairground to see the iconic butter cow, to ride the Old Mill, to walk through the livestock barns, and to people-watch. At the same time that they enjoy fried candy bars and roller coasters, Iowans also compete to raise the best corn and zucchinis, to make the best jams and jellies, to rear the finest sheep and goats, the largest cattle and hogs, and the handsomest horses. This tension between entertainment and agriculture goes back all the way to the fair s founding in the mid-1800s, as historian Chris Rasmussen shows in this thought-provoking history. The fair s founders had lofty aims: they sought to improve agriculture and foster a distinctively democratic American civilization. But from the start these noble intentions jostled up against people s desire to have fun and make money, honestly or otherwise not least because the fair had to pay for itself. In short, the Iowa State Fair has as much to tell us about human nature and American history as it does about growing corn. "

Trees and Woodland in the British Landscape

The Complete History of Britain's Trees, Woods & Hedgerows

Author: Oliver Rackham

Publisher: Phoenix

ISBN: 9781842124697

Category: History

Page: 234

View: 7579

'A masterly account...of supreme interest...a classic of recorded field work and meticulous scholarship' Country Life Long accepted as the best work on the subject, Oliver Rackham's book is both a comprehensive history of Britain's woodland and a field-work guide that presents trees individually and as part of the landscape. From prehistoric times, through the Roman period and into the Middle Ages, Oliver Rackham describes the changing character, role and history of trees and woodland. He concludes this definitive study with a section on the conservation and future of Britain's trees, woodlands and hedgerows. 'As an aid to understanding the landscape I haven't found its equal' New Scientist

Villages of Britain

The Five Hundred Villages that Made the Countryside

Author: Clive Aslet

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1408817993

Category: History

Page: 672

View: 9563

Villages of Britain is the history of the countryside, told through five hundred of its most noteworthy settlements. Many of Britain's villages are known for their loveliness, of course, but their role in shaping the nation over the centuries is relatively untold, drowned out by the metropolitan bias of history. A consummate storyteller, Clive Aslet deftly weaves the worlds of agriculture, politics, the arts, industry, folklore, science, ecology, fashion and religion into one irresistible volume. The Bedfordshire works that a century ago manufactured half a billion bricks a year; the Cheshire municipality striving to become the country's first carbon-neutral community; the Derbyshire estate where the cottages represent the gamut of European architecture; the Gloucestershire community founded by Tolstoyans, who still live by anarchic principles; the Leicestershire town where pub walls are embedded with Jurassic-era fossils; the Morayshire settlement where Hogmanay is celebrated eleven days late; the Pembrokeshire fishing hamlet that inspired Dylan Thomas; the Somerset village that was built on the back of the trade in Peruvian bird droppings; the Suffolk village that is rejecting modernity by reconstructing a windmill for grinding flour; the Surrey woodland that fosters Europe's most ancient trees - all these are places that have made a unique contribution to the narrative of this country. Follow Clive Aslet in visiting all five hundred villages, and you will have experienced the history of these islands from a uniquely rural perspective.

The Countryside in the Age of Capitalist Transformation

Essays in the Social History of Rural America

Author: Steven Hahn,Jonathan Prude

Publisher: UNC Press Books

ISBN: 9780807841396

Category: History

Page: 355

View: 3393

This volume represents one of the first efforts to harvest the rapidly emerging scholarship in the field of American rural history. Building on the insights and methodologies that social historians have directed toward urban life, the contributors explore

The Countryside in the Age of the Modern State

Political Histories of Rural America

Author: Catherine McNicol Stock,Robert D. Johnston

Publisher: Cornell University Press

ISBN: 1501717731

Category: History

Page: 352

View: 4455

This book moves rural history into explorations of modern politics: diverse rural peoples and their complex relationships to the American state in the twentieth century.

Mein Leben als Schäfer

Author: James Rebanks

Publisher: C. Bertelsmann Verlag

ISBN: 3641183235

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 288

View: 6183

Das Leben auf dem Land – packend und authentisch erzählt James Rebanks’ Familie lebt seit Generationen im englischen Hochland, dem Lake District. Die Lebensweise ist seit Jahrhunderten von den Jahreszeiten und Arbeitsabläufen bestimmt. Im Sommer werden die Schafe auf die kahlen Berge getrieben und das Heu geerntet; im Herbst folgen die Handelsmessen, wo die Herden aufgestockt werden, im Winter der Kampf, dass die Schafe am Leben bleiben, und im Frühjahr schließlich die Erleichterung, wenn die Lämmer geboren und die Tiere wieder in die Berge getrieben werden können. James Rebanks erzählt von einer archaischen Landschaft, von der tiefen Verwurzelung an einen Ort. In eindrucksvoll klarer Prosa schildert er den Jahresablauf in der Arbeit eines Hirten, bietet uns einen einzigartigen Einblick in das ländliche Leben. Er schreibt auch von den Menschen, die ihm nahe stehen, Menschen mit großer Beharrlichkeit, obwohl sich die Welt um sie herum vollständig verändert hat.

The Countryside of East Anglia

Changing Landscapes, 1870-1950

Author: Susanna Wade Martins,Tom Williamson

Publisher: Boydell & Brewer Ltd

ISBN: 1843834170

Category: History

Page: 252

View: 4392

First detailed study of the landscape history of the early twentieth century.

The English Countryside Between the Wars

Regeneration Or Decline?

Author: Paul Brassley,Jeremy Burchardt,Lynne Thompson

Publisher: Boydell Press

ISBN: 9781843832645

Category: History

Page: 270

View: 4522

A revisionist look at the true state of rural England between the two world wars.

A Social History of the English Countryside

Author: G. E. Mingay

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134967012

Category: History

Page: 260

View: 9908

Traces the rise and fall of rural England from the Middle Ages to the Second World War and the nature of the changes which have occurred.

Historic Landscape Analysis

Deciphering the Countryside

Author: Stephen Rippon

Publisher: Council for British Archeology


Category: Social Science

Page: 166

View: 7998

This new book in the series of Practical Handbooks from the Council for British Archaeology tackles the subject of the historic landscape. In it, Stephen Rippon reveals the techniques that can and have been used to analyse the history of the countryside, accompanied by a series of case studies. The book is a guide to local and regional variation in the countryside and the approaches and methods used to reach an understanding of it, as well as a discussion of how and why certain patterns have emerged. Physical components of the landscape, such as settlement patterns, field systems, woodland and open water, are discussed along with more conceptual issues; for example, exchange and trade, status and power, designed or ornamental landscapes and the importance of a sense of place. Case studies from Dartmoor, Essex, Somerset, Lancashire and Cornwall illustrate the points clearly and succinctly, showing historical landscape analysis in action.