Harp Seals, Man and Ice

Author: David E. Sergeant

Publisher: Fisheries and Oceans, Communications Directorate


Category: Harp seal

Page: 153

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Reviews the biology and population dynamics of the harp seal, Phoca groenlandica Erxleben, the history of its hunting over several centuries and its eventual conservation.

Browsing Science Research at the Federal Level in Canada

History, Research Activities and Publications

Author: Brian B. Wilks

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 9780802088116

Category: Science

Page: 638

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Wilks provides a historical background, list of publications, and description of activities for most of the major science initiatives undertaken at the federal level. He surveys a wide range of government documents and monographic and serial science collections used by both faculty and students.

Whales, Seals, Fish and Man

Author: A. Schytte Blix,L. Walløe,Ø. Ulltang

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 9780080543796

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 717

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This volume outlines the major findings from the Norwegian research programme on whales and seals in Norwegian waters. A wide range of topics are covered, including physiological aspects, social organization, population dynamics, stock assessment and management. The book will be of great value to scientists and managers, as well as to members of the general public interested in environmental issues.

Poles Apart

A Study in Contrasts : Proceedings of an International Symposium on Arctic and Antarctic Issues, University of Ottawa, Canada, September 25-27, 1997

Author: Antoni G. Lewkowicz

Publisher: University of Ottawa Press

ISBN: 077660497X

Category: Religion

Page: 237

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Arctic and Antarctic: terms that conjure up similar images of cold, snow and ice. Behind the images, however, there are at least as many differences as similarities. The goal of the international symposium 'Poles Apart' was to examine the extent to which experiences obtained at one end of the earth can be applied to the other. Poles Apart: A Study in Contrasts, covers a range of themes including the geography of the polar regions, glaciology and glacial history, ecology, living resources, governance, and the history of exploration. Topics are examined separately for each pole and each theme is summarized by a rapporteur who draws out the contrasts and the similarities. This unique format allows the international experts to describe what they know best while addressing the central issue of the book's sub-title.

Listening in the Ocean

Author: Whitlow W. L. Au,Marc O. Lammers

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1493931768

Category: Science

Page: 416

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This title brings to light the discoveries and insights into the lives of many marine species made possible over the last decade by passive acoustic recorders (PAR). Pop-ups, ARF, HARP, EAR, Bprobe, C-POD Atag, and Dtag are the acronyms of some of the many PARs that have changed our understanding of how marine animals live and strive in the ocean. Various types of PARs are used by different investigators in different areas of the world. These recorders have accumulated copious amounts of very important data, unveiling previously unknown information about large marine animals. Temporal, seasonal and spatial distribution patterns have been uncovered for many marine species. There have been many discoveries, new understandings and insights into how these animals live in and utilize the ocean and the importance of acoustics in their lives. Listening Within the Ocean summarizes these important discoveries, providing both a valuable resource for researchers and enjoyable reading for non-professionals interested in marine life.

Climate Change and Marine Top Predators

Author: Morten Frederiksen,Tore Haug

Publisher: Frontiers Media SA

ISBN: 2889197360


Page: N.A

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Climate change affects all components of marine ecosystems. For endothermic top predators, i.e. seabirds and marine mammals, these impacts are often complex and mediated through trophic relationships. In this Research Topic, leading researchers attempt to identify patterns of change among seabirds and marine mammals, and the mechanisms through which climate change drives these changes.

Minke Whales, Harp and Hooded Seals

Major Predators in the North Atlantic Ecosystem

Author: Gísli A. Víkingsson,Finn O. Kapel

Publisher: N.A


Category: Fish populations

Page: 132

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Aquatic Mammals

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: Aquatic mammals

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Harp Seals

Animals of the Snow and Ice

Author: Elaine Landau

Publisher: Enslow Publishing, LLC

ISBN: 9780766034600

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 32

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"Provides information for young readers about harp seals, including habitat, eating habits, mating, babies, and conservation"--Provided by publisher.

Animal Rights, Human Rights

Ecology, Economy and Ideology in the Canadian Arctic

Author: George W. Wenzel

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 9780802068903

Category: Nature

Page: 206

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This study of the controversy surrounding the hunting of seals in the Canadian Arctic concentrates on the Inuit of Clyde River, Baffin Island, and traces the evolution of the traditional subsistence economy and social structure to the present cash economy, and the effects of animal rights movements on the Inuit culture. Extensive bibliography, maps and glossary of Inuit sealing terms.

A Cherished Past

Newfoundland's front row seat to history

Author: Rogert G. Thorne

Publisher: Gerard Thorne

ISBN: 096958282X


Page: 172

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A cherished Past can be considered a time capsule of Newfoundland’s history and inside you’ll read everything from Newfoundland’s vital role in both world wars to the early days of aviation, when Newfoundland would play host to such aviation pioneers as Alcock and Brown, Charles Lindbergh, and Amelia Earhart. From disasters at the seal hunt and rum running, to searching for victims of the doomed Titanic, Newfoundlanders made their fair share of history. So sit down and take a trip in time to our most glorious past.

The Provident Sea

Author: D. H. Cushing

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521257275

Category: Nature

Page: 329

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Based on original scientific material, this study traces the history of fish stock management (including whales and seals) up to recent times when problems of over-exploitation have had dramatic effects upon stocks.

Haulin' Rope & Gaff

Songs and Poetry in the History of the Newfoundland Seal Fishery

Author: Shannon Ryan,Larry Small

Publisher: Breakwater Books

ISBN: 9780919948525

Category: Folk songs, Canadian

Page: 176

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Ancient Harp Seal Hunters of Disko Bay

Author: Morten Meldgaard

Publisher: Museum Tusculanum Press

ISBN: 9788763512633


Page: 189

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The Saqqaq Culture site Qeqertasussuk (2400-1400 BC) is situated in the south eastern corner of Disko Bay, West Greenland. The site was excavated between 1983 and 1987 by Qasigiannguit Museum. The stratified cultural deposits are exceptionally well preserved by permafrost and yielded hundreds of thousands of animal bones, feathers, plant remains, insect remains, wooden implements, and a wealth of other organic refuse as well as stone tools, house ruins, stone set fireplaces and other traces of habitation. In order to understand the life conditions of the inhabitants at Qeqertasussuk, a comparative survey of the historic distribution, density and availability of the living resources in the area is undertaken. This resource model is then evaluated against the paleo-environmental data. Also, comparative ethnohistorical and ethnographic data on the exploitation of the living resources in the area is presented. Subsistence and subsistence change at Qeqertasussuk is studied through a comprehensive analysis of the faunal material that consists of more than 200,000 animal bones. Quantitative methods are supplemented by detailed studies of seasonality and age composition of the hunting bag. Forty three species of animals are represented. Harp seal and ringed seal represent the most important game, but sea birds such as fulmar, Brünnich's guillemot, and little auk also play a significant role in the subsistence economy. Fish, especially Atlantic Cod, have been caught and remains of large whales indicate that these animals were utilized, but it can not be decided whether they were actively hunted. Most of the game was taken close by the site, however finds of caribou indicate that inland caribou hunting was undertaken and that Qeqertasussuk was part of a larger subsistence-settlement-system. Several species of plants were also utilized. Temporal changes in the composition of the faunal material indicate that significant changes occur in the subsistence at Qeqertasusuk. Four phases are identified: (1) Basecamp period I (2400-2100 BC). A pioneer phase where the site is used as a year-round base camp with more than 90% of the biomass being harvested within an area of approximately 80 km2, (2) Base-camp period II (2100-1900 BC), which seems to be the period of most intensive use and where new methods (probably netting) of harp seal hunting are introduced, (3) Hunting camp period (1900-1700 BC), where the site becomes more specialized and more seasonal with a focus on spring-summer hunting for harp seals, (4) high activity period (1700-1400 BC) indications of continued heavy sea mammal hunting. The site is abandoned around 1400 BC. The causes of the abandonment of Qeqertasussuk is discussed and the impact of the general cooling around 1500 BC on key resources such as harp seal and capelin is highlighted.

Introduction to International and Global Studies, Second Edition

Author: Shawn C. Smallman,Kimberley Brown

Publisher: UNC Press Books

ISBN: 1469621665

Category: Political Science

Page: 408

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This innovative introduction to international and global studies, updated and revised in a new edition, offers instructors in the social sciences and humanities a core textbook for teaching undergraduates in this rapidly growing field. Encompassing the latest scholarship in what is a markedly interdisciplinary endeavor, Shawn Smallman and Kimberley Brown introduce key concepts, themes, and issues and then examine each in lively chapters on essential topics that include the history of globalization; economic, political, and cultural globalization; security, energy, and development; health; agriculture and food; and the environment. Within these topics, the authors explore such timely and pressing subjects as commodity chains, labor (including present-day slavery), human rights, multinational corporations, and the connections among them. New to this edition: * The latest research on debates over privacy rights and surveillance since Edward Snowden's disclosures * Updates on significant political and economic developments throughout the world, including a new case study of European Union, Icelandic, and Greek responses to the 2008 fiscal crisis * The newest information about the rise of fracking, the Fukushima nuclear disaster, the decline of the Peak Oil movement, and climate change, including the latter's effects on the Arctic and Antarctica * A dedicated website with authors' blog and a teaching tab with syllabi, class activities, and well-designed, classroom-tested resources * An updated teacher's manual available online, including sample examination questions, additional resources for each chapter, and special assistance for teaching ESL students * Updated career advice for international studies majors

Seals and Man

A Study of Interactions

Author: William Nigel Bonner

Publisher: University of Washington Press


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 170

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Describes the long and varied relationship of man and seals, including the effect of seals on fisheries and the impact of commercial fishing on seals. Also includes a chapter on seal biology, social structure, breeding and diet.