Hard Times in the Lands of Plenty

Oil Politics in Iran and Indonesia

Author: Benjamin B. Smith

Publisher: Cornell University Press

ISBN: 9780801444395

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 243

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Smith deciphers the paradox of the resource curse and questions its inevitability through an innovative comparison of the experiences of Iran and Indonesia.

The Wages of Oil

Parliaments and Economic Development in Kuwait and the UAE

Author: Michael Herb

Publisher: Cornell University Press

ISBN: 0801454689

Category: Political Science

Page: 256

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The contrast between Kuwait and the UAE today illustrates the vastly different possible futures facing the smaller states of the Gulf. Dubai's rulers dream of creating a truly global business center, a megalopolis of many millions attracting immigrants in great waves from near and far. Kuwait, meanwhile, has the most spirited and influential parliament in any of the oil-rich Gulf monarchies. In The Wages of Oil, Michael Herb provides a robust framework for thinking about the future of the Gulf monarchies. The Gulf has seen enormous changes in recent years, and more are to come. Herb explains the nature of the changes we are likely to see in the future. He starts by asking why Kuwait is far ahead of all other Gulf monarchies in terms of political liberalization, but behind all of them in its efforts to diversify its economy away from oil. He compares Kuwait with the United Arab Emirates, which lacks Kuwait's parliament but has moved ambitiously to diversify. This data-rich book reflects the importance of both politics and economic development issues for decision-makers in the Gulf. Herb develops a political economy of the Gulf that ties together a variety of issues usually treated separately: Kuwait's National Assembly, Dubai's real estate boom, the paucity of citizen labor in the private sector, class divisions among citizens, the caste divide between citizens and noncitizens, and the politics of land.

Resource Governance and Developmental States in the Global South

Critical International Political Economy Perspectives

Author: Jewellord Nem Singh,France Bourgouin

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

ISBN: 1137286806

Category: Political Science

Page: 272

View: 4109

Using the framework of critical international political economy, the contributors challenge the long held views about the ways natural resources shape political and economic outcomes. They examine how the specific features of the resource sector creates particular dynamics of policy change, and therefore, the range of development options for the Global South move beyond adopting unregulated, open extractive markets. In so doing, they explore the extent to which neoliberalism as a global political project has both constrained and opened opportunities for economic development in the global South. The volume engages with development theory and political economy literature by exploring the ideational construction, implementation, and subsequent recalibration of mining reforms in the last three decades across Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

The Quakers in America

Author: Thomas D. Hamm

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 023150893X

Category: Religion

Page: 304

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The Quakers in America is a multifaceted history of the Religious Society of Friends and a fascinating study of its culture and controversies today. Lively vignettes of Conservative, Evangelical, Friends General Conference, and Friends United meetings illuminate basic Quaker theology and reflect the group's diversity while also highlighting the fundamental unity within the religion. Quaker culture encompasses a rich tradition of practice even as believers continue to debate whether Quakerism is necessarily Christian, where religious authority should reside, how one transmits faith to children, and how gender and sexuality shape religious belief and behavior. Praised for its rich insight and wide-ranging perspective, The Quakers in America is a penetrating account of an influential, vibrant, and often misunderstood religious sect. Known best for their long-standing commitment to social activism, pacifism, fair treatment for Native Americans, and equality for women, the Quakers have influenced American thought and society far out of proportion to their relatively small numbers. Whether in the foreign policy arena (the American Friends Service Committee), in education (the Friends schools), or in the arts (prominent Quakers profiled in this book include James Turrell, Bonnie Raitt, and James Michener), Quakers have left a lasting imprint on American life. This multifaceted book is a concise history of the Religious Society of Friends; an introduction to its beliefs and practices; and a vivid picture of the culture and controversies of the Friends today. The book opens with lively vignettes of Conservative, Evangelical, Friends General Conference, and Friends United meetings that illuminate basic Quaker concepts and theology and reflect the group's diversity in the wake of the sectarian splintering of the nineteenth century. Yet the book also examines commonalities among American Friends that demonstrate a fundamental unity within the religion: their commitments to worship, the ministry of all believers, decision making based on seeking spiritual consensus rather than voting, a simple lifestyle, and education. Thomas Hamm shows that Quaker culture encompasses a rich tradition of practice even as believers continue to debate a number of central questions: Is Quakerism necessarily Christian? Where should religious authority reside? Is the self sacred? How does one transmit faith to children? How do gender and sexuality shape religious belief and behavior? Hamm's analysis of these debates reveals a vital religion that prizes both unity and diversity.

Déterminants des conflits et nouvelles formes de prévention

Author: Jean-Pierre Vettovaglia

Publisher: Primento

ISBN: 280274383X

Category: Law

Page: 1146

View: 9104

Faisant suite au volume I « Médiation et Facilitation dans l’espace francophone » et au volume II « Démocratie et élections dans l’espace francophone », parus dans la série « Prévention des crises et promotion de la paix », le présent ouvrage est consacré aux déterminants des conflits et à de nouvelles formes de prévention. En effet, les instruments de règlement des différends prévus par les chapitres VI et VII de la Charte des Nations Unies, parmi lesquels la médiation, devenue pour ainsi dire concomitante aux conflits, les sanctions, sans oublier la prévention précoce n’apportent que des résultats assez partiels. Et l’on sait que même un accord de paix n’empêche pas la reprise des hostilités dans la moitié des cas et dans les 3 à 5 ans qui suivent. C’est que les causes profondes de ces conflits n’ont pas été abordées. Il est devenu impératif de se pencher sur les déterminants des conflits, pris individuellement puis réenchevêtrés en chaînes explicatives de la conflictualité. Ce travail qui s’appuie sur un grand nombre d’études de cas propose une étude de systématisation des déterminants comme tentative de contribution à la doctrine de l’origine des conflits. Il s’agit de passer de la maîtrise passagère des « étincelles » au traitement en profondeur des « barils de poudre ». Une deuxième partie traite des nouveaux outils, des nouvelles démarches et chantiers, des nouveaux acteurs de la prévention précoce à même de guider notre monde vers moins de conflictualité et davantage de légitimité démocratique, vers une véritable éthique de solidarité. Pour mieux réguler notre « monde sans loi », en toute connaissance de cause. Une sélection de quelque 60 auteurs, de nationalités et de provenances diverses (Europe, Caucase, Afrique et Amérique du Nord), tous des autorités dans leur domaine de prédilection, donne à ce volume l’aspect d’une somme aujourd’hui sans équivalent dans la littérature scientifique consacrée aux conflits inter et surtout infra-étatiques.

Restless in the Grave

Author: Dana Stabenow

Publisher: Head of Zeus

ISBN: 1781850526

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

View: 1644

Meet Kate Shugak, tougher than your average heroine. An award-winning crime series set in Alaska. KATE SHUGAK is a native Aleut working as a private investigator in Alaska. She's 5 foot 1 inch tall, carries a scar that runs from ear to ear across her throat and owns half-wolf, half-husky dog named Mutt. Resourceful, strong-willed, defiant, Kate is tougher than your average heroine – and she needs to be to survive the worst the Alaskan wilds can throw at her. RESTLESS IN THE GRAVEWhen Alaskan billionaire Finn Grant is killed after someone sabotages the engine on his Piper plane, the question is not who had the motive, but rather who did not... Grant was not a popular man, but he was a successful one. His latest venture, an air freight service, was booming.. But what kind of freight was he moving, and where? The answers lead Kate to her most challenging case yet, from the fateful wreckage to family secrets to full-scale conspiracy.

Native America in the Twentieth Century

An Encyclopedia

Author: Mary B. Davis

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135638616

Category: History

Page: 832

View: 2493

First Published in 1996. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

The Safety Zone

Author: M. Susan Thuillard

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781463460945

Category: Fiction

Page: 220

View: 4349

The Safety Zone is an intriguing saga of a family living in war-torn North America in a future time. Read the adventures of Jennifer Dillon and how her mothers courage during the war influenced Jennifers own life. Will Jennifer find her way back to her family or bring the wrath of one Commander upon them all? Will she overcome shame and find true love? How can her family accept the stranger within their gates? Ms. Thuillards novel is another of her cant-put-it-down, must-read adventures. The reader will be enthralled from beginning to end.

The Complete Farmer

Or, General Dictionary of Agriculture and Husbandry: Comprehending the Most Improved Methods of Cultivation; the Different Modes of Raising Timber, Fruit, and Other Trees; and the Modern Management of Live-stock: with Descriptions of the Most Approved Implements, Machinery, and Farm-buildings

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: Agriculture

Page: N.A

View: 8981


Climate Crash

Abrupt Climate Change and What It Means for Our Future

Author: John D. Cox

Publisher: Joseph Henry Press

ISBN: 0309133823

Category: Science

Page: 224

View: 4441

As scientists carefully search for clues in the sun and storm patterns from our distant past, they are gradually writing a new history of Earth's climate. Layers extracted from cores drilled into glaciers and ice sheets, sediments collected from the shores of lakes and oceans, and growth rings exposed in ancient corals and trees all tell the same surprising story. It is now apparent that alterations in our climate can happen quickly and dramatically. Physical evidence reveals that centuries of slow, creeping climate variations have actually been punctuated by far more rapid changes. While this new paradigm represents a significant shift in our picture of Earth's past, the real question is what it means for our future. Many researchers are now quietly abandoning the traditional vision of a long, slow waltz of slumbering ice ages and more temperate periods of interglacial warming. While they've long recognized the threats posed by global warming, they must now consider that the natural behavior of our climate is perhaps a greater threat than we'd imagined. And though there is no need for immediate alarm, the fact that changes in our climate can happen much more quickly than we'd originally thought--perhaps in the course of a human lifetime--makes it clear that science has a lot of questions to answer in this area. What are the mechanisms for triggering a significant climate change? In what ways should we expect this change to manifest itself? When will it likely happen? Climate Crash seeks to answer these questions, breaking the story of rapid climate change to a general public that is already intensely curious about what science has to say on the topic.

The Nothern Lands

Author: N.A

Publisher: CUP Archive



Page: N.A

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The Shah and I

The Confidential Diary of Iran's Royal Court, 1969-1977

Author: Asad Allāh ʿAlam

Publisher: N.A


Category: Iran

Page: 568

View: 6850

Erindringer af shahen af Irans hof-minister og nære ven fra årene 1966-1977. Trods sin loyalitet mod Shahen er forfatteren overraskende kritisk mod regentens autoritære styreform.

Fort Lauderdale

The Venice of America

Author: Susan Gillis

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

ISBN: 1439614091

Category: History

Page: 160

View: 6839

Taking its name from a fortification established more than 160 years ago during the Second Seminole War, Fort Lauderdale boasts a history stretching back 5,000 years before the first white settlers arrived in the eighteenth century. From beautiful tales of the "mysterious" New River that helped launch the community to more recent stories of rum running and gambling, segregation and integration, and boom and bust, the history of this Florida city is told here through the everyday lives of those who lived it.

Darfur and the Crisis of Governance in Sudan

A Critical Reader

Author: Carina E. Ray

Publisher: Cornell University Press

ISBN: 9780801475948

Category: History

Page: 528

View: 8974

A diverse group of academics, activists, officials and rebels contribute chapters about different aspects of conflict in the western Sudanese region of Darfur. These chapters discuss the origins and evolution of the conflict, the various ways in which the conflict has been understood and misperceived (both locally and internationally), the profoundly gendered nature of the conflict, the status of those involved with regard to the Sudanese and international law, and the ongoing struggle for peace in the region. A substantial appendix reproduces UN, ICC, and (many for the first time in English translation) Arabic-language documents to trace the history of the conflict. The book also includes a chronology of major events in Sudan.

A New Gazetteer of the Eastern Continent

or, A Geographical Dictionary: Containing, in Alphabetical Order, a Description of All the Countries, Kingdoms, States, Cities, Towns, Principal Rivers, Lakes, Harbors, Mountains, &c., &c. in Europe, Asia, and Africa, with their Adjacent Islands

Author: Jedidiah Morse,Elijah Parish

Publisher: J. T. Buckingham


Category: Geography

Page: 726

View: 1470