German Battlecruisers of World War One

Their Design, Construction and Operations

Author: Gary Staff

Publisher: Seaforth Publishing

ISBN: 1848322135

Category: History

Page: 335

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This is the most comprehensive study yet in the English language of the German Imperial Navy's battlecruisers that served in the First World War. Known as Panzerkreuzer, literally 'armoured cruiser', the eight ships of the class were to be involved in several early North Sea skirmishes before the great pitched battle of Jutland where they inflicted devastating damage on the Royal Navy's battlecruiser fleet.?In this new book the author details their design and construction, and traces the full service history of each ship, recounting their actions, largely from first-hand German sources and official documents, many previously unpublished in English. Detailed line drawings and maps augment the text throughout, as do a wealth of contemporary photos that depict the vessels at sea as well as in dock, where details of damage sustained in action and many aspects of their design can be viewed in close up. A superb series of full-colour, specially-commissioned computer graphics show full length profiles and top-down views of each ship in precise and clear detail. ?This stunning book is a major new contribution to German naval history in this country and will become a 'must-have' volume on the shelves of historians, enthusiasts and modellers and indeed for anyone interested in the navies of the First World War and steel warships in general.

German Battlecruisers

Author: Steve Backer,Robert Brown


ISBN: 1848323999

Category: History

Page: 64

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The 'ShipCraft' series provides in-depth information about building and modifying model kits of famous warship types. Lavishly illustrated, each book takes the modeller through a brief history of the subject class, highlighting differences between sisterships and changes in their appearance over their careers. This includes paint schemes and camouflage, featuring colour profiles and highly-detailed line drawings and scale plans. The modelling section reviews the strengths and weaknesses of available kits, lists commercial accessory sets for super-detailing of the ships, and provides hints on modifying and improving the basic kit. This is followed by an extensive photographic survey of selected high-quality models in a variety of scales, and the book concludes with a section on research references - books, monographs, large-scale plans and relevant websites. This volume is devoted to the famous ships of Admiral Hipper's First Scouting Group. Slower but more robust than their British equivalents, German battlecruisers enjoyed a reputation for absorbing punishment, and although Lutzow was sunk at Jutland, Seydlitz and the rest of the Scouting Group survived heavy damage. This book concentrates on the seven completed ships but coverage extends to the 'proto-battlecruiser' Blucher and the ships building or designed by the end of the war.

Der Seekrieg 1914-1918

Die Kaiserliche Marine im Ersten Weltkrieg

Author: Jann M. Witt,Christian Jentzsch

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783806232721


Page: 192

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British Battleships of World War One

New Revised Edition

Author: R A Burt

Publisher: Seaforth Publishing

ISBN: 1848322763

Category: History

Page: 352

View: 4892

This superb reference book achieved the status of 'classic' soon after its first publication in 1986; it was soon out of print and is now one of the most sought-after naval reference books on the secondhand market. It presents, in one superb volume, the complete technical history of British capital ship design and construction during the dreadnought era. One hundred years ago at Jutland, Dogger Bank, Heligoland Bight and the first battle for the Falklands, might squadrons of these great armoured ships fought their German counterparts for command of the seas. Beginning with Dreadnought, the book continues to the end of the First World War, and all of the fifty dreadnoughts, 'super-dreadnoughts' and battlecruisers that served the Royal Navy during this era are described and superbly illustrated with photographs and line drawings. Each class of ship is described in detail so that design origins, and technical and operational factors, are discussed alongside characteristics, with special emphasis on armament, armour and machinery. Fully detailed data tables are included for every class, and more than 500 photographs and line drawings illustrate the text. A delight for the historian, enthusiast and ship modeller, it is a volume that is already regarded as an essential reference work for this most significant era in naval history and ship design.

Die Schlafwandler

Wie Europa in den Ersten Weltkrieg zog

Author: Christopher Clark

Publisher: DVA

ISBN: 3641118778

Category: History

Page: 896

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Bahnbrechende neue Erkenntnisse über den Weg in den Ersten Weltkrieg 1914 Lange Zeit galt es als ausgemacht, dass das deutsche Kaiserreich wegen seiner Großmachtträume die Hauptverantwortung am Ausbruch des Ersten Weltkriegs trug. In seinem bahnbrechenden neuen Werk kommt der renommierte Historiker und Bestsellerautor Christopher Clark (Preußen) zu einer anderen Einschätzung. Clark beschreibt minutiös die Interessen und Motivationen der wichtigsten politischen Akteure in den europäischen Metropolen und zeichnet das Bild einer komplexen Welt, in der gegenseitiges Misstrauen, Fehleinschätzungen, Überheblichkeit, Expansionspläne und nationalistische Bestrebungen zu einer Situation führten, in der ein Funke genügte, den Krieg auszulösen, dessen verheerende Folgen kaum jemand abzuschätzen vermochte. Schon jetzt zeigt sich, dass »Die Schlafwandler« eine der wichtigsten Neuerscheinungen zum 100. Jahrestag des Ausbruchs des Ersten Weltkriegs sein wird.

Bismarck und der Imperialismus

Author: Hans-Ulrich Wehler

Publisher: Kiepenheuer & Witsch

ISBN: 3462411187

Category: Political Science

Page: 526

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Hans-Ulrich Wehler schildert die wirtschaftlichen, gesellschaftlichen und politischen Voraussetzungen sowie die Ereignisgeschichte des deutschen Imperialismus vor 1890 und geht dann in einer ausführlichen Analyse der Bedeutung und den Auswirkungen dieser Politik nach. Hier leistet er auch einen Beitrag zur Diskussion über die Kontinuität der neueren deutschen Geschichte, über den »Weg von Bismarck zu Hitler«.

The Battlecruiser HMS HOOD

An Illustrated Biography 1916-1941

Author: Bruce Taylor

Publisher: Seaforth Publishing

ISBN: 1783469803

Category: History

Page: 272

View: 6554

The battlecruiser HMS Hood is one of the great warships of history. Unmatched for beauty, unequalled for size, for twenty years the Hood was the glory ship of the Royal Navy, flying the flag across the world in the twilight years of the British Empire. Here, in words, photos and colour illustrations, is the story of her life, her work and her people from keel-laying on the Clyde in 1916 to destruction at the hands of the Bismarck in 1941. Among the eyecatching strengths of the book is a unique gallery of photos, including stills from a recently discovered piece of colour footage of the ship, plus a spectacular set of computer-generated images of both the exterior and interior by the world's leading exponent of the art - a man who worked with the film director James Cameron (of Titanic fame). A wealth of new information on Hood's structure and operation make it essential reading for the enthusiast, modeller and historian alike. Hugely successful from its first publication, this is the third printing of the ultimate book on the ultimate ship of the pre-war era.

Great World War II Battles in the Arctic

Author: Mark Llewellyn Evans

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 9780313308925

Category: History

Page: 165

View: 7377

The compelling story of the most exciting and decisive World War II battles fought for control of the North, the life and death struggles of brave men who faced a hopeless task, and the sacrifices they made to achieve victory.

Gute Prinzessinnen kommen ins Märchen, böse schreiben Geschichte

Von Olga, der Wilden, über Kaiserin Sisi bis zu Gloria von Thurn und Taxis

Author: Linda Rodriguez McRobbie

Publisher: btb Verlag

ISBN: 3641139848

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 416

View: 1479

Es war einmal eine wunderschöne Prinzessin, die keine Angst hatte, sich die Hände schmutzig zu machen ... Dornröschen, Schneewittchen, Aschenputtel – Prinzessinnen sind die Heldinnen unserer Kindheit, stets tugendhaft und glücklich bis ans Lebensende ... Von wegen. Denn hinter den Palastmauern ging so Einiges vor sich: Intrigen, Giftmorde, Sexpartys und bizarre Schönheitsrituale. Dieses Lesebuch versammelt Geschichten von echten Prinzessinnen, die alles andere als märchenhaft sind. So z.B. von Olga, »der Wilden«, die mehr als 5.000 Menschen auf dem Gewissen hat. Oder von der afrikanischen Königin Nzinga, die sich einen Harem voller Männer hielt ...

The Eclipse of the Big Gun

The Warship 1906-1945

Author: Robert Gardiner

Publisher: Conway Maritime Press


Category: History

Page: 223

View: 8052

For centuries, the battleship was the arbiter of sea-power, and the completion in 1906 of the revolutionary all-big-gun Dreadnought seemed to confirm this position. However, though dreadnoughts were to be built for another forty years, the traditional capital ship was to find itself increasingly threatened, first by torpedo boats and submarines and later by aircraft. This volume chronicles that challenge to the power of artillery at sea, its political check with the inter-war naval treaties and its defeat at the hands of air power in the battles of the Second World War. By 1945 the aircraft carrier had become the acknowledged capital ship in the great power navies.

The Great Ships

British Battleships in World War II

Author: Peter C. Smith

Publisher: Stackpole Books

ISBN: 0811749355

Category: History

Page: 448

View: 4138

Authoritative study of the battleship in World War II. Stirring episodes of naval combat. Covers the famous chase after the Bismarck, the sinking of the Scharnhorst, the coastal bombardments on D-Day, and other actions.

The Eclipse of the Big Gun

The Warship,1906-45

Author: (D. K.) Brown,Robert Gardiner

Publisher: Naval Inst Press


Category: History

Page: 223

View: 2707

Describes how improvements in all types of naval vessels, armaments, and equipment in the early twentieth century led to the decline in importance of the big gun surface ship in naval warfare