Connected Gaming

What Making Video Games Can Teach Us about Learning and Literacy

Author: Yasmin B. Kafai,Quinn Burke,Constance Steinkuehler

Publisher: MIT Press

ISBN: 0262035375

Category: Education

Page: 224

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How making and sharing video games offer educational benefits for coding, collaboration, and creativity.

Future Gaming

Creative Interventions in Video Game Culture

Author: Paolo Ruffino

Publisher: MIT Press

ISBN: 1906897700

Category: Games & Activities

Page: 160

View: 7709

A sophisticated critical take on contemporary game culture that reconsiders the boundaries between gamers and games. This book is not about the future of video games. It is not an attempt to predict the moods of the market, the changing profile of gamers, the benevolence or malevolence of the medium. This book is about those predictions. It is about the ways in which the past, present, and future notions of games are narrated and negotiated by a small group of producers, journalists, and gamers, and about how invested these narrators are in telling the story of tomorrow. This new title from Goldsmiths Press by Paolo Ruffino suggests the story could be told another way. Considering game culture, from the gamification of self-improvement to GamerGate's sexism and violence, Ruffino lays out an alternative, creative mode of thinking about the medium: a sophisticated critical take that blurs the distinctions among studying, playing, making, and living with video games. Offering a series of stories that provide alternative narratives of digital gaming, Ruffino aims to encourage all of us who study and play (with) games to raise ethical questions, both about our own role in shaping the objects of research, and about our involvement in the discourses we produce as gamers and scholars. For researchers and students seeking a fresh approach to game studies, and for anyone with an interest in breaking open the current locked-box discourse, Future Gaming offers a radical lens with which to view the future.

Gaming in academic libraries

collections, marketing, and information literacy

Author: Amy Harris,Scott E. Rice

Publisher: Amer Library Assn

ISBN: 9780838984819

Category: Computers

Page: 231

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Encyclopedia of Video Games: A-L

Author: Mark J. P. Wolf

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 031337936X

Category: Social Science

Page: 763

View: 8609

This encyclopedia collects and organizes theoretical and historical content on the topic of video games, covering the people, systems, technologies, and theoretical concepts as well as the games themselves. * More than 300 A–Z cross-referenced and integrated entries, from Atari to Zelda * Dozens of screenshots and photographs * A "Further Reading" bibliography section is included with many entries

Gaming Hacks

Author: Simon Carless

Publisher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."

ISBN: 9780596007140

Category: Computers

Page: 436

View: 2505

Aimed at avid and/or highly skilled video gamers, 'Gaming Hacks' offers a guide to pushing the limits of video game software and hardware using the creative exploits of the gaming gurus.

Examining the Evolution of Gaming and Its Impact on Social, Cultural, and Political Perspectives

Author: Valentine, Keri Duncan,Jensen, Lucas John

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 1522502629

Category: Computers

Page: 456

View: 5384

With complex stories and stunning visuals eliciting intense emotional responses, coupled with opportunities for self-expression and problem solving, video games are a powerful medium to foster empathy, critical thinking, and creativity in players. As these games grow in popularity, ambition, and technological prowess, they become a legitimate art form, shedding old attitudes and misconceptions along the way. Examining the Evolution of Gaming and Its Impact on Social, Cultural, and Political Perspectives asks whether videogames have the power to transform a player and his or her beliefs from a sociopolitical perspective. Unlike traditional forms of storytelling, videogames allow users to immerse themselves in new worlds, situations, and politics. This publication surveys the landscape of videogames and analyzes the emergent gaming that shifts the definition and cultural effects of videogames. This book is a valuable resource to game designers and developers, sociologists, students of gaming, and researchers in relevant fields.

Extra Lives

Why Video Games Matter

Author: Tom Bissell

Publisher: Vintage

ISBN: 0307379280

Category: Social Science

Page: 208

View: 644

Tom Bissell is a prizewinning writer who published three widely acclaimed books before the age of thirty-four. He is also an obsessive gamer who has spent untold hours in front of his various video game consoles, playing titles such as Far Cry 2, Left 4 Dead, BioShock, and Oblivion for, literally, days. If you are reading this flap copy, the same thing can probably be said of you, or of someone you know. Until recently, Bissell was somewhat reluctant to admit to his passion for games. In this, he is not alone. Millions of adults spend hours every week playing video games, and the industry itself now reliably outearns Hollywood. But the wider culture seems to regard video games as, at best, well designed if mindless entertainment. Extra Lives is an impassioned defense of this assailed and misunderstood art form. Bissell argues that we are in a golden age of gaming—but he also believes games could be even better. He offers a fascinating and often hilarious critique of the ways video games dazzle and, just as often, frustrate. Along the way, we get firsthand portraits of some of the best minds (Jonathan Blow, Clint Hocking, Cliff Bleszinski, Peter Molyneux) at work in video game design today, as well as a shattering and deeply moving final chapter that describes, in searing detail, Bissell’s descent into the world of Grand Theft Auto IV, a game whose themes mirror his own increasingly self-destructive compulsions. Blending memoir, criticism, and first-rate reportage, Extra Lives is like no other book on the subject ever published. Whether you love video games, loathe video games, or are merely curious about why they are becoming the dominant popular art form of our time, Extra Lives is required reading. From the Hardcover edition.


The Social and Cultural Significance of Online Games

Author: Garry Crawford,Victoria K Gosling,Ben Light

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 113527505X

Category: Games

Page: 320

View: 1298

"Over only a few decades, digital gaming has become a major global leisure activity that now rivals the movie and music sectors. Due to this increasingly widespread popularity, gaming has in recent years become the focus of increased academic interest and activity, but still little is know about those who play digital games. Online Gaming in Context is the first book to explicitly and comprehensively address how digital games are experienced and engaged with in the everyday lives, social networks, and consumer patterns of those who play them. In doing so, the book provides a key introduction to the study of gamers and the games they play, whilst also reflecting on the current debates and literatures surrounding the virtual world"--

Playing the Universe

Games and Gaming in Science Fiction

Author: David G. Mead,Paweł Frelik

Publisher: N.A


Category: Electronic games

Page: 266

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Annals of Gaming

Or, the Fair Player's Sure Guide. Containing Original Treatises on the Following Games. Whist. Hazard. Tennis. ... Back-gammon. All-fours. Comet, Or Pope Joan. To which are Subjoined All the Operations, Legerdemains, ... Or Any Possible Indirect Means Tha Can be Introduced at Those Games. By a Connoisseur

Author: Connoisseur

Publisher: N.A


Category: Games

Page: 216

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Simulation and Gaming in the Network Society

Author: Toshiyuki Kaneda,Hidehiko Kanegae,Yusuke Toyoda,Paola Rizzi

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9811005753

Category: Mathematics

Page: 474

View: 5552

This book provides the state of the art in the simulation and gaming study field by systematically collecting excellent papers presented at the 46th International Simulation and Gaming Association annual conference held in Kyoto 17–25 July 2015. Simulation and gaming has been used in a wide variety of areas ranging from early childhood education and school-age children, universities, and professional education, to policy exploration and social problem solving. Moreover, it now been drastically changing its features in the Internet Of Things (IOT) society while taking over a wide variety of aliases, such as serious games and gamification. Most of the papers on which this book’s chapters are based were written by academic researchers, both up-and-coming and well known. In addition, simulation and gaming is a translational system science going from theory to clinical cross-disciplinary topics. With this book, therefore, graduate students and higher-level researchers, educators, and practitioners can become familiar with the state-of-the-art academic research on simulation and gaming in the network society of the twenty-first century.


cruising the casinos with syndicated gambling columnist John Grochowski

Author: John Grochowski

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780965345408

Category: Games

Page: 182

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Women in Gaming: 100 Professionals of Play

Author: Meagan Marie

Publisher: Prima Games

ISBN: 9780744019537


Page: 352

View: 1391

Take a celebratory look at accomplished women in the video game industry, ranging from high-level executives to programmers to cosplayers. This insightful and celebratory book highlights women who helped to establish the industry, women who disrupted it, women who fight to diversify it, and young women who will someday lead it. Featuring household names and unsung heroes, such as Ashly Burch, Karisma Williams, and Emily Greer, each individual profiled is a pioneer in their own right.Women in Gaming- 100 Pioneers of Play also features penned essays that further illuminate topics affecting women in gaming-related careers, including short essays covering various topics affecting women in gaming related careers, including "Difficult Women- The Importance of Female Characters Who Go Beyond Being Strong," "NPC- On Being Unseen in the Game Dev Community," and "Motherhood and Gaming- How Motherhood Can Help Rather Than Hinder a Career" and more. The female impact on the gaming industry in the fields of design, programming, animation, marketing, voiceover are fully explored, alongside expert advice for young females looking to break into the gaming industry.Bonus features include a "A Day in the Life of" section, which provides an inside look at a typical day in the gaming industry across several vocations, including a streamer and a voice actor, and a "Character Spotlight", which highlights favourite women game characters, such as Lara Croft and Samus, and their significance in popular gaming culture.

Gaming Safely

Author: Allyson Valentine Schrier

Publisher: Capstone Classroom

ISBN: 1620658003

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 32

View: 5965

"Describes safe online gaming and ways to avoid dangerous situations, such as identity theft, cyberbullying, or predators"--Provided by publisher.

This Gaming Life

Travels in Three Cities

Author: Jim Rossignol

Publisher: University of Michigan Press

ISBN: 0472116355

Category: Games

Page: 213

View: 5331

Traveling to London, Seoul, and Reyjkavik, the topic of gaming and its effects on people around the world is discussed through a review of its impact on culture, technology, and education around the world.