Free Play

Improvisation in Life and Art

Author: Stephen Nachmanovitch

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781440673085

Category: Self-Help

Page: 224

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Free Play is about the inner sources of spontaneous creation. It is about where art in the widest sense comes from. It is about why we create and what we learn when we do. It is about the flow of unhindered creative energy: the joy of making art in all its varied forms. Free Play is directed toward people in any field who want to contact, honor, and strengthen their own creative powers. It integrates material from a wide variety of sources among the arts, sciences, and spiritual traditions of humanity. Filled with unusual quotes, amusing and illuminating anecdotes, and original metaphors, it reveals how inspiration arises within us, how that inspiration may be blocked, derailed or obscured by certain unavoidable facts of life, and how finally it can be liberated - how we can be liberated - to speak or sing, write or paint, dance or play, with our own authentic voice. The whole enterprise of improvisation in life and art, of recovering free play and awakening creativity, is about being true to ourselves and our visions. It brings us into direct, active contact with boundless creative energies that we may not even know we had.


A Video Game Guide to Maximum Euphoric Bliss

Author: Jordan Shapiro,Frankie Tartaglia

Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub

ISBN: 9781479386437

Category: Self-Help

Page: 172

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We are the kids who grew up playing Space Invaders, Frogger, Q-bert, and Super Mario Brothers. Now, as adults, we're respectable contributors to a civilized society: professionals, parents, leaders, and policy makers. Still, the imagery of the games we played as children remains permanently seared into our personal and collective unconscious. The game world now shapes the way we think. It forms the way we perceive and interact with the world around us. The common view is that video games are an escape from the real world. But in FREEPLAY, author Jordan Shapiro shows us how the video games of our past (and present) function as interactive mythology. They are non-linear stories that help us derive meaning from the complicated paradoxes of everyday life. FREEPLAY is Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance for a new generation: part philosophy, part psychology, part spirituality, but ALL video games. Shapiro deftly blends Jungian and archetypal psychology in a way that is accessible and applicable to everyone. FREEPLAY is philosophy for the life world accessed through the user interface of the game world. Game on.

Beauty, Ugliness and the Free Play of Imagination

An Approach to Kant's Aesthetics

Author: Mojca Küplen

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319198998

Category: Philosophy

Page: 152

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This book presents a solution to the problem known in philosophical aesthetics as the paradox of ugliness, namely, how an object that is displeasing can retain our attention and be greatly appreciated. It does this by exploring and refining the most sophisticated and thoroughly worked out theoretical framework of philosophical aesthetics, Kant’s theory of taste, which was put forward in part one of the Critique of the Power of Judgment. The book explores the possibility of incorporating ugliness, a negative aesthetic concept, into the overall Kantian aesthetic picture. It addresses a debate of the last two decades over whether Kant's aesthetics should allow for a pure aesthetic judgment of ugliness. The book critically reviews the main interpretations of Kant’s central notion of the free play of imagination and understanding and offers a new interpretation of free play, one that allows for the possibility of a disharmonious state of mind and ugliness. In addition, the book also applies an interpretation of ugliness in Kant’s aesthetics to resolve certain issues that have been raised in contemporary aesthetics, namely the possibility of appreciating artistic and natural ugliness and the role of disgust in artistic representation. Offering a theoretical and practical analysis of different kinds of negative aesthetic experiences, this book will help readers acquire a better understanding of his or her own evaluative processes, which may be helpful in coping with complex aesthetic experiences. Readers will gain unique insight into how ugliness can be offensive, yet, at the same time, fascinating, interesting and captivating.

The Sims FreePlay Guide

Author: Leon Suny

Publisher: Booksmango

ISBN: 1633233979

Category: Games

Page: 89

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You are reading the most comprehensive guide to the mobile app The Sims FreePlay that is available online (a fact that was true at the time of writing and with the recent update continues to be true!), representing well over 200 hours of game play and counting, and encompassing the careful analysis and application of its variety of game play options, providing a comprehensive guide to play that continues to grow in both depth and quality as the game expands and a deeper understanding of its nuances through play is obtained. While this guide started out as a brief overview based upon the first hundred hours of play — a process that underscores the significant differences between The Sims: FreePlay and all of the other games that are part of The Sims empire due to its reliance on a real-time-clock and the inability of players to “speed-up” time, an option that is available in all of the other series and versions of The Sims but is not available in this version — gamers can consider the information and guidance contained herein to be both hard-won and worthwhile! As befits the rather simplistic nature of the game, despite the fact that this guide is packed with information that you will find useful as you embark upon building the simulated lives that are under your control in this sandbox-style God game, it will also provide you with the special insight that is absolutely necessary due to the nature of this game — and in so doing presents (and encourages) the sort of well-founded guidance towards developing patience and self-discipline that is required to progress in the game without spending real-world money in the process. That alone makes this an invaluable source of information for most players, but especially those who desire the pleasure of progress within the game world without having to pay for it… Before you jump right in, I strongly urge you to read this entire guide, from start to finish, because there are pitfalls in this game as well as tips and tricks that will make your life in it ever so much easier (and cheaper) if you know about them.

The Sims Freeplay Game Guide Unofficial

Author: The Yuw

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 1365108600

Category: Games

Page: N.A

View: 5845

*UNOFFICIAL GUIDE* Advanced Tips & Strategy Guide. This is the most comprehensive and only detailed guide you will find online. Available for instant download on your mobile phone, eBook device, or in paperback form. With the success of my hundreds of other written guides and strategies I have written another advanced professional guide for new and veteran players. This gives specific strategies and tips on how to progress in the game, beat your opponents, acquire more coins and currency, plus much more! - Professional Tips and Strategies. - Cheats and Hacks. - Secrets, Tips, Cheats, Unlockables, and Tricks Used By Pro Players! - How to Get Tons of Cash/Coins. - PLUS MUCH MORE! All versions of this guide have screenshots to help you better understand the game. There is no other guide that is as comprehensive and advanced as this one. Disclaimer: This product is not associated, affiliated, endorsed, certified, or sponsored by the Original Copyright Owner.

The Toddler Room: Free Play

A Day in the Life of Your Child in Day Care, a Coloring Book

Author: Jodi Lobdell Bulson

Publisher: AbbottPress

ISBN: 1458212572

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 16

View: 7398

It is a new day in Miss Jodi’s day care! As soon as all the children arrive in the toddler room and put their backpacks away, Miss Jodi asks if they are ready for free play. They are all so excited! Dina and Jeffrey decide to play with the colorful blocks. Richele and Jaye busy themselves with puzzles. David practices writing his name. Miss Jodi is so happy when she sees all the children in the toddler room enjoying their free play time. The Toddler Room: “Free Play” shares how a group of toddlers play with other children in a fun and loving school setting while learning to be kind, patient, and the importance of sharing.

The Sims FreePlay Guide

Author: Simge Ceylan

Publisher: Cris Converse

ISBN: 2765918465

Category: Computers

Page: 66

View: 5405

The Sims FreePlay is a free-to-play iOS, Android and Windows Phone game from FireMonkey Studios. It was released worldwide on December 15, 2011 for iOS[5] and February 15, 2012 for Android.[6] An Amazon Kindle Fire version was released on September 27, 2012[7] and a Windows Phone 8 version was released on September 14, 2013.[8] It is the first Sims game released on the iPad. It differs from the regular Sims game in that it uses regular time. For example, in a normal The Sims PC game, 1 hour of game time is one minute. However, in FreePlay, 1 hour really is one hour. On July 21, 2014 Firemonkeys Studios announced there will be no further updates on the Windows Phone 8.[9] With the Royalty update Firemonkeys Studios announced that updates will return to Windows Phone 8.


Free Play in the Age of Electracy

Author: N.A

Publisher: MIT Press

ISBN: 0262300907


Page: N.A

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The Sims Freeplay Game Tips, Hacks, Hobbies, Quests, Download Guide

Author: Hiddenstuff Entertainment

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 1329645324

Category: Games

Page: N.A

View: 480

Advanced Tips & Strategy Guide. This is the most comprehensive and only detailed guide you will find online. Available for instant download on your mobile phone, eBook device, or in paperback form. With the success of my hundreds of other written guides and strategies I have written another advanced professional guide for new and veteran players. - Professional Tips and Strategies. - Cheats and Hacks. - Secrets, Tips, Cheats, Unlockables, and Tricks Used By Pro Players! - How to Download for Free. - Overview & Basic Information - How to Play the Game. - Character Overview. - Get Unlimited Money & LP! - Sims Moods & Stats. - Professional Tips & Strategies. - Achievements Overview. - Secrets, Tips, and Tricks Used By Pro Players! - Detailed Step by Step Instructions! - Facebook and Wiki Strategies Online. Purchase now and crush your opponents! Become a Pro Player Today!

Free play

13 musical landscapes : book and CD set for all instrumentalists and vocalists

Author: Kenny Werner

Publisher: N.A


Category: Improvisation (Music)

Page: 31

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Free Play

Kreativität geschehen lassen

Author: Stephen Nachmanovitch

Publisher: O.W. Barth

ISBN: 9783426292167


Page: 272

View: 7115



Author: Len Bracken

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780595417193

Category: Fiction

Page: 264

View: 8550

"There's a growing trend in the modern imaginative novel to mimic the rapidfire intercut of information in our media age, collaging together a sort of holographic hyperdimensional text rather than plotting a simple linear story. I think of Moorcock's Cornealius Chronicles, Shea & Wilson's Illuminatus! trilogy, and Scholz & Harcourt's Palimpsests on the professional scale, and the work of such writers as Don Webb, Misha and Mink Mole in the small presses. Well, this book is an unexpectedly delightful addition to the genre (which, in case you have any doubt, is one I appreciate very much)." Mike Gunderloy, Factsheet Five "Freeplay reminded me of a more techno-political version of Rainbow Bridge, the film about Jimi Hendrix I was impressed." Richard Peabody author of Joints on Bridge "From Cam's initial meeting with Tancredo in a bar out of Sam Spade's old haunts, to the debacle in Moscow, to the nirvanic finale, Freeplay kept me glued to the page. It would take someone totally devoid of imagination not to live each scene in this deftly crafted game." Jim Keith, Dharma Combat "Bracken writes a fast-paced chronicle of a jet-set team of free spirits who channel their anger into the creative world of sensual and technological game playing. Bracken exploits the obvious in descriptive tantrums and doublespeak. Plenty for the metaphysical anarchist to chew on." Mark Hand, Incite


Making Money From Games You Give Away

Author: Will Luton

Publisher: New Riders

ISBN: 0133411249

Category: Computers

Page: 216

View: 5444

“ Will’s knowledge of F2P comes from years of building games, as well as writing about and consulting with developers on the model. All the topics covered in this book—economics, gameplay, monetization, analytics and marketing—are important to consider when you’re building an F2P game, and Will covers each with an easy-to-digest style.” —Ian Marsh, co-founder, NimbleBit Free-to-Play: Making Money From Games You Give Away is an accessible and complete guide to the business model that has revolutionized the videogames industry, creating huge hits, multi-billion-dollar startups and a new deal for players: Play for free, spend on what you like. Written by respected game designer and consultant Will Luton, Free-to-Play gives you the in-the-trenches insight you need to build, run and make money from games you give away. In it you’ll find: Psychology behind player decisions and the motivations to play Simple and accessible explanations of the math and economic theories behind F2P, including working examples Processes for capturing and using player data to improve your game Marketing tips on positioning your game and attracting players Plus: A downloadable F2P spreadsheet, articles from the author, a foreword by NimbleBit co-founder Ian Marsh and an interview with Zynga CEO, Mark Pincus.

Wanna Play

Friendship Skills for Preschool and Elementary Grades

Author: Ruth Herron Ross,Beth Roberts-Pacchione

Publisher: Corwin Press

ISBN: 1412928044

Category: Education

Page: 206

View: 1710

Discover the Wanna Play Program™, a PreK–3 curriculum for helping students at risk or with developmental challenges develop the social skills they need to make friends.

The pickpocket and the saint

free play of imagination

Author: Sheldon Kopp

Publisher: Bantam Books

ISBN: 9780553235647

Category: Philosophy

Page: 205

View: 3686

Examines the individual's limited perception of reality and recommends techniques for stimulating the imagination and increasing the power of creativity