The First Hundred Years : the Untold Story

Author: Adrian Harvey

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 0415350190

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 289

View: 2604

The story of the creation of Britain's national game has often been told. According to the accepted wisdom, the refined football games created by English public schools in the 1860s subsequently became the sports of the masses. Football, The First Hundred Years, provides a revisionist history of the game, challenging previously widely-accepted beliefs. Harvey argues that established football history does not correspond with the facts. Football, as played by the 'masses' prior to the adoption of the public school codes is almost always portrayed as wild and barbaric. This view may require considerable modification in the light of Harvey's research. Football's First One Hundred Years provides a very detailed picture of the football played outside the confines of the public schools, revealing a culture that was every bit as sophisticated and influential as that found within their prestigious walls. Football, The First Hundred Years sets forth a completely revisionist thesis, offering a different perspective on almost every aspect of the established history of the formative years of the game. The book will be of great interest to sports historians and football enthusiasts alike.


Author: Robert Tiritilli,Charles Hellman

Publisher: LuckySports

ISBN: 9780935938067


Page: 124

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"Football" is a delightful cartoon book designed to give everyone a humorous look at the players, coaches and fans involved in America's Sport." Author, Robert Tiritilli has been a sporting artist and devoted football fan for decades. He says, "Hopefully you'll get a "kick" out of this absurd twisted look at your favorite game!

American Football

Eine Monographie

Author: Sascha Kriegl

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 3837002411

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 192

View: 568

American Football - Eine Monographie ist das ultimative Buch zum Nationalsport der USA. Grundlegendes, Kurioses und viele interessante Statistiken in einem einzigen Werk. Ideal geeignet fur Neueinsteiger, Experten des Spiels und Statistikliebhaber. Man findet in diesem Buch die geschichtliche Entwicklung bis zur Gegenwart, die Regeln des Spiels, die taktischen Formationen, die Basisdaten der grossartigsten Spieler aller Zeiten, und vor allem nutzliche Statistiken uber die Super Bowl. Dieses Werk vereinigt alles Wissenswerte, rund um American Football auf knapp uber 200 Seiten, in einer bis dato nicht vorhanden gewesenen Kompaktheit


Author: Clive Gifford

Publisher: Evans Brothers

ISBN: 0237536315

Category: Soccer

Page: 30

View: 4533

This series explores different sports, describing how and where you play them as well as the equipment and kit you'll need. There are also tips on training and on practising techniques. In this title, you can find out all about football and learn how to develop your skills.


An Encyclopedia of Popular Culture

Author: Edward J. Rielly

Publisher: U of Nebraska Press

ISBN: 9780803226302

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 439

View: 4316

"...provides a detailed look at America's pastime through the lens of pop culture, [an] A-to-Z inventory of how certain aspects of the game affect and reflect broader society."--from publisher description.

Football Leaks

Die schmutzigen Geschäfte im Profifußball - Ein SPIEGEL-Buch

Author: Rafael Buschmann,Michael Wulzinger

Publisher: DVA

ISBN: 3641213991

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 352

View: 2978

Mit neuen Enthüllungen über die Premier League und den Transferwahnsinn – aktualisiert und erweitert 2018 Astronomische Ablösesummen. Undurchsichtige Firmennetzwerke in Steueroasen. Spieler, die zu reiner Ware werden. Beim Fußball geht es längst nicht mehr ums schöne Spiel, sondern vor allem um Geld. Sehr viel Geld. Mit Hilfe der Enthüllungsplattform Football Leaks haben die SPIEGEL-Redakteure Rafael Buschmann und Michael Wulzinger exklusive Einblicke in geheime Verträge und Absprachen zwischen Spielern, Beratern und Klubs erhalten. In ihrem nun umfassend aktualisierten und erweiterten Bestseller enthüllen sie die schmutzigen Geheimnisse einer gierigen Branche und zeigen, wie allgegenwärtig fragwürdige Geschäfte im internationalen Profifußball sind.

Sexy Football

Author: Peter Gilmour

Publisher: Franz Steiner Verlag

ISBN: 9781861057945

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

View: 3607

One day, Ralph Goldstein switches on the television to hear Ruud Gullit, former Dutch International and Chelsea player-manager extraordinaire coining the famous phrase "Sexy Football," and realizes how these two simple words sum up everything he believes in. Ralph had long felt that soccer could be a beautiful, fulfilling, artistic expression of love if we went about it in a positive manner. And by the way, if it was possible to play soccer in such a fashion, why not live like that too? "Sexy Football" is ostensibly a novel about soccer but shoots off at bizarre tangents into many unexpected areas. It takes us in hilarious fashion through some of the thorny dilemmas we all face in coping with the vagaries of existence and, along the way, exposes some of the ridiculous attitudes and curious paradoxes that are ubiquitous in modern life.

American Football

Alles, was man wissen muss

Author: Adrian Franke

Publisher: Meyer & Meyer Verlag

ISBN: 3840375762

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 200

View: 6118

Jedes Jahr schauen mehr und mehr Zuschauer auch in Deutschland den Super Bowl. Aber seien wir mal ehrlich, ein Footballspiel zu verstehen, ist nicht so einfach! Oder wissen Sie, was eine „Shotgun“ oder die „Pistol“ mit Football zu tun haben? Das Ziel des Buches ist es, diese und viele weitere Fragen zu beantworten und die Spielregeln zu begreifen. Erzählungen und Geschichten von Spielern gewähren zudem einen Blick hinter die Kulissen und rund um das Spiel. Mit mehr als 30 Seiten American-Football-Wörterbuch: von All-Purpose-Yardage bis Zone Read.

Football, Violence and Social Identity

Author: Richard Guilianotti

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134859422

Category: Social Science

Page: 280

View: 8607

Drawing on research from Britain, Europe, Argentina and the USA this volume examines the culture and loyalties of soccer players and crowds and their relationships to social order, disorder and violence. This informative and accessible book will be of interest to students of Sport Science and to all of those who love the game of soccer.

Football's Most Wanted

The Top 10 Book of the Great Game's Outrageous Characters, Fortunate Fumbles, and Other Oddities

Author: Floyd Conner

Publisher: Potomac Books, Inc.

ISBN: 1597974684

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 300

View: 2520

In 1920, the University of Texas Longhorns ate their mascot at a postseason banquet. In 1940, Turk Edwards of the Washington Redskins suffered a career-ending knee injury during the pre-game coin toss. In 1969, Clive Rush was nearly electrocuted while being introduced as the new coach of the Boston Patriots. During the 1893 Army-Navy game, a general punched a heckling admiral and challenged him to a duel, which resulted in President Grover Cleveland suspending the game for six years. "Football's Most Wanted(TM)" features the worst players, the most inept teams, the strangest plays, the most bizarre nicknames, the most fantastic finishes, the dirtiest players, the oddest injures, the greatest upsets, and the most boneheaded calls in both professional and college football. Many of these 700 anecdotes, arranged in 70 top-ten lists, are published here for the first time. "Football's Most Wanted(TM)" features the worst players, the most inept teams, the strangest plays, the most bizarre nicknames, the most fantastic finishes, the dirtiest players, the oddest injures, the greatest upsets, and the most boneheaded calls in both professional and college football. Many of these 700 anecdotes, arranged in 70 top-ten lists, are published here for the first time.

Football in Asia

History, Culture and Business

Author: Younghan Cho

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317598326

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 198

View: 7105

This book is the first comprehensive study on history, culture, and business of football in Asia. Football has been a symbol of the modern invention, a catalyst of local, national and regional identities, all time favourite among kids and youths, and even a harbinger for cultural globalization and consumerism in Asia. The economic growth and the current proliferation of football culture in Asia make it imperative to examine the complex relationship between the globalization of football and the local appropriation. The essays in the book deal with various topics on football in Asia from history of football in Asia, football and local, national and regional identities, to commercialization of football cultures, global mobility and athletes’ migration, and then new Asianism and football. This book argues that football in Asia contributes to reconfiguring both national and regional identities among football fans in the active interconnection with the global flows of football and cultural globalization without homogenizing Asian identities into a cosmopolitan one. This is the textbook to presents football’s implication and influence on Asian populace and social changes while using football as a lens assessing the modern development and current diversification of Asia. This book was published as a special issue of Soccer and Society.


Author: Mark Littleton

Publisher: Zondervan

ISBN: 9780310495710

Category: Football coaches

Page: 95

View: 7358

This series of books will motivate kids 8-12 to seek a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ as they find out how their favorite sports heroes put God above their games.

SEC Football Trivia

Author: Ernie Couch

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 1418571784

Category: Reference

Page: 224

View: 456

SEC Football Trivia is filled from cover to cover with interesting questions and answers about the part of the country where college football is a religion: Who was the cub reporter that covered the Tide practice sessions in Pasadena prior to the 1935 Rose Bowl contest? The most coveted college football award is named for which early Auburn coach? Which Georgia All-American was nicknamed "the Brat"? In what year did Coach Bear Bryant lead Kentucky to the SEC football championship? What was the only team to defeat Vanderbilt in 1893? Designed to be informative, entertaining, and fun, SEC Football Trivia provides information about the twelve football teams that make up the Southeastern Conference. And in case you didn't know, the answers to the above questions are: Ronald Reagan John W. Heisman (the Heisman Memorial Trophy) Zeke Bratkowski 1950 Auburn


The Math of the Game

Author: Shane Frederick

Publisher: Capstone

ISBN: 142966567X

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 48

View: 1491

"Presents the mathematical concepts involved with the sport of football"--Provided by publisher.

The Oklahoma Football Encyclopedia

Author: Ray Dozier

Publisher: Sports Publishing LLC

ISBN: 158261699X

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 329

View: 6346

A comprehensive, illustrated overview of the history of football at the University of Oklahoma offers descriptions of every game, from 1895 through 2005, with profiles of the great coaches, players, games, and events of Sooners football.

This was football

Author: W. W. Heffelfinger,John Dennis McCallum

Publisher: N.A


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 192

View: 3524



Power, Identity, and Fandom in Football

Author: Adam Brown

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9780415181037

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 289

View: 1814

Embracing studies of football fans across Europe, this book tackles questions of power, national and regional identities, and race and racism, highlighting the changing role of fans in the game. Combining new approaches to the study of fan culture with critical assessments of the commercialization of the game, this fascinating book offers a comprehensive and timely examination of the state of European football supporters culture as the game prepares itself for the next millennium. The contributors, all leading figures in sports studies, consider: * whether football remains the peoples game, or if it is now run entirely by and for club owners and directors who have overseen the flotation of clubs on the stock exchange, a new focus on merchandising and the escalation of players salaries * the role of FIFA and UEFA in the struggle for control of world football * manifestations of racism and extreme nationalism in football, from the English medias xenophobic coverage of Euro 96 to the demonisation of Eric Cantona * media representations of national identity in football coverage in Germany, France and Spain * the interplay of national, religious and club identities among fans in England, Scotland, Ireland, Portugal and Scandinavia * the role of the law in regulating football * the future for supporters at a time when watching the match is more likely to mean turning on the television than going to a football ground.

Coaching Football Successfully

Author: Allan Trimble

Publisher: Human Kinetics

ISBN: 9780736055444

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 243

View: 1810

As coach of the powerhouse Jenks (OK) High School Trojans, Allan Trimble has amassed an amazing number of victories, state championship titles, and national rankings. And he's done it with a carefully planned and executed game plan that promotes the positive development of athletes and teams. Trimble shares the specifics of his system in Coaching Football Successfully. This meaty coaching manual covers it all: sideline communication, teaching fundamentals, practice drills, scouting and game planning, and postgame analysis and adjustments. Whatever your offensive and defensive schemes may be, you'll find the concepts applicable to your own program. Loaded with detailed diagrams of plays and advice for handling off-the-field challenges, this book is of great benefit to both head coaches and assistants. Coaching Football Successfully is more than a worthwhile addition to your library; it's a proven game plan to building a championship-caliber football team.

Faith & Football

A Look at Life Through a Facemask

Author: Josh Steed

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1449013694

Category: Fiction

Page: 176

View: 9744

Do you love football? Have you ever wondered if God even cares about the game? Well, the Bible often parallels sports with life. In this book Josh Steed, a former player, and lover of the game, makes a comparison between the sport and the Christian faith. He also tackles some of the biggest objections to Christianity. You will be challenged and find answers to many questions that people often wonder but rarely ask. You will hear exclusive interviews with NFL defensive lineman, Corey Williams, former Razorback/Cowboy quarterback, Clint Stoerner, former NFL player, Matt Jones, former OSU All-American/ NFL player, Joe Brown, head football coaches, Steve Roberts of Arkansas State, Mark Richt of the Georgia Bulldogs, and more.You are invited to suit up and join us on a journey of faith and football as we take a look at life through a facemask.

Anti-racism in European Football

Fair Play for All

Author: Christos Kassimeris

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9780739126127

Category: Social Science

Page: 204

View: 467

Anti-Racism in European Football: Fair Play for All challenges the issue of racism in European football, identifies the causes of the problem, and seeks its remedy.