Exploding the Phone

The Untold Story of the Teenagers and Outlaws who Hacked Ma Bell

Author: Phil Lapsley

Publisher: Open Road + Grove/Atlantic

ISBN: 0802193757

Category: History

Page: 416

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“A rollicking history of the telephone system and the hackers who exploited its flaws” (Kirkus Reviews, starred review). Before smartphones, back even before the Internet and personal computers, a misfit group of technophiles, blind teenagers, hippies, and outlaws figured out how to hack the world’s largest machine: the telephone system. Starting with Alexander Graham Bell’s revolutionary “harmonic telegraph,” by the middle of the twentieth century the phone system had grown into something extraordinary, a web of cutting-edge switching machines and human operators that linked together millions of people like never before. But the network had a billion-dollar flaw, and once people discovered it, things would never be the same. Exploding the Phone tells this story in full for the first time. It traces the birth of long-distance communication and the telephone, the rise of AT&T’s monopoly, the creation of the sophisticated machines that made it all work, and the discovery of Ma Bell’s Achilles heel. Phil Lapsley expertly weaves together the clandestine underground of “phone phreaks” who turned the network into their electronic playground, the mobsters who exploited its flaws to avoid the feds, the explosion of telephone hacking in the counterculture, and the war between the phreaks, the phone company, and the FBI. The product of extensive original research, Exploding the Phone is a ground-breaking, captivating book that “does for the phone phreaks what Steven Levy’s Hackers did for computer pioneers” (Boing Boing). “An authoritative, jaunty and enjoyable account of their sometimes comical, sometimes impressive and sometimes disquieting misdeeds.” —The Wall Street Journal “Brilliantly researched.” —The Atlantic “A fantastically fun romp through the world of early phone hackers, who sought free long distance, and in the end helped launch the computer era.” —The Seattle Times

Exploding the Phone

The Untold Story of the Teenagers and Outlaws who Hacked Ma Bell

Author: Phil Lapsley

Publisher: Grove Press

ISBN: 080212061X

Category: History

Page: 431

View: 2269

Describes how "phone phreaks" learned how to make illicit but technologically innovative free phone calls and shared the technique, and places the process in the development of telecommunications and the behavior of the telephone monopoly.

Exploding the Phone

The Untold Story of the Teenagers and Outlaws Who Hacked Ma Bell

Author: Phil Lapsley

Publisher: Grove Press

ISBN: 9780802122285

Category: History

Page: 414

View: 3376

Describes how "phone phreaks" learned how to make illicit but technologically innovative free phone calls and shared the technique, and places the process in the development of telecommunications and the behavior of the telephone monopoly.

The Phone Book

What the Telephone Company Would Rather You Not Know

Author: J. Edward Hyde

Publisher: N.A


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 214

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Exploding The Creativity Myth

The Computational Foundations of Linguistic Creativity

Author: Tony Veale

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 1441155163

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 224

View: 5811

Karl Lagerfeld's description of his sunglasses as a 'Burqa for my eyes' drew a huge amount of commentary. But what was going on within that phrase? Why was it deemed original and contentious and what can it tell us about creativity? Taking us through cliché, metaphor, analogy, neologism and surrealism, amongst other creative tropes, Tony Veale offers a comprehensive guide to the actual processes behind linguistic creativity. By grounding his approachable examples in easy to replicate methods, the book is perfect as a resource for individual creative exploration. Anyone with an open mind and a computer and a desire to learn about how we creatively say things with words will love this book.Written by an expert in natural language generation, this deceptively simple book offers powerful tools for reconceptualising creativity.


Exploding the myths of the self-help generation

Author: Stephen Briers

Publisher: Pearson UK

ISBN: 0273781448

Category: Self-Help

Page: 280

View: 3010

Exposing the self-help myths that make us all more miserable. This is what your psychologist would really tell you–if he thought you could handle it! This is the kick up the backside the self-help genre needs: an intelligent, provocative and thought-provoking expose of the modern myths that we’re told make us happier, but in reality screw us up. Clinical psychologist, Dr Stephen Briers shines a light into the dark corners of self-help and explodes the myths, false hopes, quack philosophies and unrealistic expectations it routinely advocates. It is a refreshing antidote to the `same old same old’ approaches, offering a radical re-think of the way we approach problems in our lives, offering empowering new perspectives and expert advice on avoiding the biggest life traps. Dr Briers questions the perceived wisdom, shakes up the status quo, and encourages us to think again.

How the Jews Defeated Hitler

Exploding the Myth of Jewish Passivity in the Face of Nazism

Author: Benjamin Ginsberg

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN: 1442222395

Category: History

Page: 234

View: 1813

One of the most common assumptions about World War II is that the Jews did not actively or effectively resist their own extermination at the hands of the Nazis. In this powerful book, Benjamin Ginsberg convincingly argues that the Jews not only resisted the Germans but actually played a major role in the defeat of Nazi Germany. The question, he contends, is not whether the Jews fought but where and by what means. True, many Jews were poorly armed, outnumbered, and without resources, but Ginsberg shows persuasively that this myth of passivity is solely that—a myth. Instead, the Jews resisted strongly in four key ways: through their leadership role in organizing the defense of the Soviet Union, their influence and scientific research in the United States, their contribution to allied espionage and cryptanalysis, and their importance in European resistance movements. In this compelling, cogent history, we discover that Jews contributed powerfully to Hitler’s defeat.

Exploding the Myths

The Truth about Teenagers and Reading

Author: Marc Aronson

Publisher: Scarecrow Press

ISBN: 9780810839045

Category: Education

Page: 146

View: 6929

Presents essays that discuss the various reasons for how, what, and why teenagers read, and some issues involved in why they do not.


Exploding the Myths

Author: Julia Hartley Moore

Publisher: Exisle Publishing

ISBN: 187756883X


Page: 238

View: 9609

Infidelity. It’s happened to millions of people around the world. We all know about infidelity when it occurs in the lives of the rich and famous – Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren, Sandra Bullock and Jesse James, Bill and Hillary Clinton – but the truth is that with every relationship and every marriage comes the possibility of infidelity. It doesn’t matter how rich, beautiful, powerful, successful or intelligent you are, infidelity doesn’t care. It occurs no matter where you live, what career path you’ve chosen, what religion you practise, what your ethnic background is. No matter what gender you are, whether you are straight, gay or bi, or what political affiliations you have, infidelity can find you. Julia Hartley Moore has experienced it too – in her own life, and also in her career as a private investigator. She has seen it all, and has become both well informed and wise about how people pursue affairs. In this new edition of her best-selling book Infidelity: exploding the myths, she identifies the telltale signs to look out for if you suspect your partner is a cheat, and what to do about it once you have confirmed it. Bursting with useful information and practical advice, Infidelity is a self-help guide as well as a reference book. It includes dozens of real-life examples from her professional work, as well as a chapter on how to have a successful affair and a chapter (by a lawyer) on your legal and financial rights. For this new edition of the book, Julia has also chosen to tell her own extraordinary story. She was in her teens, and the mother of three children, when she experienced infidelity for the first time. Four marriages later – and fifteen years after setting up her own private investigation company – she is in an ideal position to offer both personal and objective insights into a subject that fascinates everyone but also devastates those it touches.

Executive Coaching

Exploding the Myths

Author: T. Chapman,B. Best,P. van Casteren,Paul van Casteren

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 0230508855

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 281

View: 9641

The best performing organisations recognise that effective executive coaching is a key factor in developing successful leaders and teams. Having worked directly with more than 40% of the Fortune top 100 global corporations for more than fifteen years, the authors have accumulated a practical insight for delivering enduring executive development. This book steps beyond the notion of a prescriptive formula that can be applied to deliver successful development every time. It presents unabridged accounts reflecting both success and failure from a range of diverse international executive coaching assignments. It will develop your coaching ability and provide an insight into the contemporary personal and organisational challenges that define the context for coaching. This is a truly comprehensive account of executive coaching across the world.


The Highs, Hits, Hype, Heroes, and Hustlers of the Warner Music Group

Author: Stan Cornyn,Paul Scanlon

Publisher: It Books

ISBN: 9780380978526

Category: Music

Page: 512

View: 3656

That's how Vanity Fair described the record business turmoil of the 1990s, which moved the Warner Music Group -- the world's number one record company -- from the entertainment pages to the front pages. Suddenly, decades of riotous fun and booming business went splat. Top music executives got evicted from their offices, some escorted by company guards. Why? The answers are in Exploding -- the most insightful and delightful book about the record business ever written. In the rock explosion of the Sixties and Seventies, Warner Bros., Atlantic, and Elektra Records dominated the business as the Warner Music Group. But by the Nineties, the success of WMG was shaken by egos and corporate politics that left the company struggling for identity in a dramatically changing industry. This is the story of that long, strange trip. Your host is the ultimate insider: Stan Cornyn, a key creative force behind the Warner Music Group's stunning rise. During more than thirty years at the company, Cornyn went through what the news media could never uncover. In a freewheeling, vastly entertaining narrative, Cornyn takes us behind the scenes, seats us in the conference rooms, and shows us the interactions between the stars and the suits -- using the same irreverent wit that produced the marketing campaigns that helped put Warner on the map. Exploding is populated by music stars like Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles, the Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Lil' Kim, Dr. Dre, the Grateful Dead, Queen, Madonna, Ice-T, Joni Mitchell, Frank Zappa, Neil Young, Alice Cooper, and dozens more, even the legendary supergroup Scorpio. (Never heard of Scorpio? You'll find out why.) And it introduces you to the most colorful businesspeople ever: hyperintense record sellers who shave their heads; throw doves off a roof; send pig heads through the mail; provide the money, meds, and mammaries -- anything -- to get their records on the air. Here is the music business as you've never seen it: at its wildest, in its wackiest fifty years, bursting with hits and cash, until, by the end, it's just plain Exploding.

Reclaiming Our Health

Exploding the Medical Myth and Embracing the Source of True Healing

Author: John Robbins

Publisher: H J Kramer

ISBN: 9780915811809

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 420

View: 3680

The author calls for a revolution in health care, criticizing its hostility to alternative medicine and its bias against women

A Case of Exploding Mangoes

Author: Mohammed Hanif

Publisher: Vintage

ISBN: 9780307269423

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

View: 3949

A Washington Post, Rocky Mountain News, Boston Globe Best Book of the Year Intrigue and subterfuge combine with bad luck and good in this darkly comic debut about love, betrayal, tyranny, family, and a conspiracy trying its damnedest to happen. Ali Shigri, Pakistan Air Force pilot and Silent Drill Commander of the Fury Squadron, is on a mission to avenge his father's suspicious death, which the government calls a suicide.Ali's target is none other than General Zia ul-Haq, dictator of Pakistani. Enlisting a rag-tag group of conspirators, including his cologne-bathed roommate, a hash-smoking American lieutenant, and a mango-besotted crow, Ali sets his elaborate plan in motion. There's only one problem: the line of would-be Zia assassins is longer than he could have possibly known. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Exploding a Myth

"conventional Wisdom" Or Scientific Truth?

Author: J. Dunning-Davies

Publisher: ISBS

ISBN: 9781904275305

Category: Science

Page: 256

View: 7527

Inside front cover flap: Professor Jeremy Dunning-Davies had been sincerely and deeply worried over for a number of years by the pernicious effects that non-scientific influences have had, and continue to have, on scientific research. This book expresses his concern that many scientific theories are not treated as theories, but are being perceived as already proven. Challenges to these 'ideas hypotheses and suppositions' are therefore seldom acknowledged or supported by certain sectors of the establishment. If these outside pressures adversely influence the area of physics, Professor Dunning-Davies put forward the very real possibility of them affecting other areas of science such as medicine, where trust and honesty assume increasing importance.


his enterprise

Author: Hans Koning

Publisher: Monthly Review Pr


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 128

View: 4081

A biography of the fifteenth-century Italian seaman and navigator who unknowingly discovered a new continent while looking for a western route to India.

The History of the Telephone

Author: Herbert N. Casson

Publisher: Cosimo, Inc.

ISBN: 1596058838

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 196

View: 6842

OF INTEREST TO: readers of social history, students of technological innovation With the use of the telephone has come a new habit of mind. The slow and sluggish mood has been sloughed off. The old to-morrow habit has been superseded by "Do It To-day"; and life has become more tense, alert, vivid. -from "The Telephone and National Efficiency" This classic 1910 book-by one of the first stars of technology journalism-is a charming and highly readable overview of the impact of the telephone in its first quarter-century. Discover: . what led Alexander Graham Bell to his breakthrough . the early ridicule Bell's "toy" endured . the adventurous business pioneers of the new technology . the scientific refinements that made the telephone more useful . how the technology quickly shifted from a novelty to a necessity . how the telephone was revolutionized banking, industry, journalism, government, and even farming . and much more. Canadian journalist HERBERT NEWTON CASSON (1869-1951) contributed to numerous New York and London publications, writing mostly about business and technology. He is also the author of The Romance of Steel: The Story of a Thousand Millionaires. ALSO FROM COSIMO: Casson's Making Money Happily: Twelve Tips on Success and Happiness, The Crime of Credulity, and Creative Thinkers

The Anarchist Cookbook

Author: William Powell

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 1387589660

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: N.A

View: 1008

The Anarchist Cookbook will shock, it will disturb, it will provoke. It places in historical perspective an era when "Turn on, Burn down, Blow up" are revolutionary slogans of the day. Says the author" "This book... is not written for the members of fringe political groups, such as the Weatherman, or The Minutemen. Those radical groups don't need this book. They already know everything that's in here. If the real people of America, the silent majority, are going to survive, they must educate themselves. That is the purpose of this book." In what the author considers a survival guide, there is explicit information on the uses and effects of drugs, ranging from pot to heroin to peanuts. There i detailed advice concerning electronics, sabotage, and surveillance, with data on everything from bugs to scramblers. There is a comprehensive chapter on natural, non-lethal, and lethal weapons, running the gamut from cattle prods to sub-machine guns to bows and arrows.

Exploding the Myths of Modern Architecture

Author: Malcolm Millais

Publisher: Frances Lincoln Limited

ISBN: 9780711229747

Category: Architecture

Page: 296

View: 7013

The Modern movement began in the 1920s when a small group of young architects felt all that had gone before should be rejected and that architectural design should start afresh. This fresh start, they declared, should be based on modern technology and a new, modern approach to life. Their innovations became the 20th century’s dominant movement in architecture, crystallizing into the international style of the 1920s and '30s. In Exploding the Myths of Modern Architecture, Malcolm Millais explores the forces and factors that led to the emergence of the Modern movement, arguing that it was based on completely false premises. Millais offers a rarely heard perspective on the Modern movement, explaining its failures and how the well-meaning "revolutionaries” behind it gained and maintained power.

The Emperor's New Drugs

Exploding the Antidepressant Myth

Author: Irving Kirsch

Publisher: Basic Books

ISBN: 0465021042

Category: Psychology

Page: 240

View: 1778

Do antidepressants work? Of course—everyone knows it. Like his colleagues, Irving Kirsch, a researcher and clinical psychologist, for years referred patients to psychiatrists to have their depression treated with drugs before deciding to investigate for himself just how effective the drugs actually were. Over the course of the past fifteen years, however, Kirsch's research—a thorough analysis of decades of Food and Drug Administration data—has demonstrated that what everyone knew about antidepressants was wrong. Instead of treating depression with drugs, we've been treating it with suggestion. The Emperor's New Drugs makes an overwhelming case that what had seemed a cornerstone of psychiatric treatment is little more than a faulty consensus. But Kirsch does more than just criticize: he offers a path society can follow so that we stop popping pills and start proper treatment for depression.