Europe's Migrant Policies

Illusions of Integration

Author: Suzanne Mulcahy

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

ISBN: 9780230299993

Category: Political Science

Page: 256

View: 1899

What determines Europe's migrant policies and where does the EU fit into this picture? This book is a comparative analysis of the impact of the EU, if any, on the policies and politics of immigrant integration in its member states. It investigates whether the EU can be a force for good in this policy area.

The European Union’s Immigration Policy

Managing Migration in Turkey and Morocco

Author: Ayselin Gözde Yıldız

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137586990

Category: Political Science

Page: 213

View: 2107

This book analyzes the externalization of the EU’s immigration and asylum practices towards non-member transit countries and the consequences of this process. Selected policy areas of externalization (border management, visa policy, readmission agreements and asylum policy) are applied to Turkey and Morocco as two main migration transit countries within two different institutional cooperation mechanisms: Turkey as an EU candidate country within the EU’s enlargement policy; Morocco without membership prospect within the EU’s neighborhood policy. Yıldız applies theoretical debates and critically compares the rhetoric in policy papers with practice in the field. This volume not only contributes to the issue of the external dimension of EU immigration policy by incorporating transit countries into the debate, but also expands upon our understanding of the EU’s contested external governance paradigm. It will be of use to students, scholars, and policy makers in the field of European studies, migration and asylum studies, international relations, and political science.

Europe's Immigration Challenge

Reconciling Work, Welfare and Mobility

Author: Grete Brochmann,Elena Jurado

Publisher: I.B.Tauris

ISBN: 1780762267

Category: Political Science

Page: 209

View: 5485

As the financial crisis continues to cast its long shadow over Europe, the view that immigrants compete unfairly for jobs and present an unsustainable burden on the European Social Model appears to be gathering support in some circles. But at the same time, the 'right' type of immigrant has often been perceived as a potential cure for Europe's sluggish labor markets and ailing welfare systems - especially immigrants who are young, easily employable and who arrive without family. So far, efforts to solve this conundrum - as in the UK's points-based system - have focused on increasing the selectivity of the admissions process. In this book, leading immigration experts question the effectiveness of this approach. Besides efforts to regulate the flow and rights of immigrants, they argue that governments across Europe need to devise labor market, welfare and immigration policies in a more integrated fashion.

The Strange Death of Europe

Immigration, Identity, Islam

Author: Douglas Murray

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1472942221

Category: Political Science

Page: 352

View: 5162

The Sunday Times number one bestseller The Strange Death of Europe is a highly personal account of a continent and culture caught in the act of suicide. Declining birth-rates, mass immigration and cultivated self-distrust and self-hatred have come together to make Europeans unable to argue for themselves and incapable of resisting their own comprehensive change as a society. This book is not only an analysis of demographic and political realities, but also an eyewitness account of a continent in self-destruct mode. It includes reporting from across the entire continent, from the places where migrants land to the places they end up, from the people who appear to welcome them in to the places which cannot accept them. Told from this first-hand perspective, and backed with impressive research and evidence, the book addresses the disappointing failure of multiculturalism, Angela Merkel's U-turn on migration, the lack of repatriation and the Western fixation on guilt. Murray travels to Berlin, Paris, Scandinavia, Lampedusa and Greece to uncover the malaise at the very heart of the European culture, and to hear the stories of those who have arrived in Europe from far away. In each chapter he also takes a step back to look at the bigger issues which lie behind a continent's death-wish, answering the question of why anyone, let alone an entire civilisation, would do this to themselves? He ends with two visions of Europe – one hopeful, one pessimistic – which paint a picture of Europe in crisis and offer a choice as to what, if anything, we can do next.

The Securitisation of Migration in the EU

Debates Since 9/11

Author: Gabriella Lazaridis,Khursheed Wadia

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137480580

Category: Political Science

Page: 247

View: 1933

Since 9/11 Western states have sought to integrate 'securitisation' measures within migration regimes as asylum seekers and other migrant categories come to be seen as agents of social instability or as potential terrorists. Treating migration as a security threat has therefore increased insecurity amongst migrant and ethnic minority populations.

Europe: No Migrant's Land?

Author: Maurizio Ambrosini (a cura di)

Publisher: Edizioni Epoké

ISBN: 8899647240

Category: Political Science

Page: N.A

View: 3299

The Mediterranean region has always been marked by intense migration flows. Over the last few years, political instability in Middle East and North African countries, coupled with longstanding demographic and economic trends, have caused a sudden upsurge of migrants reaching Europe’s shores. Despite scattered shows of solidarity, however, the European response has been slow and fragmented. This volume offers a complete and encompassing analysis of the current state of play in terms of migration flows across the Mediterranean and policy responses by European transit and receiving countries. Attention is specifically devoted to ongoing debates about the management of mixed migration, the particular profiles and needs of asylum seekers, migrants’ labour market access, and integration policies in Europe.

All at Sea

The Policy Challenges of Rescue, Interception, and Long-Term Response to Maritime Migration

Author: Kathleen Newland,Elizabeth Collett,Kate Hooper

Publisher: Migration Policy Institute and the Bertelsmann Foundation

ISBN: 9780983159162

Category: Political Science

Page: 206

View: 1242

Maritime migration : a wicked problem / Kathleen Newland -- Case study : unauthorized maritime migration in Europe and the Mediterranean region / Elizabeth Collett -- Case study : unauthorized maritime migration in the Bay of Bengal / Kathleen Newland -- Case study : unauthorized maritime migration in the Gulf of aden and the Red Sea / Kate Hooper -- Case study : the maritime approaches to Australia / Kathleen Newland -- Case study : maritime migration in the United States and the Caribbean / Kathleen Newland and Sarah Flamm

Migration and Health in the European Union

Author: Bernd Rechel

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education (UK)

ISBN: 0335245684

Category: Medical

Page: 257

View: 9566

This book, part of the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policy series, focuses on the different aspects of migration and health and how they can be addressed by health care systems. This is a key text for health policy makers and advisers.

Irregular Afghan Migration to Europe

At the Margins, Looking In

Author: Angeliki Dimitriadi

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319529595

Category: Social Science

Page: 204

View: 2641

This book examines the issue of irregular transit migration to the EU by presenting the case of the Afghans. Focusing on the Afghans that arrive in and seek to move through Greece, it highlights the unique problems facing this distinctive migratory movement. Recognising that the migratory journey is a continuous interplay of policies and individuals, how each responds and adapts, the book itself moves between countries, policies, stories of migrants and the author’s own experiences in the field. Drawing on extensive empirical research conducted in both Greece and Turkey, it explores why such transits occur and the decision-making process of the migrants in transit. Through the example of Afghan migration this book contributes to broader debates concerning transit migration, hospitality and asylum (how it is perceived, access to it). This book presents a timely study of the rise of ‘fortress Europe’ and the current discourse around refugees and migrants, amidst the largest refugee flow since WWII in Europe. This book’s interdisciplinary approach will make it a valuable resource for policy makers as well as Sociology and Politics scholars.

Women and Migration in Rural Europe

Labour Markets, Representations and Policies

Author: Karin Wiest

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137483040

Category: Social Science

Page: 257

View: 2815

Fundamental societal changes in the globalising European countryside impact women's migration decisions. The chapters in this volume represent diverse attempts to explain women's movements from rural areas, taking prevailing labour market conditions as well as gender relations into account. Utilising empirical findings from countries including Austria, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Spain, this collection particularly aims to build bridges between research following the 'cultural turn' and functionalist explanations which refer to material and practiced ruralities. The international range of contributors to Women and Migration in Rural Europe focus on societal constructions of gender and rurality, and in doing so, address various female perspectives on rural life. The analysis of the different working and living conditions in different parts of rural Europe reveals distinct obstacles but also prospects for young women. Importantly, the book includes policy implications with respect to the challenges of demographic change, questions of gender equality and women's contribution to rural development.

Patterns of Migration in Central Europe

Author: C. Wallace,D. Stola

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 0333985516

Category: Social Science

Page: 301

View: 5211

Patterns of Migration in Central Europe brings together new material on migration in the region: Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In the last ten years, these countries have changed from being countries of emigration to countries of immigration. As the next candidates for membership to the European Union, migration has become a particularly important topic for these countries. This book is designed as a key text for those interested in the development of the region and in European migration more generally.

Citizenship in European Cities

Immigrants, Local Politics and Integration Policies

Author: Karen Kraal,Steven Vertovec

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1351951408

Category: Social Science

Page: 184

View: 2356

There are relatively few books that provide comparative analysis of European cities in relation to immigrants and political participation. This fresh and insightful volume, from the same team that published Multicultural Policies and Modes of Citizenship in European Cities in 2001, analyzes how the presence of immigrants is perceived in politics, how this affects their status and how far minorities are able to (politically) participate in European cities. The comparative studies address the influence of (minority) politics, as well as that of migrant mediators and ethnic organizations on the participation of minorities. There are a variety of case studies from northern and southern Europe, offering insights into countries that differ in their modes of citizenship. The volume will be of specific interest to scholars, researchers and policy makers in migration, citizenship and multiculturalism, as well as a more general audience of sociologists, political sociologists, political scientists, anthropologists and social geographers.

Go Back to Where You Came From

The Backlash Against Immigration and the Fate of Western Democracy

Author: Polakow-Suransky

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 1787380416

Category: Political Science

Page: N.A

View: 8476

From Europe to the United States and beyond, opportunistic politicians have exploited economic crisis, terrorist attacks and an influx of refugees to bring hateful and reactionary views from the margins of political discourse into the corridors of power. This climate has already helped propel Donald Trump to the White House, pushed Britain out of the European Union, and put Marine Le Pen within striking distance of the French presidency. Sasha Polakow-Suransky’s on-the-ground reportage and interviews with the rising stars of the new right tell the story of how we got here, tracing the global rise of anti-immigration politics and the ruthlessly effective rebranding of Europe’s new far right as defenders of Western liberal values. Go Back to Where You Came From is an indispensable account of why xenophobia went mainstream in countries known historically as defenders of human rights and models of tolerance.

Migration and Welfare in the New Europe

Social Protection and the Challenges of Integration

Author: Emma Carmel,Alfio Cerami,Dr. Theodoros Papadopoulos

Publisher: Policy Press

ISBN: 1847426441

Category: Social Science

Page: 261

View: 753

Providing innovative insights, this book moves the debate on migration and integration policies in the enlarged European Union and its member states onto new terrain.

Safe Third Countries

Extending the EU Asylum and Immigration Policies to Central and Eastern Europe

Author: Sandra Lavenex

Publisher: Central European University Press

ISBN: 9789639116443

Category: Political Science

Page: 189

View: 5034

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Managing Borders in an Increasingly Borderless World

Author: Randall Hansen,Demetrios G. Papademetriou

Publisher: Migration Policy Inst

ISBN: 9780983159124

Category: Political Science

Page: 140

View: 9311

As borders become increasingly fluid in a globalized world, border security remains at the heart of public and policymaker concerns about immigration.This volume brings together perspectives from both sides of the Atlantic on what border security means in practice. It addreses the challenges that continue to evade policymakers and assesses which policies have been most—and least—successful in achieving "secure" borders while also allowing for the movement of people and commerce. From border dynamics and drug trafficking in Central America to challenges to the asylum regime in Europe, this book offers a thought-provoking and well-rounded account of how borders are interpreted and managed in diverse settings.

Violent Borders

Refugees and the Right to Move

Author: Reece Jones

Publisher: Verso Books

ISBN: 1784784729

Category: Political Science

Page: 224

View: 2668

A major new exploration of the refugee crisis, focusing on how borders are formed and policed Forty thousand people died trying to cross international borders in the past decade, with the high-profile deaths along the shores of Europe only accounting for half of the grisly total. Reece Jones argues that these deaths are not exceptional, but rather the result of state attempts to contain populations and control access to resources and opportunities. “We may live in an era of globalization,” he writes, “but much of the world is increasingly focused on limiting the free movement of people.” In Violent Borders, Jones crosses the migrant trails of the world, documenting the billions of dollars spent on border security projects and their dire consequences for countless millions. While the poor are restricted by the lottery of birth to slum dwellings in the aftershocks of decolonization, the wealthy travel without constraint, exploiting pools of cheap labor and lax environmental regulations. With the growth of borders and resource enclosures, the deaths of migrants in search of a better life are intimately connected to climate change, environmental degradation, and the growth of global wealth inequality.

Developing a Road Map for Engaging Diasporas in Development

A Handbook for Policymakers and Practitioners in Home and Host Countries

Author: Dovelyn Rannveig Agunias,Kathleen Newland

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9789290686286

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 256

View: 9395

State governments recognize the value diaspora populations bring to development efforts worldwide. Since 2007, the Global Forum on Migration and Development has examined ways to highlight policies and programs that can magnify the resources, both human and financial, that emigrants and their descendants contribute to development. This handbook continues that effort on the basis of earlier investigations by the book's collaborating institutions, the academic and policy literature, consultations and in-depth interviews with government officials and nongovernmental actors, and input by 62 national governments. The handbook is divided into three major parts. Each part gives concrete examples of policies and programs that have been effective, and pulls out both useful lessons and common challenges associated with the topics at hand. The pivotal question now facing many policymakers is not so much if diasporas can benefit their countries of origin but how they do so and what kinds of government policies and programs can foster these relationships.

The EU, Migration and the Politics of Administrative Detention

Author: Michela Ceccorulli,Nicola Labanca

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317750071

Category: Political Science

Page: 250

View: 2793

Migration is now regarded as a security issue, both in public debate and government policies. In turn, the phenomenon of detention as a governance practice has emerged, and the developing presence of camps in Europe for migrants has given rise to a tangle of new and complex issues. This book examines the phenomenon of irregular immigration, and provides a comprehensive picture of the practices and the implications of detention of migrants within and the European Union. It analyses ‘detention’ as a tool of governance and in doing so explores several key themes: the security threat for Europe the security governance processes enacted to handle irregular immigration the forms of detention in different geographical contexts the effectiveness of the EU’s approach to the issue. The EU, Migration and the Politics of Administrative Detention will be of interest to students and scholars of the EU’s external relations, migration, human rights, European politics and security studies.