Envisioning Sociology

Victor Branford, Patrick Geddes, and the Quest for Social Reconstruction

Author: John Scott,R. J. Bromley

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 1438447329

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 298

View: 4197

This title is a study of the founding sociology in Britain and the enormous contributions made by the intellectual circle led by Victor Branford and Patrick Geddes. Authors John Scott and Ray Bromley chronicle the biographical connections and personal partnerships of the circle's key participant, their international connections, their organization-building work, and the business activities that underpinned their efforts.

Social Theory

Central Issues in Sociology

Author: John Scott

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9780761970880

Category: Social Science

Page: 308

View: 1427

This is a comprehensive, critical review of social theory that places leading contributions in their larger context. Written predominantly for students, the scope and range of the subjects and authors dealt with results in one of the most comprehensive introductions to social theory published to date. Ranging from the philosophical foundations of sociology and the discovery of `the social' to distinctive sociological approaches, to the significance of issues pertaining to gender and patriarchy, to questions of modernity and post-modernity, the book is comprehensive in subject matter.

Social Network Analysis

Author: John Scott

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 1526412233

Category: Social Science

Page: 248

View: 784

Incorporating the most important and cutting-edge developments in the field, this bestselling text introduces newcomers to the key theories and techniques of social network analysis and guides more experienced analysts in their own research. New to This Edition: A chapter on data collection, covering a crucial phase of the research process Fully updated examples reiterate the continued importance of social network analysis in an increasingly interconnected world Detailed ‘Further Reading’ sections help you explore the wider literature Practical exercises including real-world examples of social networks enable you to apply your learning Expanded and brought right up-to-date, this classic text remains the indispensable guide to social network analysis for students, lecturers and researchers throughout the social sciences.

The SAGE Handbook of Social Network Analysis

Author: John Scott,Peter J. Carrington

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 1473971187

Category: Social Science

Page: 640

View: 6659

This sparkling Handbook offers an unrivalled resource for those engaged in the cutting edge field of social network analysis. Systematically, it introduces readers to the key concepts, substantive topics, central methods and prime debates. Among the specific areas covered are: Network theory Interdisciplinary applications Online networks Corporate networks Lobbying networks Deviant networks Measuring devices Key Methodologies Software applications. The result is a peerless resource for teachers and students which offers a critical survey of the origins, basic issues and major debates. The Handbook provides a one-stop guide that will be used by readers for decades to come.

The Radical and Socialist Tradition in British Planning

From Puritan colonies to garden cities

Author: Duncan Bowie

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317018338

Category: Political Science

Page: 232

View: 5609

Focusing on the key period between the late 18th century and 1914, this book provides the first comprehensive narrative account of radical and socialist texts and organised movements for reform to land planning and housing policies in Britain. Beginning with the early colonial settlements in the puritan and enlightenment eras, it also covers Benthamite utilitarian planning, Owenite and utopian communitarianism, the Chartists, late Chartists and the First International, Christian socialists and positivists, working class and radical land reform campaigns in the late 19th century, Garden City pioneers and the institutionalisation of the planning profession. The book, in effect, presents a prehistory of land, planning and housing reform in the UK in contrast with most historiography which focuses on the immediate pre-World War I period. Providing an analysis of different intellectual traditions and contrasting middle class-led reform initiatives with those based on working class organisations, the book seeks to relate historical debates to contemporary themes, including utopianism and pragmatism, the role of the state, the balance between local initiatives and centrally driven reforms and the interdependence of land, housing and planning.

The Palgrave Handbook of Sociology in Britain

Author: J. Holmwood,J. Scott

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137318864

Category: Social Science

Page: 631

View: 4962

Leading sociologists outline the historical development of the discipline in Britain and document its continuing influence in this essential and comprehensive reference work. Spanning the Scottish enlightenment of the 18th century to the present day this Handbook maps the discipline and the British contribution.

A Dictionary of Sociology

Author: John Scott

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 0199683581

Category: Reference

Page: 816

View: 658

A consistent best-seller, the wide-ranging and authoritative Dictionary of Sociology was first published in 1994 and contains more than 2,500 entries on the terminology, methods, concepts, and thinkers in the field, as well as from the related fields of psychology, economics, anthropology, philosophy, and political science.For this fourth edition, Professor John Scott has conducted a thorough review of all entries to ensure that they are concise, focused, and up to date. Revisions reflect current intellectual debates and social conditions, particularly in relation to global and multi-cultural issues. New entries cover relevant contemporary concepts, such as climate change, social media, terrorism, and intersectionality, as well as key living sociologists.This Dictionary is both an invaluable introduction to sociology for beginners, and an essential source of reference for more advanced students and teachers.Readership: Invaluable for A-level and undergraduate students, lecturers and teachers, and professionals; ideal for anyone looking for an introduction to sociology.

Objectivity and Subjectivity in Social Research

Author: Gayle Letherby,John Scott,Malcolm Williams

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 1446271412

Category: Social Science

Page: 200

View: 5539

Objectivity and subjectivity are key concepts in social research. This book, written by leading authors in the field, takes a completely new approach to objectivity and subjectivity, no longer treating them as opposed - as many existing texts do - but as logically and methodologically related in social research. The book debates: - the philosophical bases of objectivity and relativity - relationism and dynamic synthesis - situated objectivity - theorised subjectivity - social objects and realism - objectivity and subjectivity in practice The authors explain complex arguments with great clarity for social science students, while also providing the detail and comprehensiveness required to meet the needs of practising researchers and scholars.

British Social Theory

Recovering Lost Traditions before 1950

Author: John Scott

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 152645534X

Category: Social Science

Page: 184

View: 6072

A unique contribution to discussions of social theory, this book counters the argument that no social theory was ever produced in Britain before the late twentieth century. Reviewing a period of 300 years from the seventeenth century to the mid-twentieth century, it sets out a number of innovative strands in theory that culminated in powerful contributions in the classical period of sociology. The book discusses how these traditions of theory were lost and forgotten and sets out why they are important today.

Documentary Research

Author: John Scott

Publisher: SAGE Publications Limited


Category: Social Science

Page: 1592

View: 398

Documentary research involves the use of texts and documents as source materials: government publications, newspapers, certificates, census publications, novels, film and video, paintings, personal photographs, diaries and innumerable other written, visual and pictorial sources in paper, electronic, or other `hard copy' form. Along with surveys and ethnography, documentary research is one of the three major types of social research and arguably has been the most widely used of the three throughout the history of sociology and other social sciences. It has been the principal method - indeed, sometimes the only one - for leading sociologists. The key issues surrounding types of documents and our ability to use them as reliable sources of evidence on the social world must be considered by all who use documents in their research. The paucity of sources available until now means that this compendium will be invaluable to social researchers. Volume One: Theory and Methods Volume Two: Personal Documents Volume Three: Mass Media and Cyber Documents Volume Four: Official Statistics and Sources

Constructing the New Consumer Society

Author: John Holmwood,Hilary Radner,Gerhard Schulze,Pekka Sulkunen

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1349253375

Category: Social Science

Page: 302

View: 4592

This book argues that the coming of the 'a new consumerism' in the affluent societies marks a distinct phase of modernity. Limits of production no longer confine consumption to what is necessary or instrumental. Demands for increasing production no longer shape ideology and culture as they did previously. Important contemporary themes of morality, the body, citizenship and inequality are here placed in a new theoretical light. The book provides examples of new codes of happiness in consuming products, culture and entertainment. Issues of nutrition, consumer policy, environmental risk and health are discussed in the light of these new codes.

Explanation and Social Theory

Author: John Holmwood,Alexander Stewart,Kitty Chisholm

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1349216275

Category: Social Science

Page: 244

View: 2402

The book ranges widely over modern social theory, giving detailed treatments of major sources to identify common themes and deficiencies in apparently disparate schools of thought. The object is to lay bare negative assumptions forming methodologies in modern social theory in order to redirect the social sciences towards real problems and the progressive consequences of their solution. Examples are given and, throughout, the continuity of particular and general concerns is demonstrated.

Conceptualising the Social World

Principles of Sociological Analysis

Author: John Scott

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1139496921

Category: Social Science

Page: N.A

View: 9443

This comprehensive and authoritative statement of fundamental principles of sociological analysis integrates approaches that are often seen as mutually exclusive. John Scott argues that theorising in sociology and other social sciences is characterised by the application of eight key principles of sociological analysis: culture, nature, system, structure, action, space-time, mind and development. He considers the principal contributions to the study of each of these dimensions in their historical sequence in order to bring out the cumulative character of knowledge. Showing that the various principles can be combined in a single disciplinary framework, Scott argues that sociologists can work most productively within an intellectual division of labour that transcends artificial theoretical and disciplinary differences. Sociology provides the central ideas for conceptualising the social, but it must co-exist productively with other social science disciplines and disciplinary areas.

Sociological Theory

Contemporary Debates

Author: John Scott

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

ISBN: 1781003343

Category: Social Science

Page: 304

View: 7936

'With exemplary clarity, John Scott expertly guides us through key modern theorizations of social system and social action. Not only is Scott's assessment of recent attempts to synthesise these two dimensions of sociology's core dualism very useful for students and teachers of sociology, it represents a valuable theoretical contribution in its own right.' Gregor McLennan, University of Bristol, UK Acclaim for the first edition: 'Scott's thorough mastery of sociological theory is clearly evident in this work. Moreover, he is a gifted explicator of complex and frequently obfuscated theoretical positions. . . His scholarship here is first-rate, and his considered reflections deserve the attention of students and professional colleagues alike.' W.P. Nye, Choice, Outstanding Academic Book of the Year 1995 Sociological Theory, Second Edition is a lively and accessible introduction to contemporary sociological debates. With additional material on theoretical developments since 1995, this substantially updated work is a systematic and comprehensive text presenting clear arguments on the relative merits of the different positions taken within sociological theory. In this second edition John Scott has re-ordered the chapters and chapter sections to draw out a strong narrative on contention and convergence in sociological theory. A consideration of the work of Talcott Parsons sets the scene for subsequent debates on neofunctionalist, symbolic interactionist, rational choice, and conflict theories, together with recent developments in structuralism and post-structuralism. This second editon has been re-cast and updated to give a fuller discussion of the syntheses produced by Anthony Giddens and Jürgen Habermas, tracing their lineage back to Parsons's framework. It considers the various views of modern society depicted in these syntheses and it reviews the wider debates on modernity and post-modernity. The central argument of the book is that advances in sociological understanding arise from the synthesis of rival ideas, and it concludes with an exploration of those areas in which sociological theory is in need of further development. New features of the second edition include: greater prominence for neofunctionalism in relation to earlier structural-functional theories discussion of the theoretical ideas of Pierre Bourdieu expanded coverage of post-structuralist theoretical ideas in relation to structuralist theories positioning of ethnomethodology and conversation analysis in relation to earlier work on symbolic interactionism a stronger positioning of debates over modernity and post-modernity as extensions of general theoretical debates. Authoritative, comprehensive and written in a thoroughly accessible style, this text will have major appeal to students, researchers, teachers and specialists in sociological theory.

Making Sense of Intersex

Changing Ethical Perspectives in Biomedicine

Author: Ellen K. Feder

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 0253012325

Category: Philosophy

Page: 278

View: 432

Putting the ethical tools of philosophy to work, Ellen K. Feder seeks to clarify how we should understand "the problem" of intersex. Adults often report that medical interventions they underwent as children to "correct" atypical sex anatomies caused them physical and psychological harm. Proposing a philosophical framework for the treatment of children with intersex conditions—one that acknowledges the intertwined identities of parents, children, and their doctors—Feder presents a persuasive moral argument for collective responsibility to these children and their families.

New Strategies for Social Innovation

Market-Based Approaches for Assisting the Poor

Author: Steven G Anderson

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 0231537387

Category: Political Science

Page: 352

View: 9443

Market-based development strategies designed to help the world's poor receive significant support from advocates, academics, governments, and the media, yet frequently the perceived success of these programs rests on carefully selected examples and one-sided, enthusiastic accounts. In practice, these approaches are often poorly defined and executed, with little balanced, comparative analysis of their true strengths and weaknesses. This book is the first to assess emerging market-based social change approaches comparatively, focusing specifically on social entrepreneurship, corporate social responsibility, fair trade, and private sustainable development. Steven G. Anderson begins by identifying the problems these programs address and then describes their core, shared principles. He follows with a general framework for defining and evaluating these and other development approaches. Separate chapters provide background on the historical development and application of each approach, as well as interpretations of the processes for implementation and the underlying behavioral assumptions related to successful outcomes. A final chapter compares each approach across a set of important program development dimensions and analyzes the utility of market-based approaches as part of a general consideration of social development strategies for the developing world.

Promoting Community Change: Making It Happen in the Real World

Author: Mark S. Homan

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 1305445678

Category: Social Science

Page: 624

View: 8519

Designed for students who want to move beyond the theoretical discussion of community and become effective agents of change, PROMOTING COMMUNITY CHANGE, 6th Edition addresses the real-world issues facing professionals in social work, human services, and community health. By emphasizing the role a strengthened community can play in preventing and solving the problems commonly experienced by individuals and families, the author gives students the tools they need to improve the lives of individual clients as well as entire communities. Students will learn to identify the issues related to change so that they can bring clients, families, and other community members together to build a healthier community for themselves, their families, and their neighbors. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.


As Applied Sociology

Author: Patrick Geddes

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 1406870579

Category: Fiction

Page: 88

View: 1807

By the Scottish biologist and botanist, known also as an innovative thinker in the fields of urban planning and education. He was responsible for introducing the concept of "region" to architecture and planning.

British Sociology's Lost Biological Roots

A History of Futures Past

Author: C. Renwick

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 0230367100

Category: History

Page: 240

View: 1577

A new and innovative account of British sociology's intellectual origins that uses previously unknown archival resources to show how the field's forgotten roots in a late nineteenth and early twentieth-century debate about biology can help us understand both its subsequent development and future potential.