Mathematics Dictionary

Author: R.C. James

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9780412990410

Category: Mathematics

Page: 560

View: 1317

For more than 50 years, this classic reference has provided fundamental data in an accessible, concise form. This edition of the Mathematics Dictionary incorporates updated terms and concepts in its span of more than 8,000 topics from a broad spectrum of mathematical specialties. It features review-length descriptions of theories, practices and principles as well as a multilingual index.

The Spanish Match

Prince Charles's Journey to Madrid, 1623

Author: Alexander Samson

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1351881655

Category: History

Page: 254

View: 8092

In the spring of 1623 Charles, Prince of Wales, the young heir to the English and Scottish thrones donned a false wig and beard and slipped out of England under the assumed name of John Smith in order to journey to Madrid and secure for himself the hand of the King of Spain's daughter. His father James I and VI had been toying with the idea of a Spanish match for his son since as early as 1605, despite the profoundly divisive ramifications such a policy would have in the face of the determined 'Puritan' opposition in parliament, committed to combatting the forces of international Catholicism at every opportunity. With the Spanish ambassador, the machiavellian Count of Gondomar's encouragement to 'mount' Spain, Charles impetuously took matters into his own hands and as the negotiations stalled he departed secretly in the guise of Mr Smith to win with his romantic and foolhardy daring what his father could not achieve through diplomacy. The eventual failure and public humiliation that followed his journey to Madrid has been cited as a major influence on Charles's subsequent development and policies as king. Until now, there has been no attempt to systematically explore the failure of the Spanish match from an interdisciplinary perspective, including what it reveals about the practice of diplomacy, the taste, art, and dress of the period, its literature and the long-term consequences for Anglo-Spanish relations. In this volume leading scholars from a variety of disciplines analyse the reactions and representations of Charles's romantic escapade and offer their insights into the affair. In doing so many traditional assumptions about the trip are overturned. By taking into account the political, social, religious and international dimensions of the event, and examining historical, literary and artistic evidence, this volume paints a rounded, lively and vivid portrait of one of the most remarkable episodes of the Jacobean age.

2001 Spanish and English idioms

Author: Eugene Savaiano,Lynn W. Winget

Publisher: Barrons Educational Series Inc

ISBN: 9780812090284

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 699

View: 7260

Uses idioms in sample sentences

Fundamental Reference Sources

Author: James H. Sweetland,Frances Neel Cheney

Publisher: American Library Association

ISBN: 9780838907801

Category: Education

Page: 612

View: 4566

An introduction to selected sources of bibliographical, biographical, linguistic, statistical and geographical organizations.

Vox Everyday Spanish and English Dictionary

Author: N.A

Publisher: McGraw-Hill

ISBN: 9780071452786

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 357

View: 2944

Includes more than 38,000 words and expressions and 60,000 translations covering the latest trends and technologies.

Guide to Sources for Agricultural and Biological Research

Author: J. Richard Blanchard,Lois Farrell

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 9780520032262

Category: Reference

Page: 735

View: 9668

A guide to information sources including abstracts and indexes, library catalogs, government publications, review literature, book reviews, congresses and conferences, dissertations, research in progress, translations, dictionaries, encyclopedias, thesauri, abbreviations, directories, lists of periodicals, handbooks and yearbooks, works on experimental procedures, and classification systems.

Spanish Dictionary

Words, Phrases & Expressions : Spanish-English, English-Spanish

Author: Research and Education Association

Publisher: Research & Education Assoc.

ISBN: 9780878914555

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 513

View: 8718

This complete dictionary was developed by nationally known linguists for the U.S. government. It features an easy-to-use format for quick access to thousands of words and expressions with translations of both English and Spanish sentences. Includes 18,000 idioms, a thorough review of Spanish sounds, grammar, and irregular verbs. Appendix includes translations of words for countries, cities, street signs, holidays, foods, and useful traveling expressions.

Die 4-Stunden-Woche

Mehr Zeit, mehr Geld, mehr Leben

Author: Timothy Ferriss

Publisher: Ullstein eBooks

ISBN: 3843704457

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 352

View: 5060

Warum arbeiten wir uns eigentlich zu Tode? Haben wir nichts Besseres zu tun? Und ob! - sagt Timothy Ferriss. Der junge Unternehmer war lange Workaholic mit 80-Stunden-Woche. Doch dann erfand er MBA- Management by Absence- und ist seitdem freier, reicher, glücklicher. Mit viel Humor, provokanten Denkanstößen und erprobten Tipps erklärt Ferriss, wie sich die 4-Stunden-Woche bei vollem Lohnausgleich verwirklichen lässt. Der Wegweiser für eine Flucht aus dem Hamsterrad und ein Manifest für eine neue Gewichtung zwischen Leben und Arbeiten.

Multilingual Law Dictionary

Author: Lawrence Deems Egbert,Fernando Morales Macedo

Publisher: Martinus Nijhoff Publishers

ISBN: 9028602674

Category: Law

Page: 551

View: 5778


Content and Language Integrated Learning

Evidence from Research in Europe

Author: Yolanda Ruiz de Zarobe,Dr. Rosa María Jiménez Catalán

Publisher: Multilingual Matters

ISBN: 1847699006

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 224

View: 2704

This book contributes to the growth of interest in Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL), an approach to second/foreign language learning that requires the use of the target language to learn content. Within the framework of European strategies to promote multilingualism, CLIL has begun to be used extensively in a variety of language learning contexts, and at different educational systems and language programmes. This book brings together critical analyses on theoretical and implementation issues of Content and Language Integrated Learning, and empirical studies on the effectiveness of this type of instruction on learners’ language competence. The basic theoretical assumption behind this book is that through successful use of the language to learn content, learners will develop their language proficiency more effectively while they learn the academic content specified in the curricula.

Wörterbücher / Dictionaries / Dictionnaires. 3. Teilband

Author: Rufus Gouws

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 3110203391

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 282

View: 6179

Den Gegenstand des Handbuches bildet die Lexikographie und die Wörterbuchforschung, und letztere präsentiert sich in den drei Teilbänden erstmals in ihren verschiedenen Ausprägungen mit einem großen Reichtum an Details, doch zugleich in einer zusammenhängenden und umfassenden Weise: 248 Autoren haben in den Sprachen Deutsch, Englisch und Französisch 349 Artikel geschrieben, welche auf 38 Kapitel verteilt sind. Die Zielsetzung des Handbuches, die sich aus der Lage der Lexikographie und dem Forschungsstand der örterbuchforschung ergibt, ist es die Lexikographie aller Sprachkreise der Erde zu registrieren sowie die der größeren Sprachen, und hier besonders die der europäischen und die ihrer Varietäten, detailliert darzustellen, den Status und die Funktion von lexikographischen Nachschlagewerken, insonderheit die von Sprachwörterbüchern in ihren unterschiedlichen Typen innerhalb der Kultursysteme von Gesellschaften zu beschreiben, die Geschichte der Lexikographie an Beispielen größerer Kulturen zu entwerfen, auf der Grundlage der Kenntnis der gesellschaftlichen Funktionen von Wörterbüchern und der Buchgeschichte und unter Berücksichtigung von Theorien über den Aufbau des Lexikons und seine Stellung im Sprachganzen Ausschnitte zu einer Allgemeinen Theorie der Lexikographie zu liefern, die Methodik der Lexikographie für alle Phasen des lexikographischen Prozesses, von der äußeren Arbeitsorganisation der Wörterbuchkanzleien bis hin zu methodischen Einzelverfahren unter Berücksichtigung des Computereinsatzes darzustellen und weiterzuentwickeln, auf die Unterschiede zwischen den realistischen Möglichkeiten und der gegebenen Realität der lexikographischen Praxis hinzuweisen und aus der Kenntnis von lexikographischen Defiziten Möglichkeiten für qualitative Verbesserungen und aussichtsreiche Perspektiven für neue lexikographische Projekte und metalexikographische Forschungen aufzuzeigen, die primäre und sekundäre Literatur möglichst breit und zuverlässig zu dokumentieren und insgesamt nachhaltig dazu beizutragen, daß die moderne wissenschaftliche Lexikographie zu einer von Wissenschaftlern lehrbaren und von Studenten lernbaren praxisorientierten Disziplin entwickelt wird.

Primer Diccionario Para Equitadores Inglés/espãnol

Author: Maria Belknap

Publisher: Eclipse Press

ISBN: 1581501463

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 311

View: 9611

Feeding a horse the right amount of food, putting on the proper equipment, and knowing when to call the vet are not tasks that can be left to chance. With Hispanics and Latinos now dominating the equine work force, the language barrier can pose a problem for bosses and employees alike. That's where The Ultimate English-Spanish Dictionary for Horsemen can help. Written specifically for horse people, the dictionary covers topics and words that regular English-Spanish dictionaries might not. For example, horse health care, feeding, grooming, tack and equipment, and breeding terms are part of the more than 10,000 topically grouped word and phrase entries commonly used in the horse industry. Additional features include a points of the horse illustration labeled in both Spanish and English, regional variations, and a pronunciation guide.

The Macmillan visual dictionary

Author: Québec/Amérique International,Jean-Claude Corbeil,Ariane Archambault

Publisher: Webster's New World

ISBN: 9780028614342

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 896

View: 4572

Simplifies word searches in either language by using more than three thousand five hundred labeled illustrations

Pocket Oxford Spanish Dictionary

Author: Nicholas Rollin,Carol Styles Carvajal,Jane Horwood

Publisher: OUP Oxford

ISBN: 0199560773

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 1088

View: 8241

A compact, intermediate-level dictionary covering over 90,000 words and phrases, and 130,000 translations, including new words in each language. In addition, there are supplements on grammar, correspondence, and a brand-new section on using the internet (online booking, banking & buying, emailing).

Vox Super-Mini Spanish and English Dictionary, 3rd Edition

Author: Vox

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

ISBN: 0071788662

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 480

View: 6302

Revised and updated with sixty-four additional pages, the most readable and accessible compact Spanish and English Dictionary includes 15,000 headwords and more than 24,500 translations, including expanded coverage of technology words. Original. 50,000 first printing.

Encyclopedic Dictionary of Landscape and Urban Planning

Multilingual Reference Book in English, Spanish, French and German

Author: Klaus-Jürgen Evert

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 3540764550

Category: Architecture

Page: 1518

View: 1851

This unique, multilingual, encyclopedic dictionary covers terms regularly used in landscape and urban planning, as well as environmental protection.

Dictionary of the Printing and Allied Industries

In English (with definitions), French, German, Dutch, Spanish and Italian

Author: F.J.M. Wijnekus,E.F.P.H. Wijnekus

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 1483289842

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 1063

View: 5539

The first edition of this dictionary, compiled by F.J.M. Wijnekus and published in 1967, was the result of years of systematic collection and preparation of thousands of terms and expressions which were until then not to be found in any other dictionary. The material was correlated for use in his daily work and, as the reputation of his private collection spread, there was an increasing demand for access to these findings. Until 1967 there was no comprehensive multilingual dictionary on the subject; former publications were incomplete and out of date and lacked clear definition - often leading to disastrous misunderstandings. Furthermore, the subject of printing, paper and ink technology had never been dealt with, in dictionary form, in relation to other aspects of the graphic industry. This new work, prepared by F.J.M. Wijnekus and his son, has been considerably up-dated. Much time has been devoted to checking the material against the most reliable and authoritative sources. The usefulness of the work has been further enhanced by the addition of Spanish and Italian to the original languages of English, French and German. The first edition was received with much enthusiastic praise and this new dictionary will undoubtedly continue to be an invaluable tool for all those working with the printed word in the widest sense. It is a reference work which should be in the hands of all those in any way connected with the printing industry, paper manufacturers, ink manufacturers, printers, bookbinders, publishers, lithographers, lay-out men and graphical research institutes.

Maya-English/English-Maya (Yucatec) Dictionary & Phrasebook

Author: John Montgomery

Publisher: N.A


Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 204

View: 9664

Selection of common words and phrases in Yucatec Maya, this dictionary and phrasebook includes phonetic pronunciation and translation for each word or phrase in English and Spanish, the language of most non-Maya communication in Mexico and Central America. An introduction to grammar, a pronunciation guide, and cultural information make this the ideal language guide for the traveller.