Empty Moments

Cinema, Modernity, and Drift

Author: Leo Charney

Publisher: Duke University Press

ISBN: 9780822320906

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 189

View: 7869

An innovative reconceptualization of the defining quality of modernity and how it relates to cinema and literary theory.

Content Amid Life's Empty Moments How the Gospel Can Fulfill a Barren Heart the First Step

Author: Donald Jones

Publisher: J&a Book Publishers

ISBN: 9781946368188


Page: 58

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Do you know some who may feel empty inside and do not know Jesus as Lord and Savior? Or, perhaps, you or they are not sure and need the contentment and fulfillment the gospel can bring to their barren hearts which come in a relationship with Jesus Christ. Then give them this book. We learn in the story of the Prodigal Son in Luke 15 that the son's heart was not ready to turn to God until he had found himself in a terrible situation. Once all his money had been squandered, a famine had devastated the land, and he was starving, he finally looked up to God for help. Often, Christians think that these circumstances are the worst times to bring up the gospel when they are actually the best times. It is these dark moments that God will use to call them to His Son. In His Son Jesus they can find fulfillment and contentment as God ushers them into His kingdom. This is one in a series of brief books which present the gospel of Jesus Christ to those who are experiencing a major disaster in their lives. It is designed to help them take the first and most important step in handling their problems by receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. The first chapter of each book begins by addressing the difficult circumstances they may be facing. The subsequent chapters share the true gospel of Jesus Christ and how it is truly good news in handling their problems now but also the greater problem of judgment in eternity. They will see how salvation in Him is the real solution and first step in their journey to recovery now and an eternity of blessing. Give this book as a gift to your friends, family, co-workers, fellow students, neighbors, and even acquaintances so they can hear the gospel and have a chance to receive the Lord as He calls to them during these critical moments. To aid in this endeavor, there is a personal greeting that you can sign and add comments to in the front of the book to set the stage for further conversation. This will remove any uneasiness that either of you may feel once the book is given. If this is not necessary, simply tear it out. This book discusses how the true gospel can bring contentment and fulfillment to an empty and barren heart. The book has topics which include finding contentment and fulfillment, being born again, experiencing God's love for all mankind, seeking Christ's kingdom, turning from sin, repenting and confessing sin, believing in Christ, receiving Jesus as Savior and submitting to Him as Lord, affirming Christ's miracles, fulfilled prophecies, and resurrection, loving Christ in a relationship, depending on faith alone, proclaiming Christ in baptism, accepting Christ's forgiveness, enjoying God's blessings, anticipating our inheritance, and living for Christ. You can use the book to share your faith or give it to someone who needs Christ. This evangelistic book will speak to spouses in marriage, partners in dating, parents and children, friends, neighbors, co-workers, fellow students, acquaintances, and strangers. You are given Scriptural principles backed by bible verses. You will find many concepts of salvation that can be used as quotes. This book can be used in the church or home bible studies. May the Lord bless you as you share His gospel with others. Other titles in this series are Calm Amid Life's Final Moments, Comfort Amid Life's Pain-Filled Moments, Courage Amid Life's Tragic Moments, Faith Amid Life's Wrong Turns, Grace Amid Life's Wayward Moments, Hope Amid Life's Depressing Moments, Love Amid Life's Broken Relationships, Peace Amid Life's Anxious Moments, Purpose Amid Life's Aimless Moments, Trust Amid Life's Financial Crises, and Safe Amid The World's Chaos and Conspiracies.

Metaphysics, Facticity, Interpretation

Phenomenology in the Nordic Countries

Author: D. Zahavi,Sara Heinämaa,Hans Ruin

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9400710119

Category: Philosophy

Page: 245

View: 908

The essays collected in the present volume introduce the reader to the phenomenological work done in the Nordic countries today. The material is organized under three general headings: metaphysics, facticity, and interpretation. The volume is of interest to researchers and students working in the areas of epistemology and ontology as well as philosophy of language, history, and intersubjectivity.

The Invitation

Author: Oriah

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 0062515845

Category: Religion

Page: 144

View: 4572

Visionary author Oriah Mountain Dreamer brings to life the wisdom of her beloved invitation, which has touched hearts everywhere with its fresh and spirited call to live life more deeply, honestly, and well. Like the inspirations for Robert Fulghum′s All I Really Need to Know I learned in Kindergarten, Cherie Carter-Scott′s If Life Is a Game, These are the Rules, and Margaret Fishback Power′s Footprints, the poem that sparked The Invitation has been embraced around the world, passed along by thousands who have discovered and treasured its message. In this lovely gift book the author speaks from the heart, reflecting on everything from desire to betrayal and offering practical - and often surprising - suggestions for how to live the ecstasy of everyday life, learn to recognise true beauty in ourselves and the world around us, and how to find the sustenance that our spirit longs for. The poem Invitation has been recited and quoted at countless spiritual conferences, and on network radio by Robert Bly, Jack Kornfield, Angeles Arrien, and many other spiritual leaders. From the Invitation: ȴ doesn′t interest me what you do for a living. I want to know what you ache for, and if you dare to dream of meeting your heart′s longing. It doesn′t interest me how old you are. I want to know if you will risk looking like a fool for love, for your dream, for the adventure of being alive ...′

The Problem of God in Modern Thought

Author: Philip Clayton

Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing

ISBN: 9780802838858

Category: Religion

Page: 516

View: 3291

"This study by Philip Clayton reconstructs and evaluates the steps by which the concept of God became a problem in modern thought. Clayton shows that this development has its roots in Descartes's break with the medieval tradition, in Leibniz's failure to build a modern metaphysics of perfection, in Kant's reduction of God to a regulative concept, and in the increasing power of the Spinoza tradition as it met the challenge of German idealism and became incorporated into it. These developments provide the backdrop against which theology's prospects today can be assessed." "Clayton shows how key thinkers of the modern period continued to wrestle with the concept of God as "infinite" and "perfect" and to make fresh proposals for understanding the divine. The sophisticated models of God developed by Descartes, Leibniz, Spinoza, Fichte, and Schelling, among others, are presented, analyzed, and constructively applied to contemporary philosophical theology. Clayton's work reveals the resources that modern thought continues to offer to philosophical theologians. Ultimately, he finds in the narrative of modern thought about God strong support for panentheism, the new theological movement that maintains the transcendence of God while denying the separation of God and the world."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

The Journey Home to Abba

Author: Camella Rose Mac Donald,Gevurat Elohim

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 1490886664

Category: Religion

Page: 194

View: 4705

This devotion by Charles H. Spurgeon sums up the inspirational and poetic journey that brought me home to Abba Father. "He led them forth by the right way." ?Psalm 107:7 Changeful experience often leads the anxious believer to enquire "Why is it thus with me?" I looked for light, but lo, darkness came; for peace, but behold trouble. I said in my heart, my mountain standeth firm, I shall never be moved. Lord, thou dost hide Thy face, and I am troubled. It was but yesterday that I could read my title clear; to-day my evidences are bedimmed, and my hopes are clouded. Yesterday I could climb to Pisgah's top, and view the landscape o'er, and rejoice with confidence in my future inheritance; to-day, my spirit has no hopes, but many fears; no joys, but much distress. Is this part of God's plan with me? Can this be the way in which God would bring me to heaven? Yes, it is even so. The eclipse of your faith, the darkness of your mind, the fainting of your hope, all these things are but parts of God's method of making you ripe for the great inheritance upon which you shall soon enter. These trials are for the testing and strengthening of your faith-they are waves that wash you further upon the rock-they are winds which waft your ship the more swiftly towards the desired haven. According to David's words, so it might be said of you, "so He bringeth them to their desired haven." By honour and dishonour, by evil report and by good report, by plenty and by poverty, by joy and by distress, by persecution and by peace, by all these things is the life of your souls maintained, and by each of these are you helped on your way. Oh, think not, believer, that your sorrows are out of God's plan; they are necessary parts of it. "We must, through much tribulation, enter the kingdom." Learn, then, even to "count it all joy when ye fall into divers temptations." "O let my trembling soul be still, And wait Thy wise, Thy holy will! I cannot, Lord, Thy purpose see, Yet all is well since ruled by Thee."

Creating Empty Bottle Moments

Cooking with Clive

Author: Clive Berkman

Publisher: Cooking with Clive

ISBN: 1888237716

Category: Cooking

Page: 256

View: 670

In his career as a world-class chef and restauranteur, Clive Berkman has learned much more than how to prepare mouthwatering five-course meals. He finds that what he remembers most after a meal are the empty bottles, reminders of the power food has to strengthen bonds and create memories that last long after the table is cleared.In Empty Bottle Moments, Berkman encourages at-home chefs to experiment with recipes as he recounts some of his most memorable dishes. He tells the stories of an impromptu celebratory dessert for George H. W. Bush on the night of the 1988 presidential polls and of serving multiple-entre meals to ravenous pro-football linemen. The recipes range from appetizers to desserts and give readers the tools to create a low-stress dining experience, and empty bottle moments of their own. The book also includes a compendium of Berkmans handy, foolproof cooking tips. His passion for the culinary arts--and for spending quality time with others--brings each recipe to life.

Precious Moments We Shared in Time

Author: Cynthia Weathers

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1479784869

Category: Poetry

Page: 69

View: 8335

Precious Moments We Shared In Time. Gave me such and extraordinary out look on how we view our life, without given any thought of how things could impact our lives. I truly believe we still think things will always stay the same. Then suddenly our lives seem to have moved in a different direction. The loss, love and loneliness all come rushing in, and life we once knew has become that stranger in the dark.

Gospel Formed

Living a Grace-Addicted, Truth-Filled, Jesus-Exalted Life

Author: J.A. Medders

Publisher: Kregel Publications

ISBN: 082544358X

Category: Religion

Page: 200

View: 6365

Christianity is based on the foundation of the good news of the gospel. Yet how many Christians truly find their identity there? How many are thriving in a community clinging to the gospel? How many forget about the wondrous glory of Jesus? J. A. Medders is on a mission to help Christians remember that the power that raised Jesus from the dead is also the power for our everyday life in Christ. Yet living a gospel-centered life does not always come easily. The biblical meditations in Gospel Formed help to kindle, or rekindle, the passion to live a grace-addicted, truth-filled, Jesus-exalting life by constantly driving the reader back to the power of the cross and the empty tomb. Funny, punchy, and theologically accessible, readers will be encouraged, challenged, and ultimately reoriented to the true North of Christianity—Christ Himself.

Sensational Subjects

The Dramatization of Experience in the Modern World

Author: John Jervis

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1472535642

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 224

View: 7174

Under what conditions does 'sensation' become 'sensational'? In the early nineteenth century murder was a staple of the sensationalizing popular press and gruesome descriptions were deployed to make a direct impact on the sensations of the reader. By the end of the century, public concern with the thrills, spills, and shocks of modern life was increasingly articulated in the language of sensation. Media sensationalism contributed to this process and magnified its impact, just as sensation was, in turn, taken up by literature, art and film. In the contemporary world the dramatization of these experiences in an era of media panics over terrorism and paedophilia has taken an overtly melodramatic form, in which battles of good and evil play out across the landscapes of our lives. Sensational Subjects develops an innovative, interdisciplinary approach to exploring these themes, their impact and their implications for understanding the modern world. A companion volume, Sympathetic Sentiments: Affect, Emotion and Spectacle in the Modern World is published simultaneously by Bloomsbury.

Under Suspicion

A Phenomenology of Media

Author: Boris Groys

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 0231518498

Category: Philosophy

Page: 224

View: 3647

The public generally regards the media with suspicion and distrust. Therefore, the media's primary concern is to regain that trust through the production of sincerity. Advancing the field of media studies in a truly innovative way, Boris Groys focuses on the media's affect of sincerity and its manufacture of trust to appease skeptics. Groys identifies forms of media sincerity and its effect on politics, culture, society, and conceptions of the self. He relies on different philosophical writings thematizing the gaze of the other, from the theories of Heidegger, Sartre, Mauss, and Bataille to the poststructuralist formulations of Lacan and Derrida. He also considers media "states of exception" and their creation of effects of sincerity—a strategy that feeds the media's predilection for the extraordinary and the sensational, further fueling the public's suspicions. Emphasizing the media's production of emotion over the presentation (or lack thereof) of "facts," Groys launches a timely study boldly challenging the presumed authenticity of the media's worldview.

Tomorrow's World

Author: Davie Henderson

Publisher: Medallion Media Group

ISBN: 1605428949

Category: Fiction

Page: 350

View: 9890

In a world on the verge of environmental catastrophe, supercomputers have determined that the only way to sustain life is to run communities logically by rationing every resource and monitoring every action to make sure it is in accordance with the Common Good. Amidst a division between Names (naturally born people) and Numbers (those created through genetical engineering), detective Ben Travis and his Number partner Paula are on the case of a murdered plant prospector. They end up discovering a fatal corruption that leads Ben to uncover a random emotional error in his partner: a belief in love. On the run in the ruins of a world that has been abandoned for 60 years, Ben and Paula encounter other survivors and rediscover the reverence for nature, life, and love.

The Cinema of Béla Tarr

The Circle Closes

Author: András B. Kovács

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 0231850379

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 256

View: 1664

The Cinema of Béla Tarr is a critical analysis of the work of Hungary's most prominent and internationally best known film director, written by a scholar who has followed Bela Tarr's career through a close personal and professional relationship for more than twenty-five years. András Bálint Kovács traces the development of Tarr's themes, characters, and style, showing that almost all of his major stylistic and narrative innovations were already present in his early films and that through a conscious and meticulous recombination of and experimentation with these elements, Tarr arrived at his unique style. The significance of these films is that, beyond their aesthetic and historical value, they provide the most powerful vision of an entire region and its historical situation. Tarr's films express, in their universalistic language, the shared feelings of millions of Eastern Europeans.

Slow Movies

Countering the Cinema of Action

Author: Ira Jaffe

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 0231850638

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 256

View: 4273

"In all film there is the desire to capture the motion of life, to refuse immobility," Agnes Varda has noted. But to capture the reality of human experience, cinema must fasten on stillness and inaction as much as motion. Slow Movies investigates movies by acclaimed international directors who in the past three decades have challenged mainstream cinema's reliance on motion and action. More than other realist art cinema, slow movies by Lisandro Alonso, Nuri Bilge Ceylan, Pedro Costa, Jia Zhang-ke, Abbas Kiarostami, Cristian Mungiu, Alexander Sokurov, Bela Tarr, Gus Van Sant and others radically adhere to space-times in which emotion is repressed along with motion; editing and dialogue yield to stasis and contemplation; action surrenders to emptiness if not death.

My Captain, My Earl

A Hold Your Breath Novel

Author: K.J. Jackson

Publisher: AWD Publishing

ISBN: 194014907X

Category: Fiction

Page: 274

View: 2160

Note: The Hold Your Breath books are each stand-alone stories, and can be read individually in any order. October, 1818 One destined to live life on the seas. As captain of the Windrunner, Katalin Dewitt has one mission in life. Serve the ship. The ship that has been her home her entire life. The ship that is the key to keeping her father safe from certain death. She never expected to take pity on an injured deckhand from an enemy ship and allow him onto the Windrunner. And she certainly never expected to allow him into her life. One determined to make his way home. Bound, gagged, and held captive on one ship after another for two long years, Jason Christopherson had long since given up hope of ever getting back to land, much less to his beloved England. He never expected to land on a pirate ship, bound for land. And he certainly never expected to fall in love with his new captain, threatening the one thing he needed most in life--to return home. Neither expected to fall in love. Neither expected to be torn apart by a brutal betrayal. The Hold Your Breath series continues. A thousand reasons to hold your breath, and one to let it go. Historical romance with strong women, undeniable men, and hold your breath adventure.

Negotiated Moments

Improvisation, Sound, and Subjectivity

Author: Gillian Siddall,Ellen Waterman

Publisher: Duke University Press

ISBN: 0822374498

Category: Music

Page: 376

View: 5456

The contributors to Negotiated Moments explore how subjectivity is formed and expressed through musical improvisation, tracing the ways the transmission and reception of sound occur within and between bodies in real and virtual time and across memory, history, and space. They place the gendered, sexed, raced, classed, disabled, and technologized body at the center of critical improvisation studies and move beyond the field's tendency toward celebrating improvisation's utopian and democratic ideals by highlighting the improvisation of marginalized subjects. Rejecting a singular theory of improvisational agency, the contributors show how improvisation helps people gain hard-won and highly contingent agency. Essays include analyses of the role of the body and technology in performance, improvisation's ability to disrupt power relations, Pauline Oliveros's ideas about listening, flautist Nicole Mitchell's compositions based on Octavia Butler's science fiction, and an interview with Judith Butler about the relationship between her work and improvisation. The contributors' close attention to improvisation provides a touchstone for examining subjectivities and offers ways to hear the full spectrum of ideas that sound out from and resonate within and across bodies. Contributors. George Blake, David Borgo, Judith Butler, Rebecca Caines, Louise Campbell, Illa Carrillo Rodríguez, Berenice Corti, Andrew Raffo Dewar, Nina Eidsheim, Tomie Hahn, Jaclyn Heyen, Christine Sun Kim, Catherine Lee, Andra McCartney, Tracy McMullen, Kevin McNeilly, Leaf Miller, Jovana Milovic, François Mouillot, Pauline Oliveros, Jason Robinson, Neil Rolnick, Simon Rose, Gillian Siddall, Julie Dawn Smith, Jesse Stewart, Clara Tomaz, Sherrie Tucker, Lindsay Vogt, Zachary Wallmark, Ellen Waterman, David Whalen, Pete Williams, Deborah Wong, Mandy-Suzanne Wong

Buddha at the Apocalypse

Awakening from a Culture of Destruction

Author: Kurt Spellmeyer

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 0861719379

Category: Nature

Page: 192

View: 3132

Timely and audacious, Buddha at the Apocalypse challenges us to look directly at the devastating assumptions underlying the very mechanisms of the modern world - and offers a clarion call to awaken from a pervasive culture of destruction into a natural, sustainable, and sane peace. Kurt Spellmeyer references the Bible, popular culture, Zen, and Western philosophy in addressing two questions: how did we get here, and what can we do now. An answer to pervasive cynicism and decline, Buddha at the Apocalypse shows how to accept and connect with reality in dark times.