Early Iron Age Greek Warrior 1100–700 BC

Author: Raffaele D’Amato,Andrea Salimbeti

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1472815610

Category: History

Page: 64

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The period from 1200 BC onwards saw vast changes in every aspect of life on both the Greek mainland and islands as monarchies disappeared and were replaced by aristocratic rule and a new form of community developed: the city-state. Alongside these changes a new style of warfare developed which was to be the determining factor in land warfare in Greece until the defeat of the Greek city-state by the might of Macedonia at Chaeronea in 338 BC. This mode of warfare was based on a group of heavily armed infantrymen organized in a phalanx formation – the classic hoplite formation – and remained the system throughout the classical Greek period. This new title details this pivotal period that saw the transition from the Bronze Age warriors of Homer to the origins of the men who fought the Persian and Peloponnesian Wars.

Men of Bronze

Ancient Greek Hoplite Battles

Author: Eric Farrington

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1472832604

Category: Games & Activities

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Men of Bronze is a wargame that allows you to play out Classical Greek hoplite battles on the tabletop. Players are Strategoi (generals) leading phalanxes of bronze-clad warriors in pursuit of fame, glory, and the honor of their city-states. To win such prizes, however, you must prove your mettle, display your valor, and bring the other Strategoi to their knees! Designed to recreate small battles or larger skirmishes with 50–80 figures per side, each army will have its own unique mix of rules, advantages, backgrounds, and abilities. Strategoi must understand and appreciate the strengths and weaknesses of their forces in order to win glory on the battlefield. Of course, there's no telling what tricks a rival Strategos might have up their tunic sleeves...

Art and Identity in Dark Age Greece, 1100-700 BC

Author: Susan Langdon

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521513219

Category: Art

Page: 388

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"Susan Langdon is associate professor of Greek art and archaeology at the University of Missouri."--BOOK JACKET.

Material Koinai in the Greek Early Iron Age and Archaic Period

Author: Anastasia Gadolou,Soren Handberg

Publisher: ISD LLC

ISBN: 8771845690

Category: History

Page: 369

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The ancient Greek word koine was used to describe the new common language dialect that became widespread in the ancient Greek world after the conquests of Alexander the Great. Modern scholars have increasingly used the word to conceptualise regional homogeneities in the material culture of the ancient Mediterranean. In this volume, twenty scholars from various disciplines present case studies that focus on the fundamental question of how to perceive and the social and cultural mechanisms that led to the spread and consumption of material culture in the Greek early Iron Age. Combined the chapters provide a critical examination of the use of the koine concept as a heuristic tool in historical research and discuss to what degree similarities in material culture reflect cultural connections. The volume will be of interest scholars interested in archaeological theory and method, the social significance of material culture, and the history of the ancient Greek world in the first half of the first millennium BC.


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The Gilded Age: A Tale of Today (Mark Twain) (Literary Thoughts Edition)

Author: Mark Twain

Publisher: epubli

ISBN: 3741821977

Category: Fiction

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Literary Thoughts edition presents The Gilded Age by Mark Twain ------ The Gilded Age: A Tale of Today is an 1873 novel by Mark Twain and Charles Dudley Warner that satirizes greed and political corruption in post-Civil War America in the era now referred to as the Gilded Age. It is the only novel Twain wrote with a collaborator, and its title very quickly became synonymous with graft, materialism, and corruption in public life. All books of the Literary Thoughts edition have been transscribed from original prints and edited for better reading experience. Please visit our homepage www.literarythoughts.com to see our other publications.

Die Erzählung des Wenamun

ein Literaturwerk im Spannungsfeld von Politik, Geschichte und Religion

Author: Bernd Ulrich Schipper

Publisher: Saint-Paul

ISBN: 9783525530672

Category: History

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Beiträge zur Architektur und Siedlungsgeschichte in spätgeometrischer Zeit

Author: Hans Lauter

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Category: Architecture

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The Edinburgh Companion to Ancient Greece and Rome

Author: Edward Bispham,Thomas J. Harrison,Brian A. Sparkes

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780748616299

Category: History

Page: 604

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The Edinburgh Companion is a gateway to the fascinating worlds of ancient Greece and Rome. Wide-ranging in its approach, expert contributors demonstrate the multifaceted nature of classic civilization by drawing together perspectives and methods of different disciplines, from philosophy to history, poetry to archaeology, art history to numismatics, and many more.

Ancient West & East

Author: Gocha R. Tsetskhladze

Publisher: Brill Academic Pub


Category: Civilization, Ancient

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From the ground up

beyond gender theory in archaeology : proceedings of the Fifth Gender and Archaeology Conference, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, October 1998

Author: Nancy L. Wicker,Bettina Arnold

Publisher: British Archaeological Reports Ltd

ISBN: 9781841710259

Category: Social Science

Page: 154

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A series of papers from the Proceedings of the Fifth Gender and Archaeology Conference held at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, October 1998. These explore recent research in gender: gender theory, gender in archaeology and anthropology, and methodological issues. Case studies range from the Mediterranean, to the Americas, Scandinavia and Madagascar, from the third millennium BC to the present day.

Haus und Stadt im klassischen Griechenland

Author: Wolfram Hoepfner,Ernst-Ludwig Schwandner,Sōtērios Dakarēs,Joachim Boessneck,Deutsches Archäologisches Institut. Architekturreferat

Publisher: N.A


Category: City planning

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