DSLR Cinema

Crafting the Film Look with Video

Author: Kurt Lancaster

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 0240815513

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 286

View: 8868

'DSLR Cinema' explores the cinematic quality and features offered by hybrid DSLR cameras in order to help you achieve the film look. This book shows you how to use the groundbreaking features of these cameras to craft visually stunning images for your films - always with an eye towards how the visuals impact your story.

DSLR Cinema - guida completa per la registrazione video con la reflex

Author: Dorian Vaughan

Publisher: Dorian Vaughan

ISBN: 8892527134

Category: Photography

Page: N.A

View: 6462

Ti sei mai chiesto come riuscire a realizzare filmati professionali con la tua reflex? Hai già provato con le impostazioni e le dotazioni standard della tua macchina ma sembra manchi qualcosa. Manca SI, ma non si tratta di funzioni extra disponibili solo nelle fotocamere molto costose. Prima bisogna capire come funziona il mondo del video che, per certi versi, preferisce un approccio diverso rispetto al mondo fotografico. Ci sono poi alcuni optional utili e indicazioni tecniche e pratiche che ti aiuteranno a comprendere meglio il segreto che sta dietro ad un video dall'aspetto professionale. Ed è questo il motivo che ha dato vita a questa guida. Avrai a tua disposizione informazioni di base e concetti tecnici semplici e diretti per iniziare subito a fare pratica sul campo. Devi solo aggiungere la tua voglia di imparare e di fare, un poco di fantasia e il gioco e fatto anche senza spendere un budget enorme, non serve. La guida tratta i seguenti principali argomenti: - Rapporto d'aspetto (Aspect Ratio) e Lenti anamorfiche - Bokeh - Profondità di campo (DoF) - Esposizione e Apertura - Lunghezza focale - Frame rate - Effetto JelloCam (jellycam) - Obiettivi - Come trasformare la DSLR in una videocamera cinematografica - Post Production ... e molto altro ancora.

Cinema Raw

Shooting and Color Grading with the Ikonoskop, Digital Bolex, and Blackmagic Cinema Cameras

Author: Kurt Lancaster

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1135040311

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 230

View: 1594

With the next generation of raw cinema cameras you can finally shoot professionally with uncompressed raw motion pictures—without compromising your image or your budget. In Cinema Raw: Shooting and Color Grading with the Ikonoskop, Digital Bolex, and Blackmagic Cinema Cameras, Lancaster takes you through the birth of these new cameras and includes an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Digital Bolex. He field tests each camera and discusses the importance of shooting in raw and guides you through the raw color grading process so you can create stunning films. Interviews with professionals who have shot documentaries, shorts, and promotionals with these cameras are featured throughout, allowing you to learn field production techniques under real world conditions. FEATURES: Behind-the-scenes case studies for the next generation of low budget cinema cameras Recommended gear lists to begin your raw shooting experience Full color post workflows that help you realize your boldest cinematic visions A companion website (www.kurtlancaster.com) featuring raw projects covered in the book; video interviews with the creators of the Digital Bolex, Joe Rubinstein and Elle Schneider; and resources for further study of raw cinema

Production House Cinema

Starting and Running Your Own Cinematic Storytelling Business

Author: Kurt Lancaster

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1135040354

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 252

View: 2750

In Production House Cinema: Starting and Running Your Own Cinematic Storytelling Business, renowned video storyteller Kurt Lancaster offers both students and professionals a practical guide to starting their own video production company and creating cinematic, client-based video content. Utilizing practical know-how along with in-depth analysis and interviews with successful independent production houses like Stillmotion and Zandrak, Lancaster follows the logistics and inspiration of creating production house cinema from the initial client pitch all the way through financing and distribution. The book includes: An examination of the cinematic and narrative style and how to create it; A discussion of the legal procedures and documents necessary for starting and operating a production house; Advice on crafting a portfolio, reel, and website that both demonstrates your unique style and vision and attracts clients; A guide to the financial business of running an independent production house, including invoicing, accounting, and taxes—and how much you should charge clients; Tips for how to better communicate with clients, and how to develop and shape a client’s story; A breakdown of how to select the right gear and equipment for a shoot, on budget; Cinematic case studies that offer detailed coverage of several short films made for clients.

Video Production 101

Delivering the Message

Author: Antonio Manriquez,Tom McCluskey

Publisher: Peachpit Press

ISBN: 0133819914

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 336

View: 8932

The need for students and young professionals to be effective communicators and media creators has never been so essential as it is today. Crafting multimedia messages across a variety of platforms is the key growth skill of the 21st century, and strong visual and verbal communication skills, media literacy, and technical proficiency all play a critical role. Video Production 101: Delivering the Message introduces and explores the roles of story development, producing, directing, camerawork, editing, sound design, and other aspects key to media creation. After each topic is explored students develop their skills with hands-on activities in each chapter, such as making a video self-portrait, visual poem, public service announcement, promotional video, short fiction film, and documentary. The authors include videos so readers can watch and learn some of the more visually-oriented concepts. Video Production 101 teaches the way students want to learn – in a project-based and results oriented structure, covering the process of media creation in all its varieties. Accessible and engaging, this book is the ultimate guide for anyone who wants to take control and clearly, effectively, and powerfully deliver his or her message to the world using video.

Digital Video für Dummies

Author: Martin Doucette

Publisher: Wiley-VCH

ISBN: 9783527701056

Category: Computers

Page: 312

View: 1190

Digital Video ist nicht schwerer als das bekannte analoge Videofilmen. Doch bevor man anfängt, muss man doch einige Fragen beachten: welches Kamerasystem wähle ich, was braucht mein Computer an Hardware und Softwareteilen? Dieses Buch beantwortet von der Auswahl des Kamerasystems, der Schnittstellenkarte und der Computersoftware alle Fragen des angehenden Meisterregisseurs. Aber nicht nur das: auch die kreative Gestaltung eines Films und das Handwerkszeug der Kameramänner werden vermittelt.

Ein Lidschlag, ein Schnitt

die Kunst der Filmmontage

Author: Walter Murch

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783895811098


Page: 147

View: 4862

Ein Lidschlag. Ein Schnitt. ist ein lebendiger, vielschichtiger und anregender Essay des gefeierten Film-Cutters Walter Murch über Filmschnitt und beginnt mit der grundlegenden Frage: Warum funktionieren Schnitte? Murch führt dem Leser anschaulich und unterhaltsam die ästhetischen und praktischen Probleme des Filmschnitts vor. Aus Erfahrung spricht er über Themen wie Kontinuität und Diskontinuität beim Schneiden; Traum und Wirklichkeit; Kriterien für einen guten Schnitt; den Lidschlag als emotionaler Schnitt; den digitalen Schnitt und vieles mehr. >Dies ist kein Lehrbuch über die Technik des Schneidens. Es beschäftigt sich mit den künstlerischen - und einigen technischen - Gründen, warum ich bestimmte Dinge tue und - basierend auf meiner Erfahrung - wie ich das meiste aus dem Prozeß des kreativen Schneidens heraushole.

The DSLR Filmmaker's Handbook

Real-World Production Techniques

Author: Barry Andersson,Janie L. Geyen

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118234774

Category: Photography

Page: 416

View: 328


HD-Filmen mit der Spiegelreflex

mit der DSLR-Kamera zum perfekten Film-Look in HD und Full-HD

Author: Helmut Kraus

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783898646369


Page: 184

View: 335


New Queer Cinema

The Director’s Cut

Author: B. Ruby Rich

Publisher: Duke University Press

ISBN: 0822399695

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 352

View: 1877

B. Ruby Rich designated a brand new genre, the New Queer Cinema (NQC), in her groundbreaking article in the Village Voice in 1992. This movement in film and video was intensely political and aesthetically innovative, made possible by the debut of the camcorder, and driven initially by outrage over the unchecked spread of AIDS. The genre has grown to include an entire generation of queer artists, filmmakers, and activists. As a critic, curator, journalist, and scholar, Rich has been inextricably linked to the New Queer Cinema from its inception. This volume presents her new thoughts on the topic, as well as bringing together the best of her writing on the NQC. She follows this cinematic movement from its origins in the mid-1980s all the way to the present in essays and articles directed at a range of audiences, from readers of academic journals to popular glossies and weekly newspapers. She presents her insights into such NQC pioneers as Derek Jarman and Isaac Julien and investigates such celebrated films as Go Fish, Brokeback Mountain, Itty Bitty Titty Committee, and Milk. In addition to exploring less-known films and international cinemas (including Latin American and French films and videos), she documents the more recent incarnations of the NQC on screen, on the web, and in art galleries.

Creating DSLR Video

From Snapshots to Great Shots


Publisher: Peachpit Press

ISBN: 0132930250

Category: Photography

Page: 288

View: 3894

Nearly every DLSR camera available today also shoots beautiful high-definition video. YouTube and Facebook are bursting with user-generated content as people share their memories and travels. Whether it's highlights from a great vacation, the kids' soccer game, or family gatherings, everyone wants to create compelling video to document it. While DSLR cameras are quite capable of shooting video, for many, their foray into video shooting can be frustrating. Footage tends to be dark and out of focus and suffers from camera shake and bad audio. In Creating DSLR Video: From Snapshots to Great Shots, photographer and video expert Rich Harrington demystifies the process and teaches a solid foundation for capturing great video. Whether readers have been dabbling in video already or have never even used that mode on their camera, they will learn how to go from capturing mediocre video to creating compelling footage--and all the steps in between! Readers will also learn the essentials of video editing and publishing to the web; how to make the most of their existing equipment; affordable options to improve video capture; and much more! To supplement the book, readers will gain sample videos that further demonstrate the techniques presented in the book.

Video Journalism for the Web

A Practical Introduction to Documentary Storytelling

Author: Kurt Lancaster

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 041589266X

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 154

View: 4019

As newspapers and broadcast news outlets direct more resources toward online content, print reporters and photojournalists are picking up video cameras and crafting new kinds of stories with their lenses. Creating multimedia video journalism requires more than simply adapting traditional broadcast techniques: it calls for a new way of thinking about how people engage with the news and with emerging media technologies. In this guide, Kurt Lancaster teaches students and professional journalists how to shoot better video and tell better stories on the web, providing a strong understanding of cinematic storytelling and documentary production so their videos will stand out from the crowd. Video Journalism for the Web introduces students to all the basic skills and techniques of good video journalism and documentary storytelling, from shots and camera movements to sound and editing--as well as offering tips for developing compelling, character-driven narratives and using social media to launch a successful career as a "backpack journalist." Shooting, editing, and writing exercises throughout the book allow students to put these techniques into practice, and case studies and interviews with top documentary journalists provide real-world perspectives on a career in video journalism. This book gives aspiring documentary journalists the tools they need to get out in the field and start shooting unforgettable multimedia stories.

Basic Cinematography

A Creative Guide to Visual Storytelling

Author: Kurt Lancaster

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780815396451


Page: 306

View: 2290

The cinematographer must translate the ideas and emotions contained in a script into something that can be physically seen and felt onscreen, helping the director to fulfil the vision of the film. The shots may look good, but they will not serve the story until the composition, lenses, and lighting express, enhance, and reveal the underlying emotions and subtext of the story. By making physical the ideas and emotions of the story, the cinematographer supports blocking as a visual form of the story through these tools. Rather than delve into technical training, Basic Cinematography helps to train the eye and heart of cinematographers as visual storytellers, providing them with a strong foundation for their work, so that they're ready with creative ideas and choices on set in order to make compelling images that support the story. The book includes tools, tables, and worksheets on how to enhance students and experienced filmmakers with strong visual storytelling possibilities, including such features as: Dramatic script analysis that will help unlock blocking, composition, and lighting ideas that reveal the visual story Ten tools of composition Psychological impact of lenses, shot sizes, and camera movement Six elements of lighting for visual storytelling What to look for beneath the "hood" of cameras, including using camera log, RAW, and LUTs Dramatic analysis chart and scene composition chart to help plan your shoots Case studies from such visually cinematic shows and documentaries as Netflix's Godless, Jessica Jones, The Crown, and Chef's Table, as well as examples from classroom exercises Features insights from the DP of Jessica Jones, Manuel Billeter, and the DP of Chef's Table, Adam Bricker.

Der Fotokurs für Einsteiger

Die besten Bilder mit Spiegelreflex- und kompakten Systemkameras

Author: Chris Gatcum

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783831025299


Page: 192

View: 6120