Drawing Lines in Sand and Snow

Border Security and North American Economic Integration

Author: Bradly J. Condon,Tapen Sinha

Publisher: M.E. Sharpe

ISBN: 9780765612359

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 210

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This book addresses the major issues facing the North American continent: security, economic integration (globalization), border management, corruption, and illegal migration. The authors provide an in-depth analysis of the economic, business, and security implications of cross-border movements of people, goods, and capital, using hard data to back up their conclusions. The volume looks at the NAFTA region from the perspectives of Canada, Mexico, and the United States, and provides much better coverage of Mexico than most in the field. The work is essential reading for policy makers and people doing business from, to, and within the NAFTA region, and provides a road map for addressing these crucial concerns.

Environmental Sovereignty And the WTO

Trade Sanctions And International Law

Author: Bradly J. Condon

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 1571053662

Category: Law

Page: 346

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The growing body of WTO jurisprudence is of profound significance for the development of the general body of international law. With this in mind, Environmental Sovereignty and the WTO succinctly examines how the WTO law can contribute to achieving coherence between general international law, international environmental law and international trade law and avoid conflicts between trade liberalization and global environmental protection. Professor Condon argues that these three branches of law are generally consistent with each other in the area of international law where they intersect. However, WTO jurisprudence can benefit from a more explicit analysis, provided here, of the way that panel decisions fit into the general framework of international law. No law reforms are currently needed to facilitate this task. As the text shows, it is a matter of using the current WTO rules to resolve conflicts between treaties such as the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) and multilateral environmental agreements (MEAs) and to determine the circumstances in which unilateral trade measures should be permitted. The topics addressed in Environmental Sovereignty and the WTO will be of considerable interest to a broad audience given the global political controversy over American unilateralism, the fairness of WTO rules to poor countries, and the effect of trade rules on efforts to protect the global environment. However, the book addresses these controversial issues without sacrificing academic rigour and will appeal to a scholarly and professional audience seeking new approaches to addressing the problems raised by the globalization of law. Published under the Transnational Publishers imprint.

Global Governance

The Role of States and International Organizations

Author: N.A

Publisher: DIANE Publishing

ISBN: 9781428990098


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On Line

Drawing Through the Twentieth Century

Author: Cornelia H. Butler,M. Catherine de Zegher,Museum of Modern Art (New York, N.Y.)

Publisher: The Museum of Modern Art

ISBN: 0870707825

Category: Art

Page: 228

View: 2814

Published to accompany the exhibition held at The Museum of Modern Art, New York, 21 Nov. 2010 - 7 Feb. 2011.

Refiguring the Spiritual

Beuys, Barney, Turrell, Goldsworthy

Author: Mark C. Taylor

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 0231527772

Category: Religion

Page: 272

View: 6908

Mark C. Taylor provocatively claims that contemporary art has lost its way. With the art market now mirroring the art of finance, many artists create works solely for the purpose of luring investors and inspiring trade among hedge funds and private equity firms. When art is commodified, corporatized, and financialized, it loses its critical edge and is transformed into a financial instrument calculated to maximize profitable returns. Joseph Beuys, Matthew Barney, James Turrell, and Andy Goldsworthy are artists who differ in style, yet they all defy the trends that have diminished art's potential in recent decades. They understand that art is a transformative practice drawing inspiration directly and indirectly from ancient and modern, Eastern and Western forms of spirituality. For Beuys, anthroposophy, alchemy, and shamanism drive his multimedia presentations; for Barney and Goldsworthy, Celtic mythology informs their art; and for Turrell, Quakerism and Hopi myth and ritual shape his vision. Eluding traditional genres and classifications, these artists combine spiritually inspired styles and techniques with material reality, creating works that resist merging space into cyberspace in a way that overwhelms local contexts with global networks. Their art reminds us of life's irreducible materiality and humanity's inescapability of place. For them, art is more than just an object or process—it is a vehicle transforming human awareness through actions echoing religious ritual. By lingering over the extraordinary work of Beuys, Barney, Turrell, and Goldsworthy, Taylor not only creates a novel and personal encounter with their art but also opens a new understanding of overlooked spiritual dimensions in our era.

Early Education Curriculum: A Child’s Connection to the World

Author: Nancy Beaver,Susan Wyatt,Hilda Jackman

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 1305960637

Category: Education

Page: 480

View: 5619

EARLY EDUCATION CURRICULUM: A CHILD'S CONNECTION TO THE WORLD focuses on the role of observation and assessment in early childhood programming, the process of planning and implementing a curriculum, setting up an inclusive child-centered environment, and the uses of evaluation and documentation for continuous program improvement. Updated with current research and standards, the text continues to present new material on brain research that underlies teaching ideas as well as information on reflective practice, intentional teaching, and using the environment as a teaching tool. The seventh edition includes more material on diversity and diversity strategies, activity plans for different age groups, and more floor plans. New case studies provide examples of how activities planned align with specific standards, and allow students to apply knowledge gained to real-life situations. The book retains its strong applied focus on the how-to's of teaching, with many hands-on teaching tips. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Start Your Own Bed and Breakfast

Your Step-By-Step Guide to Success

Author: Entrepreneur Press

Publisher: Entrepreneur Press

ISBN: 1613080530

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 232

View: 1998

Do you dream of escaping the rat race by becoming the proprietor of your own bed and breakfast inn? The lure of leaving the 9-to5 grind behind to live, work and play in a beautiful home nestled in a resort setting is a powerful one.When you can spend your days puttering about in the kitchen or garden, meeting new people, entertaining guests in a lavish and enviable setting, and collect and income while you’re at it, who wouldn’t leap at the chance? This guide, based on the experiences of scores of successful B&B operators, will tell you everything you need to know to make that dream a reality in an industry that has experienced 15% growth over the last five years. We give you the nitty-gritty, hands-on tasks, tips and tricks to successful B&B innkeeping. Secrets such as: • Finding the right location • Buying property • Licensing • Setting pricing policies • Promoting the business • Hiring good people • Using the internet for marketing Whether you have a spare bedroom or are looking for a small inn, this guide can help you earn a comfortable income by welcoming a steady stream of new friends into your home.

Communication Disorders in Multicultural Populations - E-Book

Author: Dolores E. Battle

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 0323087124

Category: Medical

Page: 336

View: 2182

Written by some of the top researchers and clinicians in the field, Communication Disorders in Multicultural Populations, 4th Edition offers an in-depth look at the major cultural groups in the U.S. and the issues concerning their communication development, common disorders, and treatment options. This fourth edition features a wealth of updates and new features — including the latest research and added coverage of communication issues in countries such as Australia, China, Canada, and Brazil — to give speech-language pathology students and speech-language pathologists a balanced and global perspective on the most topical multicultural communication issues of today. Comprehensive coverage focuses on a wide variety of cultural and age populations. Cutting-edge research and data offer up-to-date discussions based on the latest studies in multiculturalism as it relates to the SLP and AuD professions. Diverse panel of expert authors include some of the top researchers and clinicians in the field. Additional resources provide a focused listing of print and electronic sources at the end of each chapter to support more in-depth study of a particular subject. Chapter on international perspectives tackles issues in countries such as Australia, Canada, China, and Brazil to give you a more global understanding of communication disorders. The latest statistics from the 2010 U.S. Census report offers the most current data available. Increased content on older adults covers the multicultural issues, voice disorders, and neurogenic disorders particular to this important demographic. Case studies give you practice solving realistic clinical problems. Chapter overview and conclusion outline the key information in each chapter and serve as a checklist for content mastery.

Cyberpayments and Money Laundering

Problems and Promise

Author: Roger C. Molander,David A. Mussington,David Mussington,Peter A. Wilson

Publisher: Rand Corporation

ISBN: 9780833026163

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 49

View: 7908

At the request of the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), an agency of the U.S. Department of the Treasury, RAND conducted and analyzed a strategic decisionmaking exercise to examine money laundering concerns raised by the deployment of cyberpayment systems. Participants in the exercise represented the Executive Branch, the cyberpayment and banking industries, Congress, and academia. The tasks of the exercise were to (1) describe current cyberpayment concepts and systems; (2) identify an initial set of cyberpayment characteristics of particular concern to law enforcement and payment system regulators; (3) identify major issues cyberpayment policies will need to address; and (4) array appropriate recommendations to address potential system abuse in a set of proposed action plans. While it is premature to draft a comprehensive regulatory regime for cyberpayment products, participants agreed that prompt collaborative action by industry and government--and among governments--is needed. Dialogue on standards, regulatory transparency, and vigorous surveillance can prevent the criminal exploitation of cyberpayment system vulnerabilities.

The Kingdom of the Occult

Author: Walter Martin,Jill Martin Rische,Kurt Van Gorden,Kevin Rische

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 1418589837

Category: Religion

Page: 752

View: 9573

The Kingdom of the Occult delivers the timely followup to Dr. Martin's best-selling The Kingdom of the Cults This book takes Dr. Walter Martin's comprehensive knowledge and his dynamic teaching style and forges a strong weapon against the world of the Occult-a weapon of the same scope and power as his phenomenal thirty-five year bestseller, The Kingdom of the Cults (over 875,000 sold). Chapters include: Witchcraft and Wicca, Satanism, Pagan Religions, Tools of the Occult, Demon Possession and Exorcism, Spiritual Warfare, etc. Features include: Each chapter contains: Quick Facts; History; Case Studies; Theology; Resources

An Archaeology of Yearning

Author: Bruce Mills

Publisher: Etruscan Press

ISBN: 0988692228

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 146

View: 2087

Digging into vivid moments within the metaphor of archaeology, Bruce Mill's remarkable memoir maps the artifacts of life as a father of a boy with autism, and as a boy himself growing up in rural Iowa. An Archaeology of Yearning is not ultimately about autism; instead it reaches into the world of human connection and illuminates how storytelling and an understanding of language keep that connection alive. On some nights, I awake as if in a cave and think of the future. Mary and I will exist as memories: a quick glimpse of arms reaching toward another's shoulders or face, an image of a hand upon a book, the scent of our bodies after the sweat of sleep, the tone of our young and old voices calling our daughter or son from distant rooms or down a stair. Eventually I arrive on the image of my son, in some new home. No matter how much I have written or catalogued or kept in images, I know that the site of his life and mine will inevitably remain fragments and that only a visitor can bring us to life. Bruce Mills has published scholarly books and articles on nineteenth-century American writings and co-edited a collection of essays by siblings of those on the autism spectrum. His creative nonfiction has appeared in The Georgia Review and New England Review. He teaches in the English Department at Kalamazoo College.

Sunshine and Storm in the East

Or, Cruises to Cyprus and Constantinople

Author: Annie Brassey

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1108024629

Category: History

Page: 498

View: 4939

A popular account of two voyages to Constantinople in a steam yacht, describing exotic locations and domestic life.

A Preface to Shelley

Author: Patricia Hodgart

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317880994

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 217

View: 5324

This volume discusses the life and work of Percy Bysshe Shelley in the social and political context of the world and time in which he lived.

German Machine Guns in the Second World War

Rare Photographs from Wartime Archives

Author: Hans Seidler

Publisher: Pen and Sword

ISBN: 1473828538

Category: History

Page: 144

View: 8126

German Machine Guns of the Second World War is a highly illustrated record of the German war machine between 1939 – 1945. Many of the photographs, all from the authors collection, come originally from the albums of individuals who took part in the war.??Arranged by theatre chronologically, the book analyses the development of the machine gun and describes how the Germans carefully utilised weapons such as the MG34 and the much vaunted MG42 into both offensive and defensive roles. Supported by a host of other machine guns like the MP28, MP38/40 and the lethal Sturmgerher 44, it depicts how these formidable machine guns fought against an ever increasing enemy threat.??Using over 250 rare and unpublished photographs together with detailed captions and accompanying text, this book provides a unique insight into German weaponry from early Blitzkrieg campaigns to the final demise of the Nazi empire.

Policing and Security in Practice

Challenges and Achievements

Author: T. Prenzler

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137007788

Category: Social Science

Page: 227

View: 5875

This volume addresses critical questions about how to achieve the best outcomes from police and security providers by reviewing and critiquing the scientific literature and identifying best practice guidelines. Chapters cover a range of topical issues, including legitimacy, organised crime, public protests and intelligence and investigations.