Don't Be Fooled

A Citizen's Guide to News and Information in the Digital Age

Author: John H. McManus, Ph.D.

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781976425783


Page: 246

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America is being torn apart by the rise of new sources of news that have no respect for facts or democracy. Coupled with politicians who cast honest journalists as frauds and enemies of the public, they are eroding the informational common ground and poisoning the process of reaching consensus that democracy requires. Public trust in professional journalism has fallen to the lowest point since polls began to measure confidence in the news. That makes us prey for unscrupulous media actors who whip up resentment and hatred of fellow Americans with false and distorted news reports. Because each group now has its own set of "facts," disputes cannot be resolved logically. We are becoming a nation of warring tribes, even to the point where we no longer wish to associate with each other. As a consequence, lawmakers no longer agree on what's real, much less what to do about it. Congress can no more plot a safe course forward than a squirrel caught in traffic. The only solution that respects freedom of speech is to equip all citizens with some basic tools - habits of mind - enabling them to discern truth from falsehood in this new information ecology of confusion. It's vital that we learn to critically assess news and information because in a democracy a misinformed vote counts as much as a wise one. And everyone is equally bound by the outcome. This book presents a method - the SMELL test - for separating real from fake and misleading news. But it goes much further: * Assessing the dimensions of a communication revolution that's upending politics and altering every aspect of modern life; * Exploring the limited nature of facts; * Explaining the origins of bias and how to uncover them; * Showing how self-interest on the part of individuals and news organizations influences what becomes news; * Providing realistic standards for news quality; * Describing how to "read" images and video; * Exposing common ways spinmeisters manipulate the public, and finally: * Reviewing online tools and techniques for unmasking bias, including our own.

Don't be Fooled

A Philosophy of Common Sense

Author: Jan Bransen

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1351745417

Category: Philosophy

Page: 202

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In the debate leading up to the EU referendum in the United Kingdom, the British politician Michael Gove declared that "people in this country have had enough of experts". In the 2016 Presidential campaign in the United States, Donald Trump waged a war against the very idea of expertise. Yet if you are worried about your child's behaviour, don't know which laptop to buy, or just want to get fit, the answer is easy: ask an expert. Where do we draw the line? Why do we appear to know more and more collectively, yet less and less individually? Has expertise painted itself into a corner? Can we defend both science and common sense? In this engaging and much-needed book Jan Bransen explores these important questions and more. He argues that the rise of behavioural sciences has caused a sea change in the relationship between science and common sense. He shows how - as recently as the 1960s - common sense and science were allies in the battle against ignorance, but that since then populism and chauvinism have claimed common sense as their own. Bransen argues that common sense is a collection of interrelated skills that draw on both an automatic pilot and an investigative attitude where we ask ourselves the right questions. It is the very attitude of open-minded inquiry and questioning that Bransen believes we are at risk of losing in the face of an army of experts. Drawing on fascinating examples such as language and communication, money, the imaginary world of Endoxa, domestic violence, and quality of life, Don't be Fooled: A Philosophy of Common Sense is a brilliant and wry defence of a skill that is a vital part of being human.

Don't be Fooled Again

Lessons in the good, bad and unpredictable behaviour of global finance

Author: Meyrick Chapman

Publisher: Pearson UK

ISBN: 0273745166

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 296

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The decade which began in July 1997 saw a global financial system that generated more wealth for more people for a much longer period of time than any other in financial history. But ten years later, in a seemingly sudden move, there was a flight of capital and a collapse of the global banking system. What went wrong? Did anyone see it coming? What lessons can we learn from this? And is it really all that bad? Fooled Again is not a history book, but it looks at the history of recent financial management, mismanagement, extraordinary risk and greed, flows of global capital and international toxic balance sheets to identity the key lessons to be learned from the global financial crisis. Taking a considered and long-term view, Meyrick Chapman gives an immensely readable and insightful view of what really happened and shows us why not all crises are bad, and why the events of 2008 and 2009 may ultimately benefit us.

Don’T Be Fooled

Be Conscious Fountain of Youth

Author: Gautam Kapur

Publisher: Partridge Publishing

ISBN: 1482884607

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 114

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Dont Be Fooled Dont be fooled is an empowering book that will point you in a direction that creates clarity on reading labels, essential nutrients, the impact of emotions on our body, emotional eating, and more . . . Turbocharge your life with critical information. That will help slow down the ageing process with simple steps to organic living. Be conscious!

Don't Be Fooled by the Principal

Author: Claudia Hamilton

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1449006647

Category: Fiction

Page: 116

View: 4926

A fully packed, rural country school. With good teachers and students and a wonderful Principal. This new principal got the students involved in many activities. All the parents were happy to have such an active principal at the school. The parents also admired his appearance and mannerisms: a tall black man well put together. One never knew what color gabardine pants he would be wearing the next day. But it was amazing and surprising when they learned about his deep, intimate friendship with one special female student.

To Be a Perfect Seller with Us!

Author: Michael Ritter

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 3732233626


Page: 262

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What is the way, to have more success with the same customers. It is a easy way and also easy to learn. Be better as the other and you will have more success as other sellers. Michael Ritter works more 35 years in the sales business and 20 years as very professional sales coach. Every year he works a number of days in sales business, to see, what ever changes in the buying behaviour from the customers. This book is for all industries, because the way, is always the same, it changes only a product.

A Visitor's Guide to Mystic Falls

Your Favorite Authors on the Vampire Diaries

Author: Leah Wilson

Publisher: BenBella Books

ISBN: 1935251996

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 190

View: 2657

The Vampire Diaries, the television series based on the iconic books by L.J. Smith, has already managed to captivate millions of viewers with its unique mix of immortal romance and very human drama. In A Visitor’s Guide to Mystic Falls, YA authors—led by Red and Vee of premier Vampire Diaries resource—take a closer look at Mystic Falls: its residents (both alive and undead) and its rich, inescapable history. • Claudia Gray delves into the events of 1864 and how they’ve shaped not just Mystic Falls but the success of the show itself • Sarah Rees Brennan tells us what it takes for a girl to hold her own against a vampire boyfriend (or two), placing Elena squarely between fellow vampire-daters Buffy and Bella • Jennifer Lynn Barnes takes Mystic Falls to task for poor treatment of Caroline Forbes • Jon Skovron examines the male-female vampire dynamic, in history and in The Vampire Diaries • Plus a guide to the book series for tv fans looking to visit The Vampire Diaries’ literary inspiration, and more Whether you’re a new visitor or a long-time fan, you won’t want to continue your tour of Mystic Falls without it.

Glad to Be Left Behind

Author: Dudley Hall

Publisher: Destiny Image Publishers

ISBN: 9780768429619

Category: Fiction

Page: 188

View: 483

Four teenagers search for answers when they are left behind after a tragic suicide. With Uncle Herm as their guide, Paul, Kristy, Chuck, and Francis look at life, death, church, the rapture, and Armageddon as they search for the reason they were left behind. Noah, Moses, Joseph, and David were all called to leave their former lives and become someone new in the Kingdom of God. They left behind what they had known and followed the dream of serving God.

A Thought from Me to You

Author: N.A

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing

ISBN: 1434979210


Page: N.A

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Be Your Own Dating Coach

Treat yourself to the ultimate relationship makeover

Author: Jo Hemmings

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780857081858

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 374

View: 5366

A relationship coach in a book Ever wondered why you make the same dating mistakes time after time? What seemed so promising at first simply dwindled into yet another disappointment. Or do you rarely get beyond the first or second date? Do you yearn for a long-term relationship but find yourself drifting from relationship to relationship? Or do you feel trapped when you really just want to have fun? Taking a step back from your busy life while taking a good yet honest and dispassionate look at yourself is never easy. Be Your Own Dating Coach is an upbeat, positive and humorous look at understanding yourself better, increasing your self-esteem, having more fun and getting the relationships you want and deserve. In short, it will show you how to coach yourself to a better love life. Written in two halves, one for men and one for women.

If You Had Listened To Grandma, You Wouldn’t Need A Shrink!

Author: Sheila Lazarus, PhD

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 1456767372

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 208

View: 3695

Put your feet up, put on your favorite music, and enjoy! Learn effective life skills without psychobabble! The book is humorous, easy to understand yet very profound in its teaching of personal growth. The book is divided into concepts that are broken down into sayings that the author’s grandmother used to teach her about life. Grandma gave advice that was simple, effective, and easy to understand. She enlightened, provided wisdom, nurtured, and loved unconditionally. The teachings are meant to unleash the power that lives within you. Concepts such as love, relationships, boundaries, conflict, and goal setting, to mention just a few, are conveyed through to words of grandma. The book is an enjoyable read that brings back the nostalgia of days long ago. By the end of the book the author’s grandmother will become your grandmother too. You will be able to touch, feel, and hear her. You will also be able to taste her chopped liver and smell her chicken soup. Above all, you will be able to pass down her wisdom to your own loved ones.

Narren des Zufalls

die verborgene Rolle des Glücks an den Finanzmärkten und im Rest des Lebens

Author: Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 352750432X


Page: 352

View: 2159


Start Where You Are

Author: Charles R. Swindoll

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 1418551147

Category: Religion

Page: 208

View: 1260

"To start fresh, to start over, to start anything, you have to know where you are," says Charles Swindoll. "Seldom does anybody just happen to end up on a right road." In Start Where You Are, Swindoll offers upbeat and practical advice on creating a life worth living, no matter what the circumstances are now or where they may lead in the future.

Learning to Love Again

Author: Mel Krantzler

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 149762066X

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 220

View: 697

From Mel Krantzler, a licensed marriage and family counselor, the nationally acclaimed, bestselling author of Creative Divorce, and director of the Creative Divorce/Learning to Love Again Counseling Centers, comes another insightful, helpful, and energizing book that brings hope to those emotionally devastated by the loss of a love. What happens next? Just when you thought it would never happen again, love comes back into your life. You can survive the explosive realities that losing love brings, but how do you know when, and if, you are ready for love again? Are you having trouble finding the “right” man or woman? Are you afraid of making another “mistake”? Do you keep getting involved in short-term relationships? Are you beginning to think that finding love is a matter of luck? Mel Krantzler has led ongoing seminars on the subject of finding love, and Learning to Love Again provides clear guidelines and challenging steps that lead from loneliness to love: The Remembered-Pain Stage—absorbing a blow from the past The Questing-Experimental Stage—surveying the possibilities The Selective-Distancing Stage—a cautious step forward The Creative-Commitment Stage—where enduring love begins Mel Krantzler draws on the real stories of real people who are learning to love again, to live together, to marry, to be step-parents, and to build satisfying new lives. He shares his experiences in applying the principles of creative commitment to his own remarriage. Learning to Love Again is the best guide for married, single, or divorced men and women. Here is how you can create a new beginning by learning to love again today!

Freedom in Christ Student Guide

A Life-Changing Discipleship Program

Author: Neil T. Anderson

Publisher: Baker Books

ISBN: 1441265570

Category: Religion

Page: 104

View: 9110

The Leader's Guide contains the information necessary to present this program with or without the accompanying DVD. This course can be used in a variety of settings, including Sunday school, small-group Bible studies, and one-on-one counseling.

Bringing Out the Best in Your Husband

Encourage Your Spouse and Experience the Relationship You've Always Wanted

Author: H. Norman DMin Wright

Publisher: Baker Books

ISBN: 1441267646

Category: Religion

Page: 208

View: 9624

Bookstore shelves are full of titles that tell women how to get what they want out of their man. But affectionate, long-lasting relationships thrive when the tables are turned--when each spouse focuses on giving, not getting. Bringing Out the Best in Your Husband delivers biblical and practical proven ways to encourage the man in every reader's life. This new book from bestselling author H. Norman Wright is packed with stories from wives struggling to understand their husbands' needs and desires; every woman will see herself and her marriage reflected in these deeply personal accounts. Readers will also hear the other side of the story: Men share the ups and downs of their marriage experiences and reveal the secret longings of their hearts. Every principle is presented with a true-to-life story so that wives can see the effects of encouragement, prayer, romance, and inspiration on marriages just like theirs. Based on his experience counseling thousands of couples over more than 40 years, Dr. Wright shows how great an impact spouses have on one another and how to turn that impact into a loving, joy-filled marriage that stands the test of time.

Retail in Detail

Author: Ronald L. Bond

Publisher: Entrepreneur Press

ISBN: 1613082444

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 260

View: 6140

Since it was first published, Retail in Detail has helped tens of thousands of retail business owners successfully start and run their businesses. It has established a reputation as a no-nonsense, down-to-earth guide for small retailers. This fifth edition has been fully updated for today’s rapidly changing retail environment in the Internet age. A new chapter contains specific tips on using the Internet for marketing and two-way communication with customers. New sections cover becoming an e-tailer, including choosing a domain name, processing credit cards, shipping and receiving, and other Internet-specific issues. Brick-and-mortar retailers learn how to assess product vulnerability to competition from Internet businesses. This essential reference contains many specific examples and case studies, based on the author’s experiences starting and successfully operating three retail stores and a bed and breakfast, as well as on the experiences of dozens of successful entrepreneurs. Worksheets can be used by beginning retailers to plan for and operate their business.

Divorce Ahead - Detour

Author: Kelvin R. Ward

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1441584390

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 98

View: 8497

His pain was a seed that others would find the qualities of life, and have a blessed marriage. His suffering gave him pereverance which built character and brought him hope. Romans 5:1-4. He was rejected by her but accepted by God. Raised in a household without a father, author Kelvin Ward made sure that his daughter would not experience such traumatic life. However, as fate would have it, his marriage of sixteen years ended with a divorce. The woman he married was as devout Christian as he is. After hearing about permanent separation, Kelvin turned to the one that he knew would lift him up-God. Highly edifying and truly eye-opening, Divorce Ahead- Detour is a true story that can change other people´s tale in a good way. It takes readers to a route towards finding happiness with another soul and with the Creator. .

I'll Be Watching You

Author: M. William Phelps

Publisher: Pinnacle Books

ISBN: 0786027185

Category: True Crime

Page: 512

View: 1519

A serial killer who wanted to out-kill Ted Bundy. . . In September 2001, Carmen Rodriguez, a beautiful 32-year-old Hartford mother of four, went missing. At first police were stymied. . .until a killer's crucial mistake led investigators down a long, dark road of cold, calculated murder. . . "Phelps is a first-rate investigator." --Dr. Michael M. Baden In 1987, single mother Mary Ellen Renard was strangled, repeatedly stabbed, and left for dead in her New Jersey apartment. Her vicious assailant had already killed once. . .and would kill again. But unlike the fiend's other victims, Mary Ellen lived to tell the tale. . . "Phelps gives readers an exclusive, insider's look." --Anne Bremner Clean-cut, popular and on the fast track at a multinational computer firm, Rutgers grad Edwin "Ned" Snelgrove shocked friends and colleagues with a plea bargain for Renard's brutal attack--and the heinous 1983 murder of college girlfriend Karen Osmun. Vowing never to be caught again, Ned spent his time in prison obsessively studying the violent career of his idol Ted Bundy. . .then was released ten years early for good behavior. . . "Phelps proves that truth is more shocking than fiction." --Allison Brennan Unflinching and brilliantly researched, this is an exclusive tour into the twisted mind of an all-American killer. . .and a state attorney's tireless efforts to lock him away forever. Includes 16 Pages Of Revealing Photos