Derelict London: All New Edition

Author: Paul Talling

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1473560233

Category: Social Science

Page: 224

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______________________________ The huge word-of-mouth bestseller – completely updated for 2019 THE LONDON THAT TOURISTS DON’T SEE Look beyond Big Ben and past the skyscrapers of the Square Mile, and you will find another London. This is the land of long-forgotten tube stations, burnt-out mansions and gently decaying factories. Welcome to DERELICT LONDON: a realm whose secrets are all around us, visible to anyone who cares to look . . . Paul Talling – our best-loved investigator of London’s underbelly – has spent over fifteen years uncovering the stories of this hidden world. Now, he brings together 100 of his favourite abandoned places from across the capital: many of them more magnificent, more beautiful and more evocative than you can imagine. Covering everything from the overgrown stands of Leyton Stadium to the windswept alleys of the Aylesbury Estate, DERELICT LONDON reveals a side of the city you never knew existed. It will change the way you see London. ______________________________ PRAISE FOR THE DERELICT LONDON PROJECT ‘Fascinating images showing some of London’s eeriest derelict sites show another side to the busy, built-up capital.’ Daily Mail ‘Talling has managed to show another side to the capital, one of abandoned buildings that somehow retain a sense of beauty.’ Metro ‘Excellent . . . As much as it is an inadvertent vision of how London might look after a catastrophe, DERELICT LONDON is valuable as a document of the one going on right in front of us.’ New Statesman ‘From the iconic empty shell of Battersea Power Station to the buried ‘ghost’ stations of the London Underground, the city is peppered with decaying buildings. Paul Talling knows these places better than anyone in the capital.’ Daily Express ‘[London has an] unusual (and deplorable) number of abandoned buildings. Paul Talling’s surprise bestseller, DERELICT LONDON, is their shabby Pevsner.’ Daily Telegraph ______________________________

Derelict London

Author: Paul Talling

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1905211430

Category: Architecture

Page: 222

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A fascinating book about the London that tourists don’t see. Paul Talling has been recording ramshackle London for several years and his website has become a point of pilgrimage for hundreds of thousands of fans. In his book, he looks at the cream of the down-at-heel, blending photographs with accounts of how certain buildings and sights fell into disrepair and what is likely to happen to them. Houses, pubs, cinemas, bomb shelters, cemeteries and shops are all meticulously recorded and celebrated. From the decaying houses on the North Circular to the faded glory of the Tidal Basin Tavern in Royal Victoria Dock (closed 1980), via Battersea Power Station and the Dalston Theatre, this is an extraordinary record of often wonderful London landmarks that are now prey to neglect, vandalism and the developer’s demolition crew. With over 100 colour photographs and accompanying text, Derelict London is a fascinating historical record of many of London’s disappearing landmarks.

Industrial Ruination, Community, and Place

Landscapes and Legacies of Urban Decline

Author: Alice Mah

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 1442613572

Category: Social Science

Page: 236

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Abandoned factories, shipyards, warehouses, and refineries are features of many industrialized cities around the world. But despite their state of decline, these derelict sites remain vitally connected with the urban landscapes that surround them. In this enlightening new book, Alice Mah explores the experiences of urban decline and post-industrial change in three different community contexts: Niagara Falls, Canada/USA; Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK; and Ivanovo, Russia. Employing a unique methodological approach that combines ethnographic, spatial, and documentary methods, Mah draws on international comparisons of the landscapes and legacies of industrial ruination over the past forty years. Through this, she foregrounds the complex challenges of living with prolonged uncertainty and deprivation amidst socioeconomic change. This rich comparative study makes an essential contribution to far-reaching debates about the decline of manufacturing, regeneration, and identity, and will have important implications for urban theory and policy.

The Rough Guide to London

Author: Rob Humphreys

Publisher: Rough Guides UK

ISBN: 1405384778

Category: Travel

Page: 496

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The Rough Guide to London is the essential travel guide with clear maps and coverage of London's unforgettable attractions. From the big hitters like the Tower of London and the London Eye to hidden gems like the Sir John Soane's Museum and Highgate Cemetery the Rough Guide steers you straight to the unmissable sites of London, unearthing the best hotels, restaurants, traditional pubs, cafés and nightlife across every price range. A guide for travellers and London locals alike, you'll find detailed coverage of the city's fantastic free museums as well as the little-known nooks and crannies you should be exploring. The Rough Guide to London includes detailed accounts of all the palaces, museums and galleries, big and small, and why they're worth (or not worth) visiting. There are specialist sections on nightlife, the gay and lesbian scene, classical arts and detailed information on the capitals best markets and shopping-spots, all written by London-based experts. Explore all corners of the city with authoritative background on everything from Jack the Ripper to top London clubs, relying on the clearest maps of any guide. Make the Most of Your Time with The Rough Guide to London

Caryl Phillips

Author: Bénédicte Ledent

Publisher: Manchester University Press

ISBN: 9780719055560

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 212

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This examination of Caryl Phillips' novels ranges from the Final Passage to The Nature of Blood and considers them in relation to his plays and essays. Starting with a textual analysis of his fiction, it examines how it charts a diasporic awareness.

Childhood and Cinema

Author: Vicky Lebeau

Publisher: Reaktion Books

ISBN: 1861895739

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 192

View: 3470

From Lolita to The Sixth Sense, the figure of the child in cinematic works has been a contested site of symbolism and controversy. Childhood and Cinema examines how the child in film has ultimately been used to embody the anxieties and aspirations of modern life. Vicky Lebeau investigates how films use children to probe such themes as sexuality, death, imagination, the terrors of childhood, and hope. The book ranges over the whole history of Western cinema, from the Lumière brothers’ 1895 Feeding the Baby to Walt Disney’s animation classics to Truffaut’s L’enfant sauvage and recent works such as Capturing the Friedmans and Kids. The figure of the child in film, Lebeau argues, is fundamentally ambivalent—always hovering on the edge between hope and despair, vulnerability and violence, or pleasure and trauma—and it ultimately offers a unique way of thinking about the significance of cinema itself. By turns engaging, thought-provoking, and informative, Childhood and the Cinema challenges us to reconsider the child figure as a conduit for critical reflection on what it means to be human.

Die Flüsse von London


Author: Ben Aaronovitch

Publisher: Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag

ISBN: 3423414936

Category: Fiction

Page: 480

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»Können Sie beweisen, dass Sie tot sind?« Peter Grant ist Police Constable in London mit einer ausgeprägten Begabung fürs Magische. Was seinen Vorgesetzten nicht entgeht. Auftritt Thomas Nightingale, Polizeiinspektor und außerdem der letzte Zauberer Englands. Er wird Peter in den Grundlagen der Magie ausbilden. Ein Mord in Covent Garden führt den frischgebackenen Zauberlehrling Peter auf die Spur eines Schauspielers, der vor 200 Jahren an dieser Stelle den Tod fand. »Mein Name ist Peter Grant. Ich bin seit Neuestem Police Constable und Zauberlehrling, der erste seit fünfzig Jahren. Mein Leben ist dadurch um einiges komplizierter geworden. Jetzt muss ich mich mit einem Nest von Vampiren in Purley herumschlagen, einen Waffenstillstand zwischen Themsegott und Themsegöttin herbeiführen, Leichen in Covent Garden ausgraben. Ziemlich anstrengend, kann ich Ihnen sagen – und der Papierkram!«

Recycling Derelict Land

Author: George Fleming

Publisher: Thomas Telford

ISBN: 9780727713186

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 218

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This book provides practising engineers with a firm basis on which to classify types of derelict land and alert them to the range of environmental and legal considerations involved.The book examines the hazards involved in land recycling, from geotechnical and hydro-geological, to chemical and biological. The need for an integrated approach to site investigation is emphasized, showing the interaction between physical, chemical and biological aspects of a particular site. Data from case studies are used to illustrate analysis and interpretation procedures.

London's Lost Rivers

Author: Paul Talling

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 184794597X

Category: Travel

Page: 190

View: 7560

From the sources of the Fleet in Hampstead's ponds to the mouth of the Effra in Vauxhall, via the meander of the Westbourne through 'Knight's Bridge' and the Tyburn's curve along Marylebone Lane, London's Lost Rivers unearths the hidden waterways that flow beneath the streets of the capital. Paul Talling investigates how these rivers shaped the city - forming borough boundaries and transport networks, fashionable spas and stagnant slums - and how they all eventually gave way to railways, roads and sewers. Armed with his camera, he traces their routes and reveals their often overlooked remains: riverside pubs on the Old Kent Road, healing wells in King's Cross, 'stink pipes' in Hammersmith and gurgling gutters on streets across the city. Packed with maps and over 100 colour photographs, London's Lost Rivers uncovers the watery history of the city's most famous sights, bringing to life the very different London that lies beneath our feet.



Author: Rachel Cusk

Publisher: Suhrkamp Verlag

ISBN: 3518750879

Category: Fiction

Page: 238

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„Eine Übergangsphase“ prophezeit ihr eine astrologische Spam-Mail. Und tatsächlich verändert sich für die Schriftstellerin Faye gerade vieles: Nach einer kräftezehrenden Scheidung ist sie mit ihren beiden Söhnen zurück nach London gezogen und hat bei der Suche nach einer Wohnung einem Gefühl nachgegeben, das augenblicklich verschwand. Anders als die heruntergekommene Haushälfte, die sie jetzt ihr Eigen nennt. Sie lebt auf einer Baustelle, täglich ereignet sich eine kleine Katastrophe, während sie sich einem Ort anzunähern versucht, den sie schon einmal Heimat nannte. Sie trifft Freunde von früher und knüpft neue Bekanntschaften, sie erfährt von den Schicksalen und Krisen der anderen, spricht über Wahlfreiheiten und Notwendigkeiten und gelangt nach und nach zu einer weitreichenden Erkenntnis, die alles auf den Kopf stellt. Wie können wir uns darin einrichten, wenn wir dem eigenen Leben zugleich entfliehen wollen? Mit Scharfsinn und Witz erzählt Transit von vertrackten Sehnsüchten, entscheidenden Momenten und dem Rätsel persönlicher Veränderung.

Reclaiming Contaminated Land

Author: T. Cairney

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9401165041

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 260

View: 3279

Chemically contaminated land has only recently been recognized as an immediate or long-term potential hazard, and published guidance on how to tackle such land has been sparse. Indeed much of the available technical work emphasizes the risks and dangers, rather than indicating safe and economical strategies of reclamation. This book provides a comprehensive treatment of the important aspects of land reclamation. Its basic aim is to dispel the myths that have become associated with the subject and to indicate methods and strategies that can be used for safe and economical reclamation. The authors concentrate on the more important facets of reclamation and indicate where advice and information is more or less certain. As in any newly developed field there are still uncertainties and, for this reason, not all the chapters contain equivalent amounts of detail. All the authors have expertise in the field of land reclamation, and differences in emphasis between authors reflect the present state of the subject. Overall, the book emphasizes that contaminated land can be reclaimed safely provided that sufficient attention is paid to detail and that the proposed end use of the land is appropriate and based on a detailed knowledge of the site.


Author: Ian McEwan

Publisher: Diogenes Verlag AG

ISBN: 3257600259

Category: Fiction

Page: 531

View: 397

Die Abgründe und die Macht der Leidenschaft und der Phantasie: An einem heißen Tag im Sommer 1935 spielt die dreizehnjährige Briony Tallis Schicksal und verändert dadurch für immer das Leben dreier Menschen.

Irish Writing London: Volume 2

Post-War to the Present

Author: Tom Herron

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 1441124284

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 184

View: 9290

The presence of Irish writers is almost invisible in literary studies of London. The Irish Writing London redresses the critical deficit. A range of experts on particular Irish writers reflect on the diverse experiences and impact this immigrant group has had on the city. Such sustained attention to a location and concern of Irish writing, long passed over, opens up new terrain to not only reveal but create a history of Irish-London writing. Alongside discussions of MacNeice, Boland and McGahern, the autobiography of Brendan Behan and identity of Irish-language writers in London is considered. Written by an internal array of scholars, these new essays on key figures challenge the deep-seated stereotype of what constitutes the proper domain of Irish writing, producing a study that is both culturally and critically alert and a dynamic contribution to literary criticism of the city.

Snapshots of Britain Britannien in kleinen Geschichten

Author: Joy Browning

Publisher: Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag

ISBN: 3423419504

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 192

View: 8750

Dieses Taschenbuch enthält in englisch-deutschem Paralleldruck kleine Geschichten, Berichte, Gedichte, Notizen und Rezepte aus Großbritannien. Einige allgemeine, einige aus London, einige aus England, einige aus Wales, einige aus Schottland, einige aus Irland. Alle sind original für dieses Buch geschrieben, in einem einfachen Englisch, wie es britische Grundschulkinder sprechen lernen - heute, nicht gestern! - und wie es in Deutschland jedes Kind und jeder Erwachsene nach einer kurzen Anfangsstrecke Englischunterricht mit Spaß lesen kann. Perhaps you are an English speaking child. lf so, you are probably keen to learn a little of the German language by reading the stories and poems, collected here. Texte für Einsteiger