Denali Justice

Author: Peter a Galbraith

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780990607601


Page: 320

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In mid-December, 1981, a small air taxi crashed at 10,300' on the slopes of Mt. McKinley in Denali National Park, Alaska. All four people aboard survived the crash and the wreckage was quickly located. The weather was good the next morning but no rescuers landed nearby and no emergency supplies were airdropped. After four days and nights, a volunteer civilian climbing team reached the wreckage and U.S. Army Chinooks airlifted survivors off the mountain. Two years later, a lawyer in sole practice in Alaska filed a civil suit arising from the Mt. McKinley rescue against the Army, Air Force, Federal Aviation Administration, and National Park Service. This true story of the crash, the ordeal on the mountain, and volunteer and government rescue efforts unfolds through eyewitness testimony at trial.

Delivering Justice

Author: Barb Han

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 1488005788

Category: Fiction

Page: 224

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A sexy cowboy comes to the rescue of a beautiful woman who has no idea who she is… When Tyler O'Brien finds a woman lying helpless after an ATV accident on his ranch, nothing adds up. Especially his real, sudden attraction to "Red." But aiding the amnesiac only compounds the rich Texas cowboy's doubts. How can he unlock the truth? Learning that Red is desperately searching for her twin sister who may have come to harm, Tyler—who doesn't "do feelings"—promises help and protection. Soon he's also burning with desire. As the two race against time to find Red's sister, they're drawn deeper into a complicated mystery. Tyler will have to draw on every ounce of strength to keep this stranger safe…and resist taking her to bed

Historic Denali National Park and Preserve

The Stories Behind One of America's Great Treasures

Author: Tracy Salcedo

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 1493028928

Category: Nature

Page: 224

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Celebrating our national parks Denali National Park celebrates its centennial anniversary in 2017 The park attracts more than 400,000 visitors annually More than 60 historic photographs throughout Historic Denali National Park is a vibrant narrative that covers different parts of the park’s history, from the Native Americans and the early explorers to park visitors today. Celebrate the 100th anniversary of Denali National Park and learn more about one of America’s greatest treasures.

Justice in the Land of the Midnight Sun

Author: Michael L. Kryder

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1491790164

Category: Fiction

Page: 334

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Alaska has its own kind of justiceone outsiders might not understand. Dave Warren lives in this wild country. Hes a determined man, a tough man, who can stare a hole right through a person. His trusty companion is Beardog, half-wolf and half- Labrador, and together, they work to protect their neighbors and land. Dave and Beardog are surrounded by a cast of loyal characters who stick close to Alaskas unwritten laws. Red is one of them. Hes the leading law enforcement officer in the entire State of Alaska and has a duty to uphold the law, but his laws arent like normal laws. His laws are according to Mother Nature, who likes seeing justice done right. The people of Alaska dont have an affinity for social games or politics. Their lives seem ordinary, built on strong family values and loving pets. They share a familiarity and closeness with their native wilderness, and visitors do well to understandstep out of line and these ordinary people might just sit back and watch you die.

Hot Arctic Nights

Author: Ramona Bradly

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780373255115

Category: Fiction

Page: 219

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August Rebellion

Author: Ronald Marshall

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1532016832

Category: Fiction

Page: 406

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Thirty years ago, Gramma Tubman and Poppa George barely escaped an FBI assault at their hiding place in Louisiana. Since then, theyve recuperated and only become more focused on retaliation. The Society of Slave Masters, the White Supremacist organization that ordered the assault, is due for some upheaval, and Gramma and Poppa are just the activists for the job. Influenced by ideologies of the Spirits in the Shadowsa Black Militant organization formulated by her defiant ancestorsGramma Tubman educates her grandchildren in the ways of radical upheaval in the hopes of pushing prison reform to the top of Louisianas political agenda. However, the Society of Slave Masters wont go down without a bloody fight. With a billion-dollar financial interest in the prison-for-profit industry, Slave Masters unleash its own method of violence to maintain Louisianas high incarceration rate. Oppressed African Americans go head-to-head against the ruling elite of Politicians and FBI agents. Th e state of Louisiana has two options: reform or face mass rebellion.

Rescues at Denali, Exxon Valdex Oil Spill, and Federal Hiring in Alaska

Hearing Before the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, United States Senate, One Hundred Sixth Congress, First Session, on S. 698, to Review the Suitability and Feasibility of Recovering Costs ... S. 711, to Allow for the Investment of Joint Federal and State Funds from the Civil Settlement of Damages ... S. 748, to Improve Native Hiring and Contracting by the Federal Government ... May 13, 1999

Author: United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Energy and Natural Resources

Publisher: N.A


Category: Employee selection

Page: 44

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Commerce, Justice, Science, and Related Agencies Appropriations for Fiscal Year 2010

Hearings Before a Subcommittee of the Committee on Appropriations, United States Senate, One Hundred Eleventh Congress, First Session, on H.R. 2847, an Act Making Appropriations for the Departments of Commerce and Justice, Science and Related Agencies for the Fiscal Year Ending September 30, 2010, and for Other Purposes

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: United States

Page: 221

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Departments of Commerce, Justice, and State, the Judiciary, and Related Agencies Fiscal Year 2000 President's Budget Amendment

Hearing Before a Subcommittee of the Committee on Appropriations, United States Senate, One Hundred Sixth Congress, First Session : Special Hearing

Author: United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Appropriations. Subcommittee on Commerce, Justice, State, the Judiciary, and Related Agencies

Publisher: Government Printing Office


Category: United States

Page: 27

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Sacred Places, North America

108 Destinations

Author: Brad Olsen

Publisher: CCC Publishing

ISBN: 1888729198

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 409

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This revised and updated comprehensive travel guide examines North America's most sacred sites for spiritually attuned explorers. Important archaeological, geological, and historical destinations from coast to coast are exhaustively examined, from the weathered pueblos of the American Southwest and the medicine wheels of western Canada to Graceland and the birthplace of Martin Luther King, Jr. Histories and cultural contexts are objectively surveyed, along with the latest academic theories and insightful metaphysical ruminations. Detailed maps, drawings, and travel directions are also included.

Die Schande von Missoula

Vergewaltigung im Land der Freiheit

Author: Jon Krakauer

Publisher: Piper ebooks

ISBN: 3492973353

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 480

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Die meisten Vergewaltiger kannten ihre Opfer vorher, wodurch die Strafverfolgung und die gerichtliche Suche nach der Wahrheit oft komplex und undurchsichtig ist und die vergewaltigten Frauen ein zweites Mal traumatisiert werden. In seinem neuen Buch beschäftigt sich Jon Krakauer mit Vergewaltigungsfällen in der amerikanischen Universitätsstadt Missoula. Minutiös und doch einfühlsam skizziert er die Ereignisse, die eine ganze Gesellschaft an der Frage nach Recht und Unrecht, Wahrheit und Lüge verzweifeln lassen, er spricht mit den Beschuldigten und den Opfern und schildert packend, wie schmerzhaft die Suche nach Gerechtigkeit und Sühne bei Gericht sein kann.

Sovereigns Peacefully Take Charge

An Agenda for Liberty and Justice

Author: Allan Matthews

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1465332561

Category: Political Science

Page: 203

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Reviewing how we the people became sovereigns, this book encourages citizens to become peaceful activists to supplement representative government. The author declares seventy-five grievances against the United States government. He proposes or endorses remedies in the forms of constitutional amendments or ordinary statutory law, some of them of popular initiative and referendum. Much of this entails transfer of powers from the national government back to the people or to local, state, or transnational governments. The proposals include reforms at the United Nations and measures to end world poverty, spread health care and education, and manage resources for a sustainable environment.

The American Bench

Author: Marie T. Finn,Diana R. Irvine,Mary Lee Bliss,Gina L. (CON) Pratton,Samantha (CON) Morgan

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780931398582

Category: Judges

Page: 2601

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Judicial Staff Directory

Author: Charles Bruce Brownson

Publisher: N.A


Category: Circuit courts

Page: N.A

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Health and Inequality

Geographical Perspectives

Author: Sarah Curtis

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9780761968238

Category: Science

Page: 329

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By relating theoretical arguments to specific landscapes Sarah Curtis develops the basis for a geographical analysis of health problems and proposes a range of strategies for reducing disadvantage and societal inequalities.

Der lange Weg zur Freiheit


Author: Nelson Mandela

Publisher: S. Fischer Verlag

ISBN: 3104031541

Category: History

Page: 864

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»Ich bin einer von ungezählten Millionen, die durch Nelson Mandelas Leben inspiriert wurden.« Barack Obama Eine fast drei Jahrzehnte währende Gefängnishaft ließ Nelson Mandela zum Mythos der schwarzen Befreiungsbewegung werden. Kaum ein anderer Politiker unserer Zeit symbolisiert heute in solchem Maße die Friedenshoffnungen der Menschheit und den Gedanken der Aussöhnung aller Rassen wie der ehemalige südafrikanische Präsident und Friedensnobelpreisträger. Auch nach seinem Tod finden seine ungebrochene Charakterstärke und Menschenfreundlichkeit die Bewunderung aller friedenswilligen Menschen auf der Welt. Mandelas Lebensgeschichte ist über die politische Bedeutung hinaus ein spannend zu lesendes, kenntnis- und faktenreiches Dokument menschlicher Entwicklung unter Bedingungen und Fährnissen, vor denen die meisten Menschen innerlich wie äußerlich kapituliert haben dürften.

America First

A Budget Blueprint to Make America Great Again

Author: Government Publishing Office

Publisher: Office of Management & Budget

ISBN: 9780160937620

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 65

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The U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO) and the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has released President Donald Trump's America First: A Budget Blueprint to Make America Great Again.

End of Innocence

Author: Marty Rose

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1477115145

Category: Fiction

Page: 263

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When David falls victim of sexual misconduct he becomes detached from society and closes himself off from family. He keeps his tragic secret within, where he finds a way to cope with the psychological trauma. As he matures he is supported by his dark companions, Sidan obstinate brute out for retributionand Sethhis protector. After Sid delivers his justice, Detective DaLuga vows to find the avenger. In the process, DaLuga learns more than he was looking for. He is taught to look beyond the badge of duty and into the heart and soul of his suspect. David tries to escape his dark past after the death of Father Bart, but his past continues to haunt him and death seems to surround him. Only Ranger Mari can save him from himself.

Journal of the House of Representatives of the United States

Author: United States. Congress. House

Publisher: N.A


Category: Legislation

Page: N.A

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Some vols. include supplemental journals of "such proceedings of the sessions, as, during the time they were depending, were ordered to be kept secret, and respecting which the injunction of secrecy was afterwards taken off by the order of the House."