Encyclopedia of Pulp Fiction Writers

Author: Lee Server

Publisher: Infobase Publishing

ISBN: 1438109121

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 321

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Provides an introduction to American pulp fiction during the twentieth century with brief author biographies and lists of their works.

Dying for a Living

Author: Kory M. Shrum

Publisher: Timberlane Press


Category: Fiction

Page: 400

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And you thought dying once would be hard... On the morning before her 67th death, it is business as usual for agent Jesse Sullivan: meet with the mortician, counsel soon-to-be-dead clients, and have coffee while reading the latest regeneration theory. Jesse dies for a living, literally. Because of a neurological disorder, she is one of the population's rare 2% who can serve as a death surrogate, dying so others don't have to. Although each death replacement is different, the result is the same: a life is saved, and Jesse resurrects days later with sore muscles, new scars, and another hole in her memory. But when Jesse is murdered and becomes the sole suspect in a federal investigation, more than her freedom and sanity are at stake. She must catch the killer herself--or die trying. Dying for a Living is the first book in Kory M. Shrum's gripping urban fantasy series. If you like page-turning action, tough as nails heroines, and perfectly-paced suspense, then you'll love this "hilarious" and "supernaturally fantastic" ride.

The Digital Dialectic

New Essays on New Media

Author: Peter Lunenfeld

Publisher: MIT Press

ISBN: 9780262621373

Category: Social Science

Page: 298

View: 6093

Publisher description: "This text takes an interdisciplinary approach to visual and intellectual cultures as the computer recodes technologies, media and art forms. It includes contributions by scholars, artists and entrepreneurs who combine theoretical investigations with hands-on analysis of the possibilities (and limitations) of new technology. The key concept is the digital dialectic: a method to ground the insights of theory in the constraints of practice.".

The Scent of Shadows

The First Sign of the Zodiac

Author: Vicki Pettersson

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 9780061736711

Category: Fiction

Page: 464

View: 8204

When she was sixteen, Joanna Archer was brutally assaulted and left to die in the Nevada desert. By rights, she should be dead. Now a photographer by day, she prowls a different Las Vegas after sunset—a grim, secret Sin City where Light battles Shadow—seeking answers to whom or what she really is . . . and revenge for the horrors she was forced to endure. But the nightmare is just beginning—for the demons are hunting Joanna, and the powerful shadows want her for their own . . .

Dead & Buried

Author: Leighann Dobbs

Publisher: Leighann Dobbs


Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

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Summers in the seaside town of Noquit Maine are quiet and relaxing ... unless you find a mysterious dead body, a hunky ex-boyfriend shows up and you start getting instructions from ghostly relatives. That’s exactly what happens to Morgan Blackmoore. Suddenly, she finds herself in a race against time as she’s launched into a dangerous treasure hunt that pits her against modern day pirates who think she has the key to a three hundred year old secret. To complicate matters even more, one of her sisters keeps talking to the ghost of their dead grandmother, another has crystals with unusually powerful healing properties and her cat has an uncanny habit of showing up in exactly the right place at exactly the right time. Not to mention that her ex-boyfried, Luke Hunter, suddenly shows up in town after ten years of being overseas and claims to want to help her fight off these deadly pirates, but Morgan finds herself fighting her attraction to him instead. Will Morgan outwit the treasure hunters and find the real killer before Sheriff Overton puts her in jail? And what about Luke, is he really a good guy or just after the treasure himself? This is Book 2 in the Blackmoore Sisters cozy mystery series.

Jacob Wonderbar and the Cosmic Space Kapow

Author: Nathan Bransford

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1101515074

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 288

View: 3493

Out-of-this-world antics in this hysterical middle-grade adventure! Sixth-grader Jacob Wonderbar is a master when it comes to disarming and annihilating substitute teachers. But when he and his best friends, Sarah and Dexter, swap a spaceship for a corn dog, they embark on an outer space adventure. And between breaking the universe with an epic explosion, being kidnapped by a space pirate, and surviving a planet that reeks of burp breath, Jacob and his friends are in way over their heads. Action packed with an added dose of heart, Jacob Wonderbar and the Cosmic Space Kapow is sure to captivate middlegrade readers all over the universe.


When the Son Sets

Author: Arlyn Atadero

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781542751391


Page: N.A

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Discover the bombshell cold case that rocked the state of Colorado for five years and changed the way many viewed their world forever. On October 2nd, 1999, 3 year-old Jaryd Atadero vanished on a group hike in the Comanche Peak Wilderness. As hours turned into days, and days into months, Jaryd's father Allyn goes through hell and high water to combat nightmarish circumstances hindering the search, threatening the very core of his existence - circumstances which would bring most ordinary people to the breaking point and beyond. Sound like fiction? It isn't. And it's only the very tip of the iceberg. But underlying the tragedy is an insurmountable hope that can only come from above, and a sustaining love that redefines what it means to be a follower of Christ in the throes of losing the most precious thing on earth to a parent. "Missing: When the Son Sets" lets you step into the heart and soul of Allyn and his family as they struggle to come to grips with a mystery that remains unsolved to this day . . . Including the real police reports and letters from those involved in the search. You get an unfiltered look at how emotionally exhausting it is to lose a child. How did Jaryd vanish? Who (or what) took him? The book will leave you with more questions than answers, but with a heightened sense of the reality we live in. This is the most emotionally challenging book I have ever read. There were parts that left me feeling drained, and others that left me downright angry. If I had been in Allyn's shoes when he had to confront some of the situations he was faced with, I'd still be on probation... Do yourself a favor and pick up this book. Despite the tragic nature of the story, the grating frustrations faced by the Atadero family and those who fought for them, there is a strong inspirational foundation that will leave you strengthened in the end. Zebulon Rogers

Heartache Motel

Three Interconnected Mystery Novellas

Author: Larissa Reinhart,Terri L. Austin,LynDee Walker

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781938383915

Category: Memphis (Tenn.)

Page: 242

View: 7119

Elvis has left the building, but he's forever memorialized at the Heartache Motel. Filled with drag queens, Rock-a-Hula coctails, and a vibrating velveteen bed, these three novellas tell the tales fo three amateur sleuths who spend their holidays at the King's veloved home.

Murder in Cherry Hills

Author: Paige Sleuth

Publisher: Marla Bradeen


Category: Fiction

Page: 152

View: 5836

Kat Harper has only just returned to her small hometown of Cherry Hills, Washington when she discovers the dead body of her neighbor, Mrs. Tinsdale. Matilda, Mrs. Tinsdale's orphaned rescue cat, just might be the only eyewitness to the murder. But how do you convince a cat to reveal "whodunit"?

Death by Chocolate

Author: Sally Berneathy

Publisher: Sally Berneathy

ISBN: 1939551005

Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

View: 6875

Lindsay Powell's only secret is the recipe for her chocolate chip cookies, but she is surrounded by neighbors with deadly secrets. Suddenly Lindsay finds herself battling poisoned chocolate, a dead man who doesn't seem very dead and a psycho stalker. Her best friend and co-worker, Paula, dyes her blond hair brown, hides from everybody and insists on always having an emergency exit from any room. Secrets from Paula's past have come back to put lives in jeopardy. Determined to help Paula and to save her own life, Lindsay enlists the reluctant aid of another neighbor, Fred, an OCD computer nerd. In spite of his mundane existence, Fred possesses tidbits of knowledge about such things as hidden microphones, guns and the inside of maximum security prisons.

Miracles of Life

Shanghai to Shepperton : an Autobiography

Author: J. G. Ballard

Publisher: HarperCollins UK

ISBN: 0007272340

Category: Novelists, English

Page: 278

View: 6848

One Of Britain S Most Significant Writers. Beginning With The Events That Inspired His Classic Novel, Empire Of The Sun, Turned Into An Acclaimed Film By Steven Spielberg, In This Revelatory Autobiography Ballard Charts The Course Of His Astonishing Life: His Early Childhood Spent Exploring Pre-War Shanghai, The Deprivations And Unexpected Freedoms Of The Lunghua Camp, To His Return To A Britain Physically And Psychologically Crippled By War. He Explores His Subsequent Involvement In The Dramatic Social Changes Of The 1960S, And The Adjustments To Life Following The Premature Death Of His Wife. In Prose Displaying His Characteristic Precision And Eye For Detail, Ballard Recounts The Experiences Which Would Fundamentally Shape His Writing, While Providing A Striking Social Analysis Of Post-War Britain. Miracles Of Life Is An Utterly Captivating Account Of An Extraordinary Writer'S Extraordinary Life. 'Exquisitely Written...A Subtle, Restlessly Enquiring Work Of Touching Humanity, Is Ballard'S Crowning Achievement.' Financial Times.

Tracking Magic

Max Killian Investigations

Author: Maria Schneider

Publisher: Maria E Schneider


Category: Fiction

Page: 90

View: 682

"Get Smart" meets "Ghostbusters!" A humorous paranormal mystery collection. Five case files from Max Killian Investigations: Haunting Clues -- Max is hired to expel a ghost from a mansion. To deal with the dead, though, he must first uncover the secrets of those still alive. Curses! -- Some days you curse, some days the curse gets you. Dearly Departed -- Max investigates a graveyard, but when it comes up empty, it's his job to find the body--dead or alive. Roadkill -- Max can smell the dead long after they are gone. Of course, it's not too hard to smell the ones that just died, but it could prove to be more dangerous. Privy to Secrets -- Some secrets are worth dying for. The trick is to know which ones make life worth living.

Necklaces & Nooses

A Presley Thurman Myster

Author: Laina Turner

Publisher: Laina Turner


Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

View: 1536

When Presley’s boss is found hanging she thinks its suicide until the police discover its homicide. Who would want to kill a the owner of a high end women's boutique? Presley's not sure but she’s determined to find out.

Swamp Team 3

Author: Jana DeLeon

Publisher: Jana DeLeon

ISBN: 1940270138

Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

View: 9125

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Jana DeLeon, the fourth book in the bestselling Miss Fortune series. What’s a little arson between friends? Undercover CIA agent Fortune Redding spent her first three weeks in Sinful, Louisiana dodging insults, makeup advice, guard dogs, bullets, and Deputy Carter Trahan, both professionally and personally. But just when she thinks things are going to settle down in the small bayou town, someone sets her friend Ally’s house on fire. Carter, who’d just started pursuing Fortune on a personal basis, goes back into cop mode and admonishes her to stay out of his investigation. This time, he swears he won’t issue any warning before arresting her. But with her friend’s safety hanging in the balance, Fortune can’t resist taking matters into her own hands and calls on her partners in crime fighting, Ida Belle and Gertie, to help. This is a mission for Swamp Team 3. Swamp Team 3 is a humorous mystery set in the bayous of southern Louisiana. It has a cozy mystery feel and features a strong woman sleuth in a fish-out-of-water storyline. Swamp Team 3 is the fourth in the Miss Fortune series and appeals to readers of the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich. "Southern wit at its best!" - NYT Bestselling author Gemma Halliday "Sinfully funny!" - NYT Bestselling author CC Hunter/Christie Craig “DeLeon is excellent at weaving comedy, suspense and spicy romance into one compelling story.” – RT Book Reviews “I don’t know where she comes up with this funny stuff, but I can’t wait to read the next book…” – Night Owl Reviews “Jana DeLeon has a breezy style with enough of a comic touch to leave you smiling.” – The Romance Reader “Son of a gun, we’re having fun in the bayou!” – Fresh Fiction “The quirky characters keep the action moving…” – Barbara Vey, Publisher’s Weekly Blogger To learn more about Jana and her books visit her at: http://janadeleon.com http://facebook.com/janadeleonauthor @JanaDeLeon

Swamp Spook

Author: Jana DeLeon

Publisher: J&R Publishing LLC

ISBN: 194027057X

Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

View: 4185

When black cats roam, and spooks are seen, Come celebrate, it’s Halloween. Sinful, Louisiana, really knows how to throw a party, and it goes all out for Halloween. The weeklong celebration kicks off with a maze of horror in the park built of hay bales. And Fortune has the perfect assignment—the executioner. Her scene comes complete with a head block, a hatchet, and a fake body with removable head. It’s the perfect setup…for a crime. When Fortune returns from break and realizes the body in her scene is a real one and not the prop, she knows trouble is coming. Before she can shake a broomstick, Celia Arceneaux has raised the alarm and the state police show up to take over the investigation. With Carter on the sidelines and Fortune the prime suspect, Swamp Team 3 sets out to catch a real monster.


A Novel of Love and War

Author: Sebastian Faulks

Publisher: Vintage

ISBN: 0307820386

Category: Fiction

Page: 496

View: 7314

Published to international critical and popular acclaim, this intensely romantic yet stunningly realistic novel spans three generations and the unimaginable gulf between the First World War and the present. As the young Englishman Stephen Wraysford passes through a tempestuous love affair with Isabelle Azaire in France and enters the dark, surreal world beneath the trenches of No Man's Land, Sebastian Faulks creates a world of fiction that is as tragic as A Farewell to Arms and as sensuous as The English Patient. Crafted from the ruins of war and the indestructibility of love, Birdsong is a novel that will be read and marveled at for years to come.

Brimstone Kiss

Author: Carole Nelson Douglas

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 143916701X

Category: Fiction

Page: 400

View: 6392

Paranormal Investigator Delilah Street--in her quest to identify the long-buried embracing skeletons she and sexy ex-FBI agent Ricardo Montoya discovered-- has to deal with a lecherous vampire, a ghoulish producer, celebrity zombies from classic films, a mysterious albino rock star who bestows addictive kisses on his groupies, and a dead girl in her mirror--and those are just her clients! Post-Millennium Revelation Las Vegas is teeming with supernaturals and run by a werewolf mob, but even the unhumans can't conceive of what Delilah discovers hidden under its damnable desert sands: unspeakably powerful evil rooted in ancient Egypt...

You are Being Lied to

The Disinformation Guide to Media Distortion, Historical Whitewashes and Cultural Myths

Author: Russell Kick

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780966410075

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 399

View: 7979

This book acts as a battering ram against the distortions, myths and outright lies that have been shoved down our throats by the government, the media, corporations, organized religion, the scientific establishment and others who want to keep the truth from us. A group of researchers - investigative reporters, political dissidents, academics, media watchdogs, scientist-philosophers, social critics and rogue scholars - paints a picture of a world where crucial stories are ignored or actively suppressed and the official version of events has more holes in it than Swiss cheese. A world where real dangers are downplayed and nonexistent dangers are trumpeted. In short, a world where you are being lied to. You'll discover that a human being has already been cloned; Joseph McCarthy was not paranoid; museums refuse to display artifacts that conflict with the theory of evolution; the CIA has admitted to involvement in the drug trade; parents don't affect who their children become; plus further revelations involving Columbine, WWII, textbooks, Al Gore, George W. Bush, Timothy Leary and much more.

The Possessions

A Novel

Author: Sara Flannery Murphy

Publisher: HarperCollins

ISBN: 0062458337

Category: Fiction

Page: 368

View: 3017

A Refinery29 Best Book of the Year "I was totally immersed in the strange, beautiful world of Sara Flannery Murphy’s The Possessions. A gripping, chilling read that’s part love story, part mystery, and completely original, it’s sensuous, scary, and utterly thrilling. I’ve never read anything quite like it." —Anton DiSclafani, author of The Yonahlossee Riding Camp for Girls "An enthralling meditation on grief and memory cloaked in suspenseful psychodrama, The Possessions dissolves the boundaries of past and present and artfully, heartbreakingly maps the consequences of transgressive desire. Sara Flannery Murphy has written the best kind of ghost story." —Robin Wasserman, author of Girls on Fire In this electrifying literary debut, a young woman who channels the dead for a living crosses a dangerous line when she falls in love with one of her clients, whose wife died under mysterious circumstances. In an unnamed city, Eurydice works for the Elysian Society, a private service that allows grieving clients to reconnect with lost loved ones. She and her fellow workers, known as "bodies", wear the discarded belongings of the dead and swallow pills called lotuses to summon their spirits—numbing their own minds and losing themselves in the process. Edie has been a body at the Elysian Society for five years, an unusual record. Her success is the result of careful detachment: she seeks refuge in the lotuses’ anesthetic effects and distances herself from making personal connections with her clients. But when Edie channels Sylvia, the dead wife of recent widower Patrick Braddock, she becomes obsessed with the glamorous couple. Despite the murky circumstances surrounding Sylvia’s drowning, Edie breaks her own rules and pursues Patrick, moving deeper into his life and summoning Sylvia outside the Elysian Society’s walls. After years of hiding beneath the lotuses’ dulling effect, Edie discovers that the lines between her own desires and those of Sylvia have begun to blur, and takes increasing risks to keep Patrick within her grasp. Suddenly, she finds her quiet life unraveling as she grapples not only with Sylvia’s growing influence and the questions surrounding her death, but with her own long-buried secrets. A tale of desire and obsession, deceit and dark secrets that defies easy categorization, The Possessions is a seductive, absorbing page-turner that builds to a shattering, unforgettable conclusion.


Author: Anonymous

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 132978152X

Category: Fiction

Page: 738

View: 7725

Hypersphere, written by Anonymous with the help of the 4chan board /lit/ (of The Legacy of Totalitarianism in a Tundra fame) is an epic tale spanning over 700 pages. A postmodern collaborative writing effort containing Slavoj Zižek erotica, top secret Donald Trump emails, poetry, repair instructions for future cars, a history of bottles in the Ottoman empire; actually, it contains everything since it takes place in the Hypersphere, and the Hypersphere is a big place; really big in fact.