Education at the Crossroads

Author: Jacques Maritain

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 9780300001631

Category: Education

Page: 120

View: 6221

The author, a modern Catholic writer-philosopher, sets forth his views on Christian education.

Democracy at the Crossroads

International Perspectives on Critical Global Citizenship Education

Author: Cameron White,Roger Openshaw

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 9780739109076

Category: Political Science

Page: 370

View: 1120

In Democracy at the Crossroads, the editors argue that there have been too few scholarly attempts to provide a comprehensive critique of the assumptions behind citizenship education. In particular, they ask the distinguished contributors to this volume to address difficult but essential questions that are often avoided or intentionally overlooked: What do all-embracing terms like 'global citizenship' really mean? What does democracy mean internationally? A timely work, Democracy at the Crossroad provides a necessary examination and re-interpretation of international perspectives on democracy and global citizenship as they apply to social education.

Crossroads - Ohne Ausweg

Author: Michelle Raven


ISBN: 3802599616

Category: Fiction

Page: 480

View: 3806

Vor vier Jahren wurde Damon Thomas wegen Mordes an seiner ehemaligen Geliebten verurteilt. Doch Damon ist unschuldig. Während eines Gefangenentransports gelingt ihm die Flucht, und er will diese Chance nutzen, um Bellas wahren Mörder zu finden. Dabei ist er nicht allein: Auch die FBI-Agentin Valerie Hayes, der er bereits während seiner Flucht begegnet ist, ermittelt in dem Fall. Aber Valerie weckt mit ihren Nachforschungen schlafende Hunde, und schon bald sind sie und Damon in großer Gefahr.


Environmental Priorities For The Future

Author: Peter Borrelli

Publisher: Island Press

ISBN: 1597268852

Category: Nature

Page: 353

View: 6378

The environmental movement today is at a critical crossroads. Crossroads: Environmental Priorities for the Future is an in-depth assessment of the movement's successes and failures, and also offers prescriptions for the future. It includes contributions from some of the country's top environmental leaders and activists, including Barry Commoner, Stewart Udall, William K. Reilly, Gus Speth, Jay Hair, Lois Gibbs, Michael Frome, Chuck Little, and William Futrell.

Metaphor and Metonymy at the Crossroads

A Cognitive Perspective

Author: Antonio Barcelona

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 311089467X

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 368

View: 7612

Metaphor and Metonymy at the Crossroads is a collection of essays, most of them written from a cognitive linguistics standpoint by leading specialists in the fields of conceptual metaphor and metonymy, and conceptual integration (blending). The book has two main goals. One of them is to discuss in new, provocative ways the nature of these conceptual mappings in English and their interaction. The other goal is to explore by means of several detailed case studies the central role of these mappings in English. The studies are, thus, concerned with the operation of metaphor and metonymy in discourse, including literary discourse or with the effect of metaphorical and/or metonymic mappings on some aspects of linguistic structure, be it polysemy or grammar. The book is of interest to students and researchers in English and linguistics, English literature, cognitive psychology and cognitive science.


Author: Shana Duty

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 1426919948

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 68

View: 1186

My camera weighs heavily around my neck. I walk around the structure looking for the best angle, making sure the sun's glare will not distort the picture. ... As I bring the camera into focus, I see something I didn't expect to see. Startled by the sheer power of what had been evading both my lens and my mind, I start to see images of how this object came to be, and why it is here ... At first I cannot comprehend the significance of what I am witnessing. A man appears in the frame as it comes into focus, and his story unfolds before me. I see him standing in a poorly lit garage, the sole source of light coming from a naked bulb hanging from the cord above. He is a big man, tall in stature with a broad chest and wide shoulders. His muscular arms are clothed in a dark blue flannel shirt with the sleeves rolled up, revealing brawny forearms. Everything about this man feels powerful and strong. This is someone you would turn to for guidance and support. At this particular moment, however, he looks devastated and hopeless. In August 2003, Shana Duty gave up the comforts of her home and the security of her job for the opportunity to travel the United States with her husband, Coner, a long-haul truck driver. When Shana embarked on her journey in an 18-wheeler, she had no idea that the highways would hold such a poignant story. Armed with a camera she bought at a local flea market, Shana began capturing the world that sped past the windshield-listening while the roads spoke to her. One day while Coner parked the truck on the shoulder of I-25 just outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico, Shana began photographing a wooden structure on a median when suddenly a man appeared in the frame. As his story-both tragic and inspirational-slowly unfolded before Shana, she soon realized that living on the road with Coner was becoming an eye-opening experience that she would never forget. What Shana saw that day changed her life forever. It was only after Shana returned home that life turned full circle and she vowed to share what she witnessed in the middle of a highway median with the rest of the world. This is her Crossroads.


At the Crossroads

Author: Joseph R. Masih,Robert O. Krikorian

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9789057023446

Category: History

Page: 142

View: 2417

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Armenia has remained on the brink of on the brink of becoming an economic crossroads or an isolated backwater, a democratic or authoritarian state, a peaceful and prosperous country or a nation on the brink of conflict. Armenia's difficult independence is intricately linked with her transcaucasian neighbours, and whichever path she follows, they will undoubtedly be affected. Armenia: At the Crossroads considers Armenia as a nationa and as a state, and puts her tragic history into the context of current events since independence.

Chaos At The Crossroads

Author: John Stapleton


ISBN: 1456600192

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 343

View: 9940

Chaos at the Crossroads tells the story of the long struggle for family law reform in Australia. It also tells the story of the formation of Dads on the Air. What began with a small group of disgruntled separated men in Western Sydney in 2000 has gone on to become the world's longest running and most famous radio program dedicated to issues around fatherhood, regularly interviewing national and international activists, advocates, academics and authors. Its archives now present a fascinating history of the men's and fatherhood movement of the early part of the millennium. Dads on the Air was strategically placed to cover the push for family law reform in Australia. Despite the founder's intent that shared parenting be the norm for the so-called "helping" court aka the Family Court of Australia, and subsequent legislative attempts to impose shared parenting post separation as the most civilised outcome for separating couples, such was never to be. The Family Court rapidly became a law unto itself, imposing sole mother custody on separating families, despite all the documented harm of this style of custody order, denying fathers contact with their children on the flimsiest of excuses. Overly legalistic, enormously bureaucratic, secretive and unaccountable, defying public norms of decency and probity, it soon became one of the country's most hated institutions. To this day it has remained remarkable resistant to reform and indifferent to the public odium it attracts. Chaos at the Crossroads concludes: Successive governments from both left and right have failed to listen to their constituents and respond to their concerns. They have resorted to vested inquiries in the hands of the mandarins and publicly funded elites whose feigned attempts to listen to the views of ordinary people have then been heavily reinterpreted. They have delayed progress through the extensive manipulation of committees or other forms of alleged inquiry.These same governments, even when they were enacting legislative reforms, left their enforcement in the hands of institutions notoriously resistant to change. They allowed or encouraged fashionable ideology, institutional inertia and bureaucracy to triumph over common sense. Common decency was lost long ago. "In terms of human suffering, the Australian public has already paid dearly for the failure to reform outdated, badly administered and inappropriate institutions dealing with family law and child support - And for the failure of governments to take seriously the experiences and voices of the men and women most directly affected by them. The country's failure to reform family law and child support is ultimately a failure of democracy itself."

Language and Nation

Crossroads and Connections

Author: Guri Ellen Barstad,Arnstein Hjelde,Sigmund Kvam,Anastasia Parianou,John Todd

Publisher: Waxmann Verlag

ISBN: 3830984979

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 320

View: 6263

Studies on the relation between language, identity and nation (building) represent a long tradition in linguistic, cultural and political research. In this interdisciplinary anthology, we focus on different aspects of how language is used to shape a nation; by retaining a national identity in the context of emigration, by measures taken to change an existing nation into a new one, by introducing a discourse designed to re-establish a putatively lost nation. Finally, we discuss how nation and identity are shaped in a modern multi-ethnic, multi-lingual and multi-cultural society. The anthology contains articles in English, French and German from political science, history, linguistics, literature and translatology and is written by researchers based in Finland, Greece, Norway and the United Kingdom.

Climate Governance at the Crossroads

Experimenting with a Global Response after Kyoto

Author: Matthew J Hoffmann

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199838332

Category: Science

Page: 240

View: 8507

The global response to climate change has reached a critical juncture. Since the 1992 signing of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the nations of the world have attempted to address climate change through large-scale multilateral treaty-making. These efforts have been heroic, but disappointing. As evidence for the quickening pace of climate change mounts, the treaty-making process has sputtered, and many are now skeptical about the prospect of an effective global response. Yet global treaty-making is not the only way that climate change can be addressed or, indeed, is being addressed. In the last decade myriad initiatives have emerged across the globe independently from, or only loosely connected to, the "official" UN-sponsored negotiations and treaties. In the face of stalemate in the formal negotiations, the world is experimenting with alternate means of responding to climate change. Climate Governance at the Crossroads chronicles these innovations--how cities, provinces and states, citizen groups, and corporations around the globe are addressing the causes and symptoms of global warming. The center of gravity in the global response to climate change is shifting from the multilateral treaty-making process to the diverse activities found beyond the negotiating halls. These innovations are pushing the envelope of climate action and demonstrating what is possible, and they provide hope that the world will respond effectively to the climate crisis. In introducing climate governance "experiments" and examining the development and functioning of this new world of climate policy-making, this book provides an exciting new perspective on the politics of climate change and the means to understand and influence how the global response to climate change will unfold in the coming years.


The Quest for Contemporary Rites of Passage

Author: Louise Carus Mahdi,Nancy Geyer Christopher,Michael Meade

Publisher: Open Court Publishing

ISBN: 9780812691900

Category: Psychology

Page: 452

View: 2916

Crossroads is a comprehensive collection of fifty cutting-edge articles on diverse aspects of the transition to adulthood, covering experiences with contemporary rites of passage, the use of rites of passage to resolve the 'youth crisis' of gangs and violence, accounts of traditional rites of passage, and how-to guidelines for creating new rites of passage that may help to save our communities from despair and destruction.

Mexico at the Crossroads

The Many Crises of the Political System

Author: N.A

Publisher: Hoover Press

ISBN: 9780817951139

Category: Elections

Page: 34

View: 6881


Adult Education At the Crossroads

Learning Our Way Out

Author: Matthias Finger,Jose Manuel Asun

Publisher: Zed Books

ISBN: 9781856497510

Category: Education

Page: 207

View: 868

Adopting a social action perspective, this book is an assessment of where adult education now stands in the world. It argues that the purposes and rationale of adult education need to be reconceptualised for it to become an effective agent of change.

Women at the Crossroads

A Prostitute Community's Response to AIDS in Urban Senegal

Author: Michelle Lewis Renaud

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9789056995300

Category: Medical

Page: 172

View: 2320

HIV ravaged the African continent faster and earlier than any other in the world, spreading primarily through unprotected heterosexual sex. Kaolack, Senegal is a town where travellers and prostitutes converge, and HIV transmission rates have soared, especially among the prostitutes. Going beyond empirical analysis of risk/behaviour data, Women at the Crossroads tells the stories of these women in their own words. The women portrayed keep their profession a secret from their families and friends, but abide by Senegalese law which states that prostitution is legal for those who register with the police and undergo bi-monthly health examinations. By observing one clinic's successful AIDS education campaign, anthropologist Michelle Renaud demonstrates that information presented in a culturally appropriate manner can, in fact, achieve the difficult goal of behaviour change. Although these women claim to be trapped by the social and political forces that have led them to enter prostitution, Renaud argues that they have taken control of their destinies in an inspiring fashion.

Crossroads: Inside Callisto

Author: Matthew M. Degennaro

Publisher: Inner Vision Press

ISBN: 0956883346

Category: Fiction

Page: 192

View: 2596

Angelo DeMarra is an Italian-American with a normal life: wife, son, car, day job, apart from one thing. When he is hanged and nearly killed as a child, it set him on a course that would change his life forever. When an aging gypsy fortune teller tells him he only has two weeks to live, Angelo is catapulted into a series of events that will quantum-shift his evolution and shape the very destiny of mankind.

Scholarly Journals at the Crossroads

A Subversive Proposal for Electronic Publishing

Author: Ann Okerson,James Joseph O'Donnell

Publisher: Association of Research Libraries


Category: Electronic journals

Page: 242

View: 7280

An Internet discussion about scientific and scholarly journals and their future.

Judicial Independence at the Crossroads

An Interdisciplinary Approach

Author: Stephen B Burbank,Barry Friedman

Publisher: SAGE Publications

ISBN: 1452262888

Category: Political Science

Page: 304

View: 6005

Concerned that scholars in various disciplines were talking past each other and that policy debates concerning judicial independence were impoverished, the editors convened a conference of scholars from the disciplines of law, political science, history, economics and sociology. Judicial Independence at the Crossroads: An Interdisciplinary Approach is a collection of essays reflecting the disciplinary perspectives of the authors and the shared understanding that emerged from the conference.

Child Care Policy at the Crossroads

Gender and Welfare State Restructuring

Author: Sonya Michel,Rianne Mahon

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136694048

Category: Political Science

Page: 360

View: 3851

Whether childcare is seen as part of society's educational policy, welfare policy, or employment policy affects not only its form and content but also its public image. The contributors in this volume use current polices for the care of infants and preschool children to analyze debates and track the emergence of new state welfare practices across a variety of social and political configurations-and offer some conclusions about which methods work the best.

At the Crossroads

Not-for-Profit Leadership Strategies for Executives and Boards

Author: Philip Coltoff

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780470906675

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 208

View: 1143

An indispensable guide to the complex art of nonprofit leadership and management In The Challenge of Change, Philip Coltoff distills the insights he has gained from nearly twenty-five years of leadership at The Children's Aid Society of New York City, one of the largest and best-known not-for-profit organizations in the nation. Now in a Second Edition, The Challenge of Change shares his ideas and experiences with a new generation of not-for-profit leaders and board members. Reflects new changes in board structure, statutory requirements, functional relationships, succession, and transitional relationships Looks at Coltoff's days at the helm of one of the oldest and most well-known institutions in the United States Unparalleled insight and wisdom from a true nonprofit leader and pioneer Nonprofit executives and board members will benefit from Coltoff's observations and advice about everything from strategic planning and fundraising, to working with volunteers, cultivating diversity, and achieving work/life balance. His straightforward, conversational style is highly readable, and his tales from the trenches help to illuminate the important lessons he learned along the way.

The Crossroads

Author: F. P. Lione

Publisher: Baker Books

ISBN: 0800759613

Category: Fiction

Page: 319

View: 2948

As edgy as life on the streets, this second book in the Midtown Blues series follows the continuing struggle of one rugged cop.