Criminology, Civilisation and the New World Order

Author: Wayne Morrison

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 113533112X

Category: Law

Page: 424

View: 6671

Expertly authored by the co-editor of the best-selling text Cultural Criminology Unleashed, this book re-examines criminology in a global context. Wide-ranging and up-to-date, it covers the topics of colonialism and post-colonialism, genocide, state control, the impact of September 11th and the post-9/11 world. Exploring the relationship between a modern discipline and modernity, it reworks the history and composition of criminology in light of September 11th and the prevalence of genocide in modernity. Analizing statistics, anthropology and the everyday assumptions of criminology's history, this text addresses the political and scholarly grip on the territorial state and the absence of a global criminology. Rejecting the prevalent belief that September 11th and the responses it evoked were exceptions that either destroyed or revealed the absence of global legal order, the author argues that, in fact, they confirm the nature of the world order of modernity. A compelling and topical volume, this is a must read for anyone interested or studying in the areas of criminology and criminal justice.

Globalization and Crime

Author: Katja Franko Aas

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 1446292045

Category: Social Science

Page: 280

View: 9440

Globalization & Crime brings together the closely related subjects of criminology and global sociology. Ideal for upper-level undergraduate and postgraduate students, it examines established topics such as human trafficking and smuggling, migration and organised crime. It also delves into new territory and explores the issues surrounding international criminal justice, comparative criminology, green criminology and human rights. New to this Second Edition is a chapter dedicated to the impact that the war on terror has had on the rule of law and a detailed discussion on the growing topic of cosmopolitan criminology. Complete with extensive references, helpful suggestions for further reading and a detailed glossary, this book will prove essential reading for students and academics in criminology, globalization, sociology and other social sciences. The Key Approaches to Criminology series celebrates the removal of traditional barriers between disciplines and, specifically, reflects criminology’s interdisciplinary nature and focus. It brings together some of the leading scholars working at the intersections of criminology and related subjects. Each book in the series helps readers to make intellectual connections between criminology and other discourses, and to understand the importance of studying crime and criminal justice within the context of broader debates. The series is intended to have appeal across the entire range of undergraduate and postgraduate studies and beyond, comprising books which offer introductions to the fields as well as advancing ideas and knowledge in their subject areas.

Framing Crime

Cultural Criminology and the Image

Author: Keith Hayward,the late Mike Presdee

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134046863

Category: Law

Page: 224

View: 6471

In a world in which media images of crime and deviance proliferate, where every facet of offending is reflected in a ‘vast hall of mirrors’, Framing Crime: Cultural Criminology and the Image makes sense of the increasingly blurred line between the real and the virtual. Images of crime and crime control have become almost as 'real' as crime and criminal justice itself. The meaning of both crime and crime control now resides, not solely in the essential – and essentially false – factuality of crime rates or arrest records, but also in the contested processes of symbolic display, cultural interpretation, and representational negotiation. It is essential, then, that criminologists are closely attuned to the various ways in which crime is imagined, constructed and framed within modern society. Framing Crime responds to this demand with a collection of papers aimed at helping the reader to understand the ways in which the contemporary ‘story of crime’ is constructed and promulgated through the image. It also provides the relevant analytical and research tools to unearth the hidden social and ideological concerns that frequently underpin images of crime, violence and transgression. Framing Crime will be of interest to students and academics in the fields of criminology, crime and the media, and sociology.

Invisible Crimes and Social Harms

Author: P. Davies,P. Francis,T. Wyatt

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137347821

Category: Social Science

Page: 263

View: 2167

This unique collection explores the continuing invisibility of much crime and victimization, and the lack of adequate responses to them. Shaping the lens through which criminology and victimology is approached in the twenty-first century, the volume examines major issues including (in)justice, risks, rights, regulation and enforcement.


Author: Chris Hale

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA


Category: Law

Page: 594

View: 2373

"Criminology is the ideal textbook for undergraduate and postgraduate students coming to the subject for the first time. Written by a team of leading criminologists, the book covers a wide range of topics including: historical and contemporary understandings of crime and criminal justice; different forms of crime - from street crime to state crime; who commits crime and who are the victims of crime; and how society and state agencies respond to crime and disorder. The contributions to the book offer clear, accessible introductions to the main issues in criminology, and the book includes questions, summaries, further reading, a comprehensive glossary, and tables and diagrams throughout."--BOOK JACKET.

The New Punitiveness

Trends, Theories, Perspectives

Author: John Pratt

Publisher: Willan Pub

ISBN: 9781843921097

Category: Social Science

Page: 319

View: 8811

Throughout much of the western world more and more people are being sent to prison, one of a number of changes inspired by a 'new punitiveness' in penal and political affairs. This book seeks to understand these developments, bringing together leading authorities in the field to provide a wide-ranging analysis of new penal trends, compare the development of differing patterns of punishment across different types of societies, and to provide a range of theoretical analyses and commentaries to help understand their significance. As well as increases in imprisonment this book is also concerned to address a number of other aspects of 'the new punitiveness': firstly, the return of a number of forms of punishment previously thought extinct or inappropriate, such as the return of shaming punishments and chain gangs (in parts of the USA); and secondly, the increasing public involvement in penal affairs and penal development, for example in relation to length of sentences and the California Three Strikes Law, and a growing accreditation of the rights of victims. The book will be essential reading for students seeking to understand trends and theories of punishment on law, criminology, penology and other courses.


A History

Author: W. D. Rubinstein

Publisher: Pearson Education

ISBN: 9780582506015

Category: History

Page: 322

View: 3369

Genocide is the grimmest and most relevant of modern tragedies. This stimulating and original work provides the definitive acount of genocide, and is essential reading for all who wish to understand the real meaning of mass murder throughout history.

From '9-11' to the 'Iraq War 2003'

International Law in an Age of Complexity

Author: Dominic McGoldrick

Publisher: Hart Publishing

ISBN: 1841134961

Category: Law

Page: 380

View: 9919

Dominic McGoldrick is Professor of Public International Law and Director of the International and European Law Unit, Liverpool Law School, University of Liverpool.

War and International Justice

A Kantian Perspective

Author: Brian Orend,Professor of Philosophy Brian Orend

Publisher: Wilfrid Laurier Univ. Press

ISBN: 0889203377

Category: Philosophy

Page: 299

View: 7072

"Brian Orend explores the ethics of war and peace from a Kantian perspective, emphasizing human rights protection, the rule of international law and a fully global concept of justice. Contending that Kant's just war doctrine has not been given its due, Orend displays Kant's theory to its fullest, impressive effect. He then completely and clearly updates Kant's perspective for application to our time."--Jacket.

The Massacre in History

Author: Mark Levene,Penny Roberts

Publisher: Berghahn Books

ISBN: 9781571819352

Category: History

Page: 296

View: 2247

In recent years there has been a growing interest in the study of war and genocide, not from a traditional military history perspective, but within the framework of social and cultural history. This series offers a forum for scholarly works that reflect these new approaches. Chronologically and geographically broad in scope, The Massacre in History provides in depth analysis of particular massacres and themes associated with them from the 11th century to the present.

Reigns of Terror

Author: M. Patricia Marchak

Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP

ISBN: 9780773526426

Category: Political Science

Page: 306

View: 2730

An examination of the conditions that underlie state-sponsored crimes against humanity.

Genocide and Settler Society

Frontier Violence and Stolen Indigenous Children in Australian History

Author: Dirk Moses

Publisher: Berghahn Books

ISBN: 9781571814104

Category: History

Page: 325

View: 6296

" ...Often new, probing and rich examinations of the takeover of a continent by white Anglos and the long-term impact ...the book is replete with detailed and meticulously sourced information on the scope, scale and persistence of the cruelty and violence involved - actual and structural - over a 200-year period...there is a great deal in this excellent volume that demands grounds for deep reflection on how Australia came to be what it is." * Patterns of Prejudice "The value of this stimulating collection of historical essays is that it points to both the usefulness of a transnational framework for analysing race thinking and the necessity for close attention to the historical specificity of particular moments and places." * Australian Book Review "[This volume] is an outstanding collection, a challenging conversation between differing viewpoints where discussion is ongoing and cooperative." * Australian Historical Studies Colonial Genocide has been seen increasingly as a stepping-stone to the European genocides of the twentieth century, yet it remains an under-researched phenomenon.This volume reconstructs instances of Australian genocide and for the first time places them in a global context. Beginning with the arrival of the British in 1788 and extending to the 1960s, the authors identify the moments of radicalization and the escalation of British violence and ethnic engineering aimed at the Indigenous populations, while carefully distinguishing between local massacres, cultural genocide, and genocide itself. These essays reflect a growing concern with the nature of settler society in Australia and in particular with the fate of the tens of thousands of children who were forcibly taken away from their Aboriginal families by state agencies. A. Dirk Moses teaches European History and comparative genocide Studies at the University of Sydney, Australia. He is editing another volume in this series entitled Genocide and Colonialism.

Criminology and War

Transgressing the Borders

Author: Sandra Walklate,Ross McGarry

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317936671

Category: Social Science

Page: 232

View: 5708

It is widely observed that the study of war has been paid limited attention within criminology. This is intellectually curious given that acts of war have occurred persistently throughout history and perpetuate criminal acts, victimisation and human rights violations on a scale unprecedented with domestic levels of crime. However, there are authoritative voices within criminology who have been studying war from the borders of the discipline. This book contains a selection of criminological authors who have been authoritatively engaged in studying criminology and war. Following an introduction that ‘places war within criminology’ the collection is arranged across three themed sections including: Theorising War, Law and Crime; Linking War and Criminal Justice; and War, Sexual Violence and Visual Trauma. Each chapter takes substantive topics within criminology and victimology (i.e. corporate crime, history, imprisonment, criminal justice, sexual violence, trauma, security and crime control to name but a few) and invites the reader to engage in critical discussions relating to wars both past and present. The chapters within this collection are theoretically rich, empirically diverse and come together to create the first authoritative published collection of original essays specifically dedicated to criminology and war. Students and researchers alike interested in war, critical criminology and victimology will find this an accessible study companion that centres the disparate criminological attention to war into one comprehensive collection.

Photographing the Holocaust

Interpretations of the Evidence

Author: Janina Struk

Publisher: I.B.Tauris

ISBN: 9781860645464

Category: History

Page: 251

View: 6241

Review: "This book recounts the history of the use and abuse of Holocaust photographs and illustrates the stories it tells and the questions it explores with a wide range of photographs, including a number never published before."

The struggling democracy of Bangladesh

Author: Amanullah Kabir

Publisher: N.A


Category: Political Science

Page: 216

View: 2505

Articles, chiefly on the political issues of Bangladesh, since its inception.

Freedom Unfinished

Fundamentalism and Popular Resistance in Bangladesh Today

Author: Jeremy Seabrook

Publisher: Zed Books

ISBN: 9781856499088

Category: Social Science

Page: 243

View: 8172

This book takes its readers on a voyage of discovery. Here is modern Bangladesh: the life of its villages, its farms and fields, its city slums and elites, its waterways, its cultural heritage and the diversity of Bengali tradition all threatened by the emergence of a less tolerant version of Islam. Day labourers and rickshaw drivers, maidservants and prostitutes, child labourers and garment workers, landlords and politicians, criminals and students, all engage us in their lives. We range through the watery landscapes of Barisal to the plains of North Bengal and the hills of Chittagong. We visit the strongholds of fundamentalism. And we also meet women fighting for education, as well as idealists and freedom fighters. The author shows how political struggle has now turned into a desperate battle for the spirit of Bengal, which has become a battleground between the liberal humanism of a rooted Bengali culture and the disciplined austerities of Islam. The tension between the contending forces gives this book a powerful resonance that goes far beyond the specifics of Bangladesh to wherever there is conflict between traditional cultures and the forces of globalism.

Understanding The Nazi Genocide

Marxism After Auschwitz

Author: Enzo Traverso

Publisher: Pluto Press

ISBN: 9780745313535

Category: History

Page: 152

View: 4598

Enzo Traverso's Understanding the Nazi Genocide draws on the critical and heretical Marxism of Walter Benjamin and the Frankfurt School.

Colonialism in the Congo Basin, 1880-1940

Author: Samuel Henry Nelson

Publisher: Ohio Univ Ctr for International Studies


Category: History

Page: 279

View: 9257

This exceptional study of the Mongo people of the upper Congo River basin focuses on the evolution of Mongo work patterns from the period of the late nineteenth century to 1940, the high-water mark of the colonial period. It brings new evidence from oral histories, anthropological research, and archival records to build on or to correct colonial ethnographic accounts. From this fresh vantage point, Nelson reassesses colonial labor policies and relates them to today's rural poverty and underdevelopment.