Civil War Legacies IV

14 Time-Honored Quilts for Reproduction Fabrics

Author: Carol Hopkins

Publisher: Martingale

ISBN: 1604689277

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 80

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Love fabrics inspired by the Civil War era? Save every scrap? Carol Hopkins applauds you--she saves every scrap too! In this fourth book from her "Civil War Legacies" series, you'll find a collection of small, spectacular quilts where every scrap you save can shine. Make a quilt honoring the Blue and Gray Trail; choose a stunning tribute to the woman who established the American Red Cross; stitch a sampler chock-full of charming Basket blocks. Along with 14 of Carol's exquisite designs to make step by step, you'll enjoy reading little-known facts about the Civil War and Carol's stories about how each stunning little quilt came to be.

Vintage Legacies

Wrap Up in 14 Ageless Quilts for Reproduction Fabrics

Author: Carol Hopkins

Publisher: Martingale

ISBN: 1604689919

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 80

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Carol Hopkins, author of the best-selling Civil War Legacies series, is back with her sixth book, revealing a big twist--big quilts! You'll love learning how Carol uses her signature Civil War color palette in larger quilts, each more stunning than the next. Fourteen patterns ranging from lap-size to twin pay tribute to Southern belles, men's work shirts from the Civil War era, First Lady of the United States Mary Todd Lincoln, and more. Interesting tidbits about nineteenth-century life round out this gorgeous collection that will inspire you to think big!

Themes of the American Civil War

The War Between the States

Author: Susan-Mary Grant,Brian Holden-Reid

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135276595

Category: History

Page: 424

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Themes of the American Civil War offers a timely and useful guide to this vast topic for a new generation of students. The volume provides a broad-ranging assessment of the causes, complexities, and consequences of America’s most destructive conflict to date. The essays, written by top scholars in the field, and reworked for this new edition, explore how, and in what ways, differing interpretations of the war have arisen, and explains clearly why the American Civil War remains a subject of enduring interest. It includes chapters covering four broad areas, including The Political Front, The Military Front, The Race Front, and The Ideological Front. Additions to the second edition include a new introduction – added to the current introduction by James McPherson – a chapter on gender, as well as information on the remembrance of the war (historical memory). The addition of several maps, a timeline, and an appendix listing further reading, battlefield statistics, and battle/regiment/general names focuses the book squarely at undergraduates in both the US and abroad.

Vicksburg's Long Shadow

The Civil War Legacy of Race and Remembrance

Author: Christopher Waldrep

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9780742548688

Category: History

Page: 344

View: 9678

During the hottest days of the summer of 1863, while the nation's attention was focused on a small town in Pennsylvania known as Gettysburg, another momentous battle was being fought along the banks of the Mississippi. In the longest single campaign of the war, the siege of Vicksburg left 19,000 dead and wounded on both sides, gave the Union Army control of the Mississippi, and left the Confederacy cut in half. In this highly-anticipated new work, Christopher Waldrep takes a fresh look at how the Vicksburg campaign was fought and remembered. He begins with a gripping account of the battle, deftly recounting the experiences of African-American troops fighting for the Union. Waldrep shows how as the scars of battle faded, the memory of the war was shaped both by the Northerners who controlled the battlefield and by the legacies of race and slavery that played out over the decades that followed.

Lessons and Legacies IV

Reflections on Religion, Justice, Sexuality, and Genocide

Author: Larry V. Thompson,Theodore Zev Weiss

Publisher: Northwestern University Press

ISBN: 0810119900

Category: History

Page: 294

View: 6658

Essays that illustrate new areas of concern within Holocaust study and that explore neglected issues such as gender and place.

Military Bibliography of the Civil War

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: United States

Page: 1061

View: 7229

Volume IV: Compiled and revised by Silas Felton. 1063 pp., revised with books missed in vols. I,II, and III, regimental publications, personal narratives, biographies, campaigns and battles, Northern and Southern. Felton?s new compilation is without peer. He covers the subject from five different perspectives: Regimental Publications and Personal Narratives, Union and Confederate Biographies, General References, Armed Forces and Campaigns and Battles.And, making the work extremely useful, the last 236 pages contain a complete Index of Authors of Volumes I through IV as well as a new Index of Titles in the Revised Volume IV.Furthermore, to clear up confusion created by the multiple names often used by Confederate units during the war ? artillery batteries in particular ? which carried a state designation but were commonly known by the battery commander?s name, Felton has cited a written work with a single number designation but indexed and listed it under its common appellation to aid the researcher and eliminate confusion.

Star Wars. Wächter der Macht 4. Exil

Author: Aaron Allston

Publisher: Blanvalet Taschenbuch Verlag

ISBN: 3641077397

Category: Fiction

Page: 448

View: 5615

Eine neue, faszinierende Geschichte aus dem Star-Wars-Universum! Mit jedem Sieg, den er gegen die Rebellen von Corellia erringt, wird Jacen Solo einflussreicher – und die Bewunderung für ihn wächst. Er ist davon überzeugt, der Galaxis endlich Frieden zu bringen. Doch Luke Skywalker erscheint der Preis für diese Art von Frieden viel zu hoch. Und was ist, wenn im Hintergrund eine ganz andere Macht die Fäden zieht ...? Die Abenteuer um Luke Skywalker, Han Solo & Co. gehen in eine neue spektakuläre Runde!

Jews and the Civil War

A Reader

Author: Jonathan D. Sarna,Adam D. Mendelsohn

Publisher: NYU Press

ISBN: 9780814708590

Category: History

Page: 445

View: 6485

At least 8,000 Jewish soldiers fought for the Union and Confederacy during the Civil War. A few served together in Jewish companies while most fought alongside Christian comrades. Yet even as they stood “shoulder-to-shoulder” on the front lines, they encountered unique challenges. In Jews and the Civil War, Jonathan D. Sarna and Adam Mendelsohn assemble for the first time the foremost scholarship on Jews and the Civil War, little known even to specialists in the field. These accessible and far-ranging essays from top scholars are grouped into seven thematic sections—Jews and Slavery, Jews and Abolition, Rabbis and the March to War, Jewish Soldiers during the Civil War, The Home Front, Jews as a Class, and Aftermath—each with an introduction by the editors. Together they reappraise the impact of the war on Jews in the North and the South, offering a rich and fascinating portrait of the experience of Jewish soldiers and civilians from the home front to the battle front.

Star Wars. Wächter der Macht 3. Sturmfront

Author: Troy Denning

Publisher: Blanvalet Taschenbuch Verlag

ISBN: 3641078423

Category: Fiction

Page: 480

View: 9978

Der wahre Erbe Darth Vaders! Luke Skywalker wollte den Orden der Jedi-Ritter einen und dem Universum Frieden bringen. Doch nun hat sein eigener Neffe Jacen Solo die Kontrolle über die Neue Allianz an sich gerissen. Jacen ist davon überzeugt, dass er der Einzige ist, der die Galaxis retten kann, und nichts und niemand wird ihn aufhalten. Nun muss sich Luke entscheiden: Wird er den Tyrannen unterstützen – oder wird er gemeinsam mit den Rebellen die Galaktische Allianz, die er selbst mit aufgebaut hat, zu Fall bringen? Die Fortsetzung der neuen großen Star-Wars-Serie! Nach der Erfolgs-Saga „Das Erbe der Jedi-Ritter“ der neue große Mehrteiler im Star-Wars-Universum!

Zwischen mir und der Welt

Author: Ta-Nehisi Coates

Publisher: Hanser Berlin

ISBN: 3446251952

Category: Political Science

Page: 240

View: 8911

Wenn in den USA schwarze Teenager von Polizisten ermordet werden, ist das nur ein Problem von individueller Verfehlung? Nein, denn rassistische Gewalt ist fest eingewebt in die amerikanische Identität – sie ist das, worauf das Land gebaut ist. Afroamerikaner besorgten als Sklaven seinen Reichtum und sterben als freie Bürger auf seinen Straßen. In seinem schmerzhaften, leidenschaftlichen Manifest verdichtet Ta-Nehisi Coates amerikanische und persönliche Geschichte zu einem Appell an sein Land, sich endlich seiner Vergangenheit zu stellen. Sein Buch wurde in den USA zum Nr.-1-Bestseller und ist schon jetzt ein Klassiker, auf den sich zukünftig alle Debatten um Rassismus beziehen werden.

Combined Operations in the Civil War

Author: Rowena Reed

Publisher: U of Nebraska Press

ISBN: 9780803289437

Category: History

Page: 468

View: 8363

In his introduction John D. Milligan considers Reed's provocative thesis that General George B. McClellan's concept of a grand strategy would have ended the bloodshed sooner.

Diary of a Contraband

The Civil War Passage of a Black Sailor

Author: William Benjamin Gould

Publisher: Stanford University Press

ISBN: 9780804747080

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 373

View: 7192

The heart of this book is the remarkable Civil War diary of the author’s great-grandfather, William Benjamin Gould, an escaped slave who served in the United States Navy from 1862 until the end of the war. The diary vividly records Gould’s activity as part of the North Atlantic Blockading Squadron off the coast of North Carolina and Virginia; his visits to New York and Boston; the pursuit to Nova Scotia of a hijacked Confederate cruiser; and service in European waters pursuing Confederate ships constructed in Great Britain and France. Gould’s diary is one of only three known diaries of African American sailors in the Civil War. It is distinguished not only by its details and eloquent tone (often deliberately understated and sardonic), but also by its reflections on war, on race, on race relations in the Navy, and on what African Americans might expect after the war. The book includes introductory chapters that establish the context of the diary narrative, an annotated version of the diary, a brief account of Gould’s life in Massachusetts after the war, and William B. Gould IV’s thoughts about the legacy of his great-grandfather and his own journey of discovery in learning about this remarkable man.

Lincoln’s Legacy of Leadership

Author: G. Goethals

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 0230104568

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 232

View: 9328

An in-depth look at Abraham Lincoln's leadership, both before and during his presidency. Lincoln led through times of confusion, war, and dissent. The set of chapters included in this volume are based on papers that constituted part of the 2008-2009 Jepson Leadership Forum at the Jepson School of Leadership Studies at the University of Richmond.

Green Against Green – The Irish Civil War

A History of the Irish Civil War, 1922–1923

Author: Michael Hopkinson

Publisher: Gill & Macmillan Ltd

ISBN: 0717158195

Category: History

Page: 356

View: 9205

Michael Hopkinson’s Green Against Green is the definitive study of the Irish civil war, putting in perspective a bitter and passionate conflict, the legacy of which still divides Irish society today. Widely praised and frequently cited as the most authoritative work on the subject, it continues to hold its place as one of the finest works on modern Irish history. Unlike the Easter Rising and the War of Independence, the Irish Civil War has been largely overlooked by historians, put off by the messy divisions between former War of Independence allies and its continued importance in modern Irish society: even now, the rival parties in the conflict form the basis for two of the largest political parties in Ireland. In Green Against Green, Michael Hopkinson addresses this gap in Irish historical writing, looking closely at the reasons for the outbreak of civil war, the major figures who directed it, how it was fought and its impact across Ireland. This major achievement of historical scholarship traces the history and course of the war from 1912 to its conclusion, starting with a sketch of the background to the divisions which surfaced during the war and continuing through to the functioning of the post-civil war Irish State. This groundbreaking work, ‘a dispassionate account of the most passionate times’ (Irish Times), captures the confused loyalties and localised, often personal, violence that characterised one of the most critical, and least studied, formative events in modern Irish history. Green Against Green: Table of Contents Preface PART I. 1912-1921 The Background to the Treaty Divisions, 1912-1918 The Anglo-Irish War, January 1919-July 1921, and the Truce Period The Treaty Negotiations The Treaty Split The Irish Question in the United States PART II. FROM THE TREATY TO THE ATTACK ON THE FOUR COURTS The Political and Constitutional Background in Early 1922 The Military Split De Valera and the Military and Political Developments Military Developments after the Army Convention The North, from Treaty to Attack on the Four Courts Social and Governmental Problems The Search for Unity The Constitution The June Election and the Assassination of Sir Henry Wilson PART III. THE OPENING OF THE WAR The Attack on the Four Courts Dublin Fighting PART IV. THE EARLY CIVIL WAR The Military and Political Background to the Fighting The War in the Localities: July-August 1922 The Opening of the Guerrilla Phase of the War The Death of Collins The Establishment of the Third Dáil Peace Initiatives The Formation of the Republican Government The First Executions The British Government and the Early Civil War The Southern Unionists and the Civil War The Civil War and the Railways The War in the Localities: September 1922-January 1923 PART V. THE WAR’S END The Free State—Government and Army: January-April 1923 The Republicans and the Civil War: January-April 1923 The War in the Localities: January-April 1923 The North and the Civil War Exile Nationalism: The United States and Britain in the Civil War The Ceasefire PART VI. THE POST-WAR PERIOD The Republicans The Post-War Free State Government and Army The Republican Hunger-Strike, October-November 1923 Conclusion

Breaking the Conflict Trap

Civil War and Development Policy

Author: World Bank

Publisher: World Bank Publications

ISBN: 0821386417

Category: Social Science

Page: 240

View: 9578

Civil war conflict is a core development issue. The existence of civil war can dramatically slow a country's development process, especially in low-income countries which are more vulnerable to civil war conflict. Conversely, development can impede civil war. When development succeeds, countries become safer when development fails, they experience a greater risk of being caught in a conflict trap. Ultimately, civil war is a failure of development. 'Breaking the Conflict Trap' identifies the dire consequences that civil war has on the development process and offers three main findings. First, civil war has adverse ripple effects that are often not taken into account by those who determine whether wars start or end. Second, some countries are more likely than others to experience civil war conflict and thus, the risks of civil war differ considerably according to a country's characteristics including its economic stability. Finally, Breaking the Conflict Trap explores viable international measures that can be taken to reduce the global incidence of civil war and proposes a practical agenda for action. This book should serve as a wake up call to anyone in the international community who still thinks that development and conflict are distinct issues.

A Legacy of Promises

Agriculture, Politics and Ritual in the Morelos Highlands of Mexico

Author: Guillermo de la Peña

Publisher: Manchester University Press

ISBN: 9780719007668

Category: Agriculture

Page: 289

View: 7348


In Hospital and Camp

The Civil War Through the Eyes of Its Doctors and Nurses

Author: Harold Elk Straubing

Publisher: Stackpole Books

ISBN: 9780811716314

Category: History

Page: 166

View: 8438

Gathers selections from letters, journals, and reports that provide eyewitness accounts of conditions at battlefield hospitals

America's Indomitable Character Volume IV

From the Ante Bellum Period to the Reconstruction Period after the Civil War

Author: Frederick William Dame

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 3735713254

Category: History

Page: 420

View: 9465

Volume IV of America's Indomitable Character contains information on:  A synopsis of Volume III.  Philosophical and intellectual streams of thought as they came from Old Europe and connected with the intellectual developments of the New America.  Transcendentalism and Dark Romanticism.  A presentation regarding Nature, human nature, society, the social contract in the following authors: Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, Nathaniel Hawthorne, (Sarah) Margaret Fuller Ossoli, Theodore Parker, Herman Melville, Walt Whitman, Emily Dickinson.  How the development of a national literature contributed to the development of an American character identity.  Identities and affinities between the American authors and Jean-Jacques Rousseau.  The Reiseweg of Rousseau's spirit to America.  A conclusive summary of all four volumes.  How the Democrat Party after the Civil War and up to Barack Hussein Obama has been exceedingly active in making sure that the values expressed in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution for the United States of America were not applied to all Americans - from the Democrat Party affiliated Ku Klux Klan, through the communist takeover of the Democrat Party, to the defeat of racism in the second half of the twentieth century and the re-emergence of racism with the racist class division polemics of Barack Hussein Obama in the twenty-first century.  How the Democrat Party has dumbed-down American citizens.  How Barack Hussein Obama, the putative president of the United States of America, has hollowed out the substance and laws that were once the backbone of America's character identity; from symbolical insults, through the expansion of social programs and the weakening of national defense, to the destruction of America's religious identity and the erosion of the middle class. This is Barack Hussein Obama's active destruction of American character identity.

The era of the Civil War--1820-1876

Author: Louise Arnold,US Army Military History Institute,US Army Military History Research Collection

Publisher: N.A


Category: United States

Page: 704

View: 1495


Unintended Consequences

The United States at War

Author: Kenneth J. Hagan,Ian J. Bickerton

Publisher: Reaktion Books

ISBN: 1861895127

Category: History

Page: 224

View: 2059

“The United States does not do nation building,” claimed Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld three years ago. Yet what are we to make of the American military bases in Korea? Why do American warships patrol the Somali coastline? And perhaps most significantly, why are fourteen “enduring bases” being built in Iraq? In every major foreign war fought by United States in the last century, the repercussions of the American presence have been felt long after the last Marine has left. Kenneth J. Hagan and Ian J. Bickerton argue here that, despite adamant protests from the military and government alike, nation building and occupation are indeed hallmarks—and unintended consequences—of American warmaking. In this timely, groundbreaking study, the authors examine ten major wars fought by the United States, from the Revolutionary War to the ongoing Iraq War, and analyze the conflicts’ unintended consequences. These unexpected outcomes, Unintended Consequences persuasively demonstrates, stemmed from ill-informed decisions made at critical junctures and the surprisingly similar crises that emerged at the end of formal fighting. As a result, war did not end with treaties or withdrawn troops. Instead, time after time, the United States became inextricably involved in the issues of the defeated country, committing itself to the chaotic aftermath that often completely subverted the intended purposes of war. Stunningly, Unintended Consequences contends that the vast majority of wars launched by the United States were unnecessary, avoidable, and catastrophically unpredictable. In a stark challenge to accepted scholarship, the authors show that the wars’ unintended consequences far outweighed the initial calculated goals, and thus forced cataclysmic shifts in American domestic and foreign policy. A must-read for anyone concerned with the past, present, or future of American defense, Unintended Consequences offers a provocative perspective on the current predicament in Iraq and the conflicts sure to loom ahead of us.