Canaletto and the Art of Venice

Author: Lucy Whitaker,Rosie Razzall

Publisher: Royal Collection Trust

ISBN: 9781909741409

Category: Art

Page: 320

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Canaletto (1697-1768) was the archetypical Venetian painter and printmaker. His superlative cityscapes record views of the ancient monuments and famous modern buildings of European cities that are now familiar and beloved throughout the world--none more so than the works depicting his native Venice. His lively, yet elegant paintings and prints were enthusiastically collected by foreign patrons, among them Joseph Smith, the British consul to Venice, who later sold his large collection to King George III. As a result, the Royal Collection now holds the largest and finest collection of Canaletto's works in existence. Canaletto and the Art of Venice is the first book to showcase in full this rich collection of eighteenth-century Venetian art held by the Royal Collection. It explores paintings, prints, and drawings by Canaletto, as well as many of his contemporaries, including Sebastiano and Marco Ricci, Antonio Visentini, Francesco Zuccarelli, and Giovanni Battista Piazzetta. Lavishly illustrated, the book presents these works against the background of the social and artistic networks of the period, looking at the links between art and theater in Venice, as well as the role of the city as a center for printmaking and book production. Brilliantly alive with light, Canaletto's paintings and prints recreate with remarkable clarity times past, and appreciation for his work continues to expand and grow. Canaletto and the Art of Venice provides welcome insight into both the artist and the broader veduta genre of urban landscape painting.

Canaletto in Venice

Author: Martin Clayton

Publisher: Royal Collection

ISBN: 9781902163819

Category: Art

Page: 232

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The images of Venice created by Canaletto (1697-1768) are among the best-loved and most fascinating of all 18th-century paintings. During his lifetime, Canaletto's paintings of the city of his birth found an immediate market amongst collectors, particularly the British nobility on the Grand Tour. In 1762 King George III acquired the world's finest group of Canaletto's works when he purchased the entire collection of Joseph Smith, the British Consul in Venice. This included an outstanding series of Canaletto's Venetian views, amongst which were his paintings of the Grand Canal, and some 140 of Canaletto's drawings. This book brings together 14 of Canaletto's dazzling paintings of the Grand Canal, and 71 of his drawings of Venice and the lagoon. It features fascinating studies of life in 18th-century Venice, from canal-side workshops to the bustling festivities of Ascension Day around St mark's Square, with the effects of sunlight, water and atmosphere exquisitely captured.


from Canaletto and Turner to Monet

Author: Martin Schwander,Fondation Beyeler

Publisher: Hatje Cantz Pub


Category: Art

Page: 222

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Edited by Martin Schwander. Text by Alan Chong, Anne Distel, Gottfried Boehm.

The Glory of Venice

Art in the Eighteenth Century

Author: Jane Martineau,Andrew Robison,Royal Academy of Arts (Great Britain),National Gallery of Art (U.S.)

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 0300061862

Category: Art

Page: 528

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This text examines the whole range of the arts in Venice during the 18th century. It includes paintings, pastels and gouaches, drawings, watercolours, prints, sculpture, furniture and other decorative arts together with essays considering major aspects of the art of the period.


eine venezianische Affäre

Author: Andrea Di Robilant

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783442733408


Page: 382

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Author: J. G. Links,Canaletto

Publisher: Phaidon Press


Category: Art

Page: 256

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Giovanni Antonio Canal (1697-1768), known as Canaletto, is one of the mostopular of all old master painters. His views of Venice and London are muchelebrated and admired. First published in 1982, and revised in 1994, thisook is here reissued in paperback, tracing Canaletto's career from hiseginnings as a scene-painter with his father to the work of his later years.analetto was interested in depicting the world around him, but unlike mostf his fellow artists, he was more than a mere recorder of the amazingcenery of Venice or of Georgian England.;He had the power, in the words ofne of his contemporaries, to paint so that "the eye is deceived and trulyelieves it is the real thing it sees", and his insight and technical skillsere so dazzling that it was thought he must rely on some sort of opticalpparatus. His first views of Venice were painted around 1725 for Stefanoonti of Lucca. Soon after he came into contact with Joseph Smith, Britishonsul in Venice, who was to become his most important patron. Throughmith's influence, he came to England between about 1746 and 1756 during

Canaletto in England

A Venetian Artist Abroad, 1746-1755

Author: Charles Beddington,Dulwich Picture Gallery

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780300119695

Category: Art

Page: 206

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The fame of Giovanni Antonio Canal, known as Canaletto, rests mainly on his vivid paintings of Venice, his native city. Only rarely was he tempted to travel, but the popularity of his works with British tourists and patrons led him to England in 1746, and his visit became a productive, nine-year stay. This beautiful book focuses on the fruits of Canaletto’s English sojourn, reproducing the views of London he painted while there, as well as the Italian and imaginary views he painted in response to the vigorous demands of his patrons. The book offers a full study of Canaletto’s English period along with detailed catalogue entries for about fifty paintings and twenty drawings. The works depict such landmarks as St. Paul’s Cathedral, Somerset House, and Westminster Bridge as well as views of Venice and Rome and caprices in which the artist playfully organizes Renaissance palaces and Classical ruins in fanciful juxtapositions.

Masterpieces of the J. Paul Getty Museum: Drawings

German Language Edition

Author: Nicholas Turner,Lee Hendrix

Publisher: Getty Publications

ISBN: 0892364424

Category: Art

Page: 128

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The collection of European drawings in the J. Paul Getty Museum, built up over a decade and a half, has increased steadily in both breadth and depth. While the holdings of drawings from the Italian Renaissance are particularly strong—including for instance, a double-sided sheet by Leonardo da Vinci—other schools, the French, in particular, are also well represented. The collection’s emphasis is on major draftsmen, such as David, Dürer, Gainsborough, Goya, Ingres, Piranesi, Poussin, Raphael, Rembrandt, Rubens, Tintoretto, Titian, Veronese, and Watteau, while the occasional acquisition of groups of drawings has added strength in certain areas, such as the German and Swiss Renaissance. Organized by national school, with artists represented chronologically within each, this German-language volume focuses on the most important drawings in the collection, which admirably illustrate the development of European drawing from the Renaissance onward.


Author: Janice Anderson

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783897363328


Page: 419

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Venice in the Age of Canaletto

Author: Alexandra Libby,Marina Pacini,Stanton Thomas

Publisher: Prestel Pub


Category: Art

Page: 170

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"Canaletto's landscapes are arguably, even today, the most familiar artistic products of eighteenth-century Venice For those with the requisite means, no visit to the city would be considered complete without the purchase of at least one of the artist'sviews, which captured the city's topography and urban activity with apparent verisimilitude. ... View painting, not a favored genre during the preceding several centuries, gained considerable popularity in the 1700s. Its ascendency corresponded directlyto increased foreign travel and in particular to the aristocratic Englishmen who, having embarked on the Grand Tour - an itinerary which necessarily included Venice - sought mementos of their travels. ... However, for all Canaletto's popularity and his ability to capture the fabric of Venice at its most appealing and evocative, his work is curiously devoid of the rich coloring, sensuality, and exuberance of most Venetian art of the period. To help elucidate the complicated forces that shaped Canaletto and the city of Venice during his age, this catalogue offers a range of essays."--preface.


Canaletto and His Rivals

Author: Charles Beddington

Publisher: National Gallery Publications Limited

ISBN: 9781857094183

Category: Art

Page: 192

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Issued in connection with an exhibition held Oct. 13, 2010-Jan. 16, 2011, National Gallery, London, and Feb. 20-May 30, 2011, National Gallery of Art, Washington.

An Artist in Venice

Author: Adam Van Doren

Publisher: David R. Godine Publisher

ISBN: 1567924549

Category: Art

Page: 123

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The city of Venice has always provided an almost irresistable lure for both writers and artists. Henry James love it, as did Ruskin, Browning, Pound, and Brodsky. Filled with wit and insight, this book provides a tour of Venice from an artist's perspective.

The Early Life of James McBey

An Autobiography

Author: James McBey

Publisher: Canongate Books

ISBN: 1847675875

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 128

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Edited and Introduced by Nicolas Barker This book is an autobiographical account of the early years of James McBey, the self-taught boy from a humble north-east village who became one of Scotland's most successful and celebrated artists. Writing with charismatic frankness and realism, McBey describes his passionate desire to be an artist, from his first etchings (printed with the help of an old mangle) to the moment when he left a stultifying job to strike out for Holland to create a life of his own. McBey's journey was not an easy one. Poverty, ignorance, his family's indifference, the petty routines of an Aberdeen bank, his mother's suicide, all these are evoked with gravity, clarity and a lightness of touch – like the etchings themselves – which will long remain in the reader's mind. Introduced by Nicolas Barker, who edited the original manuscripts, this book offers a real-life portrait of the artist as a young man and establishes James McBey as a gifted prose stylist in his own right.

Canaletto: 192 Colour Plates

Author: Maria Peitcheva

Publisher: Maria Peitcheva

ISBN: 8892574922

Category: Art

Page: N.A

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Giovanni Antonio Canal, better known as Canaletto, was an Italian painter of landscapes of Venice. He was also an important printmaker in etching. Much of Canaletto's early artwork was painted "from nature", differing from the then customary practice of completing paintings in the studio. Some of his later works do revert to this custom, as suggested by the tendency for distant figures to be painted as blobs of color – an effect produced by using a camera obscura, which blurs farther-away objects. His early works remain his most coveted and, according to many authorities, his best. One of his early pieces is The Stonemason's Yard (1729) which depicts a humble working area of the city. Later Canaletto painted grand scenes of the canals of Venice and the Doge's Palace. His large-scale landscapes portrayed the city's pageantry and waning traditions, making innovative use of atmospheric effects and strong local colors. For these qualities, his works may be said to have anticipated Impressionism.

Bernardo Bellotto and the Capitals of Europe

Author: Bernardo Bellotto,Edgar Peters Bowron,Irina Artemʹeva,Museo Correr,Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 0300091818

Category: Art

Page: 280

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Bernardo Bellotto is considered to be one of the greatest topographical and landscape painters of the eighteenth century. Trained as a painter of cityscapes, he produced vivid and memorable images of many of the greatest cities of Europe, including Venice, Florence, Rome, Dresden, Munich, Vienna, and Warsaw. He also ventured successfully into genre, portraiture, allegory, and history painting. This beautiful book, written by leading specialists on Bellotto, examines his career and artistic development, places his work in the context of the political needs of central European monarchs, and presents a selection of his major paintings from each of his principal periods and genres. Bellotto began as a painter of conventional views of Venice in the manner of his more famous uncle, Canaletto. However, his quest for new subject matter led him to visit half a dozen cities in northern and central Italy in the early 1740s, and at twenty-five he left Italy for northern Europe, where he spent the rest of his life working for royal and aristocratic patrons. In Dresden he was engaged in the service of Augustus III, where he created many glorious canvases and was awarded the title of Court Painter. He then moved to Vienna and recorded its attractions for Empress Maria Theresa. He ended his career as Court Painter in Warsaw, and his detailed paintings of the city played an important role in its reconstruction after the Second World War. The book demonstrates that in each of the places Bellotto lived, he was able to capture the particular light and life with sensitivity and imagination.

Blick auf den Canal Grande

Venedig und die Sammlung des Berliner Kaufmanns Sigismund Streit

Author: Nicole Hartje,Roberto Contini,Gemäldegalerie (Berlin, Germany)

Publisher: N.A


Category: Grand Canal (Venice, Italy)

Page: 156

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Venice, the Artist's Vision

A Guide to British and American Painters

Author: Julian Halsby

Publisher: Unicorn Press

ISBN: 9780906290354

Category: Art

Page: 223

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This illustrated history covers those artists who represented the Anglo-American experience of Venice, detailing the comradeship - and eccentric behaviour - of painters that would not have been tolerated in their native countries. A dictionary of over 350 artists is also included.