Call to order

floor politics in the House and Senate

Author: Steven S. Smith

Publisher: Brookings Inst Pr

ISBN: 9780815780144

Category: Political Science

Page: 269

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Congress is playing by new rules--a changing distribution of power in Congress, a more complex interplay of rules and procedures and policy, and a new role for floor politics in the legislative process. In Call to Order, Smith outlines how a fairly stable period of reform in the 1950s and the early 1960s erupted into a turbulent period of reform in the 1970s. New issues spawned a variety of organized interest groups, and these, coupled with growing constituency pressures, increased the demand for members to champion causes. But floor politics in the 1980s took on a distinct character, particularly in the House. Budget politics, new procedural innovations, leadership tactics, and other developments made these years quite different from the unsettled seventies.Smith carefully considers these changes, their relationships to one another, the new role of floor activity in both houses of Congress, and the overall implications for congressional policy making.

Call to Order

Sustaining Simplicity in Architecture

Author: Carie Penabad

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781946226143

Category: Architecture

Page: 260

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CALL TO ORDER, the first in a series of books to be produced by the University of Miami School of Architecture, is inspired by rappel l'ordre, the post WWI, European, art movement that rejected the extreme tenants of the avant garde and its praise of machinery, violence and war, in favor of a renewed interest in tradition. CALL TO ORDER, suggests a re-grouping upon the foundations of the discipline and examines an international group of architects who are ostensibly rehearsing the ethos of the Neo-rationalist movement when architects and thinkers converged in their resistance to what they saw as an erosion of the discipline by behaviorism and the social sciences. CALL TO ORDER frames and examines similar resistant practices in the contemporary architectural scene and in the context of a long historical trajectory to tease out and articulate a cultural project that is relevant to the ongoing architectural debate. Essays by Jean Francois Le Jeune, Esteban Salcedo, Katherine Wheeler, Steven Fett and Edgar Sarli. Interviews with Matteo Ghidoni and Nader Tehrani.

A Call to Order

Author: Donald I. Wood

Publisher: N.A


Category: Meetings

Page: 65

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Call to Order ...

A Narrative Report

Author: Democratic National Committee (U.S.). Commission on Rules

Publisher: N.A


Category: Democratic National Convention

Page: 144

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Call to Order

A Miscellany of Useful Hierarchies, Systems, and Classifications

Author: Jackie Strachan,Jane Moseley

Publisher: Black Dog & Leventhal

ISBN: 0316486124

Category: Reference

Page: 192

View: 2300

A useful and fascinating guide to rankings, classifications, and hierarchies that make up our world -- from the Richter Scale to the classification of wine to the Jedi Order. Sure to be classified as more informative and useful than Schott's Miscellany, but easily just as much fun, CALL TO ORDER is an essential illustrated guide that fills in the gaping holes in our knowledge and helps settle plaguing questions. Among them, "Does four-of-a-kind beat a full house in poker?" (Yes.) Does a Marquess outrank a Duke? (No.) And, what classification of sinner populates the Sixth Circle of Hell? (Heretics.) And, how are they punished. (Crammed into burning tombs.) Can you never pass question three on HQ? Here are the hierarchies, pecking orders, ranks, and standings that order every aspect of our lives, from society, government and religion to culture, music, biology, and environment. CALL TO ORDER is the definitive catalog of where things stand.

A Call to Order

Author: Dawn Sanchez-Montgomery


ISBN: 1312571616


Page: N.A

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Called to Worship

The Biblical Foundations of Our Response to God's Call

Author: Vernon Whaley

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 1418580236

Category: Religion

Page: 384

View: 2908

IS HOW WE WORSHIP TRULY BIBLICAL? There’s only one way to find out: see what the Bible has to say. And that’s exactly what Called to Worship is all about. From Genesis to Revelation, every book in the Scriptures gives instruction and insight into God’s plan for worship. With this book, you’ll learn from Biblical heroes and ordinary people. Compare Old and New Testament practices. Glean insight from Biblical poetry and the Books of Wisdom. And most important, you’ll see how the life of Christ serves as a living guide to worship. "A must read book for every student of worship, Vernon M. Whaley has completed a monumental task gathering the principles, processes and practices of worship drawn from scriptural narratives spanning the entire Bible." —Charles E. Fromm, Ph.D., Publisher of Worship Leader Magazine "Called To Worship is the most comprehensive book on Worship I've ever read. The depth of scriptures on Worship is incredible." —Dr. Ricky Skaggs, Bluegrass Musician and Worshiper of Jesus Christ

Robert's Rules of Order

Author: Henry M. Robert

Publisher: Filiquarian Pub Llc

ISBN: 9781599869414

Category: Reference

Page: 124

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It has been said by one of the greatest of English writers on parliamentary law: "Whether these forms be in all cases the most rational or not is really not of so great importance. It is much more material that there should be a rule to go by, than what that rule is, that there may be a uniformity of proceeding in business, not subject to the caprice of the chairman, or captiousness of the members. It is very material that order, decency and regularity be preserved in a dignified public body." This work is the classic edition of Robert's Rules of Order. Originally published in 1875, Roberts Rules of Order is a manual of rules for deliberative assemblies and is often used in business, government and other governing bodies.


Resisting Progressive Tyranny & Restoring Constitutional Order

Author: Jim Delaney

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1483660141

Category: Political Science

Page: 224

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A Patriot’s Call to Action will enable busy Americans to more easily square today’s unending political palaver and double-talk with our Constitution’s original intent. In bite-sized form, this eminently readable book clearly summarizes some key constitutional concepts, like the Supremacy Clause, the Welfare Clause, Nullification, Executive Orders, Impeachment, Secession, etc., which will enable the reader to distinguish between politically correct, agenda-driven interpretations of the Constitution and what our Founders actually intended. Given the complacency gripping the country and the political ruling class’s brazen circumvention of foundational Constitutional restraints, the author fearlessly and unambiguously reminds us of our God-given rights, authority and responsibilities as citizens of a republic, and outlines a commonsense action plan for restoring constitutional order. The author posits that too many Americans are conditioned to the “benefits” of collectivism and the seductive, yet empty, promises of a suffocatingly expansive central government. Uninformed and seduced by the razzle-dazzle of self-serving political elites, many Americans have carelessly permitted our government to lead us on the path toward economic ruin and political oppression—developments which would have dumbfounded and enraged our Founding Fathers. The author unflinchingly asserts that to believe we are a republic today is foolhardy at best, delusional at worst. Absent bold grassroots remedies, the author asserts that our wealth, our way of life, our liberties will surely go the way of the dinosaurs. If you’re looking for simple-minded validation of your political party affiliation, this book isn’t for you. Some of what the author says will rankle, but it will make you think and, hopefully, will encourage you to take action to restore and safeguard those principles and practices which made America history’s most productive experiment in self-government.

The Professional Actor's Handbook

From Casting Call to Curtain Call

Author: Julio Agustin

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 1442277734

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 228

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Pursuing an acting career is not easy. It takes hard work, dedication, and the ability to shrug off rejection. It also requires an ability to navigate the pitfalls of an often precarious profession. While there are many books that attempt to teach people how to act, there are few books that show individuals what it takes to succeed as a working professional. The Professional Actor’s Handbook: From Casting Call to Curtain Call provides individuals with strategies that will help them successfully negotiate every stage of their careers. From recent college graduates to seasoned professionals looking to transition their careers to the next level, this book is a much needed guide. Among the many topics covered in this book, the authors demonstrate how to: Create a Captivating Resume Take a “Perfect” Headshot Compile a Complete Rep Book Conquer Audition Nerves Establish an Online Presence Finance a Developing Career Other strategies address how to network, how to survive while building a performing arts career, and even how to organize your home office. Featuring sample resumes and business cards, insights from industry experts—including agents and casting directors—and a list of resources, this book offers invaluable guidance—including advice on how to negotiate a contract. Along with audition manuals and repertoire binders, The Professional Actor’s Handbook is a vital reference that belongs on every aspiring performer’s bookshelf.

Modern Art

A Critical Introduction

Author: Pam Meecham,Julie Sheldon

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9780415281942

Category: Art

Page: 354

View: 9815

Modern Art: A Critical Introduction traces the historical and contemporary contexts for understanding modern art movements, and the theories that influenced and attempted to explain them. Its radical approach foregoes the chronological approach to art movements in favour of looking at the ways in which art has been understood. The editors investigate the main developments in art interpretation and draw examples from a wide range of genres including painting, sculpture, photography, installation and performance art. This new edition has been restructured to focus on key themes. It has also been fully updated to include many more examples of recent art practice, as well as an expanded glossary and comprehensive marginal notes providing definitions of key terms. Extensively illustrated with a wide range of visual examples, Modern Art: A Critical Introduction is the essential textbook for students of Art History.

The Shepherd, the Sheep and the Sheepdog

A Call to Order Within the Body of Christ

Author: Angela Oliphant

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781540577160


Page: 102

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When we take the time to study the natural order of things, we begin to see the supernatural at work in our world - we begin to see the Kingdom of God and how it operates. Scripture constantly alludes to spiritual sheep and shepherds but in our modern age, the comparison is one that is usually lost on us. Why does God liken himself to a shepherd? Why does he refer to his people as sheep? Are we meant to follow blindly and never fight against authority? Or is there a deeper significance in the association? What is the importance of the sheepdog? Through her in-depth study of the natural functions of "The Shepherd, The Sheep and The Sheepdog", author Angela Oliphant shows us the wonder of having order in our lives and illustrates the benefits that come from applying these principles to our everyday affairs so that we can prosper and be blessed beyond measure!

Nikolaus Pevsner

The Life

Author: Susie Harries

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1446433331

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 912

View: 8660

Born Nikolai Pewsner into a Russian-Jewish family in Leipzig in 1902, Nikolaus Pevsner was a dedicated scholar who pursued a promising career as an academic in Dresden and Göttingen. When, in 1933 Jews were no longer permitted to teach in German universities, he lost his job and looked for employment in England. Here, over a long and amazingly industrious career, he made himself an authority on the exploration and enjoyment of English art and architecture, so much so that his magisterial county-by-county series of 46 books on The Buildings of England (first published 1951 - 74) is usually referred to simply as 'Pevsner'. As a critic, academic and champion of Modernism, Pevsner became a central figure in the architectural consensus that accompanied post-war reconstruction; as a 'general practitioner' of architectural history, he covered an astonishing range, from Gothic cathedrals and Georgian coffee houses to the Festival of Britain and Brutalist tower blocks. Susie Harries explores the truth about Nikolaus Pevsner's reported sympathies with elements of Nazi ideology, his internment in England as an enemy alien and his sometimes painful assimilation into his country of exile. His Heftchen - secret diaries he kept from the age of 14 for another sixty years - reveal hidden aspirations and anxieties, as do his numerous letters (he wrote to his wife, Lola, every day that they were apart).Harries is the first biographer to have read Pevsner's private papers and, through them, to have seen into the workings of his mind.Her definitive biography is not only rich in context and far-ranging, but is also brought to life by quotations from Pevsner himself. He was born a Jew but converted to Lutheranism; trained in the rigour of German scholarship, he became an Everyman in his copious commissions, publications, broadcasts and lectures on art, architecture, design, education, town planning, social housing, conservation, Mannerism, the Bauhaus, the Victorians, Zeitgeist, Englishness and how a nation's character may, or must, be reflected in its art. His life - as an outsider yet an insider at the heart of English art history - illuminates both the predicament and the prowess of the continental émigrés who did so much to shape British culture after 1945.

Call To Valor

Author: Gary Beck


ISBN: 1365244989

Category: Fiction

Page: 354

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President Valerie Beaumont is struggling to cope with a crumbling economy and military setbacks. A call for her impeachment is pending from all sides including some of her own constituents. Marine Major Sam Hanson refuses a presidential order to surrender his battalion to be butchered by ISIS when they overrun the Mid-East. He's reduced to the ranks and sent to a company of Marines that provides security to the hospital complex in New York City that serves the now dominant U.N. He meets Dr. Carver, they become friends and cooperate in dealing with the aggressive Arabs. A deadly terrorist attack kills Hanson's son and Carver's daughter. They make a plan to identify the terrorist cell and eliminate them. They target a safe house in Brooklyn and after a brief fight they discover nuclear material, intended for a dirty bomb. Government agencies dismiss the threat of more nuclear material out there, and it will be up to a new President to avoid a nuclear disaster.

What Did Jesus Do?

A Call to Return to the Biblical Gospel

Author: Ray Comfort

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780974930039

Category: Religion

Page: 176

View: 5174

Rather than wonder What would Jesus do? we should look to the Scripture to see: What did Jesus do"? "What was the way of the Master Evangelist in the most important of issues reaching the lost? Why did He use a radically different approach than that of the modern Church? Paul imitated Jesus, working for the profit of many, that they may be saved. Then he admonished, Imitate me, just as I also imitate Christ (1 Cor. 11:1). James obeyed that command. So did Stephen, Peter, John, and Jude. So did Charles Spurgeon, John Wesley, George Whitefield, Martin Luther, D. L. Moody, and many others through the ages. Only the modern Church had drastically deviated from biblical evangelism. In a day in which many crucial truths are neglected, Ray Comfort calls the Church back to the way of the Master Evangelist, to consider What did Jesus do? and then go and do likewise."