Boot Camp for Your Brain

A No-Nonsense Guide to the SAT

Author: M. Denmark Manning

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1493168169

Category: Study Aids

Page: 528

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Do you need to do better on the SAT? The comprehensive material in this book, honed by years of actual results, can help you significantly improve your composite score. No gimmicks, just time-tested techniques that were previously available only to students of The World’s Best Prep Course, Inc. Put them to work for you and achieve the score you need to get into the college of your choice!

Brain Boot Camp

Work Out Your Mind and Boost Brainpower with Your Very Own Electronic Coach - 1001+ Questions

Author: Douglas Mason

Publisher: Chronicle Books

ISBN: 9780811869096

Category: Games

Page: 240

View: 1198

The latest neurological research proves that the brain has the ability to repair itselfbut not without the proper training! Brain Boot Camp is just what the doctor ordered for boosting memory and mental agility. A complete workout for the mindwith 1,001 questions that test and tone attention, cognitive speed, logic, memory, language skills, and visual processingthe unique electronic module customizes each reader's experienceby varying the difficulty of questions while also serving as an answer pad, scorekeeper, and personal trainer. Part game, part coach, and a whole lot of fun, this book is an essential tool for any lasting mental fitness program.

Train Your Brain for Success

A 30-Day Boot Camp to Train Your Conscious and Subconscious Mind for Happiness, Abundance, and Success

Author: Sharon Minard

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780998586700


Page: N.A

View: 4529

Ever feel STUCK in if you're going in CIRCLES, and SUCCESS is always OUT OF REACH? Do you want to know something SHOCKING? The only thing that separates you from the most successful people in the world is HOW YOU THINK. You see, the highly successful have created thinking patterns and belief systems that continually propel their lives forward. By simply changing HOW you think, you can completely TRANSFORM your life. Through this Train Your Brain for Success Boot Camp, you will learn step-by-step how to: > THINK like the HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL as you will literally grow new neural connections in your brain. > OVERCOME SELF-LIMITING SUBCONSCIOUS BELIEFS and break free from your self-created cage that has been holding you back from your true potential. > Identify and CONQUER YOUR FEARS and OBSTACLES, thus removing what's standing in the way of your desired success, happiness and abundance. > Follow your passions, interests, talents and skills to TAP INTO YOUR FULL POTENTIAL and PURPOSE on this earth. > Devise goals and focused action plans to CREATE A LIFE YOU LOVE. > Create a more BALANCED LIFE where you live by your values--what's really important to you--instead of allowing life to dictate your time, energy and focus. > Activate the LAW OF ATTRACTION toward ABUNDANCE, WEALTH and HAPPINESS, instead of attracting what you don't want. > Become HAPPIER and MORE SUCCESSFUL as you become the DESIGNER OF YOUR LIFE! Isn't it time to achieve your dreams and goals by rewiring your conscious and subconscious mind for success? Based on proven techniques from the fields of neuroscience, psychology and life coaching, this workbook is a game changer for dramatically propelling your life forward...starting NOW. So, what are you waiting for? Stop making excuses, and START MAKING YOUR DREAMS A REALITY!

An Agile Mind

Boot-Camp for Your Brain!

Author: B. Francis

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781530224739


Page: 42

View: 1848

An Agile Mind is like boot-camp for your brain! Whether you are young or old, the following pages contain mentally stimulating puzzles and exercises of increasing difficulty (plus solutions) to help your mind stay active. From mazes to sudoku, riddles to logic puzzles - there is something here for everyone!

Creative Boot Camp

Generate Ideas in Greater Quantity and Quality in 30 days

Author: Stefan Mumaw

Publisher: New Riders

ISBN: 0133123197

Category: Computers

Page: 240

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Creative Boot Camp is a 30-day creative training program that will increase the quantity and quality of your ideas. The book begins by exploring what creativity is and isn't, how we can train ourselves to improve our own ideation, and what steps we need to take to generate more ideas and better ideas for our creative selves, our creative projects, our creative businesses, and our creative lives. Like any muscle, creativity requires repetitive and challenging exercise to grow. The 30-day program provides an escalation of creative exercises that test our problem-solving prowess and train us to overcome the obstacles that inhibit ideation. The program tests regularly, both in idea quantity and quality, to ensure we are on track with our boot camp goals. But unlike the gym, these exercises aren't to be dreaded. They are light, fun, and take 10-15 minutes max. By the end of the 30-day boot camp, readers will see noticeable improvement in the quantity and quality of their ideas.

The Trainer's Big Book of Bootcamps

Ready-Made Workouts for Your Bootcamp Or Group Fitness Class

Author: Alise M. Oliver

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781533260093


Page: 218

View: 3658

Are you racking your brain for new and fresh ideas for your bootcamp? Do you struggle to find the time to program your group fitness class due to the responsibilities of your life, your job, your family and kids? Are you new to group fitness or just starting your own bootcamp and lacking the experience in programming your own classes? I'm here to help! This is a fantastic book for the bootcamp or group fitness instructor. Inside you will find varied and effective workouts that will have your clients getting stronger and leaner and coming back for more! Think of the time and energy you will save having these ready-made workouts available to you any time. Anyone looking for new, fresh, and varied ideas in their programming, or anyone struggling to prepare programming while trying to balance the commitments of family, kids, and job can benefit by having these workouts. In The Trainer's Big Book of Bootcamps, you will find: 52 original, proven, and challenging done for you workouts Lots of dynamic warmups ideas designed to safely and thoroughly prepare your class or bootcamp for a great workout. A detailed glossary describing the movements and exercises included within the book BONUS! 13 additional workouts including several exciting partner workouts, along with numerous birthday and holiday themed workouts guaranteed to entertain and challenge your clients at the same time! Just think! Fun and effective workouts are what keeps bringing your clients back for more - they are having FUN and seeing RESULTS! Whether you are a novice trainer looking for some guidance or an old pro looking for some new tricks, you will find The Trainer's Big Book of Bootcamps a great resource to have! What's stopping you from giving yourself the freedom and help you need by having this resource available to you anytime?

Bright Line Eating

The Science of Living Happy, Thin & Free

Author: Susan Peirce Thompson, PHD

Publisher: Hay House, Inc

ISBN: 1401952542

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 320

View: 8536

Bright Line Eating has helped thousands of people from over 75 countries lose all their excess weight and keep it off. Are you ready to join them? In this book, Susan Peirce Thompson, Ph.D. shares the groundbreaking weight-loss solution based on her highly acclaimed Bright Line Eating Boot Camps. Rooted in cutting-edge neuroscience, psychology, and biology, Bright Line Eating explains why people who are desperate to lose weight fail again and again: It’s because the brain blocks weight loss. Bright Line Eating (BLE) is a simple approach designed to reverse that process. By working with four “Bright Lines” — clear, unambiguous, boundaries — Susan Peirce Thompson shows us how to heal our brain and shift it into a mode where it is ready to shed pounds, release cravings, and stop sabotaging our weight loss goals. Best of all, it is a program that understands that willpower cannot be relied on, and sets us up to be successful anyway. Through the lens of Susan’s own moving story, and those of her Bright Lifers, you’ll discover firsthand why traditional diet and exercise plans have failed in the past. You’ll also learn about the role addictive susceptibility plays in your personal weight-loss journey, where cravings come from, how to rewire your brain so they disappear, and more. Susan guides you through the phases of Bright Line Eating —from weight loss to maintenance and beyond —and offers a dynamic food plan that will work for anyone, whether you’re vegan, gluten-free, paleo, or none of the above. Bright Line Eating frees us from the obesity cycle and introduces a radical plan for sustainable weight loss. It’s a game changer in a game that desperately needs changing. “Bright Line Eating ushers in an end to cravings, an end to dieting, an end to that constant, exhausting, soul-sucking loop in your head about food and calories and pounds. . . . Living Happy, Thin, and Free is your birthright.” — Susan Peirce Thompson

Brain Training Boot Camp

Improve Your Memory, Eliminate Procrastination, and Learn Speed Reading Techniques

Author: Warren R. Sullivan

Publisher: Xilytics, LLC


Category: Education

Page: 118

View: 3161

Learn to Supercharge Your Memory, Read Faster, and Avoid the Pitfalls of Procrastination For the first time, you can get all three books in Warren R. Sullivan's Brain Improvement Series in one volume. You will learn how to improve your memory in Memory Enhancement, learn speed reading techniques in Speed Reading Training, and curb procrastination in Procrastination: Triple Your Productivity and Accomplish Your Goals. This amazing collection will finally help you get the most out of your mental capacities, supercharging your productivity, and accomplishing all your goals. From the Description of Memory Enhancement Ever wish you could improve and enhance your memory? How much easier would school or work be if you could have the type of memory that easily recalls facts and information? Start using your memory like you have always wanted to. Memory Enhancement introduces you to proven and effective ways to boost your memory. Filled with the latest techniques, Memory Enhancement will provide immediate results in your ability to recall information. Inside you will learn: The various advantages in improving and enhancing your memory. What causes poor memory, and what you can do to combat it. How to boost your memory with an assortment of techniques. How to remember the names of people that you meet. What natural techniques can be used to enhance your memory. From the Description of Speed Reading Training This book contains proven and effective strategies on how to improve your reading speed and overall comprehension. Revealed within are secrets that will supercharge your reading speed. And make you a speed reading demon. Reading is one of the most important skills that a person learns during their formative years. Reading along with writing and arithmetic is said to be a part of the 3Rs of learning (reading, ‘riting and ‘rithmetic) and learning this skill in the most efficient manner is vital to a person’s development. Speed reading techniques should be taught to students, teachers, business professionals, and to everyday people. Speed reading has amazing benefits for students simply because they can read and understand a lot of material in just a small amount of time. A student could learn a number of courses, study for a test and read in advance new lessons because of speed reading. There are similar benefits for the working professional, who will be able to increase their productivity utilizing speed reading techniques. From the Description of Procrastination Procrastination. We all suffer from it, we would all like to become more productive, to be able to free up time for doing the activities that we want to do. Procrastination can have a dramatic effect on one's life, leaving them unhappy and unsatisfied. But there is an answer, there is a cure. You can reclaim your life. And you can do it today. Procrastination: Triple Your Productivity and Accomplish Your Goals is unlike similar guides in that each task encourages direct action by having a corresponding exercise. The exercises have been structured to provide immediate results, helping you to reclaim your productivity and better your life. You don't have to suffer from procrastination any longer, and Procrastination: Triple Your Productivity and Accomplish Your Goals

Boost Your Brain

The New Art and Science Behind Enhanced Brain Performance

Author: Majid Fotuhi,Christina Breda Antoniades

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 0062199307

Category: Self-Help

Page: 304

View: 3725

Based on cutting-edge science, Boost Your Brain is internationally recognized neurologist Majid Fotuhi's complete program for increasing brain size and enhancing brain function, including memory, creativity, comprehension, and concentration. Our brains don't have to decline as we get older, argues Dr. Fotuhi. Depending on the things we do or neglect to do, we can actually get smarter and measurably improve our brain speed. In Boost Your Brain, the founder of the NeurExpand Brain Center and host of the PBS series Fight Alzheimer’s Early offers a three-month brain-optimization program—with noticeable results in just a few weeks. Boost Your Brain explores the very latest neuroscience research and offers actionable, authoritative advice on how readers of every age can experience the benefits of a bigger, better brain. Featuring more than two dozen black-and-white illustrations, Boost Your Brain: The New Art and Science Behind Enhanced Brain Performance includes a foreword by Michael Roizen, M.D., coauthor of the bestselling YOU series and author of the Real Age books.

Healthy Brain, Happy Life

A Personal Program to to Activate Your Brain and Do Everything Better

Author: Wendy Suzuki,Billie Fitzpatrick

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 0062366807

Category: Self-Help

Page: 320

View: 5099

A neuroscientist transforms the way we think about our brain, our health, and our personal happiness in this clear, informative, and inspiring guide—a blend of personal memoir, science narrative, and immediately useful takeaways that bring the human brain into focus as never before, revealing the powerful connection between exercise, learning, memory, and cognitive abilities. Nearing forty, Dr. Wendy Suzuki was at the pinnacle of her career. An award-winning university professor and world-renowned neuroscientist, she had tenure, her own successful research lab, prestigious awards, and international renown. That’s when to celebrate her birthday, she booked an adventure trip that forced her to wake up to a startling reality: despite her professional success, she was overweight, lonely, and tired and knew that her life had to change. Wendy started simply—by going to an exercise class. Eventually, she noticed an improvement in her memory, her energy levels, and her ability to work quickly and move from task to task easily. Not only did Wendy begin to get fit, but she also became sharper, had more energy, and her memory improved. Being a neuroscientist, she wanted to know why. What she learned transformed her body and her life. Now, it can transform yours. Wendy discovered that there is a biological connection between exercise, mindfulness, and action. With exercise, your body feels more alive and your brain actually performs better. Yes—you can make yourself smarter. In this fascinating book, Suzuki makes neuroscience easy to understand, interweaving her personal story with groundbreaking research, and offering practical, short exercises—4 minute Brain Hacks—to engage your mind and improve your memory, your ability to learn new skills, and function more efficiently. Taking us on an amazing journey inside the brain as never before, Suzuki helps us unlock the keys to neuroplasticity that can change our brains, or bodies, and, ultimately, our lives.

Boot Camp for Financial Advisors

Author: David Clemenko

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1456878476

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 177

View: 2217

During David Clemenko’s 11 eventful years with the world’s largest financial firm. he visited more than 350 Merrill Lynch offices across the country—coaching, motivating and turning more than 10,000 Financial Advisors into better marketers, tougher competitors, and unbeatable relationship-builders. Now this former U.S. Marine Drill Instructor puts his unique combination of tough love and market savvy to work to help remake you into a lean, mean selling machine that spells success in the new financial environment. Endorsements: "Leaders come in all shapes and sizes and utilize different techniques, but there is one inescapable commonality that binds them all, they lead from the front, motivate those around them and continuously set the example for others to follow. David’s discipline and passion for excellence are infectious. His peers are drawn to him by his leadership, personality and honest concern for others. These traits set the foundation for success in anything he does whether it’s making Marines in Parris Island, coaching Financial Advisors or his devotion to community service, you would be hard pressed to fi nd another coach for your business with similar attributes". ~Major General James E. Livingston USMC (Ret) , Medal of Honor Recipient “David inspires people to discover and understand their potential and what’s uniquely possible for them. He has a very clear understanding of the current market environment and also where the business is heading to prepare you for what lies ahead. David provides a disciplined process that lets you not only have dreams, but realize them. David can make a difference in your business and in your life.” ~Gregory Mech Former Merril Lynch Managing Director and Market President for Bank of America. There is a sea of motivational speakers and coaches that flood this industry. David Clemenko is not like the rest. When you meet David, you cannot help but be inspired by his stories, his determination, his attitude and his energy. David’s process challenges the norms in this business. He challenges you to be better at meeting the needs of your clients but truly getting to know your clients. His brand of coaching is more than telling you what you know. David does not just give you ideas, he gives you the tools and the coaching to take the idea from the concept stage to the execution stage. Most coaches and motivators will get you to the concept, but fall short in the execution. David makes you answer the toughest question, “How?” Once you have that answer, he works with you to implement your plan. Meeting David transformed by business into a true “advisory” business – where most advisors will never go. Randall B. Cohen Vice President Investments, Merrill Lynch, Charleston, SC

Life Purpose Boot Camp

The 8-Week Breakthrough Plan for Creating a Meaningful Life

Author: Eric Maisel

Publisher: New World Library

ISBN: 1608683060

Category: Self-Help

Page: 184

View: 9960

A no-excuses, cut-to-the-chase program for defining, training for, and achieving your goals As life gets busier and more complicated we crave something larger and more meaningful than just ticking another item off our to-do list. In the past, we’ve looked to religion or outside guidance for that sense of purpose, but today fewer people are fulfilled by traditional approaches to meaning. Bestselling author, psychotherapist, and creativity coach Eric Maisel offers an alternative: an eight-week intensive that breaks through barriers and offers insights for living each day with purpose. Once you understand how meaning operates, how meaning and life purpose are related, and what concrete steps you can take toward fulfilling your purpose, you will never run out of meaning again. This program will develop self-awareness and self-confidence and give you what you need to fully live the best possible life.

Android Boot Camp for Developers Using Java: A Guide to Creating Your First Android Apps

Author: Corinne Hoisington

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 1337027677

Category: Computers

Page: 50

View: 9018

Readers gain a strong foundation in Java programming and the confidence in technical skills to build working mobile applications with ANDROID BOOT CAMP FOR DEVELOPERS USING JAVA: A GUIDE TO CREATING YOUR FIRST ANDROID APPS, 3E. Written by an award-winning technology author, this book thoroughly introduces Java with an emphasis on creating effective mobile applications. The book is ideal for readers with some programming experience or those new to Java and Android Studio. The book’s hands-on tutorial approach offers step-by-step instruction and numerous screen shots to guide you through tasks. Practical callouts, industry tips, cases and assignments reinforce understanding of programming logic and Java tools for Android. Content is both relevant for today and focused on programming principles for the future. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Marriage Boot Camp

Defeat the Top 10 Marriage Killers and Build a Rock-Solid Relationship

Author: Elizabeth Carroll,James Carroll

Publisher: Berkley

ISBN: 0451476778


Page: 278

View: 9209

Relationship experts Jim and Elizabeth Carroll have created a program proven to mend marriages, revive relationships and make the happily-ever-afters come true. After twenty years of resuscitating thousands of marriages, the Carrolls bring their wisdom directly to readers through this do-it-yourself relationship bible, filled with advice, exercises, quizzes and games that will teach couples to fight the Top Ten Marriage Killers.

How Could I Forget You!

A Creative Way to Remember Names and Faces

Author: Brent Sverdloff,Sarah Goodwin

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780615986227

Category: Memory

Page: 142

View: 4899

Has your mind ever gone blank on a person's name within seconds of being introduced? Do you wish you were better at remembering people in general? Good news--you've picked up the right book!Learn surefire techniques to free up your imagination and dramatically improve your ability to recall names and faces. Engage in lively exercises that will sharpen your powers of observation. No other memorization book on the market offers such whimsical illustrations for your learning pleasure. Delve into fascinating scientific research that sheds light on our splintered attention spans. Understand why you can often recollect loads of details about individuals--where they work, live, grew up, like to vacation, etc.--but not what they're called! Discover how to break names down into easy-to-grasp categories. Then master time-honored methods that will enable you to retain the full name of anyone you meet--no matter what the origin or perceived complexity.

Campaign Boot Camp 2.0

Basic Training for Candidates, Staffers, Volunteers, and Nonprofits

Author: Christine Pelosi

Publisher: Berrett-Koehler Publishers

ISBN: 1609945166

Category: Political Science

Page: 242

View: 2107

Offers help and guidance to anyone looking to work in public service whether they are running for office, advocating for a cause, or fighting for a public policy issue.

Campaign Boot Camp

Basic Training for Future Leaders

Author: Christine Pelosi

Publisher: Berrett-Koehler Publishers

ISBN: 0979482208

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 243

View: 454

Attorney, author, and activist Christine Pelosi presents leadership lessons from the campaign trail for anyone who wants to run for office, advocate for a cause, or win a public policy issue. InCampaign Boot Camp: Basic Training for Future Leaders—A 7-Step Guide to Launching Successful Campaigns for Candidates and Causes, Pelosi uses a boot camp model to provide practical advice and “get real” exercises so that individual readers can integrate these leadership lessons into their own public service efforts on political campaigns, ballot initiatives, or non-profit ventures. Right from the stroller, Christine was campaigning with her mother, Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. She has served candidates and party alike, and she knows like few others about the nuts and bolts of winning in politics. Distilling best practices from across the political spectrum, Pelosi shows aspiring leaders how to master the fundamentals of campaigning—management, message, money, and mobilization. She lays out a 7-step program for effective campaigning at all levels of public service, from community initiatives to congressional races: 1. Identify your call to service 2. Know your community 3. Build your leadership teams 4. Define your message 5. Connect with people 6. Raise the money 7. Mobilize to win Along the way, Pelosi features successful campaigners with their diverse backgrounds and experiences. Among the public servants and political professionals quoted in the book are: Donna Brazile, David Brock, Willie L. Brown, Jr., Max Cleland, Bill Clinton, Andrew Cuomo, Thomas D'Alesandro, Jr., Rahm Emanuel, Al Gore, Mahatma Gandhi, Kirsten Gillibrand, Kerry Kennedy, Frank Luntz, Ellen Malcolm, Gerald W. McEntee, Markos Moulitsas, Nancy Pelosi, Carl Pope, Bill Press, Ronald Reagan, Ann Richards, Karl Rove, Jack Valenti, Tim Walz, George F. Will, and Jim Zogby. Their writings and practices help make Campaign Boot Camp both a helpful guide to participatory democracy and an inspiring collective memoir.

Software for Your Head

Core Protocols for Creating and Maintaining Shared Vision

Author: Jim McCarthy,Michele McCarthy

Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional

ISBN: 9780201604566

Category: Computers

Page: 435

View: 9182

Most people have experienced--at least once in their lives--the incomparable thrill of being part of a great team effort. They can remember the unity of purpose they experienced, the powerful passion that inspired them, and the incredible results they achieved. People who have been on a great team can attest that the difference between being on a team with a shared vision and being on a team without one is the difference between joy and misery. In 1996, Jim and Michele McCarthy, after successful careers leading software development teams at Microsoft and elsewhere, set out to discover a set of repeatable group behaviors that would always lead to the formation of a state of shared vision for any team. They hoped for a practical, communicable, and reliable process that could be used to create the best possible teams every time it was applied. They established a hands-on laboratory for the study and teaching of high-performance teamwork. In a controlled simulation environment, their principle research and teaching effort--the McCarthy Software Development BootCamp--challenged dozens of real-world, high-tech teams to produce and deliver a product. Teams were given a product development assignment, and instructed to form a team, envision the product, agree on how to make it, then design, build, and ship it on time. By repeating these simulations time after time, with the new teams building on the learning from previous teams, core practices emerged that were repeatedly successful. These were encoded as patterns and protocols. Software for Your Head is the first publication of the most significant results of the authors' unprecedented five-year investigation into the dynamics of contemporary teams. The information in this book will provide a means for any team to create for itself a compelling state of shared vision. 0201604566B09042001