Bob Mizer. AMG: 1000 model directory. Con DVD. Ediz. inglese, francese e tedesca

Author: Robert Henry Mizer

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783836550291

Category: Photography

Page: 1048

View: 7189

It's Raining Men: Two volumes and two decades of top physique models In 1945 Bob Mizer began taking photographs of strapping young men on Muscle Beach in Venice, California. In December of that year he formed the Athletic Model Guild to market his photos, and "physique photography" was born. Before Mizer there were body builders and men who photographed them, but AMG photos, even those of the same men, were different, subtly provocative, discretely aimed at a gay audience. They weren't nude, but showed as much as the law allowed in 1945. In 1951 Mizer launched Physique Pictorial, America's first indisputably gay magazine, bringing his photos of top straight body builders to grateful readers worldwide. By the late '50s Mizer had photographed over 1,000 men, moving from the beach to his quirky Los Angeles studio, where he introduced props including Greek columns, Roman headdresses, rear projection, and famously, his mother's glassware, for theatrical Hollywood effect. In 1957 he published a catalog featuring all his men, titled 1000 Model Directory. In 1968 a second 1000 Model Directory followed, with the men photographed in the intervening years. The little 98-page books became instant collectibles, but the photos were so small, 12 to a page, that they were as frustrating to view as they were titillating. TASCHEN's two-volume edition of 1000 Model Directory contains prints from Mizer's original 4 x 5 negatives to present these handsome hunks in stunning clarity. Editor Dian Hanson trawled through a quarter million male nudes to select this lineup of top models, including movie stars Sammy Jackson, Richard Harrison, and Ed Fury. Glenn Corbett of TV's 77 Sunset Strip is also here, as well as Nick Adams, star of The Rebel, and top body builders Chris Dickerson, Dick Dubois, Vince Gironda, Bill Grant, Zabo Koszewski, Henry Lenz, Don Peters, Bob Shealy, Charles Stroeder, Armand Tanny, and John Tristram. An hour-long DVD is also included, containing 18 films made by Bob Mizer between 1954 and 1968, in black and white and color, all edited specifically for this book. They range from simple posing routines by bodybuilding stars Keith Stephan and AMG favorites Forrester Millard, John Davidson and Steve Buono, to sword and sandal star Ed Fury's first physique film, to gladiator extravaganzas, wrestling adventures, crime dramas, and-a Bob specialty-humorous morality tales, starring Jim Paris, John Tristram, Monte Hanson and other models featured in the book. Mizer's take on Dr. Frankenstein's Monster, in posing straps, is a stand-out. Text in English, French, and German

Forever Butt

Author: Gert Jonkers,Jop Van Bennekom

Publisher: Taschen America Llc

ISBN: 9783836551571

Category: Photography

Page: 534

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Delightfully direct and dirty: The best of BUTT magazine, 2001-now Pocket-sized, pink and super gay, the first issue of BUTT magazine arrived in the spring of 2001, sweeping aside the clichés of the mainstream homo press. Ever since, BUTT has maintained its independence, resisting clean-cut commercialism in favor of frank Q&As, revealing photography and a delightfully direct take on sex between men. Just by being its horny, happy self, BUTT has attracted contributions from the world's best writers and photographers. Meanwhile, frequent BUTT parties and the CLUB BUTT social network have mobilized an international army of loyal friends and fans in sexy solidarity. This meaty anthology, FOREVER BUTT, revisits some of the magazine's finest and most thrilling moments from more than a decade in print. Material from now rare and collectible editions of BUTT is here made available again here, including sexy pictures, and candid interviews with such spectacular men as Gore Vidal, François Sagat, Marc Jacobs and Your Big Dick Host. In true BUTT style, the book celebrates sex as something joyous, social and silly while also, as artist Wolfgang Tillmans writes in his introduction, “first and foremost an exhilarating read”. With sexy pictures of, and candid interviews with: AA Bronson, Aiden Shaw, Andy Butler, Bernhard Willhelm, Bruce LaBruce, Christopher Ciccone, Dennis Cooper, Didier Lestrade, Don Bachardy, Ed Droste, Edmund White, Francesco Vezzoli, François Sagat, Gore Vidal, Jason Whipple, Javier Peres, Jayne County, Joe Gage, John Holland, John Waters, Jonny Wooster, Julian Ganio, Karl Kolbitz, Marc Jacobs, Marco Flores, Nico Muhly, Paul Antonio, Paul Mpagi Sepuya, Perez Hilton, Greek Pete, Rick Owens, Roger Payne, Rosa von Praunheim, Ryan Trecartin, Slava Mogutin, Stephen Galloway, Stephin Merritt, Tommy DeLuca, Ian & Marc Hundley, Vince Aletti, Walter Pfeiffer and Wolfgang Tillmans.

Male Beauty

Postwar Masculinity in Theater, Film, and Physique Magazines

Author: Kenneth Krauss

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 1438450028

Category: Art

Page: 366

View: 5973

Explores how a younger and more sensitive form of masculinity emerged in the United States after World War II. In the decades that followed World War II, Americans searched for and often founds signs of a new masculinity that was younger, sensitive, and sexually ambivalent. Male Beauty examines the theater, film, and magazines of the time in order to illuminate how each one put forward a version of male gendering that deliberately contrasted, and often clashed with, previous constructs. This new postwar masculinity was in large part a product of the war itself. The need to include those males who fought the war as men—many of whom were far younger than what traditional male gender definitions would accept as “manly”—extended the range of what could and should be thought of as masculine. Kenneth Krauss adds to this analysis one of the first in-depth examinations of how males who were sexually attracted to other males discovered this emerging concept of manliness via physique magazines.

Universal Hunks

A Pictorial History of Muscular Men around the World, 1895-1975

Author: David L.

Publisher: arsenal pulp press

ISBN: 1551525100

Category: Social Science

Page: 352

View: 4866

A lively, wide-ranging pictorial history of muscular men around the world from the nineteenth century to the 1970s.


100% Rare, All-Natural, All-American

Author: Petra Mason

Publisher: Universe Pub

ISBN: 9780789329240

Category: Photography

Page: 256

View: 704

A fun and humorous treasure trove of extremely rare, all-American beefcake pinups. From the author of Bunny Yeager's Darkroom and Bettie Page comes Beefcake, a Herculean collection of male nudes culled from vintage magazines of men for men. A light-hearted celebration of the male physique at its best, this entertaining volume features sporty and wholesome specimens championing the ideal male figure. Beefcake includes photos selected from private collections of rare male pinups from the 1940s to pre-disco, but it also showcases images and layouts from physique magazines with titles like Muscle, Adonis, International Nudist Sun, Tomorrow's Man, and Buck and Champ. Many of the photos featured are previously unseen--and highly collectible--works from the hugely influential photographer Bruce of Los Angeles, Kovert of Hollywood, Western Photography Guild, Don Whitman, and Kris Studio, as well as from the edgy and previously unpublished D. R. Parker and the covert Karoll of Havana.Arranged thematically with chapters such as Peak of Perfection, Swords & Sandals, Dare Devils, Locker Room, Demi Gods, Lonely Sailor, Rugged & Rough, and Gladiator, and celebrating the mid-century graphic design of the magazine covers and interiors, Beefcake is a fun and witty tribute to male physique photography.

Dieux Du Stade

Author: Fred Goudon

Publisher: Te Neues Publishing Company

ISBN: 9783832732868

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 144

View: 7148

The ancient Greeks thought the gods dwelled on Mount Olympus. We can confidently report that they're among us. Elaborating on the photographs taken for the popular Dieux du Stade calendar, these tantalizing images feature players of the famous international rugby club, the Stade Français Paris and athletes from other disciplines such as football, handball, judo, and swimming, in all their unclothed glory. This second volume of the successful Dieux du Stade book presents photographs by Fred Goudon, whose work has focused on the male form for over 20 years. His stunning composition and skillful use of light create an intimate atmosphere and transform the athletes into Greek gods.

Household Idols

Author: Mark Henderson

Publisher: Bruno Gmunder Verlag

ISBN: 9783867870153

Category: Photography

Page: 160

View: 9736

Mark Henderson places beautiful, unattainable men in a domestic ambience, in his photographic collection HOUSEHOLD IDOLS. Bedrooms, kitchens and gardens become backdrops to their beauty - the mundane making them seem suddenly touchable. These are photos with luscious colour and harsh contrasts, enhancing the immediacy of the pictures.


The Vintage Years

Author: Catalina,Kevin Clarke, Dr.

Publisher: Goodman Publishers

ISBN: 9783867875028

Category: Photography

Page: 112

View: 6057

Vintage Porn at Its Best. More than just pornits the golden age of gay porn! Some of the best images came from the crown jewel among gay porn studios: Catalina, founded in 1978. Photos from the companys early days document a bygone world of unbounded sexual freedom.

All My Boys

Author: Lindsay Lozon

Publisher: Bruno Gmunder Verlag

ISBN: 9783861874669

Category: Photography

Page: 120

View: 506

Refreshing, humorous and multifaceted photographs of slim, smooth and athletic young men. For the first time Lozon also presents some of his pictures in colour!

Sandow the Magnificent

Eugen Sandow and the Beginnings of Bodybuilding

Author: David L. Chapman

Publisher: University of Illinois Press

ISBN: 9780252020339

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 229

View: 3047

Looks at the life and career of the man who invented the business of bodybuilding, from his days in a European circus to his performances in Amsterdam and continual self-publicity that made him famous

Jim French Diaries

The Creator of Colt Studio

Author: Jim French

Publisher: Bruno Gmuender Gmbh

ISBN: 9783867878395

Category: Photography

Page: 336

View: 3733

One thing is certain: The world of gay porn would not be what it is today without Jim French, the founder of the legendary COLT Studio. The multi-faced styles of his movies and photo works influenced many directors and photographers. Jim French Diaries illuminates the many faces of COLT Studio not only with a wide range of photos but also with a lot of informative interviews revealing the exciting history behind the label.

Hairy Chested Men

Author: Colt

Publisher: Bruno Gmuender Gmbh

ISBN: 9783867877619

Category: Photography

Page: 160

View: 7209

COLT is iconic - and one of the most prestigious studios with a long tradition. Hairy Chested Men collects the hottest (and hairiest) models of the world famous all-male erotica brand. Previously unreleased behind the scenes footage and exclusive iconic Colt photos make the book an absolute essential for fans and lovers of hairy chests.

Porn: From Warhol to X-Tube

Die Geschichte Des Schwulen Pornos

Author: Kevin Clarke

Publisher: Bruno Gmunder Verlag

ISBN: 9783867875912

Category: Photography

Page: 256

View: 6010

Porn - From Andy Warhol to X-Tube leads the reader through the decades, detailing how the industry developed and how porn stars have evolved over the years. From pop art to homemade 10-minute porn videos uploaded on X-Tube, from dark cinemas to glamorous galas, it's a world of porn!

Foraging Behavior

Author: A.C. Kamil,J.R. Krebs,H.R. Pulliam

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 1461318394

Category: Science

Page: 676

View: 3400

Foraging behavior has always been a central concern of ecology. Understanding what animals eat is clearly an essential component of under standing many ecological issues including energy flow, competition and adaptation. Theoretical and empirical developments in the late 1960's and 1970's led to a new emphasis in the study of foraging behavior, the study of individual animals in both field and laboratory. This development, in turn, led to an explosion of interest in foraging. Part of the reason for this explosion is that when foraging is studied at the individual level, it is relevant to many disciplines. Behaviorists, including ethologists and psychologists, are interested in any attempt to understand behavior. Ecologists know that a better understanding of foraging will contribute to resolving a number of important ecological issues. Anthropologists and others are applying the ideas coming out of the study of foraging behavior to problems within their disciplines. These developments led to a multidisciplinary symposium on foraging behavior, held as part of the 1978 Animal Behavior Society meetings in Seattle, Washington. Many ecologists, ethologists and psychologists participated or attended. The symposium was very successful. generating a high level of excitement. As a result, the participants decided to publish the proceedings of the symposium (Kami1 & Sargent 1981).

Bel Ami Rebels

Author: Bel Ami

Publisher: Bruno Gmuender

ISBN: 9783959852135

Category: Photography

Page: 128

View: 609

The best-selling photo book with the hottest Bel Ami boys by star photographer Joan Crisol now as softcover edition.The stars of the European adult entertainment studio Bel Ami usually look a little more like Love Me Tender than Rebel Yell. �The new softcover edition of the photo book by Spanish celebrity photographer Joan Crisol is proof that they can switch modes at any time. He portrays the handsome boys in bold poses and puts the spotlight on their wild side. �The resulting works are extremely hot and absolutely convincing. With aplomb and appeal, these ever-so-sweet guys show that they have plenty of raw and rampant energy in them after all.

Judges Guild's Bob & Bill

A Cautionary Tale

Author: William Owen

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781503071339


Page: 148

View: 8423

Judges Guild was the first fantasy role playing gaming play aids publisher to popularize Dungeons & Dragons. Updated & expanded, third edition details Judges Guild's founding, first years & author, Bill Owen's time with Bob Bledsaw. A history and gamer/autobiography by Judges Guild co-founder, Bill Owen.Background of Bill Owen as an early wargamer in the 1960s & 1970s * Meeting Bob Bledsaw, our rollicking Dungeons & Dragons campaign days * False start with the forgotten role-playing game system that was out of this world * Personal pictures and scans of one-of-a-kind play aids * Wild ride on the JG tiger particularly from 1976-1978 * Goofs and cautions to warn other gamer entrepreneurs * With Bob after JG and our favorite games * Updated with more text and photos. Featured are scans of Bob's maps: the original Tegel Manor drawn freehand in 1975 and portions of the oldest remaining blueprint draft of City State of the Invincible Overlord from 1976 when it was first called No-Name City, Middle Earth. New text material brings up to date new realizations, found memories, early sales counts and observations of the revival of JG via their successful Wilderlands Kickstarter.Includes photos and scans from 1963-2014, many never seen before publicly, some from Bob Bledsaw Jr. & the JG archive. For this edition, additional text and images were added to the 2008 letter-sized and the 2011 hardback editions. Book is similar to the Kindle 3rd edition but with several added pages of pictures. "Another piece of history from a true gentleman and RPG hobby co-founder." - David W"Great book about the early days." - Jeff G

Tom of Finland

The Art of Pleasure

Author: Micha Ramakas

Publisher: Taschen America Llc

ISBN: 9783822834626

Category: Art

Page: 352

View: 8860

Brawny hunks boasting larger-than-life muscles and skin-tight leather pants... Crotches engorged and nearly ripping apart seams. Men upon men upon men cavorting and indulging nearly every possible fantasy... Tom's men are so hot they're off the Richter scale. Until TASCHEN published the retrospective volume on this master illustrator's work, his drawings had been relegated to the walls of gay bars and adult shops. Our first publication of this book helped Tom's influence as an artist extend far beyond the gay scene. Now this masterwork is finally being made available again, in a more compact format, for any and all to enjoy.

For the Love of Bali

Author: Howard Roffman

Publisher: Bruno Gmunder Verlag

ISBN: 9783867872393

Category: Photography

Page: 128

View: 7046

Never change a winning team - that's the obvious maxim for Howard Roffman, whose photos of the sexy boys of Bel Ami keep pulses racing. This time the amazing beauty is Bali is the backdrop for Roffman's recent profect. His pictures are sensitive and romantic - and they put a focus on Bel Ami's newest faces. Irresistible men like Kevin Warhol and Andre Boleyn are the stars of For the Love of Bali.

Jack Pierson: the Hungry Years

Author: Jack Pierson

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9788862085625

Category: Photography

Page: 104

View: 8616

The Hungry Years collects the early photographs taken by Pierson throughout the 1980s, which, since they were first editioned in 1990, have increasingly captured the attention of the art world. Informed in part by his artistic emergence in the era of AIDS, Pierson's work is moored by melancholy and introspection, yet his images are often buoyed by a celebratory aura of seduction and glamour. Sometimes infused with a sly sense of humor, Pierson's work is inherently autobiographical; often using his friends as his models and referencing traditional Americana motifs, his bright yet distanced imagery reveals the undercurrents of the uncanny in the quotidian. Fueled by the poignancy of emotional experience and by the sensations of memory, obsession, and absence, Pierson's subject is ultimately, as he states, "hope."