Bird Dog

The Instinctive Training Method

Author: Ben O. Williams

Publisher: Willow Creek Press

ISBN: 1607556820

Category: Pets

Page: 192

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Originally published in 2003, this one-of-a-kind dog training book is now available in softcover. Both a training manual and a hunting philosophy, Bird Dog reveals unique and time-tested methods that cultivate a dog's instincts to hunt.

Operation Bird Dog


Author: Jan-Christoph Nüse

Publisher: Gmeiner-Verlag

ISBN: 3839257123

Category: Fiction

Page: 437

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1948. Zwischen den Mächten der Alliierten treten immer deutlicher unterschiedliche Interessen zutage. Deutschland steht vor einer Zerreißprobe. Die Sowjetunion isoliert West-Berlin. Einige Monate nach der Währungsreform wird der Bankier Dr. Victor Wrede tot aufgefunden. Neben ihm liegen seine tote Frau und der bewusstlose Sohn Carl. Jahre später sucht Carl Wrede nach den Gründen für den Tod seiner Eltern. Dabei stößt er auf einen Betrug während der Währungsreform, der bisher unentdeckt blieb. Und auch unentdeckt bleiben sollte.

Speed Train Your Own Bird Dog

Author: Larry Mueller

Publisher: Stackpole Books

ISBN: 9780811723046

Category: Pets

Page: 288

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Offers advice on selecting and caring for a hunting dog, and explains how to train a young dog using food, play and praise to reinforce his conditioning

Breaking a Bird Dog - A Treatise on Training

Author: Horace Lytle

Publisher: Read Books Ltd

ISBN: 1473343453

Category: Pets

Page: 216

View: 537

This vintage book contains a complete guide to training a dog for hunting birds, with chapters on selection and breeding, breaking, psychology, equipment, and much more. Interspersed with personal anecdotes, this highly-readable handbook will appeal to modern hunters, and it would make for a worthy addition to collections of vintage sporting literature. Contents include: "First Days in the Field", "Getting on Game", "Gun-Shyness and Retrieving", "Hunting Quail and Pheasants", "A Successful Pheasant Hunt", "Wonderful Work", "Steadying to Shot and Wing", "A Little Canine Psychology", "Further Facts and Anecdotes", "Finishing Touches", "Things to be Aware Of", etc. Many vintage books such as this are becoming increasingly scarce and expensive. It is with this in mind that we are republishing this volume now in a modern, high-quality edition complete with a specially commissioned new introduction on gun dogs.

The Backward Bird Dog

Author: Bill Wallace

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1442407042

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 112

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What's a Bird Dog to Do? Everyone knows a bird dog leads with his nose. Everyone but J.C. After all, what's a pup supposed to think when he's welcomed to his new home by a cat who thwacks him on the nose with his claws...a dog who bites him on the nose...a bee sting on his you-know-what and a mad mamma bird who attacks the sorest part of his body with her beak? Poor J.C. All he wants is love...cuddling up to My Justin...a good tummy-scratching by My Bill and My Carol. J.C. wants to make his new family proud. But how can he point with a nose everyone wants to attack? There must be a better way...

Bird Dog Days, Wingshooting Ways

Archibald Rutledge's Tales of Upland Hunting

Author: Jim Casada

Publisher: Univ of South Carolina Press

ISBN: 1611176557

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 200

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Archibald Rutledge has long been recognized as one of the finest sporting scribes this country has ever produced. A prolific writer who specialized in stories on nature and hunting, over the course of a long and prolific career Rutledge produced more than fifty books of poetry and prose, held the position of South Carolina’s poet laureate for thirty-three years, and garnered numerous honorary degrees and prizes for his writings. In this revised and expanded edition of Bird Dog Days, Wingshooting Ways, noted outdoor writer Jim Casada draws together Rutledge’s stories on the southern heartland, deer hunting, turkey hunting, and Carolina Christmas hunts and traditions. This collection, first published in 1998, turns to Rutledge’s writings on two subjects near and dear to his heart that he understood with an intimacy growing out of a lifetime of experience—upland bird hunting and hunting dogs. Its contents range from delightful tales of quail and grouse hunts to pieces on special dogs and some of their traits. Bird Dog Days, Wingshooting Ways also includes a long fictional piece, “The Odyssey of Bolio,” which shows that Rutledge’s literary mastery extended beyond simple tales for outdoorsmen.


Philosophy and practice of seismic data quality supervision

Author: J.S. Roy

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9401105359

Category: Psychology

Page: 375

View: 6900

This book describes the methods and attributes required for the compe tent quality control of the data acquisition of a seismic exploration crew operating on land. Although the book is concerned mainly with explo ration for oil and gas reservoirs, and all the topics that are discussed in it are centred on that target, the material is applicable to other areas of seismic exploration such as civil engineering and the search for other minerals. The book comprises the distillation of more than thirty years' experience in geophysical exploration in all its aspects and in many parts of the world. Seismic data acquisition quality supervision is one aspect of geophysical exploration which, although of great importance, has had, so far as the writer is aware, no textbook devoted to it. It is hoped that it will be of interest to anyone who is engaged, in whatever capacity, in geophysical exploration and will help them to attain their goal, which is illustrated in Fig. 1. 1. The term birddog is colloquial in the geophysical exploration industry. It is a convenient shorthand title to describe the person whose full title is, and who acts as, the data acquisition quality control supervisor on a field seismic exploration crew. The term is used also to describe the person who is the client's representative on the field crew. In practice the same person performs both functions on behalf of the client.

Backward bird dog

Author: Carol Wallace,Bill Wallace

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781416951001

Category: Pets

Page: 354

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Complete Guide to Bird Dog Training

Author: John Falk

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 1461748976

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 288

View: 2413

This classic, practical book on bird dog training is now updated and expanded with material on the latest field-training equipment and live-game training techniques with released quail and recall pens. A useful chapter on the services and guidance offered by organizations for owners, amateur trainers, and those who wish to participate in field trials and other bird dog competitions is also included. The Complete Guide to Bird Dog Training covers all pointing and flushing breeds, and also offers sensible approaches to buying a dog, bringing up a pup, yard and field training, and equipment. In addition, the helpful appendices list recommended books and periodicals, other literature, breed registries, organizations, and suppliers of equipment and accessories to help bird dog owners with all of their training needs. Complete with dozens of instructional photographs throughout, The Complete Guide to Bird Dog Training is a gem of a book that any serious new or veteran owner or trainer of bird dogs should get their hands on.

Little Bird Dog and the Big Ship

The Heroes of the Vietnam War: Book One

Author: Marjorie Haun

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1477265295

Category: History

Page: 44

View: 7506

South Vietnamese Airforce Major Bung-Ly narrowly escapes being shot down as he takes off from Con Son Island in his little Cessna Bird Dog. The plane is too heavy to fly for long because his five young children and wife are on board. The invasion of enemies from North Vietnam makes it impossible for him to stay in his beloved country. Brave Bung-Ly loads his terrified wife and children on to the little Bird Dog and desperately heads out to sea, not knowing where he will land, or if there will be a place for him to take his family. Out at sea is the gigantic aircraft carrier, the USS Midway. Bung-Ly spots the ship in the distance, but when he gets closer he sees that its decks are crowded with equipment, helicopters, and hundreds of people. There is no room for him to land his airplane. How will this story end for brave Major Bung-Ly and his family? This true story is one of the amazing tales of heroism and sacrifice from from the Vietnam War.

The Ultimate Guide to Bird Dog Training

A Realistic Approach to Training Close-Working Gun Dogs for Tight Cover Conditions

Author: Jerome B. Robinson

Publisher: Lyons Press

ISBN: 9781592281619

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 264

View: 4489

The perfect book for both beginning and experienced bird dog trainers.

The Adventures of Bird Dog and Friends

Author: Stephen Penberthy

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 1426909772

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 24

View: 9797

The storyline will capture the imagination of children and instill an understanding of friendship, teamwork, old fashioned values, caring, manners, kindness and achievement within a framework of adventure.

Following the Scent

Bird Dogs, Their Handlers, and Field Trialing

Author: Christopher Eckhoff

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1449087000

Category: Nature

Page: 200

View: 4733

Bird dog performance events may not be what many people believe they are. This book takes the reader behind the scenes across the span of two years campaigning. The author reports from chapter to chapter on the progress of two dogs, one already a field champion, the other a dog just getting started in field trials. More importantly, each chapter examines various elements of field trialing not directly connected to the dogs. Most of these elements are common to all breeds of bird dog performance events whether they be the pointing dogs, the flushers or the retrievers. This book looks at the interplay between the clubs sponsoring the events and wildlife managers responsible for the grounds on which they are held. It looks at the friendships and conflicts between dog handlers. This book also looks at the elation of winning field trials, but shows the follies which occur as well, and much more. If you are a hard core field trial handler you will nod your head as you read saying to yourself, boy if that isn't the truth. If you have never been to a bird dog performance event and have wondered what they are really about, this will tell you the story.

The American hunting dog

Author: W.H. Miller

Publisher: Рипол Классик

ISBN: 5877155326

Category: History

Page: 251

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Training the All-Seasons Birddog

Author: James B. Spencer

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781577790594

Category: Pets

Page: 272

View: 4529