Behind the Laughs

Community and Inequality in Comedy

Author: Michael P. Jeffries

Publisher: Stanford University Press

ISBN: 1503602974

Category: Social Science

Page: 240

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Comedy is a brutal business. When comedians define success, they don't talk about money—they talk about not quitting. They work in a business where even big names work for free, and the inequalities of race, class, and gender create real barriers. But they also work in a business where people still believe that hard work and talent lead to the big time. How do people working in comedy sustain these contradictions and keep laughing? In Behind the Laughs, Michael P. Jeffries brings readers into the world of comedy to reveal its dark corners and share its buoyant lifeblood. He draws on conversations with comedians, as well as club owners, bookers, and managers, to show the extraordinary social connections professional humor demands. Not only do comedians have to read their audience night after night, but they must also create lasting bonds across the profession to get gigs in the first place. Comedy is not a meritocracy, and its rewards are not often fame and fortune. Only performers who know the rules of their community are able to make it a career.

Bomber: Behind the Laughter

Author: Herol Graham


ISBN: 1783010673


Page: N.A

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Behind the Laughter

A Comedian’s Tale of Tragedy and Hope

Author: Anthony Griffith,Dr. Brigitte Travis-Griffin

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 0785219811

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 224

View: 1097

A couple’s powerful story of how God comforts us so that we can comfort others. Anthony Griffith, a stand-up comic from Chicago’s South Side, has lived on the borderline of comedy and tragedy. At the very time his career as a stand-up comedian was taking off, and he had finally achieved his dream of appearing on The Tonight Show, he was also enduring an unimaginable personal nightmare: his two-year-old daughter, Brittany Nicole, was dying from cancer. While Anthony performed under bright lights, he struggled not to succumb to the darkness of losing a child. Behind the Laughter asks, When your world is falling apart, how do you keep going? It’s the story of how Anthony and his wife, Brigitte, learned to endure the most painful of times and emerge on the other side of the “zombie years.” This memoir is deeply moving yet also humorous—packed with laughs as Anthony takes us from his gun-toting grandma’s home to Chicago’s white and black comedy clubs, then to Hollywood, and to the world of network television. The surprising twists along Anthony’s path highlight the power of God that goes before us and prepares the way—a truth that later encourages Anthony and Brigitte after Brittany’s death and moves them to reach out and comfort others going through similar difficulties. With humor and deep insights into the human spirit, Behind the Laughter explores the bonds of not only parent and child but also husband and wife. While Anthony and Brigitte’s story is uniquely theirs, it elicits powerful, relatable emotions and lessons that are universal and inspiring.

Behind the Laughter

Author: Michael Czogalla

Publisher: Tectum - Der Wissenschaftsverlag

ISBN: 9783828887374

Category: Popular culture

Page: 136

View: 2759

Die amerikanische Gesellschaft steckt voller Kontroversen. Dazu geh ren auch famili re und religi se Gesichtspunkte des gemeinschaftlichen Lebens. Neben verschiedenen Themen aus Kultur und Politik sind diese Aspekte den Simpsons-Machern besonders wichtig. Der animierte Umgang mit postmodernen Gesellschaftsproblemen ist die verdaulichere Variante, Kritik an einem System zu u ern, das kontroverser kaum sein k nnte. Homer, Bart, Marge, Lisa und Maggie stellen jeder f r sich einen amerikanischen Typus dar, den man in den Springfields' Amerikas nicht lange suchen muss. Neben einer Einf hrung in die Animationsgeschichte und dem Simpsonschen Beitrag zur Popul rkultur, werden anhand von unz hligen Originalzitaten und Szenen der Serie Die Simpsons" verschiedene Kontroversen der amerikanischen Gesellschaft untersucht.

Behind the Laughter, Hidden Tears

Author: Sal Richards

Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing

ISBN: 1609112555

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 170

View: 625

"The true story of entertainer, comedian and actor Sal Richards, a behind the scenes look that reveals the many obstacles he faced while trying to make it in the business for over 50 years."--cover, p. 4.

Behind the Laughter

Author: Sherrie Hewson

Publisher: HarperCollins UK

ISBN: 0007412622

Category: Television actors and actresses

Page: 294

View: 5957

Sherrie Hewson is one of Britain's best loved telly stars. From her dazzling performances in the Carry On films to Russ Abbott's Madhouse, to her favourite character Maureen Holdsworth in Coronation Street to the green hills of Emmerdale, Sherrie's warmth and good humour won her a place in the heart of the nation. And now an adored presenter on Loose Women, which she joined eight years ago, Sherrie has become a friend and confidante to the millions who tune in for her naughty sense of fun, openness and quick wit. But behind the bubbly smile Sherrie has been hiding a secret heartache. After 30 years of marriage, she is finally divorcing the man who cheated on her and squandered all her money, leaving her bankrupt, on the brink of an alcohol problem and suicidal. It has taken her nine years to reach this point; but Sherrie is now ready to share her story - and it's one that at times seems more fitting to a soap opera than real life. From living in a brothel to being ditched at the altar, to living in fear of her stalker to nearly murdering her Corrie co-star (by accident, of course!), to the on- and off-screen lovers, friends and foe, to struggling to conceive her much-loved daughter, Sherrie - a natural storyteller - always manages to see the funny side and tells it like it is with warmth and a cheeky smile. Brimming with brilliantly funny anecdotes and larger-than-life characters, Sherrie: My Story will delight, entertain and, above all, make you laugh.

The Importance of Not Being Earnest

The Feeling Behind Laughter and Humor

Author: Wallace L. Chafe

Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing

ISBN: 9789027241528

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 167

View: 8077

This feeling is a mental state in which people exclude some situation from their knowledge of how the world really is, thereby inhibiting seriousness where seriousness would be counterproductive. Laughter is viewed as an expression of this feeling, and humor as a set of devices designed to trigger it because it is so pleasant and distracting.

The Runaway Witch and the Laughing Bear


Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1493126849

Category: Fiction

Page: 125

View: 8174

David and Nathanial are two very imaginative orphans who lived in two different times. David, who lives in Los Angeles, is a little boy who is held captive in a basement and is later forced into the world of drug dealing. Nathanial, who lives in North America, is a little boy who is forced to carry out dirty deeds for an evil, cynical witch in a dark forest. Faced with many obstacles, the two will have to make some major choices that will determine the outcome in this surreal story. Will these two break free from their captors and find peace within them, or will the darkness take hold and carry on in the world they know as hell?

The Laughing Corpse

An Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter Novel

Author: Laurell K. Hamilton

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101146569

Category: Fiction

Page: 304

View: 895

Animator and vampire hunter Anita Blake is about to discover that some secrets are better left buried?and some people better off dead?


A Tale of Dissociation

Author: Christine Stark

Publisher: Loving Healing Press

ISBN: 161599050X

Category: Fiction

Page: 233

View: 4332

Nickels follows a biracial girl named "Little Miss So and So," from age 4-1/2 into adulthood. Told in a series of prose poems, Nickels' lyrical and inventive language conveys the dissociative states born of a world formed by persistent and brutal incest and homophobia.The dissociative states enable the child's survival and, ultimately, the adult's healing. The story is both heartbreaking and triumphant.

Laughing Gas, Viagra, and Lipitor

The Human Stories behind the Drugs We Use

Author: Jie Jack Li

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780195345766

Category: Science

Page: 336

View: 3033

The stories behind drug discovery are fascinating, full of human and scientific interest. This is a book on the history of drug discovery that highlights the intellectual splendor of discoverers as well as the human frailty associated them. History is replete with examples of breakthrough medicines that have saved millions of lives. Ether as an anesthetic by Morton; penicillin as an antibiotic by Fleming; and insulin as an anti-diabetic by Banting are just a few examples. The discoverers of these medicines are doubtlessly benefactors to mankind--for instance, without penicillin, 75% of us probably would not be alive because some of our parents or grandparents would have succumbed to infections. Dr. Jack Li, a medicinal chemist who is intimately involved with drug discovery, has assembled an astounding amount of facts and information behind important drugs through extensive literature research and interviews with many inventors of the drugs including Viagra and Lipitor. There have been many myths and inaccuracies associated with those legendary drugs. The inventors perspectives afforded this book an invaluable accuracy and insight because history is not history unless it is true. The text is supplemented by many anecdotes, pictures and postage stamps. Both specialist and layman will find Laughing Gas, Viagra, and Lipitor informative and entertaining. Students in chemistry, pharmacy, and medicine, workers in healthcare and high school science teachers will find this book most useful.

Behind the Seen

How Walter Murch Edited Cold Mountain Using Apple's Final Cut Pro and What This Means for Cinema

Author: Charles Koppelman

Publisher: New Riders

ISBN: 0133786668

Category: Photography

Page: 360

View: 9053

The first volume to reveal the post-production process of a major motion picture (Cold Mountain) edited entirely in Final Cut Pro! Offers a rare inside glimpse at the creative process of one of cinema's giants: threetime Academy Award-winning editor Walter Murch. Includes anecdotes from the director, edit staff, and producers; photos, emails, and journal entries from Murch; and behind-the-scenes insights. Accounts from Apple's Final Cut Pro team about what they think about the future of it in feature films. As the first software-only desktop nonlinear editing system, Final Cut Pro sat the film industry on its ear when it debuted back in 1999. Now it's shaking things up again as editor Walter Murch, director Anthony Minghella, and a long list of Hollywood heavy-hitters are proving that this under-$1,000 software can (and should) be used to edit a multi-million dollar motion picture! This book tells the story of that endeavor: the decision to use Final Cut Pro, the relationship between the technology and art (and craft) of movie-making, how Final Cut Pro was set up and configured for Cold Mountain, how the software's use affected the work flow, and its implications for the future of filmmaking. More than anything, however, this is Murch's own story of what seemed to many a crazy endeavor-- told through photos, journal entries, email musings, and anecdotes that give readers an inside view of what the film editor does and how this particular film progressed through post-production. The book includes, in his own words, Murch's vision, approach, and thoughts on storytelling as he shapes Cold Mountain under the intense pressures of completing a major studio film.

70% Acrylic 30% Wool

Author: Viola Di Grado

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1609458613

Category: Fiction

Page: 192

View: 6814

Winner - Campiello First Novel Award; Finalist – The Strega Prize for Fiction. Camelia is a young Italian woman who lives with her mother in Leeds, a city where it is always December and winter has been underway for such a long time that nobody is old enough to have seen what came before. She’s dropped out of university and translates instruction manuals for an Italian washing machine manufacturer; her mother, Livia Mega, once a renowned flautist, spends her days inside taking photographs of holes she finds in the house. Camelia and her mother communicate in a language of their own invention, in which words play no part. The lives of these two women have been undone by a calamity in their recent past, and there seems little or no possibility of ever finding their way back to a normal life. But one day Camelia meets Wen, a local shop owner. To win Camelia’s affections, Wen begins teaching her Chinese ideograms. Through this new language of signs and subtle variations Camelia learns to see the world anew and, in it, a chance for renewal. Stylistically innovative, linguistically thrilling, 70% Acrylic, 30% Wool announces the arrival of an exceptional new talent. A most unusual love story, one as unpredictable as the human heart itself, 70% Acrylic, 30% Wool is funny at times, bittersweet at others. It will find admirers among readers of Karen Russell and Jennifer Egan.

Beyond the Outer Limits

Author: James R. Mori

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595603017

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

View: 4413

WHAT IS THE FORCE That drove them on foot across the land bridge from Asia to the New World long before recorded history? That keeps Joshua Warden on the wagon train headed to the California gold fields after losing so much? That is found in a shovel full of prairie soil-demanding that Amos Krebbs put down roots? That directs Stephano Romano's return to the sea? That moved Harry Krebbs from the Kansas prairie and focuses his eyes and those of his astronaut son, Alan, on the far horizon and beyond? That keeps the feet of industrialist Gilbert Krebbs and Congressman Bobby Dobbson firmly planted in the center? That drives a Monarch butterfly across a thousand miles of desert and mountains to a tiny spot on the California coast, where she has never been, but where she must return? That guides the sleek gray fish and the badly wounded Steve Romano to seek refuge in the Sea of Cortez? That fuels William Henry Stitt and his great grandson in their unending quest for knowledge? WHAT IS THE FORCE?

Longarm #408

Longarm and the Sins of Laughing Lyle

Author: Tabor Evans

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 110161210X

Category: Fiction

Page: 192

View: 6820

Longarm braces a cackling killer… There's nothing funny about the cold-blooded crimes of the bank robber and murderer known as Laughing Lyle May. After he robbed the Stoneville bank, he trapped the tellers and patrons inside—and set the place ablaze. Now, Deputy Marshal Custis Long is on the heinous hyena's trail, tracking him to a little town called Nowhere. There he discovers Lyle—wounded and unconscious on a doctor's table—but the stolen loot is nowhere to be found. No one seems to have seen the cash, though an amorous preacher's daughter offers to let the lawman search her. Longarm is sure someone is up to some funny business, and he's determined to make sure they don't have the last laugh…

Reflections Behind the Retina

Author: John Guzman

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1465309454

Category: History

Page: 607

View: 8147

Reflections Behind the Retina is an account of actual events during the civil war in El Salvador. A series of short stories records the political restrictions and rules of engagement placed on the U.S. military, as well as the dangers faced from the Salvadoran left and right political camps. The official denial by the United States government of the combat role and deaths of U.S. military personnel is exposed throughout the text. A brief Salvadoran military history prepares the reader for what follows. Except for national leaders, the names of the characters in the text have been changed.

The Billionaire's Masquerade

Author: Elizabeth Lennox

Publisher: Elizabeth Lennox

ISBN: 1940134706

Category: Fiction

Page: 150

View: 4122

Growing up in poverty made a lasting impression on Rachel. As a result, she is determined to never again go through the pain and humiliation of being poor. The first step in her strategy for wealth and success is an internship with the reclusive Emerson Watson, investment broker extraordinaire. Learning his strategies will take her to the top – exactly where she wants to be! What she doesn’t anticipate is finding “Jack” along the way. A simple handyman, he makes her laugh and sigh with pleasure. He makes her forget her goals. But with his meager lifestyle, Jack cannot be in her future. Emerson Jackson Watson spies the lovely Rachel coming around the corner in her sexy, red heels. And he promises himself that he is going to have her. Unfortunately, the lovely Rachel is looking for the other side of him – the side he doesn’t want to show her. She wants Emerson – the debonair wizard of Wall Street – when he knows what she really needs is Jack – the down-to-earth jack of all trades. How can he show her that the life she thinks she wants isn’t what she needs? That she needs him…

Beyond the Burning Lands

Author: John Christopher

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 148141996X

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 272

View: 8324

Luke encounters rage, treachery, and revenge in the second book in the post-apocalyptic Sword of the Spirits trilogy from the author of The Tripods series. As the Prince in Waiting, Luke has been protected by the High Seers since his father’s murder and his half-brother’s ascension to the throne of Winchester. But after hiding for months in the underground Sanctuary, Luke discovers a shocking secret: in a world where mechanical devices have been forbidden, the Seers themselves are secret technologists. Now restless, Luke seizes the chance to explore the world around him. His quest leads him to unimaginable dangers and unexpected delights...but the most dangerous part of his journey awaits him at home.

The Curtain With the Knot In It / The Laughing Academy (Storycuts)

Author: Shena Mackay

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1448128226

Category: Fiction

Page: 24

View: 5749

In 'The Curtain with the Knot in It', the tube-and-bus journey to the Daffodil ward of Croxted Memorial Hospital consumes Alice's existence as she visits her ailing father. But a sinister string of coincidences and self-fulfilling prophecies, triggered by Alice's innocent act of kindness towards the strangely infantile staff member Pauline, leads to devastating consequences. In 'The Laughing Academy', Vincent McCloud, a failed pop-star, leaves his late mother's Glasgow flat for the last time. Stewing in bitterness and grief, his mind focuses on the smug face of his former manager, Delves, who is the cause of his dying career. Nursing his anger, Vincent decides to pay a visit to Delves' Bexhill home. However, when he arrives at Delves' abode and is greeted by the manager's neglected, disturbed wife, thoughts of revenge quickly leave Vincent's mind. Part of the Storycuts series, these two stories were previously published in the collection The Atmospheric Railway.