AppleScript in a Nutshell

A Desktop Quick Reference

Author: Bruce W. Perry

Publisher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."

ISBN: 9781565928411

Category: Computers

Page: 499

View: 4963

Introduces AppleScript and Script Editor fundamentals while offering a core language reference and instructions for scripting Mac OS 9 and 9.1 programs as well as Mac's control panels and extensions.

Mac OS X in a Nutshell

Author: Jason McIntosh,Chuck Toporek,Chris Stone

Publisher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."

ISBN: 9780596003708

Category: Computers

Page: 801

View: 6815

Complete overview of Mac OS Jaguar (Mac OS X 10.2) including basic system and network administration features, hundreds of tips and tricks, with an overview of Mac OS X's Unix text editors and CVS.

Mac OS X Panther in a Nutshell

Author: Chuck Toporek,Chris Stone,Jason McIntosh

Publisher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."

ISBN: 9780596006068

Category: Computers

Page: 1025

View: 5603

A guide to the operating system covers such topics as system preferences, using Finder and Dock, the FileVault system, Unix commands, and CVS.

Designing with Javascript

Creating Dynamic Web Pages

Author: Nick Heinle,Bill Peña

Publisher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."

ISBN: 9781565923607

Category: Computers

Page: 216

View: 8443

A guide for beginners offers an overview of JavaScript basics and explains how to create Web pages, identify browsers, and integrate sound, graphics, and animation into Web applications

XML in a Nutshell

A Desktop Quick Reference

Author: Elliotte Rusty Harold,W. Scott Means

Publisher: Oreilly & Associates Incorporated

ISBN: 9780596000585

Category: Computers

Page: 480

View: 9817

A reference to the fundamental rules of XML details tags, grammar, placement, element names, attributes, and syntax.

Beginning Shell Scripting

Author: Eric Foster-Johnson,John C. Welch,Micah Anderson

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0764597914

Category: Computers

Page: 528

View: 3979

Covering all major platforms-Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, and Windows-this guide shows programmers and power users how to customize an operating system, automate commands, and simplify administration tasks using shell scripts Offers complete shell-scripting instructions, robust code examples, and full scripts for OS customization Covers shells as a user interface, basic scripting techniques, script editing and debugging, graphing data, and simplifying administrative tasks In addition to Unix and Linux scripting, the book covers the latest Windows scripting techniques and offers a complete tutorial on Mac OS X scripting, including detailed coverage of mobile file systems, legacy applications, Mac text editors, video captures, and the Mac OS X Open Scripting Architecture

MAC OS in a Nutshell

A Power User's Quick Reference

Author: Rita F. Lewis

Publisher: Oreilly & Associates Incorporated

ISBN: 9781565925335

Category: Computers

Page: 376

View: 8286

Explains how to customize and troubleshoot the most recent version of the Mac operating system, covering the Mac interface, system maintenance, desktop publishing, Sherlock, networking, and creating themes.

Learn AppleScript

The Comprehensive Guide to Scripting and Automation on Mac OS X

Author: Hamish Sanderson,Hanaan Rosenthal,Ian Piper,Barry Wainwright,Emmanuel Levy,Harald Monihart,Craig Williams,Shane Stanley

Publisher: Apress

ISBN: 1430223626

Category: Computers

Page: 1104

View: 9713

AppleScript is an English-like, easy-to-understand scripting language built into every Mac. AppleScript can automate hundreds of AppleScript-able applications, performing tasks both large and small, complex and simple. Learn AppleScript: The Comprehensive Guide to Scripting and Automation on Mac OS X, Third Edition has been completely updated for Mac OS X Snow Leopard. It's all here, with an emphasis on practical information that will help you solve any automation problem—from the most mundane repetitive tasks to highly integrated workflows of complex systems. Friendly enough for beginners, detailed enough for advanced AppleScripters Includes major contributions from expert AppleScripters: Emmanuel Levy, Harald Monihart, Ian Piper, Shane Stanley, Barry Wainwright, Craig Williams, and foreword by AppleScript inventor, William Cook

UNIX in a nutshell

deutsche Ausgabe für SVR4 und Solaris 7

Author: Arnold Robbins

Publisher: O'Reilly Verlag DE

ISBN: 9783897211933

Category: Operating systems (Computers)

Page: 614

View: 5749


Learning Unix for Mac OS X

Author: Dave Taylor,Jerry Peek

Publisher: O'Reilly Media

ISBN: 9780596003425

Category: Computers

Page: 139

View: 8819

Now that your favorite operating system, Mac OS X, has Unix under the hood, it's the perfect time for you to uncover its capabilities. Learning Unix for Mac OS X is designed to teach Unix basics to traditional Macintosh users. This book tells you what to do when you're faced with that empty command line. Learn how to: • Launch and configure the Terminal application • Customize your shell environment • Manage files and directories • Successfully print from the Unix command line • Edit and create files with the vi editor • Perform remote logins • Access Internet functions • Understand pipes and filters • Use background processing • Send and receive mail As you're learning these concepts, you'll find all the common commands simply explained with accompanying examples, exercises, and opportunities for experimentation. You might just find yourself turning to the Terminal application for greater efficiency on a particular task, then immediately switching to the graphical interface when you need to utilize its advantages. And with Mac OS X, you can have the best of both worlds.

Frag immer erst: warum

Wie Top-Firmen und Führungskräfte zum Erfolg inspirieren

Author: Simon Sinek

Publisher: Redline Wirtschaft

ISBN: 3864146518

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 224

View: 9791

Am Beginn einer jeden Erfolgsgeschichte steht eine einfache Frage: Warum? Warum sind manche Organisationen profitabler als andere? Warum werden einige Führungskräfte von ihren Mitarbeitern mehr geschätzt und andere weniger? Warum sind manche Menschen in der Lage, immer und immer wieder erfolgreich zu sein? In seinem Bestseller, der nun zum ersten Mal in deutscher Sprache erscheint, zeigt Simon Sinek, dass erfolgreiche Persönlichkeiten wie Martin Luther King Jr. oder Steve Jobs alle nach demselben, natürlichen Muster dachten, handelten und kommunizierten. Am Anfang ihres Wirkens stand immer die Frage nach dem Warum. Mit diesem Ansatz schafften sie es, bedeutende Dinge zu vollbringen und darüber hinaus ihre Mitstreiter zu inspirieren. Sich an diesen Vorbildern orientierend, gibt Sinek in seinem Ratgeber nun Führungskräften, Unternehmen, aber auch Privatpersonen einen Leitfaden an die Hand, der zum endgültigen Erfolg verhilft. Dabei erklärt er das so erfolgreiche Muster, welches dem goldenen Schnitt ähnlich ist, und auf den drei elementaren Fragen basiert: Warum? Wie? Was? Dadurch eröffnen sich dem Leser völlig neue Möglichkeiten und er wird lernen, dass die Motivierung von Mitarbeitern viel zielführender ist als ihre Manipulation! Und dies geht ganz einfach: einfach »Warum?« fragen.

QuarkXPress 6 Bible

Author: Galen Gruman,Barbara Assadi

Publisher: Visual

ISBN: 9780764541155

Category: Computers

Page: 1024

View: 6009

* Cross-platform coverage for Mac and Windows versions; covers the long-awaited upgrade of QuarkXPress, which will be compatible with Mac OS X * Written from the perspective of the real-world designer or production specialist, this book uses visual examples to explain how to use the program in the context of real work * Addresses all significant aspects of QuarkXPress, including color print-ing, online publishing, workflow considerations, cross-platform exchange, source file preparation, printed output, and much more * Covers new features and tools for publishing to print, Web, and mobile devices * Includes a Quick Start section to get readers up and running by creating an actual project, plus an all-new tear-out reference card * QuarkXPress has been by far the world's leading page composition tool since the early 1990s, with an installed base estimated at more than three million

Mac OS X Pocket Guide

Author: Chuck Toporek

Publisher: Oreilly & Associates Incorporated

ISBN: 9780596004583

Category: Computers

Page: 141

View: 9094

Explains what has changed from Mac OS 9, how to configure the system using the System Preferences, how to issue basic Unix commands using the Terminal application, and helps new Mac users adjust.

Incident Response

Author: Kenneth R. Van Wyk,Richard Forno

Publisher: Oreilly & Associates Incorporated

ISBN: 9780596001308

Category: Computers

Page: 214

View: 3974

"Incident Response is a complete guide for organizations of all sizes and types who are addressing their computer security issues."--BOOK JACKET.

Apple Training Series

AppleScript 1-2-3

Author: Sal Soghoian,Bill Cheeseman

Publisher: Peachpit Press

ISBN: 9780321648792

Category: Computers

Page: 896

View: 1576

We know what you’re thinking. You’ve heard about AppleScript. You’ve heard that it can do amazing things. You’ve heard that it can automate away the tiring, redundant, repetitive tasks you do with the computer. All true. But you’re not sure about what’s involved with using it. Is it difficult? Is it programming? After all, you’re just a better-than average computer user. You know what you know, and your expertise serves you pretty well. But recently you’ve reached the point of asking yourself “Is there a better way?” The answer is “Yes.” And relax, you just got lucky. This book is for you. If you’ve never written a single line of computer code–this book is for you. If the most technical thing you do on the computer is calculate a column in Excel–this book is for you. If you’re tired of doing the same thing over and over–this book is for you. It’s about being motivated to explore, understand, and take advantage of the tools you already own. AppleScript is free–the only price for its use is your desire to finally sit down and take a few moments to absorb and activate its magic. This book starts at square one and walks you through the process of understanding and writing AppleScript–step by step, one concept at a time–until you find yourself suddenly creating powerful and useful automated solutions. And the lessons in this book are based on a decade of experience teaching hands-on classes to folks just like you. You can do this. You can become Master of your Computer Universe! Still don’t believe us? Open the first chapter and start reading. You’ll see.

Mac OS X Tiger Unleashed

Author: John Ray,William Ray

Publisher: Sams Publishing


Category: Computers

Page: 1534

View: 4393

Guides readers through Mac OS X Tiger, covering such topics as installation, working with applications and utilities, searching the Internet, using AppleScript, network settings, the BSD subsystem, and Web programming.

Mac OS X Pocket Reference

Author: Chuck Toporek

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780596003463

Category: Electronic books

Page: 115

View: 6356

Apple's new operating system, Mac OS X, is reaching a critical mass. Its sleek Aqua interface, combined with a powerful BSD Unix core, bring usability and stability to a new level. As companies start to migrate to Mac OS X from earlier versions of the Mac OS and from other flavors of Unix, IT managers are looking for a quick reference guide to get users started quickly; this Pocket Reference is that guide. TheMac OS X Pocket Referenceintroduces Mac, Windows, and Unix users to the fundamental concepts of Mac OS X. The book will show you how to use the Finder and the Dock, as well as how to configure your system using the System Preferences. Because Mac OS X is Unix-based, theMac OS X Pocket Referenceshows you how to issue basic Unix commands using the Terminal application. Topics covered in this book include: How to configure your Mac OS X system How to use the Finder and the Dock An overview of keyboard shortcuts for use with the GUI and the Terminal How to create special characters and symbols The book starts out with a "Mac OS X Survival Guide," which shows Mac users what's changed from Mac OS 9, and also helps Windows and Unix converts get acclimated with their new OS. TheMac OS X Pocket Referenceconcludes with a 30+-page "Task and Setting" index, which answers questions that users might have when trying to configure their system. This handy pocket reference is the ultimate guide for newcomers to Mac OS X, and is a great companion for use with David Pogue's Mac OS X: The Missing Manual.

Mac OS X Tiger in a nutshell

Author: Andy Lester,Chuck Toporek,Chris Stone,Jason McIntosh

Publisher: O'Reilly Media, Inc.

ISBN: 9780596009434

Category: Computers

Page: 498

View: 7165

Complete overview of Mac OS Jaguar (Mac OS X 10.2) including basic system and network administration features, hundreds of tips and tricks, with an overview of Mac OS X's Unix text editors and CVS.

AppleScript for Applications

Author: Ethan Wilde

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780201716139

Category: Computers

Page: 460

View: 6886

Offers a tutorial for using Apple's scripting language to increase productivity, script workflow projects, build custom graphics, and integrate data from FileMaker Pro.