An Introduction to Invariants and Moduli

Author: Shigeru Mukai,Mukai Shigeru

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521809061

Category: Mathematics

Page: 503

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Incorporated in this volume are the first two books in Mukai's series on Moduli Theory. The notion of a moduli space is central to geometry. However, it's influence is not confined there; for example the theory of moduli spaces is a crucial ingredient in the proof of Fermat's last theorem. An accurate account of Mukai's influential Japanese texts, this tranlation will be a valuable resource for researchers and graduate students working in a range of areas.

Trends in Representation Theory of Algebras and Related Topics

Author: Andrzej Skowroński

Publisher: European Mathematical Society

ISBN: 9783037190623

Category: Mathematics

Page: 710

View: 7102

This book is concerned with recent trends in the representation theory of algebras and its exciting interaction with geometry, topology, commutative algebra, Lie algebras, quantum groups, homological algebra, invariant theory, combinatories, model theory and theoretical physics. The collection of articles, written by leading researchers in the field, is conceived as a sort of handbook providing easy access to the present state of knowledge and stimulating further development.

Developments and Retrospectives in Lie Theory

Algebraic Methods

Author: Geoffrey Mason,Ivan Penkov,Joseph A. Wolf

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319098047

Category: Mathematics

Page: 397

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The Lie Theory Workshop, founded by Joe Wolf (UC, Berkeley), has been running for over two decades. These workshops have been sponsored by the NSF, noting the talks have been seminal in describing new perspectives in the field covering broad areas of current research. At the beginning, the top universities in California and Utah hosted the meetings which continue to run on a quarterly basis. Experts in representation theory/Lie theory from various parts of the US, Europe, Asia (China, Japan, Singapore, Russia), Canada, and South and Central America were routinely invited to give talks at these meetings. Nowadays, the workshops are also hosted at universities in Louisiana, Virginia, and Oklahoma. The contributors to this volume have all participated in these Lie theory workshops and include in this volume expository articles which cover representation theory from the algebraic, geometric, analytic, and topological perspectives with also important connections to math physics. These survey articles, review and update the prominent seminal series of workshops in representation/Lie theory mentioned-above, and reflects the widespread influence of those workshops in such areas as harmonic analysis, representation theory, differential geometry, algebraic geometry, number theory, and mathematical physics. Many of the contributors have had prominent roles in both the classical and modern developments of Lie theory and its applications.

Cohomological and Geometric Approaches to Rationality Problems

New Perspectives

Author: Fedor Bogomolov,Yuri Tschinkel

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9780817649340

Category: Mathematics

Page: 314

View: 9582

Rationality problems link algebra to geometry, and the difficulties involved depend on the transcendence degree of $K$ over $k$, or geometrically, on the dimension of the variety. A major success in 19th century algebraic geometry was a complete solution of the rationality problem in dimensions one and two over algebraically closed ground fields of characteristic zero. Such advances has led to many interdisciplinary applications to algebraic geometry. This comprehensive book consists of surveys of research papers by leading specialists in the field and gives indications for future research in rationality problems. Topics discussed include the rationality of quotient spaces, cohomological invariants of quasi-simple Lie type groups, rationality of the moduli space of curves, and rational points on algebraic varieties. This volume is intended for researchers, mathematicians, and graduate students interested in algebraic geometry, and specifically in rationality problems. Contributors: F. Bogomolov; T. Petrov; Y. Tschinkel; Ch. Böhning; G. Catanese; I. Cheltsov; J. Park; N. Hoffmann; S. J. Hu; M. C. Kang; L. Katzarkov; Y. Prokhorov; A. Pukhlikov

Actions and Invariants of Algebraic Groups

Author: Walter Ricardo Ferrer Santos,Alvaro Rittatore

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1351644777

Category: Mathematics

Page: 479

View: 7696

Actions and Invariants of Algebraic Groups, Second Edition presents a self-contained introduction to geometric invariant theory starting from the basic theory of affine algebraic groups and proceeding towards more sophisticated dimensions." Building on the first edition, this book provides an introduction to the theory by equipping the reader with the tools needed to read advanced research in the field. Beginning with commutative algebra, algebraic geometry and the theory of Lie algebras, the book develops the necessary background of affine algebraic groups over an algebraically closed field, and then moves toward the algebraic and geometric aspects of modern invariant theory and quotients.

The Geometry of Moduli Spaces of Sheaves

A Publication of the Max-Planck-Institut für Mathematik, Bonn

Author: Daniel Huybrechts,Manfred Lehn

Publisher: Vieweg+Teubner Verlag

ISBN: 9783663116257

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 270

View: 7006

This book is intended to serve as an introduction to the theory of semistable sheaves and at the same time to provide a survey of recent research results on the geometry of moduli spaces. The first part introduces the basic concepts in the theory: Hilbert polynomial, slope, stability, Harder-Narasimhan filtration, Grothendieck's Quot-scheme. It presents detailed proofs of the Grauert-Mülich Theorem, the Bogomolov Inequality, the semistability of tensor products, and the boundedness of the family of semistable sheaves. It also gives a self-contained account of the construction of moduli spaces of semistable sheaves on a projective variety à la Gieseker, Maruyama, and Simpson. The second part presents some of the recent results of the geometry of moduli spaces of sheaves on an algebraic surface, following work of Mukai, O'Grady, Gieseker, Li and many others. In particular, moduli spaces of sheaves on K3 surfaces and determinant line bundles on the moduli spaces are treated in some detail. Other topics include the Serre correspondence, restriction of stable bundles to curves, symplectic structures, irreducibility and Kodaira-dimension of moduli spaces.

Winter School on Mirror Symmetry, Vector Bundles, and Lagrangian Submanifolds

Proceedings of the Winter School on Mirror Symmetry, January 1999, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Author: Cumrun Vafa

Publisher: American Mathematical Soc.

ISBN: 9780821821596

Category: Mathematics

Page: 377

View: 1341

The collection of articles in this volume are based on l ectures presented during the Winter School on Mirror Symmetry held at Harvard University. There are many new directions suggested by mirror symmetry which could potentially have very rich connections in physics and mathematics. This book brings together the latest research in a major area of mathematical physics, including the recent progress in mirror manifolds and Lagrangian submanifolds. In particular, several articles describing homological approach and related topics are included. Other AMS titles edited by S.-T Yau published in the AMS/IP Studies in Advanced Mathematics series include, Mirror Symmetry III, Volume 10, Mirror symmetry II, Volume 1, and Mirror Symmetry I, Volume 9.

Proceedings of the International Colloquium on Algebraic Groups and Homogeneous Spaces

Mumbai 2004

Author: V. B. Mehta

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9788173198021

Category: Mathematics

Page: 543

View: 4603

The area of Algebraic Groups and Homogeneous Spaces is one area in which major advances have been made in recent decades. This volume contains articles by several leading experts in central topics in the area, including representation theory in characteristic p, combinatorial representation theory, flag varieties, Schubert varieties, vector bundles, loop groups and Kac-Moody Lie algebras, Galois cohomology of algebraic groups, and Tannakian categories. In addition to original papers in these areas, the volume includes a survey on representation theory in characteristic p by H. Andersen and an article by T.A. Springer on Armand Borel's work in algebraic groups and Lie groups.

Formes Automorphes (I): Questions about slopes of modular forms

Author: Jacques Tilouine,Institut Henri Poincaré. Centre Émile Borel,Centre Émile Borel

Publisher: N.A


Category: Automorphic forms

Page: 410

View: 9901

This volume is the first of a series of two devoted to automorphic forms from a geometric and arithmetic point of view. They also deal with certain parts of the Langlands program. The themes treated in this volume include $p$-adic modular forms, the local Langlands correspondence for $GL(n)$, the cohomology of Shimura varieties, their reduction modulo $p$, and their stratification by Newton polygons. The book is suitable for graduate students and research mathematicians interested in number theory, algebra, and algebraic geometry.

Topics in Metric Fixed Point Theory

Author: Kazimierz Goebel,W. A. Kirk

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521382892

Category: Mathematics

Page: 244

View: 3457

Metric Fixed Point Theory has proved a flourishing area of research for many mathematicians. This book aims to offer the mathematical community an accessible, self-contained account which can be used as an introduction to the subject and its development. It will be understandable to a wide audience, including non-specialists, and provide a source of examples, references and new approaches for those currently working in the subject.

The Ricci Flow

Techniques and Applications

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: Global differential geometry

Page: N.A

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Number theory

New York seminar 1989-1990

Author: David Chudnovsky

Publisher: Springer Verlag

ISBN: 9780387976709

Category: Mathematics

Page: 275

View: 1708

This is a volume of papers presented at the New York Number Theory Seminar. Since 1982, the Seminar has been meeting weekly during the academic year at the Graduate School and University Center of the City University of New York. This collection of papers covers a wide area of number theory, particularly modular functions, algebraic and diophantine geometry, and computational number theory.

Reviews in Number Theory, 1984-96

As Printed in Mathematical Reviews

Author: N.A

Publisher: Amer Mathematical Society

ISBN: 9780821809372

Category: Mathematics

Page: 1012

View: 6566

These six volumes include approximately 20,000 reviews of items in number theory that appeared in Mathematical Reviews between 1984 and 1996. This is the third such set of volumes in number theory. The first was edited by W.J. LeVeque and included reviews from 1940-1972; the second was edited by R.K. Guy and appeared in 1984.

Ebene algebraische Kurven

Author: Egbert Brieskorn,Horst Knörrer

Publisher: N.A


Category: Mathematics

Page: 964

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The Geometry and Physics of Knots

Author: Michael Francis Atiyah

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521395540

Category: Mathematics

Page: 78

View: 4654

Deals with an area of research that lies at the crossroads of mathematics and physics. The material presented here rests primarily on the pioneering work of Vaughan Jones and Edward Witten relating polynomial invariants of knots to a topological quantum field theory in 2+1 dimensions. Professor Atiyah presents an introduction to Witten's ideas from the mathematical point of view. The book will be essential reading for all geometers and gauge theorists as an exposition of new and interesting ideas in a rapidly developing area.