Intricate Flower Ornaments: Adult Coloring Books Flowers

Author: Jupiter Kids

Publisher: Jupiter Kids

ISBN: 9781683052586

Category: Games

Page: 106

View: 2749

Who would ever get tired of coloring flowers? They come in many shapes and forms, and you're free to color them as you like because they will still look beautiful! The intricacies and complexities of these images will train your to focus and to lengthen your patience, as well. You can mix colors together and if you like the result, then you can rip a page and have it framed. Start coloring today!

Adult Coloring Books: Animals

45 Stress Relieving Animal Coloring Designs

Author: Hobby Habitat Books

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781522839545


Page: 96

View: 6111

Adult Coloring Books: Stress Relieving Animal Patterns45 Beautiful Animals Coloring Pages Featuring 45 stunning images of animals from USA, Europe, Australia and even Antarctica, Adult Coloring Books: Animals Designs contains images of horses, wolves, bears, deer, raccoons, lions, giraffes, hippos, pandas, koalas and even the mysterious duck bill platypus. Simply relax, sit down and enjoy coloring your favorite animals, let the stress just flow away. With our books you can use pencils, markers, crayons or water colors. Here are just some of the 'Adult Coloring Books: Animals Patterns' features: A collection of 45 beautiful animal images. Design complexity ranges from coloring novice, to expert. Perfect for relaxation and stress relief. One page - one pattern print, so your colors won't run into another page. 8x10" large print size. Provides hours of fun and creativity. High resolution images! Relax and relieve stress with Adult Coloring Books: Animals and start coloring today!Click on "Look Inside" to find out more!

Adult Colouring Books

Mandala for a Stress Relieving Experience

Author: Pegasus Coloring Book

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781542337311


Page: 130

View: 4173

MANDALA COLOURING FOR ADULTS | Amazing Mandalas This beautiful Mandala Colouring Book will offer you countless hours of relaxation. Mandala means "circle" and "center" in the ancient Sanskrit language. The circular shapes of mandalas have the power to balance the energies of your body, promote relaxation & enhance your creativity. It perfectly fall under the category of adult colouring books zen. The mandala is created from a centred point, from which everything is possible. Colouring a mandala means that you are in need to express your desire for healing and wellness. Either you have a quest to restore your inner peace or you would simply like to express your artistic talent, the mandalas will help you achieve it. What should I expect in this adult colouring book? 60 wonderful mandalas to colour. From medium to very intricate designs for a pleasant experience. White background for every design. One-sided pages with enough space to cut off the page if needed. NOW ON SALE Regular Price: 9.99� | SAVE 2.00�, 20% OFF | Limited time only Through the 60 mandalas offered in this beautiful colouring book, you will feel the power it brings out from you when enjoying the peaceful moment between you and your drawing. In a quite environment, with a warm cup of herbal tea and maybe relaxing music, open your book and start colouring. Don't wait up, buy this book and start enjoying the mandalas... Scroll up and click on the buy button. TAGS: adult colouring books, adult colouring books mandalas, adult colouring books zen, adult colouring books UK, colouring books for adults, mandala colouring book, mandala colouring adults, mandala colouring for adults, mandala colouring for grown ups, colouring books for grown ups, colouring for adults, colouring books patterns, stress relief colouring book, mandala, mandalas, stress relief, relaxation.

Black Background Adult Coloring Book

60 Coloring Pages Featuring Mandalas, Geometric Designs, Flowers and Repeat Patterns with Stunning Black Backgrounds

Author: Jenean Morrison

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780692673034


Page: 126

View: 6075

Enjoy a compilation of 60 coloring pages from Jenean Morrison's Adult Coloring Book series-- now with stunning black backgrounds! In this book, you'll find 10 coloring pages from each of Jenean's 6 best-selling books. Coloring pages include geometrics, floral designs, repeat patterns, mandalas, butterflies and birds. Connect with Jenean on [email protected] share your colored pages and for creative coloring inspiration. Grown-ups as well as older kids and teens are loving this book, and you will, too!

The Mindful Mandala Coloring Book

Inspiring Designs for Contemplation, Meditation and Healing

Author: Lisa Tenzin-Dolma

Publisher: Watkins Media Limited

ISBN: 1780289197

Category: Games & Activities

Page: 216

View: 2859

Viewed as the key to self-knowledge and inner peace in Eastern traditions, a mandala is a symbolic spiritual image which, when meditated on, can bring about profound transformation. Featuring imagery from a range of spiritual and religious traditions, as well as from the natural world, this wonderful book offers a superb collection of black and white mandala artworks for you to colour in, plus guided meditations for every image, and a further section of basic line templates for you to create your own mandala designs.

Fairies Coloring Book for Adults

An Adult Coloring Book of 40 Fairies and Magical Woodland Fairy Designs by a Variety of Artists

Author: Adult Coloring World

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781523222810


Page: 82

View: 1946

Get fantastic value for money with this huge Fairy Coloring Book!These expertly illustrated fairy designs will provide hour upon hour of entertainment! This fairy coloring book contains 40 single sided coloring pages. This allows you to remove each page for framing or to use as coloring reference in a portfolio for example. This also helps reduce bleed through onto the other designs even if you are using markers, making this book suitable for everything from coloring pencils through to marker pens. The fairy designs contained within this fantastic book are created by various artists, each hand picked by us here at Adult Coloring World to ensure fantastic quality throughout. We know that sometimes you will buy a book after being impressed initially by an amazing design on the cover, only to be disappointed with the books contents when you open it. Well we make sure this never happens with any of our books and we can assure you that all of the designs inside are high quality from start to finish. This adult coloring book of fairies contains a wide variety of imagery. The designs you will find inside also range from very easy simplistic designs right through to the more challenging and complicated, so there will be something to suit all tastes. If you love fairies, then you are sure to love this adult coloring book too.

Mandala Magic

Amazing Mandalas to Color

Author: Arsedition

Publisher: Barron's Educational Series

ISBN: 9781438006383

Category: Art

Page: 80

View: 5734

Books in the Color Magic series meld the youthful spontaneity of coloring with the sophisticated composition of mandalas and garden patterns for a relaxing artistic experience that anyone can enjoy. Coloring encourages the imaginative hobbyist to take a break from the daily routine to create something simple yet exquisite. And the beautiful images in these books, when complete, are ideal for decorating, framing, and gift-giving. In Mandala Magic, the soothing patterns of mandalas will inspire creativity.

Christmas Coloring Book for Adults

Author: Celeste von Albrecht

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781505659719


Page: 50

View: 6639

Giving an adult a coloring book will boost his/her creativity, reduce stress, as well as help keep and develop fine motor skills. It's a great way to refresh body, mind and soul.

Memories Unwound

Author: Ruby Dhal

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781527205321

Category: Poetry

Page: 180

View: 6950

Memories Unwound is a collection of poetry and prose that covers a variety of human emotions. Each piece aims to fuel the realization of sentiments that fabricate our being. Emotions such as love, pain or happiness and by the end of it readers are shown the possibility of hope, redemption, closing old chapters and moving on to make new memories.

It's a Colourful Life

A Creative Colouring Book

Author: John Paul White

Publisher: Atlantic Books (UK)

ISBN: 9781782399469


Page: 96

View: 3702

This stunning adult coloring book has been carefully and lovingly created, with individual pages of intricate and sophisticated patterns for you to enjoy. Based on patterns found in nature, the templates vary in complexity and design, so there will always be a page to inspire you. The perfect relaxation tool, It's a Colourful Life will help to bring your creativity to life there are no rules and no instructions, just the opportunity to lose yourself in the symmetry and design. With over 90 designs, the book is printed on thick, white paper, so there's no problem with colors running through."

Hobbies For Men

Author: D.L. Haley

Publisher: Speedy Publishing LLC

ISBN: 1628847204

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 41

View: 5891

A hobby gives a man freedom to pursue his passions and is an outlet for the facets of life that are not stimulated by career or personal obligations. Pursuing a manly hobby says you are a guy with a sense of adventure and the desire to expand his creative forces. Here are 27 examples of hobbies for real men. The measure of manliness is very subjective. Is it defined by physical strength? Confidence? Compassion? Intelligence? No matter your thoughts, most of us can probably agree that at least in some measure a man is defined by what he does. Work and family, of course, are likely the things that occupy most of a man's time but then there are activities that are an outlet for other talents and creativity - his hobbies. A hobby gives a man freedom to pursue his passions and is an outlet for the facets of life that are not stimulated by career or personal obligations. Pursuing a manly hobby says you are a guy with a sense of adventure and the desire to expand his creative forces. Here are 27 examples of hobbies for real men.

Color by Number for Adults

Horses for Seniors

Author: Nona Meyers

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781517512866


Page: 64

View: 8920

Attention senior citizens who love to color: Finally a color by number book just for you! With large print numbers and slightly thicker lines, you will be mesmerized by 15 beautiful horses. A corresponding color chart will guide your way and enchant your senses. Plus, enjoy 15 black and white line art horses without numbers for complete creative freedom! Each unique illustration is printed on one side of the sheet to maximize enjoyment.

Color by Numbers: Birds and Butterflies

Author: Arpad Olbey,Sara Storino

Publisher: Chartwell Books

ISBN: 9780785835363

Category: Games & Activities

Page: 128

View: 8637

Birds and butterflies are the perfect subject matter for color-by-number artworks: detailed, colorful and varied. This delightful coloring book explores these creatures in their natural habitats in more than 60 beautiful images. Many of the images are intricate and will take time and patience to complete, but there is also a number of less complex compositions that offer enjoyment for the budding artist. No matter which you choose, all the images are designed to produce beautiful results.

Rick and Morty

Author: Kyle Starks

Publisher: Oni Press

ISBN: 9781620103777

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 128

View: 8205

The hit comic book series based on Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland’s hilarious [Adult Swim] animated show RICK & MORTY continues! Catch up on the adventures of degenerate genius Rick Sanchez and his bumbling grandson Morty as they explore the outer reaches of time, space, and morality. This volume features Eisner award nominated writer Kyle Starks (SEXCASTLE) in collaboration with series artist CJ Cannon in a three-issue story of interplanetary drug rings and star-traveling pickup artists. Also included is "Rick Burn, Dude," drawn by artist Marc Ellerby, in which Rick and Morty take a germaphobic planet by storm, a totally swole one-shot drawn by Kyle Starks, and hilarious backup comics about the whole family!

Surfing Social Studies

The Internet Book

Author: Joseph A. Braun,C. Frederick Risinger

Publisher: National Council for the Social


Category: Education

Page: 176

View: 5637

The Internet makes available an unparalleled, and seemingly unlimited, repository of resources and ideas for social studies teachers. This book provides guidance and explores how the Internet can become an essential element in a teacher's repertoire of tools for engaging students in social studies curriculum. Chapters in the book are: (1) "Effective Internet Searching" (Barbara Brehm); (2) "The Webmaster's Tale" (Tim Dugan); (3) "The Classroom Website" (Timothy A. Keiper and Linda Bennett); (4) "Teaching History" (C. Frederick Risinger); (5) "The Virtual Tour" (Eileen Giuffre Cotton); (6) "Teaching Geography" (Cheryl L. Mason and Marsha Alibrandi); (7) "Creating Teledemocracy" (Bruce Larson and Timothy A. Keiper); (8) "Civic Education" (Bruce Larson and Angie Harwood); (9)"Economics Education" (Lawrence A. Weiser and Mark C. Schug); (10) "Global Education" (Bob Coulson and Alma Vallisneri); (11) "Global Issues" (Gregory A. Levitt); (12) "Art-Based Resources" (David B. Williams); (13) "Multiculturalism and the Internet" (Deborah A. Byrnes and Grace Huerta); (14) "Teacher Education" (D. Mark Myers); (15) "Problem-Based Learning" (Anthony W. Lorsbach and Fred Basolo, Jr.); (16) "Citizenship Projects" (John W. Saye and John D. Hoge); (17) "Civic-Moral Development" (Joseph A. Braun, Jr.); (18) "Safe Web Exploration" (Michael Berson and Eileen Berson); and (19) "Assessment" (Pat Nickell). (Each chapter contains references.) (BT)

Permaculture Pioneers

Stories from the New Frontier

Author: Kerry Dawborn,Caroline Smith

Publisher: Holmgren Design Services

ISBN: 9780975078624

Category: Social Science

Page: 364

View: 6584


100 Mandalas 3

Adult Colouring for Relaxation

Author: J. Benson

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781539907558


Page: 56

View: 3960

Ready for a quick, mindful colouring session? 100 Mandalas Part Three is the perfect choice for bite-sized colouring sessions! One Hundred Mandalas Part Three is an adult colouring book containing pages filled with 100 colouring mandalas designed specifically to help achieve a state of relaxation. Colour them in with a pen or pencil to help find your own state of inner peace and tranquility, and explore your own spirituality.