ADR Principles and Practice

Author: Henry J. Brown,Arthur L. Marriott

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780414044784

Category: Dispute resolution (Law)

Page: 868

View: 5093

ADR: Principles and Practice is an essential Alternative Dispute Resolution title. The third edition will cover theory, principles and practice of ADR especially mediation, providing understanding, guidance and authority. It will explore and integrate models of practice; examine strategies; provide precedents; assist practitioners, policy makers and the judiciary in addressing the issues affecting practice; and generally provide an encyclopaedic work of reference for practitioners and students.

Global Trends in Mediation

Author: Nadja Marie Alexander

Publisher: Kluwer Law International B.V.

ISBN: 904112571X

Category: Law

Page: 480

View: 5952

In its first edition, Global Trends in Mediation was the first book to concentrate on mediation from a comparative perspective - reaching beyond the all-too-familiar Anglo-American view - and as such has enjoyed wide practical use among alternative dispute resolution (ADR) practitioners worldwide. This new edition has not only been updated throughout; it has also added two new jurisdictions (France and Quebec) and a very useful comparative table summarising the salient points from each of the fourteen jurisdictional chapters. Each jurisdictional chapter addresses critical structural and process issues in alternative dispute resolution such as the institutionalisation of mediation, mediation case law and legislation, the range and nature of disputes where mediation is utilised, court-related mediation, mediation practice standards, education, training and accreditation of mediators, the role of lawyers in mediation, online dispute resolution and future trends. All the contributors are senior dispute resolution academics or practitioners with vast knowledge and experience of dispute resolution developments in their countries and abroad.


Die Fähigkeit, andere zu beeinflussen

Author: Kevin Dutton

Publisher: Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag

ISBN: 3423417064

Category: Psychology

Page: 352

View: 3392

Ständig will uns jemand von irgendetwas überzeugen. Statistisch betrachtet mindestens einige Hundert Mal am Tag, auch wenn wir dies gar nicht mehr wahrnehmen. Oder doch? Manchmal ist es ganz anders. Dann wird von einer Sekunde zur anderen Schwarz zu Weiß.Warum fallen wir auf manche Mittel oder Tricks herein, auch wenn wir es eigentlich besser wissen? Welche »psychologischen Keulen« werden eingesetzt? Wie kommt es, dass wir manipulierbar sind? Diese Fragen beantwortet Kevin Dutton. Er erklärt, dass sich unser Gehirn, der komplexeste Computer der Welt, manchmal in das komplexeste »Furzkissen« (O-Ton Dutton) verwandelt – auch ein Ergebnis der Evolution.

Alternative Dispute Resolution in Tanzania

Law and Practice

Author: Mashamba, Clement J.

Publisher: Mkuki na Nyota Publishers

ISBN: 9987753051

Category: Law

Page: 224

View: 1607

Today, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) has gained international recognition and is widely used to complement the conventional methods of resolving disputes through courts of law. ADR simply entails all modes of dispute settlement/resolution other than the traditional approaches of dispute settlement through courts of law. Mainly, these modes are: negotiation, mediation, [re]conciliation, and arbitration. The modern ADR movement began in the United States as a result of two main concerns for reforming the American justice system: the need for better-quality processes and outcomes in the judicial system; and the need for efficiency of justice. ADR was transplanted into the African legal systems in the 1980s and 1990s as a result of the liberalization of the African economies, which was accompanied by such conditionalities as reform of the justice and legal sectors, under the Structural Adjustment Programmes. However, most of the methods of ADR that are promoted for inclusion in African justice systems are similar to pre-colonial African dispute settlement mechanisms that encouraged restoration of harmony and social bonds in the justice system. In Tanzania ADR was introduced in 1994 through Government Notice No. 422, which amended the First Schedule to the Civil Procedure Code Act (1966), and it is now an inherent component of the country's legal system. In recognition of its importance in civil litigation in Tanzania, ADR has been made a compulsory subject in higher learning/training institutions for lawyers. This handbook provides theories, principles, examples of practice, and materials relating to ADR in Tanzania and is therefore an essential resource for practicing lawyers as well as law students with an interest in Tanzania. It also contains additional information on evolving standards in international commercial arbitration, which are very useful to legal practitioners and law students.

Church Disputes Mediation

Author: James Behrens

Publisher: Gracewing Publishing

ISBN: 9780852445785

Category: Church controversies

Page: 553

View: 6368


Principles and Practice of Emergency Neurology

Handbook for Emergency Physicians

Author: Sid M. Shah,Kevin M. Kelly

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521009805

Category: Medical

Page: 438

View: 3895

This essential handbook for emergency clinicians integrates neurology with the practical demands of emergency care.

Communication Skills in Health and Social Care

Author: Bernard Moss

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 1473927870

Category: Medical

Page: 248

View: 1764

Communication is an essential part of everyday life. Whether you realise it or not, you, and everyone around you, are continually sending out messages to other people. From the way you chose to dress, to the gestures you make; from the style and choice of language you use, to the company you keep, you are all the time giving out messages for others to interpret. Sometimes you are heard clearly. Sometimes you are misunderstood. But when communicating with vulnerable people in a health and social care setting being misunderstood really isn’t an option. Presented in a unique and easy-to-use dictionary format, this practical guide will help your students understand and apply the principles of effective communication. From the ‘how to’, through to practicalities, challenges and honing existing skills, this book will ensure they have the confidence and knowledge to communicate skillfully and successfully in many different contexts and settings. This book is essential reading for anyone working in the helping professions for whom good communication skills are an essential part of their role.

Regulating Dispute Resolution

ADR and Access to Justice at the Crossroads

Author: Felix Steffek,Hannes Unberath

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 1782253580

Category: Law

Page: 490

View: 5714

This book proposes a principled approach to the regulation of dispute resolution. It covers dispute resolution mechanisms in all their varieties, including negotiation, mediation, conciliation, expert opinion, mini-trial, ombud procedures, arbitration and court adjudication. The authors present a transnational Guide for Regulating Dispute Resolution (GRDR). The regulatory principles contained in this Guide are based on a functional taxonomy of dispute resolution mechanisms, an open normative framework and a modular structure of regulatory topics. The Guide for Regulating Dispute Resolution is formulated and commented upon in a concise manner to assist legislators, policy-makers, professional associations, practitioners and academics in thinking about which solutions best suit local and regional circumstances. The aim of this book is to contribute to the understanding and development of the legal framework governing national and international dispute resolution. Theory, empirical research and regulatory models have been taken from the wealth of experience in 12 jurisdictions: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, England and Wales, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland and the United States of America. Experts with a background in academia, practice and law-making describe and analyse the regulatory framework and social reality of dispute resolution in these countries. On this basis the authors draw conclusions about policy choices, regulatory strategies and the practice of conflict resolution.

Vertrags- und Verfahrensrecht der Wirtschaftsmediation

Mediationsvereinbarungen, Mediatorverträge, Mediationsvergleiche, internationale Mediationsfälle

Author: Horst Eidenmüller

Publisher: Otto Schmidt Verlag DE

ISBN: 9783504061173

Category: Dispute resolution (Law)

Page: 83

View: 1438


Comparative International Commercial Arbitration

Author: Julian D. M. Lew,Loukas A. Mistelis,Stefan Michael Kröll,Stefan Kröll

Publisher: Kluwer Law International B.V.

ISBN: 9041115684

Category: Law

Page: 953

View: 1071

This treatise describes the practice of international commercial arbitration with reference to the major international treaties and instruments, arbitration rules and national laws. It provides an analysis of the interaction between party autonomy and arbitration practice.

Construction Law and Management

Author: Keith Pickavance

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1317859669

Category: Law

Page: 544

View: 1842

Construction Law and Management explains the state of design information appropriate to a given procurement route, and the need to identify risks and strategies for managing them. This handy desk side reference offers a comprehensive guide to construction law and management and is essential reading for anyone in the construction, architecture and engineering industries.

The Osler Guide to Commercial Arbitration in Canada

A Practical Introduction to Domestic and International Commercial Arbitration

Author: Babak Barin,Andrew D. Little,Randy A. Pepper

Publisher: Kluwer Law International B.V.

ISBN: 9041124284

Category: Law

Page: 184

View: 8151

"In this Guide for practitioners, three experienced arbitration lawyers - one each in Ontario, Quebec and Alberta - provide an easy-to-use practical overview of the law of domestic and international arbitration in Canada. With lucid clarification of applicable legislation, both federal and provincial, and analysis of relevant case law, this Guide offers great assistance in the preparation and negotiation of arbitration agreements, as well as the conduct of commercial arbitrations in Canada. Among the topics covered are the following: important issues and key cases in all Canadian provinces and under federal legislation; practical reasons to use arbitration; what to consider in preparing arbitration agreements; protection of confidential information in Canadian arbitrations; interim remedies, including staying court proceedings in favour of arbitration; and appealing and enforcing awards. Emphasizing the major jurisdictions of Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, and British Columbia, this Guide will be of immeasurable value to in-house and external corporate counsel, litigation lawyers, international lawyers and business people, as well as to students of dispute resolution."--Publisher's website.

Das Harvard-Konzept

der Klassiker der Verhandlungstechnik

Author: William Ury,Bruce Patton

Publisher: Campus Verlag

ISBN: 9783593374406


Page: 268

View: 5591


The Oxford Handbook of Conflict Management in Organizations

Author: William K. Roche,Paul Teague,Alexander J. S. Colvin

Publisher: OUP Oxford

ISBN: 019162456X

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 750

View: 2219

New ways of managing conflict are increasingly important features of work and employment in organizations. In the book the world's leading scholars in the field examine a range of innovative alternative dispute resolution (ADR) practices, drawing on international research and scholarship and covering both case studies of major exemplars and developments in countries in different parts of the global economy. Developments in the management of individual and collective conflict at work are addressed, as are innovations in both unionized and non-union organizations and in the private and public sectors. New practices for managing conflict in organizations are set in the context of trends in workplace conflict and perspectives on how conflict should be understood and addressed. Part 1 examines the changing context of conflict management by addressing the main frameworks for understanding conflict management, the trend in conflict at work, developments in employment rights, and the influence of HRM on conflict management. Part 2 covers the main approaches to conflict management in organizations, addressing both conventional and alternative approaches to conflict resolution. Conventional grievance handling and third-party processes in conflict resolution are examined as well as the main ADR practices, including conflict management in non-union firms, the role of the organizational ombudsman, mediation, interest-based bargaining, line and supervisory management, and the concept of conflict management systems. Part 3 presents case studies of exemplars and innovators in the field, covering mediation in the US postal service, interest-based bargaining at Kaiser-Permanente, 'med-arb' in the New Zealand Police, and judicial mediation in UK employment tribunals. Part 4 covers international developments in conflict management in Germany, Japan, The United States, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and China. This Handbook gives a comprehensive overview of this growing field, which has seen an huge increase in programmes of study in university business and law schools and in executive education programmes.

Mediation in der Wirtschaft

Wege zum professionellen Konfliktmanagement

Author: Christian Duve,Horst Eidenmüller,Andreas Hacke

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783504062569


Page: 440

View: 7944

Konflikte entstehen in allen Lebensbereichen, auch in und zwischen Unternehmen - schlimmstenfalls können sie diese sogar in den Ruin treiben. Damit es nicht so weit kommt, bietet das Instrument der Mediation effektive Möglichkeiten, Konflikte für alle Beteiligten zufrieden stellend und kostengünstig außergerichtlich zu lösen. Wer das Verfahren der Mediation fundiert beherrschen und zugleich einen Blick "hinter die Kulissen" der praktischen Nutzung der Wirtschaftsmediation werfen will, der greift am besten gleich zur Neuauflage dieses Standardwerks dreier Top-Experten der Mediationsszene: Das Buch von Duve/Eidenmüller/Hacke schildert Hintergründe der Entstehung von Konflikten ebenso wie die Methoden und Möglichkeiten der Wirtschaftsmediation. Es verdeutlicht anschaulich die Rolle des Mediators und stellt eingehend die Techniken entlang der einzelnen Phasen eines Mediationsverfahrens dar. Zudem wird aufgezeigt, wie die Mediation und andere Methoden der außergerichtlichen Konfliktbeilegung dauerhaft in Unternehmen verankert werden können. Viele Beispiele aus der reichhaltigen praktischen Erfahrung der Autoren sowie Muster und andere Tipps geben dem Leser konkrete Hilfsmittel für den Einsatz in Mediationsverfahren an die Hand. Somit eignet sich das Buch sowohl für Einsteiger als auch für den Praktiker, der einen detaillierten Leitfaden und geeignete Werkzeuge sucht.